Julian Assange goes to work for “KGB mouthpiece” Russia Today

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When WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange initially threatened to do a massive doc dump which promised to be damaging to the Russians, he had to know he was going to be paid a visit by — the Russians. They have a pattern of ‘silencing’ (read: murdering) journalists and others who damage Russia in one way shape or form. Assange never did release the Russian docs — instead, he now works for the Russian propaganda network RT News. Apparently Assange enjoys living more than doc dumping. What did Glenn think? Find out in the clip above from radio.

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    Remember that Wikileaks has been lately funded by Soros; and the matter of Assange ‘going to work for the Russian media of RT News’ holds an interesting perspective on things:

    Assange may have been a front via wikileaks for the Russian intelligence aparatus from the very beginning. This sounds like one of their style of operations; also it would be right up the alley for Obama and his friends to undermind the security of the US.

    If Assange wanted to go after Putin and Russia there would only be one final outcome for him, death sentence carried out by a lone assassin.

    • Anonymous

      They walked in and said, “Time to come home now Julian, job well done.”

    • Mark Carney

       Soros has been funding his legal aide with the use of his personal corporate legal team to keep him on the grounds of Soros’s UK estate.  And since this fits in with Soros’s plan to bring down the US since they are getting in the way of his domination of the World Financial Markets and claiming to “Planetary President for Life”…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Irina-Krasnyuk/745534442 Irina Krasnyuk

    Can you put the pieces together? – No..not without  half of a litter

    • Anonymous

      Too many dots and not enough lines for you to connect, I would guess.

  • General Kota

    Why is this guy not lock up now?

  • Anonymous

    Does he work for the man behind the curtain (Soros) or the man behind the former iron curtain (Putin)? Neither are friends of America. Why is it so hard to believe he’s now working for a government   that are not freindly to us. He’s has a better intelligence apparatus then NSA, CIA. Why would he work for the Russians. They made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    • Anonymous

      Roland,  my words exactly—”an offer he couldn’t refuse.”   Guess he figured he’d better

      give in for the sake of ”his health.”

      • Anonymous

        Isn’t it funny how a threat, I mean offer from them changed his mind?

  • mdkrause

    If Assange decides to dump a bunch of Russian or lets even go out further by saying even Chinese info on the net. HAHAHA  he better have a eye on the back of his head.  OOPPS  don’t have to worry about that Putin will put a hole back there for him. 

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone really surpirsed? I didn’t think so. So much for being against ALL government secrets.

  • Anonymous

     Правда by any other name is still a cheap pulp of Lies.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t this  guy going to jail?

  • Anonymous

    I lived in Moscow from 2005-2010 and can affirm with absolute certainty that Russia Today is a total pro-communist russian propoganda tool, and so Assange found  a good fit, even if it WAS a self-preservation move on his part.

  • Anonymous

    A story like this makes me wish that glenn beck would threaten to dump documents about Russia!

    • SoThere

      Everyone knows what a liar and Phony Soldier you are. it’s gotten me the exact result that I set out to get.

      Your comments are sick and the reason you are still here is because there’s no moderators here anymore.

      I have an Honorable Discharge and a very long Service record but a Phony Soldier like you wouldn’t know anything about that would you you Phony?

      I know you have a hatred for this countries Military because you have been found out to be a liar when it comes to your fake Military Service.

      This post is more proof of what a puke of an American you are. Are you going to threaten me again little man? You were going to shut me up, right?

      How’s that working for ya? I enjoy every minute that I expose fakes like you and Vinny especially now when Real Veterans are coming home from Actual Service to this Country. Exposing you has been a pleasure and I will continue to do so every time you post your bigotry and hatred here.

      Go clean some toilets.

      • Anonymous

         There are moderators. I had a post flagged and it was removed within 10 minutes about a week ago. It didn’t have anything in it that I can conceive a moderator on this site taking issue with, but it disappeared all the same. So, to me it indicates that what qualifies as acceptable around here is very ambiguous.

        • SoThere

          If there are Moderators here they’re not doing their job.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like ol’ Jule got an offer he couldn’t refuse!   Can you say ”capitulate”?       Although—-

    in order to be true to his past statements, could he be going ”under cover” to collect info on the

    way things operate in Russia?    If that’s the case, he will need to be extremely careful when he

    is no longer there and spills the beans.   Life might end rather abruptly.  

  • Anonymous

    Well I am very surprised to hear that Assange has gone with the Russian Media and I am very dissappointed to hear that good old creepy george soros is involved with Wikileaks…Is there no end to this slime subordinate of Satan….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Irina-Krasnyuk/745534442 Irina Krasnyuk

    A traitise on the subjugation of women.
    A treatise. Well, is it really a threetease? To me it looks more like a tractor. Cats and pillows, cats and pillows..and Krivda. Sorry, Pravda..in moderation

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5NMKL33LSO3A464OOOLQ4UZKTQ Scamp

    RT New is extremely anti-American, except for the far left.  We watched it while in another country and were appalled at the extreme hatred leveled toward the USA.

  • Jacobus brogly.decap

    Soros involved in wikileaks

    LIke peeling layers of an onion)))

  • Anonymous

    Try telling YouTubers that Russia Today is a state run propaganda media network. You can go right to their corporate information page and see that they’re owned and run by the state-owned media network. Their executives and “ownership” is like a list of who’s who from the days of the KGB. Tell a YouTuber and they respond like some Ron Paul fans do when confronted with the historical facts pertaining to Israel.

  • Anonymous

    Who else would want As ange?  This guy has been bank rolled by trogs like Soros for his entire pathetic career.  RT is the perfect fit since his uncle Vladamir will have a western mouth piece!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UYUW2KB446MLJKQJCINSNMZX5M Rae

    I lived in Russia 9 years.Any problem can be solved with money. That is the way Russia gets military secrets from all over the world. Hollywood movies are shown on TV in Russia before they are ever released by Hollywood. Its just a  “little business deal, after all we do not get paid enough  for our work”. You can buy a Cd with hundreds of dollars worth of software on it including installation codes for ten bucks. They always try a bribe and or a warning before they get nasty. The tax collectors in the ares that i lived were offered bribes and if they refused they were killed. Dozens of them during the 1990’s and early 2000’s when i lived there. 

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