Glenn went out to see a movie last night and caught Red Tails, produced by George Lucas who is of course of Star Wars and Indiana Jones fame. It’s about the first all black fighter squadron in the U.S. military — you may recall them as the Tuskegee Airmen. It’s an absolutely amazing story and absolutely unfortunate that George Lucas was the one to get his hands on it. Glenn says he doesn’t recall ever coming out of a movie being upset with the director- until this one.

“One of the most bizarrely acted movies I’ve ever seen, bizarrely directed,” Glenn said.

“Go get yourself a great book on the Tuskegee Airmen. Because it is the greatest story ever,” he said.

Glenn didn’t understand why none of the characters smoked, which would have been historically accurate, and Gooding’s character carried around an unlit pipe.

“It was a bad B movie with the greatest story I’ve ever seen.”

The conversation soon turned to an examination of most of Lucas’s work, including Star Wars. They guys, like most fans of the early Lucas movies, were still unhappy about the prequels to the Star Wars movies. They also brought up the poor acting, even by some actors who were usually stonger in other films, wondering what it was about Lucas that seemed to bring out the worst in performers.

The film is generally being panned by critics, and Lucas has said in interviews he is considering retiring from blockbusters after Red Tails.