Congressman Ron Paul is the latest GOP candidate to take a leading role in a controversy this election season. Newsletters released throughout the 90’s included racist comments, anti-Israel comments, among other controversial statements. Before delving into the topic, Glenn jokingly pointed that “usually that causes real problems if you want to point out somebody might be racist. So let’s not even go there.”

The real question we should be asking after a decade of newsletters Ron Paul ran that had many racist and anti-Israel comments is how has he responded?

Glenn: “So ten years of this kind of stuff in this and his defense is now, “I’m a bad editor. I’m just a bad managing editor. I didn’t know that stuff was all in there. It shouldn’t have been in there,” et cetera, et cetera. Forget about whether he believes it or not. Let’s take him at face value. If you can’t run a newsletter, you shouldn’t be given the keys to the United States of America. I run a network, I run a radio show, run a publishing division, a newsletter. What others? Stage shows, we do all the things. Believe me, if one of those divisions is racist or putting racist things in for a decade, if I don’t catch it – I shouldn’t be allowed to run a shoe store.

Glenn later pointed out, “I got news for ya. If somebody writes something and prints it under my name, even if I am paying them to do it and they write that 95 to 97 or more are semi or entirely criminal? I think I try to explain that to the American people that whole ghostwriting idea.”

While Glenn still agrees with Ron Paul on the Fed, and think’s “he’s the only one who believes it’s about the destruction of the currency, he’s the only one who believes in, shut it all down,” the stance Paul takes on Israel, 9/11, and the his self-accountability should be a warning sign to undecided voters.

In the last hour of today’s radio show, Glenn played an audio clip of Ron Paul answering a question from a 9/11 truther.
“Why don’t you come out about the truth about 9/11? “

Paul responded, “Because I can’t handle the controversy.” After hearing the clip, Pat asked a question every voter on the fence with Ron Paul should ask. “Now, if you don’t believe any of it, if you don’t believe the 9/11 truther stuff, is that how you answer that question: I can’t handle the controversy?”

If Ron Paul has been being honest about his opinions with the American people and his supporters, what could really be so controversial about saying “Al-Qaeda did it”? If he is being honest, do we really want a president who won’t stand boldly on an issue as important as the attack that killed over 3,000 innocent Americans on our own soil?