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Glenn took viewers on a tour of his new studios in Texas during last night’s episode of The Glenn Beck Program on GBTV! Get a peek behind-the-scenes at the next phase of GBTV in the clip above! Not a subscriber? Start your TWO WEEK free trial and see what you’re missing!


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  • Anonymous

    Do you have “A Golden Ticket”?  I love the movie Willy Wonka And the Chocolate Factory (not the Depp version).  Glenn reminds me a bit of Gene Wilder as he reveals the chocolate factory to the kids — whimsical, yet serious.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Excellent – its no wonder Glenn is as happy as a kid with an unlimited account in a large candy store and no parents in sight to stop them. Excellent – this year should be the best yet.

  • Ryan Frederick

    sweet Glenn freaken sweet!

  • Anna Melfi Karakashian

    Wishing you luck and happiness.  Miss you on cable

  • Anonymous

    We are hoping the transition will be smooth, that you find the happiness you are looking for and deserve, and that Texas welcomes you with open arms!  Best wishes and to heck with New York.  Sounds like you need to belong to the Mob or Liberal Progressive Party to survive in New York – New York.

  • Anonymous

    Your enthusiasm and vision are so evident from seeing you talk about your GBTV. Best to, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    Love you Glenn.  I pray that what ever you are planning will be a blessing for you and this wonderful nation.   You are my hero.  Thanks for all you do.  I don’t have a word that is great enough for how I fill about your great bravery diligence and love for this country.  You are such an inspiration for us who should be doing more.  I was at the rally in Washington DC and I watched what happened in Israel on GBTV.  There is something happening that is very wonderful.  I know that as long as we the people are good and doing good that good things will happen.  God is watching over us.  I can see that he is.  God Bless all that is happening with this new phase of  GBTV and I pray God will always be watching over you and your family.  I will be there praying for you Glen.  I am also thinking what more can I do also in my part of the world to make this country better.    Love Texas!!!

  • catllers

    cool, and you still have time for little ole us.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Philip B Kirschner

    Brother Beck, my thoughts and prayers are with you in your new endeavor. You combat hate, but when people put our faith down you have not been defending it. Persecution is alive and well by the evangelical base, and we witness it daily during the political dialog. Even though, I support Ron Paul they are attacking, Brother Romney. He  is not being attacked on his flip flops or health care care plan since OBAMA used his plan as a template, but they are attacking him on his religion and his beliefs in the prophet, Joesph Smith who was told to restore the gospel in it’s entirety.  In your travels, I hope you will defend our faith, but be honest at the same time on where the candidates stand. I left the Democratic Party and became a republican so I can get RON PAUL on the ballot.

    Just do me one favor, in your shows defend the truith, and address an issue that the disability community which i became apart of as a result of my service on 911, is being used by both parties.

  • Anonymous

    Go for it Glenn…Except only the BEST!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glenn, you never cease to amaze us. You have incredible vision, as well as love for your fellow man. Unlike those who are running this country!! God Bless you and continue to walk with you as you set up your new life in Texas. This new venture of yours will most definitely be a huge success. Will we see you wearing a Stetson anytime soon? A visit to Texas is on my bucket list.  

  • Jonathan D Yellowbear

    Well Glenn, it looks as if things are starting to fall into place with the help of God the Creator. Although I must say when you were down in New York I felt as if I was not alone. Now that you are down in Texas, I REALLY FEEL ALONE. I live up here in central Maine, and I listen to you on the radio all the time, however being disabled and on a fixed income I am trying to figure out a way to subscribe to GBTV. I really miss you now that you are no longer with Fox, but I understand why you needed to go and create something new. I Hope because I only have change left because of the idiot in the WH. I pray the God will continue to bless you and your family.

  • Sandra Kessler

    Oh you are a visionary. I am among the minnority of Beck watchers that can not get enough down load speed to watch you live. We are on Wild Blue Sat. Just two miles away they stopped the cable computer service with no plans to extend in the near future. But I listen to all the short vedio clips you post. You are a very remarkable man and your staff believes in you personally. Thanks for giving us the truth. Wish I could recieve you live. Believe in your self as much as others believe in you.

  • joe michael villa

     The lies live here.

    • Anonymous

      Lies live everywhere. Truth lives outside of time and space and He is eternal. The best we can do is try to convey revealed Truth.

  • Maxine

    it makes me so happy to see that you came out on top. been listing for ever to you  from CNN to Fox to now, and yes I pay my money to listem more thank you Beck

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