Did he decide to just take a vacation? Has the news of the day finally made his head explode? Has he decided to move his show to a new time? No, he just threw his back out while jumping onto a coffee table* on the new GBTV set. Apparently, he was just a little too enthusiastic about all the changes that were happening in Texas. Don’t worry – he’s fine (although his back hurts… a lot) and he will be back on air as soon as possible (just not Monday night).

*Updated: Glenn was just bending over the table. Stu exaggerated to make Glenn sound athletic and cool.

Update 2: Glenn had originally planned on detailing a new series for GBTV during tonight’s broadcast. You can read more about that series, “Real News from The Blaze”, HERE

Update 3: Glenn will not be back on radio or GBTV on Tuesday 1/10

Glenn is back on TV (obviously not today since his back is out – but most days he’s on air)! Watch Glenn’s new two-hour show available live and on-demand Monday through Friday on GBTV.com! Start your two week free trial HERE!