Glenn: George Lucas needs to be tried for movie crimes

This past week saw the 8,913th different Star Wars release – this time it was Star Wars in 3D. Glenn marveled today at how Lucas is routinely able to rope people into re-watching a movie they’ve already seen a thousand times, and he had an especially troubling revelation: Star Wars Episode I is a terrible, terrible movie.

“I want prison time for George Lucas,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

“Just for movie crimes. What he’s done to the story, I mean, is just not good,” he added.

“All I could think of is halfway through this movie is, how much money has this guy made releasing the same damn movies by changing them over and over and over again. Now it’s 3‑D.”

“You’ve changed this movie so many times,” he said. “Here’s an idea. Next version why don’t you replace it with good acting. Here’s an idea. Why don’t the people at your little ranch, why don’t we use all the CGI to make you go away with all of your influence? You’re wrecking good movies. You have enough, you have enough talent around you? You have enough money to do it right? Go away, George Lucas. Go away.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Forget about lucas for one time.

    The ones who need to be dealt with for war crimes are Obama, his czars, Van Jones, Sorors, Reid, Biden, Pelosi and alll the Progressives across the board.

    Also here is a question for anyone if they can answer it…the former leader of Yemen – Saleh, one of those targetted by the Arab Spring is now in NYC, staying at one of the great hotels allegedly for medical treatment.

    Why has the only news source I have found aside from a brief mention on MSNBC to mention this is the Voice to America?

    What is the real reason he is here for?

  • Anonymous

    give it a rest, get laid, and take your frustrations out on yourself

    • Anonymous

      No- I must disagree- Glenn is right. I took myself and 3 kids this past weekend to see the heavily advertised 3D version, at a cost of $60. What 3D? I could have watched our DVD of the “non-3D” version again. There wasn’t a problem with the theater equipment-other 3D movies advertised looked great. The only reason to go was for the 3D. Is George Lucas short on cash? I don’t see how- we have the Star Wars bedding, clothes, dishware, toys, video games. I think Lucasfilms should be charged with false advertising.

  • General Kota

    Glenn please shut up about George Lucas and star wars. Who really cares I love the star wars movies. It your opinion and I think your wrong.

    • Kanak Attack

      It’s his opinion so if you don’t like it then go cry a river somewhere.  Glenn’s right by the way.

      • General Kota

        I was half joking I love the movies but I respect Glenn Beck. You could make the argument that some of their acting could be better and what the hell was Gorge thinking making it 3D this whole 3D is just stupid and overpriced. I love the story more than anything. Some of the changes he did were not that bad so I have no idea what his beef was with that. Look people place stop talking to me about this the country is on fire and is more important than a movie.

    • Tyler Miller

      It is his opinion. Okay so you like the movies that’s fine that is your opinion. You say Glenn is wrong. Yeah he is wrong compared to his opinion and you are wrong based on Glenn’s opinion. Don’t like someone’s opinion you don’t call them wrong you tell them why you disagree.

      • General Kota

        Ok you got a point I will try to word it better next time.

      • Anne Gelinas

        Amen. That surely will stop all the arrogance going on in this country right now. One side constantly saying the other side is wrong when as you say it really is that they disagree. Fat chance knocking that arrogance out of many of them. For some folks to admit they could actually disagree would be a miracle.. It is easier for them to tell everyone else they are wrong. Chickens that is what they are.  

    • Jaime Hoban

      I’d say if you are going to get so upset over someone’s opinion, at least spell correctly…  Let me correct you here: “Glenn, please shut up about George Lucas and Star Wars (Notice Star Wars is capitalized).  Who really cares? (Notice the question mark following a question)  I love the Star Wars (Capitalization) movies.  It is your (not it your) opinion and I think you are (not your, you could have replaced this with you’re if need be) wrong.

      I’m not understanding this uproar over his opinion.  Everyone has them, correct?  

      Happy typing!

      • General Kota

        Ouch it would not be the first time a good looking girl made fun of me but your right I should pay attention to that. To be truthful I am more upset that we are not talking about something more important than a movie our country is on fire and we are talking about a movie that can’t be that bad if he made millions off of it. We need to be focusing on finding out how to fix our problems as a country. Anyways good talking to you and hope to see you here some more friend.

  • Annalee Blysse

    Can’t say that I’ll be going to see the latest release … but I do enjoy Star Wars! I’m just not a fan of 3D.

  • Jason H

    Up until this very moment Glenn, I thought you were cool. Now, since you dissed Star Wars… faityh in you has been shaken =(

  • nutt

    100% agree. ‘If it ain’t broke…’

  • Katie Landry-Ellenburg

    I’m a huge Star Wars fan (I’m also a member of and Glenn is right. I’m just dreading the next one in 3D, that one is by far worse than this one.

  • Beverly Turnmire

    As stupid as this rant is, I’m just pleased that you’re not talking about Whitney. There’s a lot of SERIOUS stuff going on. Let’s chat about some of it. Star Wars and everything connected with it sucks. Now, on to important issues….please!

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU, GLENN! Finally someone else has said what I’ve thought all along.

  • Minerva Skunk

    I really do not understand why people hated SW: Episode 1. If the consumer didn’t want to see it re-released in 3-d they will speak with their money. No one is making anyone attend it. Wait for 3-D Bluray if you still want to see it and save some money compared to the movie theater. Glenn I understand your point about how much he is milking the franchise, but he owns it and has a right to do what he wants with it. It’s not wrong to continue to profit from films you made. It’s just capitalism.

    • Anne Gelinas

      How true. Capitalism is alive and thriving. It only takes a large number of people to buy a ticket. Gosh, why can’t the rest of us come up with the same idea. Remaking everything we have known since birth. Wow, We could make fortunes as most patents are off the record now. 50 years and the patent goes away?

      • finalfrontier100

        Part of the problem is that there is a generation of people who refuse to grow up.  We still love cartoons, video games and old TV series.  We are tailor-made for remakes.

    • super

       there is a reason why 7,8 and 9 aren’t going to be made.  Its because of the backlash against 1,2 and 3.  Episode 1 did as well as it did because of the HYPE and the amount of fans of the original bringing there kids to see the new movie.  Another factor was the large gap in time between return of the jedi and episode one.

      • finalfrontier100

        7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 etc have already been told in several Lucas-sanctioned paperbacks (another reason why the movies won’t be made).  Could Lucas now actually stick to the other-authored storyline and incorporate his own better-late-than-never self-serving version? 

        SW1 was especially bad because that little kid “Aniken” couldn’t act worth squat.  Calling him “Ani” didn’t help.  He must have been a grandkid or some Lucas relative to get the part.  I never bought him as a sympathetic character and all I could really think about was how this little kid grew into a monster. 

  • theguardian_aj

    Seriously Glenn? The world is so devoid of real news that you have to rant about Star Wars? I expected more from you.

  • Anonymous


  • Sheldon Wolfe

    “All I could think of is halfway through this movie is, how much money
    has this guy made releasing the same damn movies by changing them over
    and over and over again.” No one forced you to go. If you’re tired of seeing the same movie again and again, try another one. Are you suggesting our nanny government should pass a law to prevent you from going to movies more than once? Sounds like a liberal solution to me.

  • Lioness

    Episode 1 was not the best, yet it was entertaining enough. The third episode was great. People are paying for the product through there own free will so I assume this is a joke, because making money is what us free market people like to do. I’m looking forward to watching all three episodes in 3D at home.

    • General Kota

      I am not a big fan of 3D it does not look right to me.

      • Lioness

        3D on one type of TV can look great yet I seen a different type, some sort of conversion thingy, and it looked awful. Some one who knows more about this kind of stuff would probably know what the difference is. I’m sure the technology will get better. I’d prefer it without the glasses.

  • Trevor

    Well, in defense of the actors — they didn’t have a lot to work with.

  • Anonymous

    Umm … folks, I think you’re sort of overreacting here.  Glenn is not only a political pundit and media guy, he’s also somewhat of a comedian.  He may truly dislike George Lucas on a political level but I believe he’s, you know, making a JOKE here. If you don’t think it’s funny, that’s cool.  But take it for what it is. 

    For what it’s worth, I loved the movies but have always marveled at the horrible acting.

  • Earthking

    Star Wars didn’t really have any good actors. Harrison Ford is not a good actor, Carrie Fisher, not. Mark Hamill, bad actor. The robots, c3po and r2d2, were better than their human counterparts. I do love the show anyway.

    • Katie Landry-Ellenburg

       at least Harrison had a movie career after SW (I know the others had some things but not like Harrison)

    • Anonymous

      Sacrilege!!!  Harrison Ford is Awesome!!!  Always has been, always will be!!!  :-)

      • Lioness

        Loved him up till his midlife crisis. Did he have an earring?

  • Joseph Maloney

    4 is 1, 5 is 2? How can this be?  There’s actually three more to come. 

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha! Beck–say what you will about George Lucas, but he roped YOU in Again, didn’t he, Cha-Ching! SUCKAAAAAA….. LOL!

  • Mark Machado

    I always guessed Glenn was a smart guy. How many times is George Lucas going to change Star Wars. We liked it the first time. He doesn’t need to change anything. If we all think real hard maybe George will disappear.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Lighten-up already!  Not Every Freakin’ Day should be about the horrific woes of the world and the high crimes and misdemeanors of Obie-boy Wonder.

  • Christopher Boss

    People can choose to go watch it or just stay home. With that said you would be going against a free market economy. He relesed it so people could see it in 3d and by the way 3d Blue-Rays are 35.00….So my 12.00 movie ticket will be one-third the cost.

  • S. E. Roberts

    I’ve got the movies on DVD. It ends there. I’m not bothering with Star Wars on Blu-ray and I’m certainly not bothering with this. I like Star Wars, but really how many times does George think I’m going to pay for it? Lately most of my money I spend on entertainment is on video games and anime, I’ve come to like the anime Gundam more than Star Wars. Gundam has been around for 30 years, almost as long as Star Wars, but at least they are always making new Gundam series instead of trying to resell the same old Star Wars with new window dressing.

    • Lioness

      I’m still playing my Final Fantasy games from the 90’s. Hopefully I can get a PS 3 soon:)

  • Samuel Tula

    Can we please focus more on Obama and his Progressive buddies and less on Star Wars. Besides Glenn this is Capitalism, if people want to see Star Wars in 3-D then so be it. It’s their money not yours. Remember Supply and Demand, Lucas has the supply to remake his movie and there’s a demand for it. 

  • Jeremy Schmitt

    And no matter what George Lucas says, Han shot FIRST!

    • Anonymous

      Political correctness at it’s worst – he changed the movie to fit his liberal mind set 

  • Doran L. Barton

    I probably will not bother with the rest of the Star Wars movies in 3D. It added nothing for me.

    • General Kota

      I could of told you 3D is a waste of time.

  • mdkrause

    Glen your not using the Force,


    Come on Star Wars bad acting,  How can you say that.  When the death star was about to fire on the good guys earth, everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats.  Or when they were stuck in that huge garbage bin with the monster.  How they rescued the Princess.
      Man your lucky your not making fun of Star Trek or there would be Klingons looking for you now.

  • Stuart Gregory Metcalf

    Glenn, you may not like the story, but the new trilogy ( episodes I – III ) really show how the socialists are taking over America. Create a crisis, then form a more powerful government to swoop in and solve the crisis. All the while, making the true heroes ( the Jedi/military ) out to be the bad guys.

  • Anonymous

    cmon glenn ,prison time is a little harsh,he needs to be pittied ,he has run out of fresh ideas its obvious or he would have made more episodes,there is at least a 20 year gap between anakin becoming darth vader and his meeting his son luke.

  • Alex Novak

    I did like the special addition series from the 90’s, he should have left it all alone after that- maybe add in some new scenes.  

  • Kyle Monroe

    A libertarian is (even jokingly) calling for a movie director to be put in jail for making bad kids movies that make a ton of money?

  • Kyle Monroe


  • rmt

    Sounds like he keeps you coming back, Glenn.

  • Last in Line

    Hmm. I myself always thought the remakes of movies with “good acting” such as Pearl Harbor and Titanic turning them into crappy romances was a crime to the originals. 
    How is Star Wars such a bad movie? I think Lucas was brilliant in portraying the parallels of our own government in his movies. The Federal Reserve and their agenda fits the role of the Sith quite well, and the all but gone Jedi…Founding Fathers? Re-watch it Glenn with this perspective in mind…You might be enlightened.

  • Christina Tellifson

    I honestly believe Lucas discovered what a “troll” is recently, and decided to do that to his fans.   I think the thing living in his swollen neck has caused him to go completely and utterly insane.  If anyone disagrees with me, go watch the new Indiana Jones.  It’s like Lucas and Spielberg got incredibly smashed and sat around the bong saying, “whoa dude, YEAH!  And there will be monkeys and sh*t!”  /facepalm  He continues to rape my childhood over and over, and I’ve about had it.  As I’ve said before, if I ever meet him, I’ll hug him for giving me the best childhood and then kick him in the testicles for crapping on it.  

  • Anonymous

    Tune in to Turner Classic Movies if you want to see great films and acting.

    • Lioness

      With out a doubt TCM is cool. I like watching movies that didn’t treat smokers like lepers. But I really enjoyed the end of episode three. I think the psychological aspect of the movie leading to the moment where he turned to the dark side made a powerful statement. Aside from that it was mostly eye candy.

  • Anonymous

    I somewhat agree with Beck but not entirely.The CGI effects are mostly cheesey in all these movies any more.Movies are losing character development and is getting worse and worse it seems to me with cheesey acting.I did not agree at all when Beck did not like the ewoks in Return of the Jedi. 
    I would say Star Wars A New Hope,Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi are all 3 realy good.The newer Star Wars had bad acting and cheesey CGI effects.

  • Anonymous

    Beck is somewhat right,Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which lacked character development had over the top cheesey CGI effects messing up the movie a bit.This cheesey CGI effects is going on in alot of other movies with very poor charater development.
     The movie Avatar by James Cameron had terrible character development but insane CGI effects.

  • Anonymous

    There is just to much sloppy cheesey fest CGI computer graphics messing movies up badly today and ruining important character development and connecting with the characters better and the actors connecting with each other better.

    • Lioness

      I agree, except the eye candy is great. Perhaps once the excitement of the great effects that can be done with CGI dies down, writers will get back to good character development. A balance between both would be nice.

  • Anonymous

    Next Star Wars Release… Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker on the Maury Show… 
    Darth Vader:    “I am NOT the FATHER!!!!!”    … muwahahahahaha!!!
    Maury:  Well, Darth, the Results are in and….

  • Gatekeeper

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    FIJI QUAKE 9/15,188 days after
    the JAPAN QUAKE3/11, 188 days after
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    • Anonymous


  • aimee

     Blasphemer….What next George miller and “Madmax”road warrior. Glenn some topics are too 
     controversial, i’d leave this one alone. 

  • Anonymous

    Come on guys, Star Wars is a good series.  People rag Phantom Menace because it isn’t Return of the Jedi.  If you’d never seen Star Wars before and just saw Phantom Menace, you’d probably say “Not mind-blowing, but a solid movie.”  Maybe Jarjar and pod racing were bad calls, but the movie still has some great moments.  For instance, Kwigon and Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul in that final duel is epic!

  • Anonymous

    I believe glenn beck copied the last few statements from millions and millions of real Americans who state on a daily basis…”Go away, glenn beck, Go away!”

    • Fra. Gadio

      i believe you’re here just to smear people , so that makes you a little stupid. 

    • Anonymous

      Every one on this board wants the same from you.

      Why don’t you show Glenn and lead by example?

    • SoThere

      Please see a professional about your fixation on little children strtlk/mtclayboy.You’ve been caught in your lies and have no credibility here. You’re a Wikipedia sailor and a lying puke.

      1. As mtclayboy you claimed that you served on a BOOMER. As strtlk you claimed not to know what a Boomer or a SSBN was “I don’t care” were your exact words. You also stated that you didn’t know where Bangor, Wa. was which is where Boomers (submarines) are fitted for duty.Any real Submariner would know that. You didn’t!

      2. You then changed your story and claimed that you were on a BOOMER. You lied.

      3. As mtclayboy you claimed that you had damaged your ears while serving on a Submarine. As strtlk, you claimed that you damaged your ears while serving on a submarine.

      4. As mtclayboy you claimed that you joined the Navy and served for five years on a submarine but according to the timeline you gave that was proven to be a lie. You lied.

      5. As mtclayboy you said that you were a Fireman. As strtlk, you claimed you were a Fireman.

      6. As mtclayboy and as strtlk, you posted the same bigotry and hate against Glenn Beck almost word for word even using the same spelling and grammatical errors and focusing on the children. I’ve posted many of them here already.

      Are you catching on everyone? He’s a liar plain and simple and nothing he claims can be believed.

      Take your bigotry and hate and Phony Soldier ID and leave us honest people alone?

      Flag the idiot.

    • Anonymous

      All you do all day long, every day, is troll this website and attack Glenn, no matter what he says.  You some kind of nut or what?  Why don’t you get a job or something?  Go away, strtlk, go away!!  Your drivel is boring, borrrrinnngggggg…

    • Anonymous

      Go read one of So There’s posts then…..get lost. 

  • Anonymous

    Why did Glenn waste his time on a rerun with so many other important things that he could do. If Glenn took his kids to see this movie, why didn’t he just rent the 6 oringinal episodes. 3-D is over rated anyway.  

  • finalfrontier100

    Glen was making fun of SW1 which was made 4th (crappy), not SW4 which was made first (phenominal).  All the actors in the first 3 (made 4,5 &6th) were crappy except the Jedi: Ewan McGregor, Liam Neesan and Samuel L Jackson (with a nod to Jimmy Smits small non-Jedi roll) and the evil Emperor.  Sorry Portman fans.  She’s pretty, but her acting stunk up the ice.

  • Anonymous

    If anybody wants to see a real in-depth review of Star Wars I-III and why they suck so bad, go to then click on Plinkett Reviews. The reviews are far more entertaining than the actual movies.

    Note to Glenn, South Park slammed Lucas along time ago over this. It’s a very old topic.

  • John Resler

    Loved SW 4 – 6, hated 1 – 3. 4 – 6 had a story line. 1 – 3 may have had a story line somewhere lost in the CGI. Here’s one, let the writers write the story for you George as you don’t write well!

  • Joshua Boschke

    Hey Glenn, I like Star Wars; in fact, I bought the entire saga on bluray with special features. Star Wars Episode I was one of the greatest.

    • Anonymous

      You have got to be kidding!

  • w. Parker

    Who the hell cares?  I see people getting pissed that some don’t like star wars, some pissed at others that they disagree with Glenn;  get a life!  I’ve noticed some on Glenn’s site that can’t make it to the bathroom without Glenn drawing directions for them.  Glenn is as human as anyone of us – sometimes right, sometimes wrong…My reaction to this story is:  thank God we live in a capitalistic society and can make a buck anyway we wish and people can either purchase the product or not/go see the move or not…Personally, i feel there are more pressing issues to discuss than this!

  • Anonymous

    Lucas made a genius move that a lot of people have not realized. The children that have been watching “The Clone Wars” animated show for the last 4 years don’t know who Annakin really is. They think he is the good guy. When these kids realize that he turns into Darth Vader it will blow them away. Kinda like the “Luke I am your father!” line did 20+ years ago..

  • Blake H.

    This just goes to show you that the idea that a movie is one person’s idea and work of art is simply completely stupidly wrong.
    Everyone that was creative and challenged Lucas on his dumb ideas and boring dialogue scenes were either fired decades ago or moved on to other projects. So it’s no wonder the prequels sucked and they re-released this piece of garbage in 3D.
    And the numbskull award goes to…. George “Boring Old Man” Lucas. :/

  • Anonymous

    I loved the ORIGINAL Star Wars (Episode 4) BEFORE all the added crappy animals.  I saw it in its original format back in the late 70’s.  It DID NOT need the redo with the extra features.  It could stand alone as a complete movie.  When I watch the revised version, I get angry that he had to change a perfectly good movie – If the new version is what he wanted originally, but could not do because of money constraints, then he is a lousy director (but a good businessman – he got everyone to buy the new version – PS. so did I)

  • Anonymous

    Having been born in 1974, I grew up on the original Star Wars trilogy. Me and my neighborhood friends had all of the toys, could quote any of the 3 movies verbatim, and clamored for any new release of anything from the franchise. 

    As I got a little older and moved on in life, I was excited to hear of Lucas coming back to address the “first” 3 movies, now that the technology was available…to get it “closer” to the original vision. 

    I don’t know about everyone else, but the Ewoks did not bother me when they came out. But Jar-Jar ruined it for me. And the cheesy romance. 

    As someone who fancies himself a filmmaker in training, too much of modern moviemaking is focus group driven, vanilla pieces of garbage that look at audience retention rather than telling a good story. 

    I get that it takes millions (and often millions upon millions) to make a good movie these days, and those investors want a say. But IMO, if I’m not telling the investors how to invest their money, then I would appreciate it if they would stay away from the actual movie making process. 

    Anyways, Lucas turned the original Star Wars movies- which when you watch them are adult in theme and in style- and turned them into films that pander to a specific age-group. 

    Jail might be a bit much, but definitely revoking Lucas’ filmmaking leviathan until something other than Star Wars and Indiana Jones can be made might be a good idea. 

    • Anonymous

      I was born in 1951 and at 27, I still enjoyed the first movie (4) I think George lost his mind as he made more money.
      Something to think about – The first movie (I think he was in college) was THX-1138, The cell Leia was in was 1138 – the license plate of the hood in American Graffiti was THX-113 (I guess they ran out of room), the Sound System (Surround Sound) is “THX Approved”  Does anyone see a pattern???

      • Anonymous

        I saw THX1138 and like Robert Duvall in this role. It has those eerily themed ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ tones. 

        • Anonymous

          Agree – What I am saying is that the numbers “THX-1138″ is a recurring item that surfaces in his films. 

      • Anonymous

        I saw THX1138 and like Robert Duvall in this role. It has those eerily themed ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’ tones. 

  • Anonymous

    After reading many of the comments published here, I find that (I am guilty, too) that we have lost our perspective on what is really important – our country is falling apart – we are becoming Greece – the TAKERS are in control and we MAKERS are “Behind the 8-ball”

  • Anonymous

    Finally, I can agree with Glenn. Lucas belongs in Hollywood jail. Nice.

  • Jenni Dansie

    This reviewer* will help those who doubt understand why Episode 1 was the worst thing to happen to the SW legacy ever. (*some strong language)

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