Glenn Beck moves about a thousand miles an hour and sports an ‘idea per minute’ ratio that few could rival. By the time the end of the year rolls around it’s easy to lose track of all the ground that he covered during that year. We have been counting down the top Glenn moments of 2011 and have finally reached the top moment. It was another fantastic year filled with huge changes, successes, ideas, inspiration and more. Get the top 10 moments here: #10,#9,#8#7, #6#5#4#3 and #2.

#1 Leaving Fox to start GBTV

Forget about being the top Glenn story of 2011, Glenn Beck’s decision to leave Fox News was one of the biggest news stories in all of 2011. From the beginning Glenn Beck was not your typical cable news host – in fact, Glenn was not really a cable news host at all. Case in point – name the cable news host who would ever dare to devote hours to history professors who wrote Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism?? They don’t exist. Why? Because most cable news hosts are confined to talking about whatever the media elite establish as the ‘top news of the day’ which usually ends up being the same old crap we always get. Republicans yelling at Democrats…yadda yadda yadda. Glenn was constantly going against conventional cable news wisdom – and clearly (judging by the huge ratings) it’s what people wanted. But there was only so much Glenn could do on Fox to push the envelope. That’s part of what led to one of the biggest decisions Glenn has ever made: leaving Fox to start GBTV.

After Glenn’s last show on Fox News he immediately hosted a broadcast on GBTV to talk about his time at Fox and a little about the future. And that future is GBTV. You can check out the premiere broadcast, which hundreds of thousands tuned in to see. GBTV is the vehicle that will drive everything Glenn does with Mercury One and Mercury Radio Arts. GBTV is also what Glenn believes is the future of media. No one in Glenn’s position has ever tried anything like this before – this is truly a groundbreaking project. This is where media is heading – people want to watch the handful of shows they like without having to pay for 700 channels just for the ability to see those few shows WHEN they want to watch. GBTV is pioneering the path to give people that ability.

Under the leadership of experienced network TV executive Joel Cheatwood, GBTV has already launched or announced several exciting shows in addition to the daily Glenn Beck ProgramLiberty TreehouseThe B.S. of A. with Brian Sack,Independence USA (premiering January 18th) and a future unnamed animated series to be developed by GBTV and Icebox, originally founded in 1999 by a group of primetime TV writers including Jon Collier (The Simpsons, King of the Hill) and Howard Gordon (24, Homeland) are just the first of many entertaining and informative shows to come.

Leaving Fox to start GBTV is bold, cutting edge, risky, unconventional, surprising, prescient all rolled into one and more. But then again – so is Glenn Beck. So why’d you expect anything different?

Buckle up — 2012 is around the corner and Glenn Beck is just getting warmed up!