Last night on GBTV, Glenn went into some of the threats that are facing the country. Let’s be honest, almost every episode of The Glenn Beck Program includes some kind of warning that the economy could collapse, terrorists could attack, EMPs could wipe out electronics, violence could erupt in the streets, famine could sweep the country, or worse.

What’s the worst case scenario for New York City? Watch below to find out!

Okay, so maybe it won’t get as bad as Ghostbusters (and certainly not Ghostbusters 2, which was bad for a whole different reason. Seriously, have you seen Ghostbusters 2? Just no where near as good as the first…..thank you for indulging this humorous distraction/film criticism. – Your lowly editor/writer/nerd).

But what can you do to prepare? Ok, Glenn has given a lot of ways over the past few months, but one thing he encourages his employees to do is have a 72 hour “Go Bag” so they can pick up and move in the event of an emergency. So, we decided to let you know what Glenn’s security team recommends to put in a “Go Bag”.

72hr Go-Bag Packing List

• 6 MRE’s (stripped down) • 3 1-liter bottles of water • Personal medical kit • Leather man multi-tool
• 1 large tarp • 1 large emergency blanket • Fire-starter sticks • Flashlight with extra batteries • 100mph tape (heavy-duty duct tape) • 500 ft parachute cord (550 chord) • Windbreaker w/ hood • Lighter & lighter fluid (zippo) • Metal cup • Baby wipes • Ranger handbook • Whistle • Notepad, pencil, pens, markers

• Change of clothes (climate/terrain/mission dependent) • Sleep roll • 1 pack bungee cords • Signal mirror
• 2 large ziplock bags of nuts • Family pack of chewing gum • Tactical ziplock bags (5)
• GPS/maps/atlas • Mobile phone • Hat/gloves/sunglasses • Sunblock • Bug repellent

Luxury Items: • Portable heating stove
• Sat Phone • Burner phones (multiple) • Personal tent • Hand-crank/battery/solar-powered radio • Extra food/water • Instant coffee / hot chocolate • iPod & ear buds • Reading material • Two-way radios with surv kit

They also recommend having a small hatchet for emergencies.

Obviously, not all of those are applicable. Who is really going to make sure to have an iPod in there? But if you need them…

Last night on GBTV, Glenn even gave out “Go Bags” from Food Insurance (a GBTV underwriter) to everyone in the audience. You can watch the clip below:

‘The Emergency Plus Kit’ from Food Insurance, which is focused on 72 hours of food, includes the following:
– lightweight, weather-resistant backpack
– 2 week food supply (3 entrees per day for 1 adult)
– Reusable heat source
– Quick heat fuel pellets
– Waterproof matches
– cooking tin
– water filter (treats up to 100 gallons)
– First Aid Kit
– Emergency all-in-one tool
– Flashlight/radio combo
– Dust/pollutant masks (2)