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It’s not as if Newt couldn’t have known his past comments were going to eventually be called into question. He’s capably navigated his way through his big government tendencies so far and miraculously still has solid support in the Tea Party. Will the latest damaging clip have any impact? Gingrich is caught praising his favorite president of the 20th century: FDR. Yup, he picked the mother of all progressives ahead of Ronald Reagan.

Watch the video montage below:

Cue sound of heads exploding across the country…NOW!

Seriously?! This is unbelievable.

“This goes back to what Newt Gingrich said on this program. You got to get things done. That’s akin to saying we all love the Constitution but there are things we got to do,” Glenn warned.

“FDR did get things done, and then they were ruled unconstitutional,” Stu joked.

But that’s not the worst thing – on the clip at the top of the page Glenn reads a story where Gingrich praised SEIU’s Andy Stern in one of his books.

In his book “Real Chance: From the World That Fails to the World That
Works,” Gingrich praises the SEIU head, who remains a close adviser of
the President Obama. Pitching the need for conservatives to respect
organized labor, while simultaneously pushing back against some of
Labor’s more cherished legislative goals, he wrote the following:

” Conservatives cannot cheer unions overseas and then be blindly
anti-union here at home. There are legitimate historic reasons for
workers to organize together, and there is a strong need for a
healthy, competitive, union, movement that helps improve the lives of
its members and the competitiveness of our country.

Andy Stern, the head of the Service Employees International Union,
is the union leader who probably best understands the challenge of the
world market and the need to make American union members productive in
the face of world competition. Sadly, he is a distinct minority among
union leaders. “

“So he loves Andy Stern,” Glenn said. “If he can’t figure it of Stern is a Socialist communist dirt bag then he shouldn’t be the leader of the free world.”

And he admits to be a fan of Woodrow Wilson!

Watch Newt claim to be a “realpolitik Wilsonian” below: