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The clock is ticking and Glenn is counting down the days till Texas – this being the final week in the city it’s not exactly a good idea to be hanging around Glenn. One NYC left leaning couple found this out the hard way, as they fell victim to Glenn’s wicked sense of humor. What happened when one couple got a little too nosy at Glenn’s lunch?

“So here’s the deal. Pat and I are both living here in New York and it’s like there’s three of us. Jeremy is living here. Jeremy’s wife is already down in Texas with his family. My wife is already down in Texas. Pat’s wife is already down in Texas. So it’s three guys living in New York,” Glenn said.

“Walking down the street we have to go have some breakfast. So we stop at this place to have breakfast,” Glenn said.

While there, Glenn and the guys start to have a discussion about religion – prompted by the teacher at the church in New York City making a controversial claim about a religious figure. During the discussion, Glenn notices that a liberal couple is listening to him and he intentionally starts to talk loudly.

“I turn up the volume. Not that we’ve been whispering, but now I project a little bit. I believe the people in the kitchen may have heard me. I said, you know what I’m really excited about? And he said, no. What? And I said, that I am leaving New York City. I just can’t wait to leave New York City. Because you know what I really ‑‑ you know what it is? It’s not the city. The city’s great. It’s really great. One of the greatest cities in the world. It’s just really the people that screw it all up,” he said.

“‘It’s just these people who think they’re so holier than thou and so much better that they don’t even listen to another perspective. They just make judgments based on hearsay. And you know what the worst of the worst is, Pat?’ Without even ‑‑ without even moving my body at all, you know what the worst of the worst, and they are dead silent now. Neither of them are talking. They’ve stopped their conversation entirely. ‘You know what the worst of the worst is? Those people who just listen to other people’s conversation!'”

“They just eavesdrop thinking that nobody notices that they’re listening. Those people disgust me,” Glenn said.