Glenn welcomes viewers to Phase 2 of GBTV – The American Dream Labs!

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Glenn welcomed GBTV viewers to his new home and new studio in Dallas, TX – and he had a powerful message to share his loyal fans. One year ago, Glenn told everyone watching his show on FOX News that he would soon be setting himself on a different course, removed from the constraints of mainstream media. Today, almost one year later, he revealed what he meant when he said that with the unveiling of the “American Dream Labs” and Phase 2 of GBTV!

“Hello America,” Glenn said from the new studios.

“What started out as a little radio show ten years ago , done by a guy who was flat broke, has turned into a massive media empire. But we are just now in a where we can start to do some of the things that I think are important to do.

“I am assembling a team of people from all walks of life, all backgrounds, political pasts and faiths. Here, in the home of the Alamo, we are going to draw a line in the sand and then we will draw new lines across the sky.”

“Over time, you will meet some of the people who have joined me. Some entrepreneurs, some educators, engineers, entertainers, and some budding philanthropists.

“But all dreamers with the same dream: Tomorrow can and will be better.”

Glenn said that he knows that people listening to his show have had enough. They know what is wrong with the country and they don’t need or want the endless cycle of political pundits pumping up the problems but not offering any of the solutions.

“We continue to hope and pray we’re wrong but it’s not enough to pray and hope. We must act,” Glenn said. “When you hear His voice, it’s time for you to get off your knees and get to work.”

Glenn said that he and many members of his team have left their comfort zones in order to move to Texas and be a part of the solution.

Over the next few weeks, Glenn promised to reveal more of the plans and dreams that he and his staff have planned for their new home, for GBTV, and for America – but there was one thing he wanted to share. The doorway to “Stage A” – The American Dream Labs.

“This, as you will come to see, will be the epicenter of my work,” he said.

The American Dream Labs studio is bigger than the studios of The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live, and as of today is over twice the size of the biggest studio in cable news.

Glenn said, “But this isn’t one show. It’s not a couple of shows, and it’s definitely not cable news. For what I have planned, cable news is too small and too small minded.”

Glenn said that The American Dream Labs will be a place where imagination can run wild without fences of limitations. A place where questions can be asked and answered without fear, and where Glenn, his staff and his audience can experiment with finding solutions.

“It is a place where we can dream again.”

Glenn said that with all the new laws and regulation, dreamers in America are being stifled, punished, and demonized.

“We need to grow a new generation and we can’t wait for others to do it.”

Glenn ended his introduction the GBTV Phase 2 by invoking two speakers.

First, he paraphrased JFK’s speech about why Americans choose to go to the moon.

JFK said, “We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.”

Finally, he invoked one of his personal heroes, Walt Disney. Much like Disney welcomed Americans to Disneyland, Glenn hopes Americans would look at these words as a welcome to Mercury Texas and The American Dream Labs.

“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America; with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.”

  • Anonymous

    It’s easy to be the dreamer. The challenge is the “doing”.

    • Anonymous

      Ron Paul is an American dreamer in the restoration of the original constitutional way of life for our country and IS doing something about it. Beck confuses me when he mocks Paul on his radio show and then comes back to this commentary on his TV show. What is the real message here? Beck is trying to change the progressive agenda from the bottom up and paul is trying from the top down. We the people are in the middle. Why can we all be nice and work together.  

  • Anonymous

    Like I wrote a long time ago, people with money should take a chance, to help get our economy

    going.  Glenn is just the man to motivate them, to get them going.  Wonderful.  Lots of Luck !!!

    • Brian Killion

      It isn’t people with money… it is people with ideas and desire.  You don’t need money in the beginning to make things happen.

      • Anonymous

        Glenn speaks of some entrepreneurs joining him.  Hopefully they can supply

        some much needed jobs.  Of course you need ideas and desires, but you

        eventually need money, to get your dream up and going.  I’m speaking of jobs

        as a way to change things.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn when the people, not the government, of America get fired up to make change happen, to achieve their desired goals and dreams in life nothing can stop us at all – even in spite of all that the progressives seek to collapse and ruin the nation forever we still are making changes happen. It is the WE the PEOPLE who will ultimatly save or condemn the nation to freedom or slavery; my dream is simple and I still will fight for it until the end if need be – FREEDOM and a restored REPUBLIC.

    Anyone calling me a dreamer understand the position I speak from:

    Three times attempted in small business (one gone to a hurricane, two to miscalculations on my part). Helped found and lead my own church for several years and work as a chaplain after the Lord called me to his service. Even though injuries and birth defects have challenged me to this day I am striving to get another business going by working with local mom and pop stores who need fliers and such typed up and created.

    Will it work? Only time will tell; if it does then great – if not, I figure out what else to do.

  • The Ancient

    It is too bad Glenn Beck has turned away from the Cause of Liberty. 

    I have been a Long Time Supporter,  Insider Extreme Subscriber for many years,  and continued on to GBTV bringing lots of people with me

    The Current Tone, esp his Anti Ron Paul stance, who is the ONLY candidate that stands with the Constitution,  Rick Sanatorium, is soo far from the Constitution he cant even see it any more and that seems to be “His Guy” even if it is unofficial.

    Glenn Beck used to be a Strong voice for Freedom and Liberty,  now I dont know what he stands for other than War with Iran, and probably WW3.   

    Needless to say when my current GBTV Subscription comes up for renewal I will probably not renew it,

    The Cause of Freedom has lost a strong voice.

    • Anonymous

      Your pro-Paul stance is admirable to a point. You guys are predictable in your comments and your are showing up everywhere. But the Ron Paul cult-like following is starting to creep me out. It seems to me that your devotion to the man is more important than anything else. Have you or your fellow Paul followers been threatening Glenn Beck? What gives?

      • Anonymous

        I do not consider myself part of a cult, useless you think the constitution is a cult. Paul’s only objectionable policy is his foreign policy and I understand how difficult it is for people to broaden their vision of the world from then to now. What Paul needs to do to help people understand is write an op-ed to explain the details of how our founding fathers wanted to trade with the world without occupation/wars and how he plans to implement it. It you review the many interventions that the US has done, you will question why we did them. For me, it started in Viet Nam.  

      • Ben Gardner

        Ron Paul may not win the presidency, but I am encouraged to see the galvinizing effect he has had on the American people who embrace the Constitution and Liberty, to me he has picked up the fight that unfortunately Glenn seems to be walking away from.  Win or no win the movement will not go away without a fight and I give my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Paul, I can only say one thing with any certainty about US politics; Ron Paul will not waiver or change, he is a true patriot, course I didn’t think Glenn would either….

      • The Ancient

        I support anyone that Support the Cause of Liberty,

        I have no Love Loss for Ron Paul, He has done some questionable things, but even Glenn Beck is found of mentioning that he himself has done some questionable things in his past.

        The Fact remains, that there is only ONE person on the national stage for president that will stand 100% for the constitution, even those parts that might allow for “immoral Christian behaviour”, Sorry but when the Bible and the Constitution conflict the CONSTITUTION wins. No other Republican Candidate will take that stance. That makes them, and Today’s Glenn Beck a hypocrite when they claim to support the constitution, but in reality only support the parts they like, just like liberals.

    • Mark Marshall

      It’s too bad Ron Paul thought it was a good idea to co-chair a committee with Barney Frank to cut spending for our military.  It’s also too bad that together they appointed eleven George Soros “New World Order” types to their panel of 14 people.  Did I mention one of them is a communist?

      • Guest

        Tinfoil Hat much

      • The Ancient

        Tinfoil Hat much

      • Anonymous

        It was 12 out of the 14….just saying..

      • Anonymous

        Would you know who is secretly back by George Soros through his many laundering organizations? It took Beck years to figure it out and now he expects others to know immediately. If Beck truly cared, he would have Paul on the program and explain the connections, with verifications, to him and all of us and explain why it would be dangerous for America. Then let Paul reconsider the formation of the committee or resign from it. What good does the bashing do?
        Then what Beck should do is gather his experts to come up with an acceptable foreign policy that would reduce our occupation of other sovereign nations and still maintain our strong defense. It time to stop the bitching and correct the problem, if it is a problem.

  • Jared Jones

    I honestly planned on subscribing to his package to help out his voice but after he dogged the only true pro-constitutional candidate… I simply cannot, I find too much guilt… Glenn if ya ever read this, Ron Paul isn’t an isolationist, he stated that we need to concentrate on our own affairs just like the founders of this great nation intended. He also stated that if Benjamin Net. asked for military assistance he would provide the nation with defense as our ally. Believe me Glenn, don’t be fooled this man is a true christian pro constitutional advocate such as yourself. 

    • Anonymous

      Jared, you should still subscribe to Glenn’s ideas, even though you may not agree w/his stance on Ron Paul, doesn’t mean you should stop listening to him.  We may not agree w/everything he says or does and that’s ok.  I believe our main objective is the same and we are united to bring the will of the people and the constitutional law back in this country.  We are all united in limited govt as designed by the founders and for me it’s getting rid of political correctness and bringing God back into our lives.
      I agree w/Ron Paul on many things domestically, however, when I watched a debate with him discussing foreign policy, he said many things that were too radical in my opinion that would isolate us in the long run. He spoke of Israel and would let them handle their own issues w/out any interference from us.  He would pull our troops from everywhere and bring them home and just concentrate on our domestic problems here.  This sounds great but even the founders new we need to keep up strong foreign relations with our allies and people we don’t like so much (remember Britian).

      • Anonymous

        Glenn has stated several times that it is time to bring the troops home (for a rest) and Ron Paul says the same thing when he talks about closing all the unnecessary land bases. I think Glenn reads too much into Paul’s non-interventionist position. Paul has said many times that he will go to war when Congress declares it. Paul’s wants to cut the foreign aid programs but not the defense budget. There are some defense programs that could be cut like the useless F-35 and that money could be used to build many new states of art aircraft carriers (and submarines) to patrol the seas. We can secure our borders with just a Navy (and seals) and keep our troops off sovereign lands. Just today, Glenn stated he supports a strategic way to reduce the military.

        • The Ancient


          I have never understood has non-intervention has become “isolationist”

      • Chris Corley

         This sounds great but even the founders new we need to keep up strong foreign relations with our allies and people we don’t like so much (remember Britian).
        “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.”
        — Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address

        “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible . . . . It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.”
        –George Washington’s Farewell Address

        So, the founders knew we needed to keep up strong foreign relations with our allies?

        Did progressive libtards found this country? NO!

        • David Thirlwell

          Regarding your quotes: The full historical context of
          those exact quotes reveals that Jefferson and Washington were both absolutely instrumental
          in doing exactly opposite of what Ron Paul is advocating: that we needed to
          form and strengthen our naval might to protect our interests throughout the

          Read here highlighted and between:

          This is EXACTLY WHY we have strategic bases: to assure the
          stability of our interests globally so that we have the luxury of sovereignty!  If
          anything, we need to focus on minimizing the political entanglements and foreign aid INHERENT
          to maintaining these positions in a diplomatic manner while we still can. Meanwhile, strengthening our positions and addressing the fatigue that many host nations are experiencing as a result of instability in our foreign strategy! That is, our allies can’t tell if we’re coming or going while the balance of global power is quickly shifting!  Nobody wants to go down with us in a suicide pact with stupidity…

          I guess all of the Paul supporters haven’t seen any of the recent
          news articles revealed by this search:

          For those who don’t read links (or The Blaze):  the articles explain how Russia and China
          have openly instructed their militaries to prepare for war – with the U.S. 

          Message to Ron Paul and supporters – DUHH!!!!  Ron Paul takes a simplistic and shortsighted
          stance to the protection of our interests throughout the world at a time when
          China and Russia are openly threatening our interests!  A mistake that our Founders made as well before correcting it.  But, not before the mistake got us into our first war. 
          Both China and Russia have a long, long list of motivations –
          namely Taiwan and Putin’s true loyalty respectively not to mention the shared
          hatred of freedom and liberty tantamount to nearly every Oligarchy throughout
          history. Refresher:

          The problem with Ron Paul (and not a personal problem,
          but a human limitation) is that he is a TECHNICAL SPECIALIST and who, by their
          very nature; focus intently on a select number of topics/issues (e.g. Finance,
          Politics, Economics, and Medicine to name a few). They also tend to devalue the specialties of others (e.g. Foreign Affairs, History, and Common Sense). 
          This is obvious to most of us
          along with the reality that said specialists typically would not make for a good
          President due to the very same traits that make them experts in a limited
          number of subjects.  If you know any technical
          specialists, you know that they are not broad-based by their very nature.  Not the type of person we need right now!

          • The Ancient
          • ElohiM

             With all due respect, I think you are misunderstanding Paul’s stance.  He doesn’t want to make the military smaller, he just wants to bring it home so it CAN protect us.  We bring everyone home, and have them protecting the boarder’s and I bet the terrorists wouldn’t be getting through our southern and northern boarders anymore.

            Ron Paul’s stance is EXACTLY that of the founders Chris Corley quoted.  We make strong economic ties with other nations, but we stay out of mutual defense pacts as much as we can, so we don’t get entangled in their politics.  We can support other nations with supplies, but not with troops.  We let other nations rule themselves, but if someone touches us, we wipe them off the planet.  I want to be the America of WWII.  We stayed out of it until we were attacked, then we went in and ended that war.  When it was done, we should have just come home and let Europe do what Europe wanted to do with Germany and Japan.  That’s when our foreign policy started to get out of hand.  We are not the world’s police or guardian.  The way we feel about our own government trying to manage our lives is how a lot of world feels about us and with good reason.

            And let me just address Iran for a moment.  Yes, the guy running it is a crazy 12th imam nut, and we have to clean that mess up.  That doesn’t go against what I’m saying because his being in power is mostly our own fault.  We started playing chess with world politics and now we are facing the consequences of that decision.  This kind of thing is EXACTLY why the founders wanted us to NOT be involved with treaties and ties to other governments in a militaristic capacity.  They knew this was the kind of mess that that sort of entanglement will cause, it’s all through European history.  They knew what they were about. 

      • The Ancient

        Umm the Founders wanted Trade with All, Military Alliance with NONE. 

        Just like Ron Paul

      • Adam Ruplinger

        There is a difference between supporting our allies and controlling what they do. We should support them politically, but not financially or militarily unless they are threatened, and our Congress officially declares a war.  Be careful what you say our founders wanted…  Maintaining foreign relations does not include giving money that we do not have to give, and dictating the policies of other nations, which is what we do now and being involved militarily all over the world without congressional declarations of war.

    • Anonymous

      Why do I doubt that you “planned on subscribing to his package to help out his voice but after he dogged the only true pro-constitutional candidate” you changed your mind? I think your agenda is Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, that’s all.

      • Anonymous

        As a Ron Paul supporter it is hard to listen to Glenn and especially Pat diss Paul on his foreign policy. That just happens to be the one policy that is most attractive to me because it addressess the debt problem as well. I just don’t see how you can reduce the debt without downsizing the entire government, that includes foreign aid and defense. What everyone needs is to have a detail plan of how Paul’s foreign policy will work. Right now, everyone is just guessing. I have spent a lot of time on just this one policy and I am in support of it. BTW, I am a Viet Nam veteran.

      • Ben Gardner

        Ron Paul that’s all I have become spiritually convicted is likely our last chance to save our liberty and America as it should be, do you think Santorum is going to downsize the power and tyranny of the federal government, do you think he will get rid of NDAA and other tyrannical mandates, I don’t, I think he wants to wield the power.  I too have not re-upped my subscription because I hear from Glenn that he has given up on liberty, and all too commonly this is because the person who has “given up” on the cause has actually been bought out and become a paid slave to the system, We pound on Romney for flip-flopping, to me Glenn not supporting Paul (who is the embodiment of what I heard Glenn say for YEARS) comes off to me as Glenn can’t share the friend of liberty spotlight, doesn’t like Paul’s surge of support from people who are dearly concerned about the liberty of their American children, cause they used to be his. 

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think Glenn has given up on liberty. The problem Glenn has with Paul is his foreign policy. Today, he added more confusion to that with a connection to Soros through members of a committee that Paul in on. How indirect is that? Anyway, Glenn just needs to know about the details of Paul’s foreign policy. I have been doing it on my own, but don’t have access to some people who could help speed up the process.

          • The Ancient

            I personally think he is drunk the “Jesus is coming home” kool aid and believe that we must hold/support/defend Israel at all costs to make sure the Muslims dont get it.

            I am not anti-Israel, nor am I “pro” Israel, They should choose how to run their nation without interference (or “assistance” which is in reality interference because we tie their hands alot) from us.  They are a separate nation, and unless they want to apply to be the 51st state, then we should not concern ourselves with them.

            That is not to say we can not “support” them at all, We can SELL them all the military hardware, Food, Supplies or anything else they want to BUY from us.

            i.e Free TRADE with all nations

      • Adam Ruplinger

        No Arizonasnow… you are very naive. It is not Ron Paul we care about, it is the Constitution we care about, the source of our liberty and God protected rights, and if there were any other choices for candidates who would follow the Constitution, we would be supporting them, probably more so than Ron Paul. There are a lot of reasons to not want to vote for Ron Paul and I sympathize with some of them, but they are all irrelevant because he is the ONLY candidate who is committed to following the Constitution to the letter, and  the Constitution is all that matters.  It is a document that was literally inspired by the God of Heaven through the hearts and minds of the greatest men on earth at the time, and is timeless in its application and a perfect guideline for how to conduct the affairs of our government through the ages until the end of time. It is all about the Constitution.  Not Ron Paul… the Constitution!

    • Adam Ruplinger

      I hear you Jared. I agree with you 100%!  I felt the same way.  I have always agreed with Glenn on everything he has said, until he turned against the only candidate who follows the Constitution.  I do not understand his thinking on that, because the Constitution is all that matters and Glenn, of all people should understand that.  Indeed there are a handful of scriptures in his religions holy scriptures that indicate the constitution is to be supported and anything more or less is of evil.  So I really do not understand his thought processes behind being against Ron Paul and I have not subscribed to his stuff for similar reasons… that, and the fact that I am without income right now and cannot afford it anyway.  We’ll see how things shake out in the future. In the mean time, I support Ron Paul 100% for no other reason than he is the only one who is committed to following the Constitution to the letter!

    • Anonymous

      Ron Paul anti-Jewish rhetoric and recently disclosed racist publications has disqualified Paul as a viable candidate.

  • karen

    Would like to see more humor that lampoons the left, in video form.  The skit about Republicans calling to find suport didn’t cut it with me.    The main stream media slams the right all the time.
    I liked JepRetardy when it was on the radio.   Maybe JepRetardy with idiot answers progressives have given to questions.  
    Hey, did you know that government funding for the Chevy Volt saved a firemans job?

  • Don McNamara

    When Glenn left Fox News, he lost us.  We traveled to DC not once, but twice, to attend his rallies because he had a sound message and seemed to care more about the message and the future of our country than he did about his budding empire. 

    Given a choice between watching Glenn (for a price, naturally) on my laptop or iPad or sitting comfortably in my recliner before a 52″ TV, I’ll choose the latter.  His new target is the youth segment, and that’s his choice. 

    Watching this segment on the growth of his personal success and the blossoming of his empire, I am further convinced that Glenn has become nothing more than another P.T. Barnum.  While he was waiting for another George Washington to step up and lead our country, he accepted his natural role as a huckster.

    Very sad.  *sigh*  We wish Glenn the best, but will bide our time until another steps up with the resolve and integrity to see it through and not sell out to greed and ego.

    • Mark Marshall

      I watch Glenn on my 52″ TV.  It’s called a Roku box, and it looks GREAT in HD… and I have the slowest FIOS connection you can buy.

    • Anonymous

      Look into a Roku.

  • Anonymous

    Just a follow-up! Check out Paul’s policy of the Veterans Administration. That is where we need to invest in our veterans. Paul wants to reduce the number of wounded warriors from useless wars.

  • Anonymous

    So if you subscribe and pay for it will there be NO advertisements pasted all over the margins?

  • Mark Marshall

    What I would suggest Ron Paul does is tell us why he doesn’t take the president of Iran at his word when he says “Death To America” and “Death to Israel”.  Why does he dismiss their calls for the return of the 12th Imam?  This is not me saying this, it’s Iran.  Why does he dismiss it?

    • The Ancient

      No one misses it,  But being more aggressive and putting on more of a war footing is not the solution, unless ofcourse you WANT war.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Big doorway to a small dream. 45:55 times 15 -twice the size. WOW!

  • Samuel Hill

    Guys, Glenn’s message and goal has NOTHING to do with any specific candidate, and he is (and has told us clearly from the beginning, so if you missed it its YOUR FAULT) a BUSINESSMAN.  He is a capitalist who believes in the idea of improving your lot through a good idea and hard work, and you are free to go as high as you can without losing your morals.
    Moreover, his methods and actions since leaving FOX have been precisely what he tells us all to do: help other people with the success God gives you.  He has continued to expand and branch out, and as he does so, he makes more money, and he HIRES PEOPLE into good jobs, thus improving their lives.  If he can have this degree of success with what he has goin’, more power to him. 
    If you don’t like the changes, or you want your voice in media to stay the little guy, then you are welcome to stay behind and wait for something else to fill your viewing window.  As for me, I’ll move forward in the hopes that I can do MORE good than I am doing now.

    • The Ancient

      Except when he Devotes all must all of his time these days to Bashing Ron Pual and Supporting Ricky Santorum

      but no no he has nothing all to do with the candidates

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Sell it somewhere else…flagged…

      • J.w. Appling

         They sell space for ads but since you are just taking space that makes you a petty thief pay for it or go away you parasite.

        • Anonymous

          Are you saying that poster paid to advertise?…Really?

  • Darveda Arnett

    Glenn and all of your staff.   WELCOME TO TEXAS!  We are pleased to have you here and best of luck in all you are doing.
    God bless you all.

  • Anonymous

    So all the staff had to move too?  Wow.  Quite a feat.

    • Anonymous

      Quite an ego. Quite a dictatorial employer.

  • John Nichols

    Most times, I feel like the only one that understands me is the Creator Himself. I need to create; I need to experiment. I need to explore, and use my imagination. I hope to be a part of something that my God would find joy in. If He wills to make them come true, I have to continue to work to make those dreams, I give to Him, come true: “With God, all things are possible”. I feel like I needed to say that…not sure if anyone will listen though.

    • Anonymous

      Does not matter if anyone will listen…only Him…

    • Anonymous

      What planeboy writes in part is true;  though it always helps to know we have others who care, who  take the time to notice us and listen to what is important to us in the moment. 
        I like to leave people with scripture because it has more power to help than anything I could say, and I find it comforting.  I look for scripture to meditate on when I have times of just not knowing…. what next.   I prayed and asked the Lord what he wanted me to write to you and, I hope, bring an answer and a word to hold on to.

           Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

          Proverbs 16:3    Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established. 

         1 Corinthians 16:13-14    Watch, stand fast in your faith, be brave, be strong.     Let all that you do be done with love.

         Isaiah 40:31    But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

      Take care :)
      Numbers 6:24-26

      • John Nichols

         : ). Thank you… Those scriptures really hit me, and I do feel that He has told you what He wanted me to hear. It’s so hard to continue fighting when darkness is everywhere.

        “though it always helps to know we have others who care, who  take the
        time to notice us and listen to what is important to us in the moment.”

        That’s what I always prayed about… I am tired of being someone that people believe against, and not believe in… The scriptures you gave me showed that God believes in me, and I need to renew the battle and keep building on the Rock. : ).

        • Anonymous

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        • Anonymous

          John, I am humbled and grateful to have been a part of your walk. I want you to know you will always be in my prayers. But most of all, for you to remember, that we ALL walk through those dark valleys. God – LOVES YOU – and believes so much in you to grow your FAITH. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen! Keep the Lord first before all dreams and desires and it will go well for you. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things WILL be added unto you. Press in brother, press in! Read Ephesians 6:10. Putting on the full armor of God. Take Care my friend. Numbers 6:24-26

          • John Nichols



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  • Anonymous

    HELP!   I am prepared to dream big.  I’m looking for a perfect fit.  I want to know if anyone can tell me a field in the Astronomy Field that combines Travel Planning and Sailing or Naval Operations?
    The unconventional book, What Color Is Your Parachute?, by Richard Bolles, the #1 best-selling career book every year, since the 60’s, says that these are my “special Knowledges”, and combining them is the ideal field for me. 
    If anyone who works in the Astronomy field could put some thought into this, I would appreciate it.

    ALSO!  THE REASON I JOINED THE TEA PARTY.   I didn’t know for three days if my son was alive or dead at Fort Hood during the senseless murders.  The grief I went through made me realize it was Political Correctness that allowed that coward to promote murder for five years on college campuses with the knowledge of the FBI.  I said, not on my watch.  This was not the military I signed my kids up for.   I thought of all the times I said it wasn’t my job.  The Socialists are clearly “useful idiots”, as Lenin called them.  The Communists know this.  But my military oath came back to me and I said I’m “back in the game”.  For two years our small Tea Party stayed focused on the #1 priority to remove the individual mandate from Obamacare in Ohio.  Our own people promised they would take care of it at a higher level.  We didn’t stop collecting signatures.  After two Ohio Supreme Court Challenges our signatures were validated at over 80% accurate, for a purely volunteer force.  Issue 3 passed  IN ALL 88 COUNTIES by over a 60% margin.  The next day the US Supreme Court said it was NOW time to consider this issue.  We knew it would come down to us.  I love our leaders in our local and Ohio Tea Parties.

    Thank you for this new idea–I miss the America of private porperty and upward mobility.

    • Anonymous

      Doug, you could get a really good telescope and then contact the boy and girl scouts to see if you can help the kids get their badges in Astronomy. Also, you could create some kind of travel package for amateur astronomers where people actually pay you to take them on a weekend astronomy trip.
      Other ideas might include looking into what the Navy has to offer on the civilian side of Astronomy. Just a few thoughts. Good luck on your quest.

  • Anonymous

    The only problem with Ron Paul is wherever he goes he takes himself with him.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting! Makes me wonder if all the other candidates are products of Apple: IBarak, IMitt, IRick, INewt, IRick, IIIIMichele. It has been all about them. Then there is Constitutional Ron.

  • Anonymous

    Waaaaay too sanctimonious, self-righteous. Shut up and show us already.

  • Debbie Allison Schreiber

    follow your heart .. if you don’t have an open mind .. you will be one of the ones left behind .. he has a vision .. he is smart imaginative .. and he is a lover of this country .. instead of sitting on the side lines like you my friend Jared .. he is willing to stake his life, his fortune and his sacred honor for this country .. as I am … wish you the best  ..

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my last thought on this article. Glenn has decided to change America from the bottom up. Ron Paul has decided to change America from the top down. We the people are in the middle and should be supporting both, inside out.

  • smith smith

    Gods’ (or in Glenn’s view, God’s) days are a thousand years.  C’mon!  Anyone buying that nonsense?

    I took my free two weeks and then I paid for two months but I couldnt put up with three things:
    1. Two hours is too long to give to Beck every day
    2. I am an atheist and all this God stuff is just crazy
    3. Beck did not support Ron Paul.

    I have watched this video and it seems that nothing has changed and I will be keeping my money in my pocket.

  • Hank Xavier

    If you would just turn around and support the Paul platform of peace and prosperity and the constitution FIRST, you would have the instant support of millions and millions of dedicated revolutionaries. 

    • Anonymous

      Glenn does say it’s the constitution that is first when he is referring to Obama dictating to us what he is going to do without Congress. It took Glenn many years to understand the difference between democracies vs. a republic. Give him time and he will come back to Paul (where he started) when he finds out all the others are all neo-conservatives and a continuation of big government.

      • The Ancient

        It will be too late,

        This next President could very well be the last for the United States as we know it today,  Picking the Wrong one will likly Result in Global Conflict either in Conventional War or Economic War,  at the end of which NO NATION on this planet will be the same……

  • Hank Xavier

    Rick Santorum’s view of small government. Attacks the individual. This is the George Washington of today Glenn?!

  • Anonymous

    Do you folks see who and what Glenn Beck is?  
    There have been comments — and I see them as well-meaning, but short-sighted — that proposed Glenn run for the Presidency.  That would be too limiting, holding him to just four or eight years, and hobbled by Congress, and so on.

    In the first five minutes or less, watching this program, it struck me very forcefully just what Glenn is accomplishing, and how it is so above even the Presidency.

    He is a catalyst force for transforming us as a people, as a nation, for the good that is latent in us, and needs to be called to light, drawn out, brought out of us, to make us be, ourselves, our very best.  Like that little kid’s defiant reply, “God don’t make no junk!”  We are not junk. Our (liberal) detractors would, in perhaps not quite so many words, but strongly imply, that we are junk.  Not so.  Glenn is a force beyond belief, catalyzing us to do good, be good, live good lives, and I know of no other person living who is doing it so well. 

    Okay, so I may be accused of exaggeration, or a blind love of Beck, or whatever.

    But, who else sees what he is doing?  What he is accomplishing in the world?

    You go, Glenn !!!

    Laus Deo

  • Eric Bonk

    A Great Speach to all that believe in America and what can be,ONLY here in The United States of America.

  • The Ancient

    Can we please lay off the “Texas is soo Great”  Crap as well…

    I am sooooo tired of Hearing about Texas,  while Texas is a ok State is not some Unique Bastion of Freedom and Liberty that is found no where else in the Union.

    In fact the Mercatus Center at George Mason University ranks Texas 14th in Freedom,  so there are 14 states that are more free than Taxes,  Indiana, my state,  is #3.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not questioning your rankings, or your feelings, just want to mention that by almost any measure, Texas (or anywhere else) is worlds better than NY, NY.

  • Thomas A. Wathen Jr.

      Kudos to you and your crew Glynn!!!
      “A free press can of course be good or bad, but, most certainly, without freedom it will never be anything but bad” – Albert Camus

  • Janie Hoover

    to me its not about the left or the right, i have not faith in politicians, i put my faith in one, God. i believe the truth lives in neither the left or right, the tea party or the unions, the truth lives in God. what i believe we need to do is tear down all political views, take down the walls that set between christian beliefs, and we need to give this world back to God. now note i didn’t specify what God i believe, for all you know i could be Muslim or i could be a christian or i could be Jewish or i could believe in over 100  Greek Gods, but does it truly matter? i’d rather see my country run by acupple false doctrines and one true, than to see all of man kind fail at why he was put on this earth in the first place.

  • Walter Martin

    how do I get involved I know some stuff that could change the energy industry for ever I am a member gbtv and my email is I have worked for 20 years on the power grid in the dept of energy and now retired we could be a big thing you could call me Walter J Martin 503 314 6008

  • Anonymous

    How do I contact the American Dreams Lab to present my American Dream for the masses?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn and team. You guys are absolutely amazing!

  • Anonymous

    This gives me hope for America.  Dream on… I’m listening and spreading the word.

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