Richard Poe: How does George Soros collapse countries?

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Want to know how George Soros has collapsed economies and fundamentally changed nations across the globe? Richard Poe, author of The Shadow Party, explained it all on GBTV last night. Watch the clip above to find out what he had to say. The full episode is available On Demand for GBTV subscribers!

  • Anonymous

    By backing candidates like Mitt Romney!!!!  Love how Glenn has conveniently not mentioned that yet.

    • ‘Benjamin Martin’

      Beck doesnt support Romney… You never listen to his show … now if you think you are correct PRODUCE indisputable proof that Beck supports Romeny because last time I checked he said if he had to vote today he would vote for Santorum.

      • Anonymous

        Beck knows Santorum won’t last at which point he will support Romney.  That’s why Glenn is only Bashing Newt and avoiding exposing Romney at all costs.
        mark my words, when santorum drops out, Glenn will Back Mitt.

  • Anonymous

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    And with the US, we are nearly at the end game of Soros plans for the collapse and reforging of our nation into a communist system.

    • landofaahs

      I predict an “accident” before that happens.

  • Anonymous

    Soros is in deep with the Owners of the Fed & Central Bank owners (same cartel) in every country but 3, Libya was 4. You know Soros was working on Ka-Daffy, he didn’t agree, then the “Revolution” happened, with Revolutionaries first thing contacting & negotiating with the Rothschild Cartel Banks. It’s much like the Rothschild Cartel perpetrated the Bolshevik Revolution for revenge Czars family for their thwarts to the Cartel’s plans. Tortured Czars whole family to death. Then they did away with the Bolsheviks who thought they should share power, then murdered millions of Russians through Starvation & outright murder. That’s our Fed, that’s who Soros is part of, Soros is who Obama’s worked for, for decades. You probably know this, but just in case.

    • English Desk

      great. can you post some links… I want to expand the research.

  • Anonymous

    EIPzee, Newt is in the Rothschild Cartel spin off, the CSR. Romney is not. Romney is just a successful business man, the scum bags like Soros use the Government to steal from the people.

    • Anonymous

      And the Definition of a Big Government Progressive, Don’t forget that.
      Romney and Obama have so much in common, the major thing being they both CAN’T run on their Political Records.

      • Maryanne Greenberg

        So you are willing to blast romney and perhaps have obama in again.  Romney is a decent guy, I have been doing my due diligence on him and have found out some fascinating facts.  I truly believe that if we have Obama for 4 more years, it will all be a moot point.  I am not willing to gamble with this country by having him become re-elected. ABO – anybody but obama, so let’s just move on.

        • English Desk

          anybody?  How about some one who supports and defends the US Constitution.  If in the unfortunate circumstance that Obama is “reelected” by the machines then perhaps there will be enough uproar to put him behind bars with the others who are pulling the strings.  At some point citizens grand juries will be activated and the officials in leadership will have the option to prosecute or be prosecuted.  Across party lines, we Americans need someone who will support the US Constitution, not treat it as just an old irrelevant document that is advisory. Our Constitution is what separates this Republic from every other nation on the face of the earth. Those who do not defend it (current administration) commit treason against it.

    • English Desk

      Business should create value and improve the welfare of the people. Working for Bain & Co, owning a subsidiary that borrows millions then goes bankrupt (where did the money go), and calling that successful business is a stretch.  That is the tack taken by the 70 bankers who caused the economic collapse — and they should be doing jail time… perhaps they will.  You may be right on Newt, but if you are right on Newt then Romney is even further in their pocket. The Order and the Bilderbergs select candidates from the parties who will further their agenda….  Agenda 21.

  • landofaahs

    Who needs George Soros, we seem to be doing a pretty good job of collapsing this country all on our own.

  • Anonymous

    There is a shadow Govt already in place.  Its Obama and his activists.  Once he pushes his Occupy army into the streets after Obama loses the 2012 election, he will have Occupy and whatever part of the Federal police force to fight against the people who will fight for freedom. 

  • Anonymous

    Lets just come out and admit a couple of facts. The point is at the the end of this nomination cycle we are going to have to choose one of these candidates with all the bad or good associated with them. However, I think what Glenn is trying to say and is true is that while Romney for certain is no true conservative ( and I am not a Romney supporter) The problem I have is we all seem to recognize that but can we for the love of God stop trying to whitewash Newt and say he is conservative when his record shows he isn’t (If anything he is it is a party politician). If by conservative we mean-
    1. Small Federal Government with limited power.
    2.Strong independent states who believe in the 10th amendment
    3. A reduction in Federal and Government positions, power, and divisions
    4. Secure Sovereign Borders
    5. Return to the Constitution and the founders as the Principle governing law in the land not bureaucracy and litigation.
    6. Fiscal responsibility and restraint.
    7.Free market capitalism where we don’t begrudge nor hinder anybody’s ability to amass wealth and we do not seek to penalize them discriminately for it. Plus allowing the possibility of failure and accountability.
    8. Equal justice under the law and adherence by all to the same rules.
    If we say we are for these principles then we cannot overlook Newts record and statements as conservatives and say he is truly conservative. He can talk the talk but his record shows he does not walk the walk. So if we decide to go with Newt because we think that he is the best choice (and you may be right), that is fine but we better not dare say he is truly conservative and deceive ourselves calling him something he is not. That is the same as Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Josef Stalin saying  because they were elected democratically they are not incumbent dictators. Incidentally I am not surprised that this is the best we have to offer for this election. We allowed the progressives over a hundred years to corrupt and poison our system to the point that we don’t even know what the constitution and governments role really was supposed to be in its original scope anymore. Things we accept our grandfathers and great grandfathers never would have accepted and would have declared it unconstitutional or un-american at least. This is a long haul fight to reclaim what we were and your not going to fix it 4,10,20, or even 50 years. It is easier to get into trouble than to get out an we have procrastinated our needed corrections too long. We can’t truly say we are conservative or for the founders as long as we have these examples in our government.
    1. Social Security-we can’t preach independent responsibility and self reliance when we expect the government to fund our retirement.
    2. Medicare Medicaid-I will be the first to say the medical system needs to be overhauled. However, we can’t be  say pay for your own insurance and medications while milking it from our neighbors via government programs.
    3.We can’t say we are just in our system while employing activist judges and creating politically correct rules to excuse and get us off the hook for our responsibility.
    4. We can’t accuse the government of being inept and fiscally irresponsible when our personal finances are a mess or we take the political bribe payoffs and perks politicians offer us as incentives to vote for them.
    5. You can’t speak up for constitutional authority and ideology while espousing and admiring those who sought to destroy it and expressed that desire. Wilson, Roosevelt,FDR, etc.

    • Richard Dwyer

      The whole point is what George Soros is doing and has said that this like a game he has played a few times before and he has won every time. It’s like playing checkers and he the master.. He has never lost.. The Euopeans have proven to be too easy for him and the American’s have a little more spunk and are more intellagent.. Chek-out what happend to the Bank of England, just one of his Big Wins……..

    • John Peters

      #1, 2, & 3 are a return to the Articles of Confederation which means you’re walking away from the Constitution and the Founders #4 you’d have to militarize the whole nation and turn America into a police state to properly secure our entire sovereign border which is again walking away from the Constitution #6 trickle down economics and the resulting deficit spending is fiscally irresponsible and yet conservatives have been pushing that policy for the past 34yrs #7 & 8 you can’t have both because you can’t have equal justice for the free market capitalist who harms Americans in his rush to wealth because you just said you can’t penalize him for it

  • Anonymous

    By encouraging and funding everyone to do the Evil that so many willingly embrace.

  • Kanak Attack

    I can give way more examples of this already happening than Glenn mentions.  This is well in place already that’s why Soros is so confident right now.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this what happened in Kenya with Odingo?

  • Anonymous
    • TheLongVersion

      Ya think?  If Soros endorses Romney conservatives will abandon him…could there be a strategy there to get a nominee that wouldn’t be as strong an opponent to Obama?

  • English Desk

    The influence in the military comes from the political appointment of senior military who move into positions of National Security or CIA. The Rhodes scholarship is used by Oxford to promote Rhodes shadow vision…. there is a public and private vision. The undersecretaries of the US State Department are typically Rhodes scholars.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    I see a condo, condo….minimum..minimoru

  • Anonymous

    Okay, Lets use athrun 77 bullet points describing a conservative.  You say Romney is not a true conservative? What we do know about Romney is that he has ability or talent bring both sides  together in a positive direction to pass Legislation, as he did with MA.  The biggest issue holding this country back, is the division between Dem’s and Repub’s agreeing on the simplistic issue.  Obama is on the far left of Liberalism, leading this country right into Socialism.  Electing  someone who is on the far right of Conservatism, is not going to fix the real issues we are facing with the division between the two parties.  The hate between opinions must be closed to the hate we faced between father and son, brother against brother that got into a Civil War.  This country is a center-right people, and first we need to get back to that understanding with one another so we can get past the hatred.
    Now using athrun77 bullet points describing what a conservative should be:
    1.  Newt has big plans to add big Gov. he has talked about in his debates.
    2.  He has slammed capitalism with Mitt Romney and Bain.  (This is unforgivable)
    3.  Newt is with Nancy on Global Warming, or was it cap and trade.
    4.  Took money from Fannie May and Freddie Mac, and I do not recall Newt warning the rest of us, that we were just about ready to start the housing crises that brought this country down and we are still living with.
    5.  I watched Newt on Hannity, 2-yrs into the Obama administration, and Hannity asked Newt if he could finally admit, that Obama had socialistic view-points.  Newt replied back with his chuckel, and said Oh I can’t go that far and agree with you.  Well I’m sorry, and want my leadership, all, the up to the President to have the ability to forsee the major issues we the people are headed into.  We could list Newt’s issues all day, but I do know all I need to know about Newt to say NO.

  • Ja Ke

    >except for the military
    Doesn’t this ring a bell to any of you? Why do you just dismiss this and say oh yep he must have just not gotten around to that yet? Our military is completely taken over by the Progressives. Learn what the hell neoconservative means. We have a vast military industrial complex that is directly tied with our economic takeover. You can learn this within five minutes of your own research. Please, do your duty and defend liberty. 

  • Kurt

    Why hasn’t someone “neutralized” Soros yet?

  • Stanley

    Fascism has one thing in common with socialism. Its called total government. That’s what’s going on now in America. So when everything is controlled by the government will we end up as socialist or fascists. Either way you end up working or else. Right now progressives are in charge. IE we need more government to handle whatever. At some point socialism, communism, capitalism or fascism will end up in control. All use laws to control. For instance the republicans now require work rules when your on unemployment or they will take your tax refund from you. But they forget you paid into the unemployment fund for a good number of years. IE they are taking your money and controlling it. Its going to be tough. The current admin is not following the rules. First thing you will see when any faction takes control will be deaths which is already occurring. IE VA is not setup to help the vets its about the people in government controlling the vets access to healthcare. As the production of the economy drops there well be less and less. This is already occurring look at any democratic strong hold. Looks to me like the progressive democratic wing is winning. Hope we survive the next election. Hope America survives and not too many people die. I feel the winds of change blowing.

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