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As long as progressive Newt Gingrich is atop the GOP ticket the possibility of a third party run seems likely. On radio today Glenn guaranteed a third run would happen in that scenario and predicted it would likely be Ron Paul. If that were the case – who would you vote for? Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich?

Glenn invited several callers onto the program today to debate his comments regarding Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich. During a call yesterday, Glenn said:

It is really down ‑‑ for me if I had to vote, it would be a tough choice between Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. The ‑‑ it goes to Rick Santorum. However, I just said last week, I have a gun to my head, I’ll vote for Mitt Romney and if it’s Newt Gingrich and there’s a third party and it’s Ron Paul and I don’t agree with his Middle Eastern policy at all, I might consider Ron Paul as a third party. So there’s where I stand. Pretty much all of them have been reasonable. The two big progressives are Romney, his progressivism has led right to state stuff. He claims that he wouldn’t do it nationally but Newt Gingrich will. He said ‑‑ he’s admitted it. He said it. He’s championed progressive ideas on the national level.

Now, of course this was taken as Glenn is voting for Ron Paul or he would absolutely  vote for Ron Paul third party before a GOP ticket with Gingrich in the top spot. Note that he clearly said he would only “consider” the option.

Nevertheless, many listeners were upset with Glenn, claiming that he was guaranteeing an Obama victory in 2012 or putting Israel at risk.

“I disagree vehemently with Ron Paul’s foreign policy. I think his foreign policy is a danger to the country, a danger to Israel. I absolutely agree with that. But I agree with Ron Paul economically,” Glenn said.

Glenn also cited Paul’s adherence to the Constitution and small government. “Newt Gingrich is a progressive.I don’t think there’s anything I’m more against than progressives,” Glenn added.

Glenn warned that the country was headed for dark times and the during those times the country can be changed and reshaped. He said you do not want a progressive in office in that kind of event – regardless of whether it is Obama or Newt.

As for Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy, Glenn said that people who want to help countries like Israel can continue to do so as individuals. He stressed “we are not our government.”

Glenn said that were Newt to win the nomination and Paul ran as a third party candidate, he would have to pray very hard on what he would do.