Phony Mitt Romney controversy over ‘I like to fire people’

It’s New Hampshire primary day – the first primary of the 2012 election season after Gingrich, Perry, Huntsman all have ditched any remaining conservative principles in favor of Occupy Wall Street class warfare talking points. These attacks are inexcusable and just plain wrong. Check out the audio and reaction from radio today in the clip above.

  • Anonymous

    Donald Trump likes to fire people too !!!     “You’re fired”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Welcome to another example of how distortion and propaganda works in the media mills of the Democratic Progressive propaganda machinery.

    Take an entire conversation; look for the one sound bite of the fewest words possible and spin the daylights out of it to the ends of the earth.

    We see daily the old adage being fulfilled:

    “Tell the lies long enough and loud enough; and some people will begin to believe them as the truth.”

    Case in point – how many people after Elvis was stone-cold in the grave still claimed he was alive in the years to follow?

    • Soulphoenix

      Context kills, right?  And while we sometimes see the same thing from the so-called “right”, it seems more predominant coming from the progressive left, which stands upon much looser moral standards for honest behavior and more quickly embraces fanaticism (despite their claims to the contrary).

      We will soon witness that Pres. Obama will go to ANY extreme in order to get re-elected.  In fact, his die-hard supporters and benefactors feel that his re-election is a moral imperative, equal in seriousness to stopping Hitler and Hirohito.  Think about that for a moment.

      What would they NOT do if they felt they could get away with it?  Unfortunately, Stalin might end up being the best historical example, and that would prove our entire destruction.

      Now, I don’t believe we’ll actually let that happen.  I believe there are still enough good people with enough moral sense, common sense, human compassion, courage and faith to stand up and resist that oppression. It will get scary, though.  You don’t get out of a mess like this without passing through some harrowing times.

      Only through the trials will the miracles come – pretty much like what happens in our individual lives.

      Thanks for keeping the faith.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a guy I’m going to try and fire in November. I’m really looking forward to it.

    • Anonymous

      That is a very fine start.  I can think of a whole lot of government employees that I would like to put in line with him.  I feel many government employees are simply just getting a form of entitlement. It is welfare.

      • Anonymous

        Before I moved to PA, I worked in D.C.    You are 100% correct on a lot of government employees. Not all of them, but A LOT of them.

  • Anonymous

    Stop the negative attacks GOP PotUS wannabes and tell the American People how we are going to lead this country out from the distruction Obama has levied on We the People in his only term as a pathetic president.  This latest stunt by the Axelrod Marxist machine only proves that they are so desparate to get their annointed one for a second term as to fragment a speech to make Mitt look bad.  I agree, I sympathise with Mitt on this one.  I am very disgusted with Huntsman, Perry, and Newt’s behavior of continued attacks which have deflected away from how they plan to lead us from the destructive socialist path we are now on.  Romney-Christi campaign does not sound too shabby.  If the Axelrod Marxist machine plans to pin their dim hopes electing their total failure of their community agitator on this stunt, then their political strategy is to create a circular firing squad or a one armed stooge playing with a plugged in toaster in the hot tub. 

    • Anonymous

      Well, Patriot, if Romney is the GOP candidate, I hope he will pick Christie as his VP.

      He sounds like one tough hombre, and being from Jersey, won’t take anyone’s BS but,

      more importantly, will be able to dish it out as well.   Axelrod and his thugs like to play

      dirty, with Christie, who probably knows people like ”Guido-with-the-lead-pipe” kind of

      guy, perhaps the GOP might stand a chance of winning.  I’m not condoning injuries but

      if someone wants to play dirty, sometimes the other one has to get into the dirt too.

  • Anonymous

    It appears that the guy on the left’s favorite indoor sport is “leaping to conclusions!”  The one on the right gave the proper interpretation, i.e. Romney likes to “fire” companies that don’t give him acceptable service.  As so do the rest of us!

    • Anonymous

      I say this shows he relates to “every day people”. Let face it , Who hasnt called their cell phone company pissed off, and threatened to cancel service? Who hasnt walked into their bank and withdrew all their money because the bank charged them a fee, who hasnt taken their coke back to the resturant because you asked for diet and they gave you regular?



  • Anonymous

    It’s time for these pretenders to unite and fight the true enemy…Obama. devereaux has more than a few words to say about this today…

  • Ryan Frederick

    i hope he loves to fire Obama i can’t wait ontill 2012.

    • Soulphoenix

      Amen – Pres. Obama needs a giant pink slip from the people, whose right it is to give it!

      • Ryan Frederick

        and a nice jail cell for his ego. then we get one for him.

        • Sandie

          Is there a jail cell big enough for his ego?

          • Anonymous

            Holding cells are pretty big.
            The 6’x7′ ones not so much.

          • Ryan Frederick

            your right we are going to need aleast a moon size jail cell for his ego.

  • Marlene Newell

    That’s absolutely what it is – phoney baloney!  I’m ashamed when Republican contenders play into that mindset.  

  • Anonymous


    • Diane Thompson

      OK stupid, how do you feel about the thousands of companies that Bain Capital rescued from the depths of bankruptcy???  Ever heard of Staples, Dominoes Pizza, etc., etc… and etc……..?  Bain SAVED all these companies & tons more, and put thousands upon thousands of people to work!  You’re a liberal retard and need to run over and kiss the ass’ of MSNBC!

      • Anonymous

        Like your comment….just one correction. Its not thousands of companies, thousands of jobs yes, lets not get carried away.

        Now you look at specific companies obama has touched…solindra, car dealerships closed as a result of and following the auto companies being run by obama, job loss after oil drilling was halted in the coast, the list goes on.

        OBAMA is going to try and take credit for “private sector jobs being created” Ill bet we should look into those jobs created and find out if they were created because of Obamas policies or despite them. ROMNEY can name specific companies he helped grow as well as the ones that didnt. What companies can Obama claim he personally touched that added jobs? Likely none!

        These things will be articulated in time and the country will see the light and Obama will be a one term president.

    • Diane Thompson

      P.S. Loser — You must be Liberal because you think its bad to be wealthy!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think some repubicanshave hired   democratic  campaign helpers..  bettercheckk all they suggest closely  they are trying to ruin you fromwithin..  the trogan horse  iswithin your gate

  • Diane Thompson

    Thanks for reminding those who are giving Mitt such an unjustified bad time about his “I like to fire people” remark!  If they aren’t smart enough to realize it is totally taken out of context, then they deserve to need mental health care!

  • Anonymous

    They have stooped to a new low level in compromising ethics in the campaign. …taking another candidate’s words our of context, is the same as lying….Shame on you so-called Christian conservatives.   Thank about what you doing in the context of WWJD?

    • Anonymous

      So the question: Is useing someones words against them, the same as purposely taking them out of context. Remember these people are politicians PRENTENDING to be christians. You have to think like they do, besides newts lies are only going to get him a few hail marys in the confession booth…the country will have Obama…but hey Newt will sleep knowing he is forgiven…thats how it works right? No wonder he converted. Easiest religion to get a “pass” in…..except for the religion that says you can live your life lieing stealing cheating raping murdering and all you have to do is “confess Jesus is is your savior” and your forgiven…whats that one called? Oh yeah something “evangelical” good luck with one of those in the white house.

      Agree or disagree with Mitts religion, atleast his religion teachest there are consequences to wrong doing in this life AND THE NEXT. People act different when they fear God AND hell!

  • Anonymous

    Romney gets a pass on his negative ads towards Newt. Thats just plain wrong too !!
    Romney is backed by Fox news and Beck. Do you have any room to say CNN, NBC,
    ABC, or any other C is BIAS ??? I call it as I see it. Hypocrites all around.
    Seems to me y’all have some house cleaning to do on standards too.

    • Anonymous

      What Newt and Perry are doing is attacking capitalism when they attack Romney and his Bain business.  Bain invested in real businesess many thousands of Americans were employed.  Romney has been successful at the business of investing in struggling american companies, connecting entrepreneurs with markets, it is foolish and destructive to go after business.

      Bain Capital took no BAILOUTS, Gingrich subsidized himself by farming his poliical connections and he does not know or care what a private-equity firm such a Bain Capital does.

      Bain took over Staples, staples has 2,000 stores instead of 1, Burger King was severely underperforming when Bain and a group of Franchise aquired it.  The restructed burger chain went public a few years ago ad is now valued at 3 billion.

      Republicans ought to know better and the fact that Newt et al. apparently do not is a most distributing commentary on the state of the primary field so far.

  • EARL S

    I am totally  against “MUTT” Romney  for he is just OBAMA minus the tan and the wife with the  BIG BEHIND

  • Right Fielder

    In iocus illic est verum.

  • Anonymous

    I am no Romney fan, but to many people have taken his comment completely out of context.

    • Anonymous

      If you are planning on voting in the republican primary/caucus in your state, you should think twice about a candidate who would like to use things like this that are so far out of context that there is no excuse for its use. Its called the stupid game, either they are stupid or they think you are. We already have a president that thinks you are stupid, and we certainly dont need a president that is ACTUALLY stupid. For all the smart people out there voting, lets make sure you dont let the STUPID people with a right to vote and/or run for office take this election over.

      • Anonymous

        I will be voting for the same guy I voted for last time.

        Ron Paul 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone remember when Obama was running for president and he had the “truth police” going after people with misinformation and or lies? He even had hotlines to turn people in.

    Too bad people didn’t realize that he was the one misleading and lying. Some of the people that voted for him have woken up and seen the truth.

  • Anonymous

    “Caveat emptor”, or “Buyer beware”.  There is a reason that “Used Car Salesmen” are low on most folks list of trustworthy people.  Yes, they are capitalists but everyone knows they have sociopathic tendencies.  They care only about their own profit and NOTHING about the other party.  Nothing personal, It’s just business; it’s just politics; it’s just a game; it’s a line of bullshit.  I, for one, would like to know what kind of capitalist Mitt was.  Did he share the sociopathic propensities of used car salesmen or did he truly build value in our society.  If you can’t see there is a difference, you’re morally bankrupt.

  • Anonymous

    Romney like to be ABLE to fire people (to have the option)….. he DOESN’T LIKE to fire people. He is a freedom loving guy who likes choices. God Bless America, let’s keep that going. 

    As Americans we are also free to screw up by re-electing people who aren’t cutting it…. i.e. to fire them. 

    The key phrase is WE ARE ABLE. 

    Live that.

  • Anonymous

    I am sick and tired of the democratic diatrab over Romney firing people. Just look as to how many Obama and his administration have put out of work ie…… stoped drilling for olil in the Gulf, close down of Solendra and turning the farm lands of Modesto California a dust bowl.
    I am absolutely sure more people have been put out of work and lost their livelyhood due to the Obama administration than those lost under Romney.

    • Anonymous

      YUP!  Except he’s doing it on the sly and blaming everyone else.  And people believe what he says!  Obama the magician at work, with followers in tow.

  • Anonymous

    Both parties have been busy inviting lots of cheap labor and exporting lots of jobs all in the name of capitalism for about 20 years.  The American worker is caught in between the corporations that naturally want everybody working for as cheap as possible and government that just doesn’t understand where the money comes from to pay them,  anybody can see what is coming.  The global labor market is gradually leveling out, guess which way our labor market is heading?  The thing is we are stuck with the cost of living of a rich country and the wages of a not so rich country. 

  • Anonymous

    Well im glad that glen’s show has been able to finally say something nice about Mitt…it only took glen having back surgery…by the way Glen…I truely hope you get feeling better. Back pain sucks!

  • Anonymous

    I wrote a rather curse comment on the state of labor in the U.S. currently.  I said that both the big corps that want cheap labor and the imbedded govt types are part of the problem.  Really, though, I feel there is something much much bigger at work.  I feel what is going on in the U.S. and the entire planet is a spiritual learning curve, and we just need to understand that we as U.S. citizens,  are not the center of the universe.

  • Mardene Patton

    My thoughts and prayers for your speedy recovery Glenn!!!

  • Anonymous

    The media seemed to be all ”atremble” today about a big SHAKEUP at the WH.  B.O. was

    replacing his aide, Daley (sp) w/another fellow.   Shucks.  Shoulda realized it wasn’t the person

    I REALLY wanted to see ”fired” when they didn’t say someone in the administration.  If/when I

    hear the words: Eric Holder will no longer be Attorney General—then I can applaud.  Guess I’ll

    have to wait until ’13 when all the bums will be replaced.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, Mitt (aka Mr. Moneybags) doesn’t truly LIKE to fire people… it’s a serious thing to take away a person’s livelihood (especially if they work for you).  Most likely (and hopefully), he just meant it’s a good thing to be able to have the ability (the “right”) to change a poorly-run or non-functioning service (aka RomneyCare and/or ObamaCare) to someone (or something) that works for you and your family.  This is what I sincerely hope he meant.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, yes, Glenn… sorry to hear about the pain in your back; just remember one thing:  the pain COULD HAVE BEEN much lower!  Yes, you know where.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Paul Marks

    The whole Bain Capital attack line is a load of …….

    There is a lot wrong with Romney but comming out with a tissue of lies against him is not acceptable.

  • rhyms

    Romney said he likes capitalism and a free market system,  Shame Shame. What will the communists think?

  • Ilikefiring Peopletoo

    Being able to fire people is a critical part of our system of free enterprise and capitalism. A real conservative would realize that.

  • Anonymous

    Gingrich, Perry and Huntsman have all ditched their Conservative principles for going after Romney on this one.  The first to defend Mitt Romney and his statement was Ron Paul.  I guess the rest of the pack will do anything to attack the front runner.     

  • J. B.

    I’m a 17-year old college student, entrepreneur, and hardcore capitalist.

    I love and appreciate the free enterprise system!

    I created a video, website and t-shirt to promote the notion that “firing people” is a good thing.

    Please help me share the message, and wear the message:

  • Anonymous

    These two people are taking what Romney said out of context and is what is wrong with how many allegedly intelligent people “think” . These  people had a preconceived agenda and do not have an ounce of objectivity.

    Don Uehling

  • Vinny

    You might not like Paul’s foreign policy, but THE TROOPS OVERWHELMINGLY
    DO!!  That should go a long way with most of America, since they are the
    ones fighting after all.  You can have your opinion’s about foreign
    policy, but shouldn’t the one’s actually fighting overseas have a LARGE
    voice in the media?

    • SoThere

      I’m more interested in your so called Military career where you were on a secret mission for 9 years, were a NCO but quit the Army because you had a “change of heart” and drove a truck but didn’t drive a truck. Please tell me, what was Dallas? How much did your PA weigh? Where did you go to college? How many Iraqi children play volley ball?

      Why do you hate the Jews?

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