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Herman Cain has officially come out and supported the Gingrich campaign while Sarah Palin has come out with some recent statements that seem to indicate the former Alaska governor is indeed supporting Newt (plus the circumstantial evidence that Todd Palin came out for Newt). Rick Perry also endorsed the plump progressive who has a fondness for notorious early 20th century progressives. What gives?

“I am increasingly dismayed, confused by the endorsements that are going from supposed small government people and Tea Party people,” Glenn said.

“Herman Cain said he’s looking for somebody on the outside looking for small government guy and he’s endorsing somebody who voted for the Department of Education.”

Joining Cain in support of Newt is Sarah Palin, who has not done a full fledged endorsement but has certainly been vocal in her support.

“Well look at the players in the establishment who are fighting so hard against him,” she said. “They want to crucify him because he has tapped into that average everyday American Tea Party grassroots movement that has said ‘enough is enough of the establishment.'”

Glenn said, “I don’t understand this. If you are playing the game of he’s the only guy to win, explain the polls.  I’m sorry, if you look at the negatives, he’s more polarized than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.”

Why are none of these small government people coming out in support of Rick Santorum, a man with actual conservative credentials?

“I know where Rick Santorum stands on the progressive era. I know where he is on things and Rick’s not going to consider himself a progressive,” Glenn explains.

Stu said that the media has essentially turned this into a two man race and as a result those who are solely focused on beating Obama are not looking at Santorum as a viable candidate.

“I believe we have allowed others to define this thing for us,” Stu added.

“I’m pretty sure that Herman Cain doesn’t really know what progressivism is. He doesn’t have any idea. Sarah Palin, she does,” Glenn said.

Does it say something about the character of Gingrich’s supporters that they would seemingly abandon their conservative values to support Gingrich, a man who has been vocal in his support of progressives and their philosophy? It will be interesting to watch them over the next few weeks and months to see where they all end up.

Back in December when rumors first swirled that Cain would endorse Gingrich, Glenn warned “It will be interesting to see Herman’s life from here. Where does Herman go?”

“Let’s just watch the money and power trail from here. Important to watch it.”

Keep an eye on what happens next to see where all the Gingrich supporters end up – it might hold the answers that Glenn was looking for on radio today.