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Glenn must have the worst elevator in all of New York City. Inevitably, someone will get in there with him who will mock, deride, or irritate him. Not to mention the fact that his last week in New York City has been one chalk full of even more reasons to vacate New York City immediately. Many of the people are just plain horrible – like this one clown who Glenn rode in an elevator with last night. They told Glenn that they were headed up to their apartment with a giant portrait of Barack Obama – clearly hoping to get some kind of rise out of him. Seriously, why would you ever act that way to someone who lived in your neighborhood? Glenn tells the storyn in the clip above – and New Yorkers may want to stay out of his warpath the next 48 hours. (editor’s note: I love New York City and generally find most people to at, at the very least, not care enough about whoever they see to leave them alone. Mocking your neighbor, regardless of whether or not you agree with them politically, is about the rudest thing you could. These people should be ashamed. Rant over.)