Rick Santorum is under fire for his views on gay marriage. He’s being labeled a “bigot” by the left for having a different opinion and different moral certitudes.

Watch Santorum’s comments below:

Glenn took a moment this morning to point out what exactly the word “bigot” means. “The definition of “bigot” is somebody that won’t listen to anybody else’s side because of their point of view, just won’t even listen to it.” The media, along with those who don’t want to see Rick Santorum as President of The Unite States don’t seem to care why Rick Santorum has the stance he does on marriage. Instead, they just want to stamp the big public label of “bigot” on his forehead.

Glenn then turned his attention to Santorum’s comments.

While emphasizing that he is not opposed at all to Civil Unions (one of the few opinions he shares with President Obama – or so Obama says), Glenn gave a great analysis on why you can’t just change the definition of marriage, and most importantly who defined what marriage is (Big hint: it’s not the government), using the example of a simple math equation.

The equation is: 1 Male + 1 Woman = Marriage

Glenn, summarizing Rick Santorum’s remarks, explained that gay marriage changes the equation to:

1 Male + 1 Male = Marriage


1 Woman + 1 Woman = Marriage

Glenn explained that if we make the argument that we can change one variable (gender) then you can also change the other variable (number of people).

Pat said, “They want to change just one part of the equation. Well, you can’t do that.”

But does the left call for polygamy? Of course not. Even in the video with Santorum above, the left tries to dodge his arguments.

“It’s like if you’re on the left and you want to argue for gay marriage, whatever. That’s fine. But have the balls to also argue for this,” Stu critiqued. “You should have the balls to say it’s another moral choice between consenting adults.”

Essentially, if the argument for gay marriage is equal rights for consenting adults – are they going to stand up and fight for the rights of three thirty year old women to marry a sixty-five year old guy? If that’s their argument, they would have to …that is, of course, unless they’re a “bigot.”

But what’s the solution? And does this mean that Glenn is anti-gay?

“I’m for civil marriage. All the rights, civil marriage, that’s fine,” he told listeners. “My solution is take government out of marriage entirely. What is government doing in marriage?”

Glenn, Pat and Stu all said that marriage should not be tied up in tax laws and other government legislation and loopholes.

“You didn’t get married for tax deductions,” Glenn said.

“I’ve held it together for 30 years just so I can hang onto those deductions,” Pat joked.

Glenn further explained that, whether the left likes it or not, the Constitution was based on Judeo-Christian values.

“Our laws are based in Judeo‑Christian values and laws. That’s the way it’s set up. Now, you don’t like that; that’s fine. Then change the Constitution. Because you cannot pick and choose,” he said.

Watch the video at the top of the page for more on these concepts.