‘Occupy Oakland’ protester kills parents

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Judging by the overall reporting by the media it would seem the biggest issue they see with the Occupy teen protester who strangled his parents is not that he was hanging out with revolutionaries at Occupy — no no – it was that he was adopted. So of course this kid had issues — nothing to do with the crazy revolutionaries who want to blow stuff up, rape, assault, steal and kill. Couldn’t be that – obviously the adoption ordeal is the root cause here. Glenn reacted on radio.

When news first broke, The Blaze reported:

The Occupy movement has had both a resurgence in terms of protest activity and media coverage. Following arrests this week in Oakland and New York, a disturbing story is coming out of California, where prosecutors claim Moses Kamin, a 15-year-old boy, murdered his foster parents and subsequently stuffed their bodies into a car.

Now it may seem odd that this allegedly gruesome act would be connected to the Occupy movement — and it‘s entirely possible that it’s not — but let’s take a look at what we know so far. The boy, who will be tried as an adult, was apparently fighting with his foster parents over the time he was spending at the Occupy Oakland camp. After all, what parent wants his or her young and impresionable teenager hanging out around those shenanigans?

In November, police claim that Kamin, who has a black belt in karate, ran away to protest with the Oakland Occupiers. It is suspected that the young boy may have even burglarized his own home and stolen the family car. Clearly, he was a troubled youth who was engaging, according to reports, in various acts of defiance.

Kamin was also recently suspended from school on a number of occasions. Tensions surrounding these incidents, sources say, may have created a portion of the motive. While there’s no telling how much time the boy spent at Occupy Oakland and how much influence the movement had on his thinking, the connection — and his parents opposition to his alleged involvement — is noteworthy.

On radio, Glenn played several pieces of violent and hateful rhetoric that has emerged from the Occupy movement. Specifically he points out protest songs calling for violence, supporters like Roseanne Barr calling for people to be killed in the streets, and Occupy protesters chanting “Kill all the cops!”.

“What do you think is going to happen?” Glenn wondered.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    What is going to happen?

    Blood, fire, murder and chaos, all of which the puppet masters behind the Occupy bands want to have happen; plus any lunatics out there they can influence with their messages as well. Any violence of any kind will be systematically blamed on the conservatives, tea party, George Bush, christianity, and ‘domestic terrorist networks of the radical right.’

    Understand clearly people this is all they need for the cycle to commence.

    One person carries out the violence and another ‘retaliates’ in kind, or provokes the law officers to defend themselves after several are injured from bricks, bottles, guns and the like; the media will show the law officers ‘brutally and savagely putting down freedom loving and peaceful demonstrators’ while also maximizing the ‘loss of control on the streets.’

    Next will come agents of the radical groups demanding on the news “Where is Obama? We need him to stop the madness!” while leaders of these groups will propose various extreme solutions to the problem.

    Radical members of Congress from both sides will join the calls for the top to come down and end the madness; quick drafted (I use the term loosely, as its probably already been prepared) will be presented to give ‘unlimited authority to solve the problem to the President’ and with applause the Republic will be sold out by them.

    With the stroke of a pen, combined with the already on the book orders and laws of unlimited detention of US citizens w/o due process, assassination of US citizens and whatever other powers he now deems necessary the roundups will commence and all opposition will begin to feel the bite of the iron fist and the steel of the gun.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carol-Morgan/100000253121773 Carol Morgan

      I know what you mean. i think the cities that get rid of the occupiers early are smart. in idaho, they are camped out near the capital bldg and a legislator tried to get a bill passed to get rid of the tents, and make them just protest during the day. so far it has created a big public backlash…oooh the poor dears-what i am afraid will happen is that while the boise occupy is mostly peaceful, it lays the foundation for other groups to move in, thinking that the boise crowd is not noisy or violent enough and will come in and create a real violent uncontrollable situation…after all, that is what they want.

      • Anonymous

        Carol,  There was another ”protest” in Oakland today.  Also a counter-protest by

        some of the residents and business owners.   While some of the occupiers were

        demanding ”their rights”,  they also got an earful from those who were upset by

        the entire situation.     But. I’m with you.  The protesters should be allowed to

        assemble (peacefully) during the day, however, at night they should go home

        and not be allowed to squat.  Too much mischief has been caused by those who

        think they have the ”right” to occupy and misbehave.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Hey, moron, don’t try the “Rules for Radicals” playbook too hard.  Trying to implicate Conservatives by pretending to be one is old hat.  Do a little better had hiding your true intent, ‘kay?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jw-Appling/100001282155183 J.w. Appling

         He wore a bicycle helmet on the short bus he can’t help himself.

    • Anonymous

      grate spelleen Bressler…  mus hav gon 2 a lyberil collej

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the Occupy may have had something to do with this, BUT, you must take into account this boy was an older adoptee from a troubled infancy. Look up Reactive Attachment Disorder – many sociopaths have this disorder. So he was probably easily swayed by the cause, but it didn’t make him kill his parents; his underlying disorder did. I know, I have a son with it. Very scary.

    • Joshua Sears

      then theres people like this who actually believe all the random disorders stuffed down their throats by therapists… lol  Look up  the hey your so fucking gullible its insane disorder..  the very idea of this diagnosis popped out of my ass a few momnets ago….  

      • Anonymous

        A personal attack when you have no idea what psychological problems this kid has? What does that say about you that you would use  profanity to ridicule a woman who identifies that her child has problems? 

  • General Kota

    OWS is a movement of hate not love if you believe otherwise then you are a fool marching to the gates hell screaming hope and change.  When you cover up rapes to make yourselves look good then then you are not a movement of love. If you movement is telling you to kill the police the n you are not a movement of love. If you pass people doing drugs spewing hatred for the Jews then you are not a movement of love. If you blame the homeless for your movement’s crimes then you are not a movement of love.
    Wake up people of my generation life is hard and there are no easy roads to success. You have to work for it earns the money you make not take handouts. Everyone started on the bottom no one got anywhere crying why me. If you don’t like being poor then do something about instead of demanding other people’s money that you do not did crap to earn.
    Tea party lets us start a true movement of love. Let us help the poor not only giving money to the food and clothing banks but give your time also. Be the people we should be not the back stabbing loons that this election turned us into. Stand up and stand fast we are in the fight of our lives.

  • dd dd

    I was standing among a group of them in NYC and God said to me “They’re being used.”  THere is a new age spirit there – with all the drumming going on it is brainwashing and they do yoga.  I warned one of them about this and he thanked me –  of course they’re being used so the government can retaliate with martial law – that’s the whole purpose of brainwashing them to be violent.

  • Anonymous

    I guess he can now “Occupy” a jail cell.

    • Anonymous

       That was my first thought!

      • Anonymous

        He’ll have freinds to talk to then.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is getting too afraid to do anything. When we see a problem like grade tampering and see entire school systems doing it in the name of improving their API, yet no one believes that it could happen at the classroom level. I listen and hear “do something” but I’m not hearing “we will help”.

  • Anonymous

    Local media covered this incident after it happened but played down the Occupy Oakland

    connections.   I don’t know how involved the kid was with them and, I’m sure, neither does

    Glenn.   That the fellow was troubled, no doubt.   That his parents should have followed his

    ”problem(s)” more carefully/closely—in hindsight, of course.  It’s sad all the way around.

  • Anonymous

    For those of you who are praying for a miracle for my son Steve,
    I would ask that you please keep on praying for that miracle from
    After his first three chemo treatments, he developed pneumonia.
    The pneumonia is gone and he restarted his chemo but he is
    having difficulty finding the energy to fight the cancer.  The doctor
    said he is so weak from the pneumonia and he must eat more
    and exercise.  Both of us, his parents will continue to be with
    him everyday.  We both ask that you pray for God to give
    him strength to fight to live.  He is so tired and wants to sleep
    and when he wakes up he is angry with himself because he
    slept too long and didn’t eat or exercise.  He is overwhelmed
    with despair. 
    Please continue to pray for our son.  As I have said before it
    may be that one last prayer that will save him.  And please
    thank God for the miracles that God is performing on our son.
    Thank you.

    God Bless you all.

  • Anonymous

    If adoption is the source of the problem just imagine the problems we’ll have when _all_ children are adoptees of the government.

  • Anonymous

    Glen Beck has no shame. No tragedy is beneath him to make his thematic points and string along viewership. Fact check–virtually every news report on this tragic story has refered to the fact that this (obviously) psychologically disturbed kid spent some undefined amount of time at Occupy Oakland. No it wasn’t the Blaze that brought you this story. Virtually every news report, except Glenn Beck’s, refers to the kid’s confession that he and his mother argued about his suspension from school the day of the murder and that he killed her during the argument. Beck only spends two minutes of this radio diatribe on the kid, then makes the conclusive linkage that Occupy Oakland casued the murder.The next 7 1/2 minutes addresses the Occupiers daily hate speech, which everyone agrees is deplorable.  Until the court-appointed psychologist/psychiatrist renders an opinion, it is premature at best, and naked opportunism at worst for Beck to render a conclusion as to cause, and further seek to exploit the situation.  All we should be saying is God bless the family and friends.

    The lead in also trivializes and mocks “the adoption ordeal”. Until you have lived it, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    The remaining participants in OWS, especially in Oakland, are criminals posing as anarchists (as if that would somehow legitimize them)  hiding behind the oft abused banner of free speech. I am repulsed by this movement. I am also repulsed by Glenn Beck  exploiting this family’s tragedy.  

    • Anonymous

      Very well said!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure that this poor orphan will now be taken in by his new Occupy Oakland family and find himself in a happy, supportive and peaceful situation as opposed to what his foster parents were foisting on him.

  • http://twitter.com/Tomfreeusa Tom Berry

    I think this child has Reactive Attachment Disorder. Many children who have been removed from their biological parents at a young age and are placed in the foster care system suffer from this mental illness. Basically children with RAD do not attach themselves to anyone, not even loving adoptive parents. Not to excuse what Kamin did to his parents, he could have sought help as there are therapists that are trained in dealing with RAD issues. What does this have to do with the Occupy movement? Since one of the characteristics of RAD is rage , I`m sure being around the hostility and anger of Occupy Oakland further fueled that rage inside Kamin. I know this very well because my wife and I adopted two children who both have RAD and it has been pretty tough to parent both of these kids

  • http://www.thePoliPit.com JednaVira

    The OWS movement is nothing more than a bunch of anarchists that desire to cause chaos and pain.  Indianapolis had their fair share of these type of scofflaws during the Super Bowl week and Indianapolis Metro Police dealt with them swiftly and fairly.  The OWS and Right to Work protestors (odd combination) were “booed” when they tried marching through the Super Bowl Village.  No one likes them, trusts them, or relates to them because they are all motivated by selfish and destructive motives.  Check out the Youtube videos the anarchists posted.  IMPD 1…OWS 0!  http://www.thePoliPit.com

  • Anonymous

    all occupiers should be thrown in prison. don’t these occupiers read the ten commandments they have broken mostly all of them. watch out more natural disasters are going to happen in this country. and god is going to judge us for disobeying his law.

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