Shariah Finance

Today on radio, a caller asked for a list of Sharia compliant banks after watching last night’s Global Caliphate Special. We said we would dig and see what we could find, and we found this list from Sharia Finance Watch (via Citizen’s Warrior). You can get more information on Shariah Finance HERE.

Alpha Natural Resources

Asset Acceptance Capital Corporation

Aviva Plc


Barclays PLC

BNP Paribas Group

Citibank, N.A.

Credit Agricole, S.A.

Deutsche Bank AG

Dow Jones & Company Inc.

Equity Insurance Group Limited

Goldman Sachs Group

HBOS plc

HSBC Holdings plc

INVESCO Perpetual

Julius Baer Group

Maersk Logistics

Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.

Morgan Stanley

NYSE Euronext

Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Singapore Power

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Thanks I intend to do some extra digging into the matter as well; will pass this on to my circle.

    • Anonymous

      Please do pass the info on.  I want to move my funds and/or my credit to any bank that is not involved with any Sharia concept.

  • Anonymous

    Is Bank of America clear of this sharia stupidity ?

    • Anonymous

      Merrill Lynch is sharia compliant and owned by Bank of America!!

      • landofaahs

        When the shiite heads of BofA said they were going to issue credit cards to illegals back in Feb. of 2007, I saw it as my Joe Kennedy moment and got out of every kind of stock I could.  I told friends and family also.  Some listened and some did not.  Get the H out of these big banks in my opinion.  We may have an opportunity to jump back in after the next crash, but it could soar because of inflation, but I’m not seeing it.  Oh well, everyone needs to take their own counsel.

  • paul thompson

    How Ironic USAIRWAYS MasterCard is through Barclays, I am cancelling the card as I type this!

    • Anonymous

      So is Frontier Airlines Credit card, I know I have one and trying to pay it off as 
      well.  Will never fly Frontier again or put anything on that card.
      Mary S., California

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, what does it mean that the bank is Sharia compliant?

    • HELEN

      It means they follow muslim rules for banking in terms of their external investments, etc.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Well, we need banks or else we wouldn’t be able to borrow, or build, etc….. they are a necessary evil.  However, they do need to be held accountable, as does everybody, for all the corruption.  Why aren’t the morons like Frank and Dodd in prison for what they’ve done.  They had their one patsy go to jail for his ponsey scheme and that was it??? Congress gets insider trading and that ok???? Please, lets fix this!!!

      • EdwardS

        The big five sold credit swaps on Greece (it’s ins.) against default. The reason MF Global went under is they didn’t call the 30% haircut a default. They sold ins. but have nothing to cover a loss. today the fed. said they will doall they can (blank check) to protect the banks. Then the bankers can give themselves bonuses. Remember the Fed is the banks by law.They don’t give a care about europe or usa just themselves. Remember AIG! Paul is on shaky ground trying to look into their actions. He may get a deadly illness or have a car accident.

        • Anonymous

          On Bloomberg TV, Greece is set to default on March 20th, 2012, no matter what they do. Yet, here goes the EU, still trying to hang onto it’s dream of being as powerful as the Roman Empire was at one time. Heck, even Soros, said it wouldn’t be the end of the world if Greece defaulted. Guess he’s smart enough not to keep throwing more funny money after funny money. The IMF demanded countries contribute to keep EU Central Bank from shaking the entire world’s economy again just recently. When are we all going to get off the merry go round? The US is given only 3 banks and the president is allowed to pick one of them, and we really don’t know which 7 or 8 banks make up the IMF private banks. If we were still on the gold standard then the federal reserve couldn’t expand, and contract our economy. They couldn’t throw most of us into choas at any given moment. Look at history. It wasn’t 15 years after the congress gave away their rights to the federal reserve that a financial crisis happened. They can do it do us at any time! But, I don’t believe the US government has enough gold to pay what we owe. So, they would come knocking on our doors again to confiscate (steal) gold from citizens. Don’t worry about Paul. I’m sure he has secret service detail, and if not, I’d imagine he has private security!  It’s hard times for those who want to continue to follow the constitution. 

          • Dave

             The constitution is used as toilet paper in Washington DC!

      • Anonymous

        I agree that Frank and Dodd deserve a little time on the other side of the bars! But, Dodd, is now the CEO of the Motion Picture Assn. and wanted and lobbied for the internet bill for porn pic’s because they were losing money! Imagine, nearly 750,000 jobs in porn that Dodd wanted to protect. If that one would have passed it would have shut the internet down! Now, Frank, he’s quitting after all the messes he’s created and riding off in the sunset to get married, and live in bliss. In the meantime, poor people will be pushed back into payday loans, and hocking their vehicle titles, and jewerly, to get a loan! Oh yeah, Frank and Dodd, were a great team. Better keep eyes peeled for Graham and Schumer also. Those two get together and wirte bills all the time that are SCARY. Remember the one they wrote where they wanted U.S. citizens to have a national ID card? Can one say, do you have your papers? These guys in the senate can give US away anytime by signing treaties that would disarm us, hate law speech that would jail us, and void free speech, unfair tax through cap and trade climate laws, etc .Hey, I could dig on some insider trading myself. That has to be one of the most disgusting things that has come to light about our lawmakers. They make the law but don’t follow it. Ain’t America great for THEM.

  • Anonymous

    The best way to protest this is to take any and all money you have in any of these companies and invest elsewhere. When they have no money – or considerably less money in their coffers, then they will have no power. You provide them with power when you have your money there.

  • Joe Stickney

    citi was sued by obama in the 90s,,most were obama contributors?

  • JohnnyOh!

    Alpha Natural Resources is a coal company not a bank

  • TylerDurden

    Petty. Glenn likes to complain about religious liberties being taken away (which they are not) and then throws this out to rile people up. I guess he is not for religious liberty after all.

    • Anonymous

      So, you think it’s far to have separate rules for different groups in America, what happened to assimilation? Banking laws are supposed to be the same for everyone in the country. Do you think things like this could be contributing to the fact there is no commonality or common sense in our country? I do, because without commonality, each group has a different belief in what is common sense, no cohesion for a united country except after a disaster, which doesn’t last long. Oh and why are Muslims exempt from Obamacare, and the Catholics, Christians, Jews and others have to comply against their religion? Awaiting your answer.

      • TylerDurden

        Many groups have gotten exemptions including the Amish who are Christian last I checked.

      • HELEN

        Muslims are NOT exempt fm Obamacare (see for details on that urban legend).

        Problem is that many muslims who have immigrated recently to the US are NOT assimilating at all.  They wish us to conform to their ways — they are colonizers not immigrants.

    • Anonymous

      You have MUCH to learn, Junior!!

    • Mark Singer

      This has nothing to do with religious liberty. Islam is an ideology and not a religion. Study the material. This is one way to infiltrate the west and conquer Our Civilization without the sword. These people are sneaky, but not smart. Rise and Rise Again, until the Lamb becomes the Lion! Never Give Up!

      • TylerDurden

        Your bank is not going to make you convert. Islam is indeed a religion and enjoys the same protections under the Constitution that every other religion does. We have separation of church and state to protect us from any religion being forced on us by government.

        • Anonymous

          Yes Islam is a religion; however, Shariah is the system of civil law that is based upon the Qur’an, Shariah is a code for living and it is their conviction that Islam is intended to be the religion of all mankind.  Islam places a great emphasis on the religion being the government, incorporating both civil and spiritual. So yes while we have Freedom of Religion (yes including Islam) under our Constitution, where in our Constitution does it say we follow the civil laws of others (in this case Shariah/Islam)?  When companies and banks become “Shariah compliant” – they are essentually accepting of these civil laws  – some to include: require women to get permission from husbands for daily freedoms, beating of disobedient woman & girls, honor killings to name a few.  Shariah law mandate return on investments must be “purified” – the money must be donated to Islamic charities – incl some that promote Jihad. Theres approx $800 billion in Shariah compliant assests,with as much as 6% of these profits being “donatedd” so thats billions being siphoned off for terrorism. Serious violation of US law; and morally worng on so many levels.  And all you can come up with is Petty – and Glenn is “not for religious liberty after all”….  Pretty sure theres alot more to it then that – Way to go on trivializing such an important issue

        • Anonymous

          The article is not titled “Islam compliant,”  Sharia is not a religion.

          • Anonymous

            Sharia is so intertwined with Islam it’s both religion and law.

          • Anonymous

            The word your looking for is “manipulated” not “intertwined.” The same way our politicians slip in ear marks..the Islamist slip in the “religion” factor to manipulate the infidels.  Looks like it working out pretty well for them so far, wouldn’t you say?

    • Anonymous

      Sharia is political not religious, and Sharia compliant banks support Jihad as a charity donation – Jihad is not religious either.  So where’s your gripe about Glenn and his failure to recognize religious liberty?


    I love my USAA Fed Savings Bank and my Navy Fed Credit Union.  I’m retired Navy.

    Barring a connection to the above or like…use a local credit union/bank and be free from external pressures and likely other PC issues as well!

  • Joe Stickney

    no sharta law oversight!

  • Anonymous

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  • Rose Dowdall McLain

    goldman jewish in origin, do they know that? hmmmm

  • Anonymous

    Wake up and smell the coffee, TylerDurden. Shariah law is a vile transgression of human rights.

  • Anonymous

    Check out a sharia financed mortgage(partnership). Instead of calling it interest, they call it a utility fee to live in your(you & the finacing company’s home … amazing!

  • Cathy Gardino

    Thanks Glenn! At least now we can make an informed choice!

  • Anonymous

    Barclays VISA is the source of financing for Apple Computer (AAPL).  Isn’t that special!

  • mudslide

    How would it go over in America if it were reversed and there were a list of Christian only based banks, or Seventh Day Adventist banks??
    How about a federally backed bank that only loans money to pregnant, out of work teens?
    Sounds absurd, doesn’t it.
    However, Islam and Shariah are not religious based – they’re based on cult creationism and forced tolerance. Sharia compliant businesses anywhere in the world, not just America, are nothing more then fronts for an underlying and deceptive use of actual Shariah Law.
    Muslims may live and worship any way they wish, just be aware that some of us have a heightened sense of awareness and zero tolerance for being threatened, subversively or indirectly, or otherwise, coerced into becoming a member of a cult simply because we have a different lifestyle….

    • Anonymous

      Mudslide, I don’t know of any “Christian” banks. However, one must be muslim to use Shariah banking. The jewish people also have their own banking system. Why? Because, it’s follows the principles of the Torah, that one is not to charge a brother interest on loans! It’s okay to charge interest, but not unfair usary, which banks did until there was a crash, where the usary had gotten so high that no one could pay it, and pay their bills also. One can’t continue to make money off money, and more money, off the original money borrowed. In a way, it would be better for us to have a religious based bank available if we wanted to use it, especially if it’s based on principles of not overcharging for money lent. Also, the government can’t have there nose stuck in one’s business, and force these types of lending facilities to follow Ben’s and Little Timmy’s rules to rob us by contracting and expanding the economy.

  • Sandy Caruso

    We’re closing our business account with one of the banks on this list.

  • Anonymous

    Under Shria law it is illegal to charge interest.  We should all sing up and insist on no interest charges. 

    • Anonymous

       Yeah well maybe you better read up on that because from what I read, if you need to borrow money to buy something, you go to them, they buy it and then sell it to you in shares at a higher price!!!! 

      If it looks like interest, and it cost you like interest, it is still interest!!!!  It reminds me of the “loan origination fee” we pay when securing loans. 

  • B

    What about AIG – I have an insurance policy for my husband which I have invested over 25 thousand already through the years.  I would like to know how to get out of this without my husband passing away.  If I cash it in I take a great loss because he will be 80.  I feel like I have been screwed and this company was not my choice – they bought out the company I started with.   Boy you live and learn only the hard way – If only I was younger and knew what I know now.

    • B

      Can anyone offer me some sane advice.

      • Anonymous

        I can only give Lincoln/Franklin Life Insurance as a very good place to give you professional advice.  I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them.  

    • Anonymous

      Not knowing all of the details of your husband’s AIG policy, the best suggestions I can offer are –
      1. it’s kinda late to replace it with something else. KEEP IT IN FORCE! Replacing the policy with another are usually only allowed if it’s in YOUR best interest…
      2. you may be able to convert it into a paid-up policy for a reduced amount. think carefully before taking this choice.
      3. you may want to meet with your insurance agent or other trusted advisor, to make sure the face amount is sufficient for your needs – if it’s not, you can always get another policy to make up the difference. At 80 years young, any coverage, even term, will be at a significantly higher premium, and health issues may affect coverage or premium. EVEN SO, there are companies that may issue coverage as long he’s breathing (sorry, I can’t advise you on who). If his health is an issue, you may be able to get a modified policy that will pay part or all of the face amount after one or two years of coverage, and return your premiums paid plus interest during the first 2 years of coverage.
      Hope this helps…

  • MichaelK

    We’ve all had our dealings with these.
    Haven’t we!

  • Anonymous

    Sharia compliant also means that the bank gives 2% to “charities,” JIHAD is the number one charity. Americans, you are funding your own ruination! Don’t believe me, look it up!  You won’t like this one either, but BARCLAYS (sharia compliant) is the bank that LL BEAN uses for their charge card. Who cares…you get FREE SHIPPING!!! Calling and canceling them tomorrow, along with Bank of America and our HSBC accounts. Find small private banks and ASK the management. We all want to know what we can do! THIS is something to sink our teeth into, something R E A L  we can do that will make a tremendous difference.

  • Howard

    Interesting that Goldman Sachs was the biggest beneficiary of TARP
    & Stimulus money!!! It also explains why I am being harassed by
    CITI Bank instead of working with me!! Thank goodness HSBC just sold
    my credit card to Capital One!!! If “they” are added to
    this list I will move my card to someone else!!! This may also
    explain why the Wall St Journal has turned liberal?…aren’t they are
    owned by Dow Jones?Remember also that Merrill Lynch is a part
    of “BANK of AMERICA”…so I am adding them to my list as
    well!Thanks Glenn for keeping awake & alert to what is
    going so that we can protect ourselves.Was 1984 “only”
    30 years early?

  • Debbie C

    Yes take your money out!

  • seeking justice

    Now then, is there a ready made list of charities NOT connected to the Muslim Brotherhood OR to George Soros available?

  • Anonymous

    What you CAN DO…take your money out of these banks AND tell the managers why you are doing so. I bet 99% of the people who work for these banks have no idea that their institutions  support sharia and jihad. Also, you can request a free newsletter from “NO MORE CONCESSIONS TO ISLAM” for news and updates. There are many insurance companies as well that are sharia compliant. Can anyone provide a list?

  • Anonymous

    To the best of my knowledge, I don’t bank or do business with any of these companies.  Whew!

    It would be a hassle to pull out a/c and start over anew.   Wonder if any of these firms are aware

    with whom they are doing business?   Or are their clients using false names?    Probably.

  • TT

    Romney invested in 5 of those companies

    • Anonymous

       Where is the verification of this claim?  I love it when people throw out tidbits like this with no documentation!  SHOW ME!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Another thing you all should be concerned with that no one is talking about is the banks.  You know the TBTF Banks that got bailed out.  Well, we the tax payers are still bailing them out… you see the banks lobbied congress to give loans to people that could not afford a mortgage so they the banks along with Fannie and Freddie cut a deal.  The deal is they would screw people by leading them money with a home they couldn’t afford and then when the crap hit the fan Fannie and Freddie would make the banks whole by taking the foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar and paying off the banks and sticking the rest to us the taxpayers. It’s lovely to be a big banker don’t you think??? Example and I have several… home 1 five years ago sold for $350,000 now Fannie has it and selling it for $200,000 and the $150,000 goes to the taxpayer but the banks got their money and we pick up the rest. Wake up people and realize who the real villains are… its been the TBTF banks all along.  Remember the banks are sitting on billions if not trillions of $ of foreclosed properties that we will get stuck paying for.  It was their plan all a long.  The banks made the deal with Fannie, Freddie and congress.  Not the other way around.  You’ve been lied too and its so sad you just keep believing it.  I know the truth because I know people in the industry.

  • Anonymous

    For a few years now I have been researching what is going to destroy America and
    Sharia/Islamic law/finance is at the top of the list, right behind our politicians
    not following the original intent of the Constitution Article 1, Section 8, Clauses
    There has not been a single hearing in either the House or Senate to dig into what
    Shariah finance is all about. In fact, both the Bush and Obama administrations
    support Shariah law. Call your useless senator and congressman and complain.
    Research THOMAS and try to find a single bill that identifies our enemy. Why
    hasn’t there been a single hearing in the House or Senate to determine our
    enemy? Both the Democrat Party and the RINO Republican Party are failing to
    protect this nation because they are afraid of being bashed by CAIR and the
    others identified as unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation
    trails. Why is the DOJ failing to prosecute them? Why is the House and Senate
    holding hearings on this?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I just went to the Sharia Finance Watch website to look something up again, and this time it was GONE! surprise, surprise. Please share this information about sharia institutions with everyone you know.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, don’t folks know that this has been cemented in the U.S. for a LONG time? Think about all the charities that were found after 9-11! Remember AIG that we bailed out? Guess what? They had a large Shariah section! Their camel already has it’s nose in the tent.

  • Vinny

    Your all being manipulated into war.  Ahmadinejad never threatened to wipe Israel off the map like I hear some of the “drones” consistently regurgitating in the media and here on GBTV.  Here’s the truth about what he said: 

    • SoThere

      In Vinny’s own words, the Jew hater.

      “Most of our problems is from our support for israel, most of our wars are because of israel, our filthy hollywood is made up of mostly jewish directors, jewish funded films, and mostly jewish actors.”

      ” I do NOT stand with Israel, and everyone that reads history rather than Faux news will know the truth. I’m not anti-Jewish, I’m anti Zionist.”

      ” Now go do some research about how the Jew’s are 1.7% of the US population yet they make up over 40% of the politicians in power in the US, they also make up over 70% of the actors and directors in Hollywood and are responsible for all the filth and trash thats being pumped out to our youth. Tim Geitner, Feinstein, Bernake, Sachs, Chertoff, JP Morgan/Chase, Leiberman, Schumer…ect…the list goes on. FACT: 14 of the 23 senior officials that run the US Treasury are Jews….”

      “It’s only antisemitism if you believe the lie that the imposters currently occupying Palestine are Semites….which they most certainly are NOT!! Revelation 3:9 and Revelation 2:9!!”

      “Saw the 1.5% Jewish comment….yes, they are a very small population in the US…yet they dominate such high positions in the US…amazing right? pffffttt your blind. Goodbye.”

      And lets not forget your very first post here:

      ” on Glenn: Don’t ever call it ‘West Bank’ again 07/29/11 02:27 PM

      That explains why our JEWdicial system is so terrible.”

      Right out of Paul Joseph Goebbels playbook.

      • General Kota

        So There he must be a member of the Occupy the mental hospital movement and here I thought they hate all banks but I guess they love only the Sharia compliant banks. I wonder if the let woman drive to their banks or let gay bankers in with out beening stoned to death.

    • General Kota

      Hay occupy mental hospital what is this Wow it looks like your leader saying he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map. It funny that the moron that claims he loves all defends a man that hates everyone the he disagrees with. Let’s see who he hates Jews Christians gays Israelis and anyone that stands in his way. Let’s not take the experts word for it lets watch a video on you tube that was made by the Nazi party. We all know how much they love the Jews. You are nothing but an evil anti-Christian anti Jew little bigot conspiracy   theorist and racist. Put your tin foil hate on and leave with your hate. It is not a shock that the likes of Ahmadinejad supports the movement of hate aka OWS.
      Let’s see who he hates Jews Christians gays Israelis and anyone that stands in his way. Let’s not take the experts word for it lets watch a video on you tube that was made by the Nazi party. We all know how much they love the Jews. You are nothing but an evil anti-Christian anti Jew little bigot conspiracy   theorist and racist. Put your tin foil hate on and leave with your hate. It is not a shock that the likes of Ahmadinejad supports the movement of hate aka OWS.

  • Rick L Parker

    Well, now I know where NOT to put my money!

  • Linda Jam

    and most are jewish owned. speaks volumes!!!

  • Anonymous

    People have the freedom to do business where you like…..If it is not for you….dont do business there….However to say that one must STOP doing business with them is just as stupid!!!

  • Essential Oils

    please produce a site of sharia compliant company and the competitor that has ntohing to do with sharia.  consumers need to know what company is in competition and who is NOT compliant or follows sharia law.

  • Anonymous

    I have a card with Barclay!  This took having a credit card to a new level of disdain.  I will be getting rid of this card ASAP.  Barclay teams up with Apple BTW for financing options.

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