Last night on GBTV, Glenn had best-selling author Brad Thor and life continuity expert Barrett Moore on to discuss preparedness and security. It was a fascinating discussion – did you know that passport photos can be used for facial recognition and identification? Or that it’s possible for someone to steal your credit card and personal information in a few seconds from a distance with the right equipment? There is some scary, scary information in the clip above – but also information on what you can do to prepare.

Glenn said that he would continue to bring you information on “Big Brother”, both on GBTV and The Blaze, as well as resources on what you can do to prepare through businesses like, which regularly runs discounts on emergency and preparedness items. For example, Markdown is currently running a deal on medicinal emergency herbs that you can have in the event of a shortage. You can check those out HERE.

Look for more information on preparedness on, GBTV, and Markdown. You can also see Glenn’s full list of what you can do to prepare HERE.