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Glenn defends Ellen about 4 min and 16 seconds into clip above

“Some idiot conservative group is trying to get Ellen DeGeneres fired from the J. C. Penney ad because she’s a lesbian,” Pat explained on radio.

“How does that affect you?” Glenn wondered. “That’s big government fascism on the other side. If you’re not going to let someone work because of who they sleep with.”

“I like Ellen,” Glenn said. “It’s really bigoted and its dangerous to say you can’t have a job because of who you sleep with.”

“Stop worrying about who other people hire,” Stu added.

The LA Times reports that J.C. Penney has publicly stated their support for Degeneres despite the calls for them to fire Ellen:

The company has signaled that it is standing by DeGeneres as its spokeswoman, despite the group One Million Moms — part of the American Family Assn. — having launched a campaign to force J.C. Penney to end its association with DeGeneres and “remain neutral in the culture war.”

In a statement Friday, J.C. Penney responded with support for the comedian, saying it “stands behind its partnership with Ellen DeGeneres.”