News broke over the weekend that Whitney Houston, a beloved and popular whose drug use and personal life dominated her talent the past few years, passed away in her hotel room in Los Angelas on the eve of The Grammy’s. Many of weighed in with their thoughts on the news, including Glenn Beck on radio this morning.

“I think the Whitney Houston story is one of the most tragic stories I have ever heard,” Glenn said.

He started the radio show off by playing her version of the National Anthem, which he thought was one of the best versions ever performed.

That version is below:

“I have chills from listening to that. When was the last time that you heard anybody even try to do it like that?” Glenn said.

“Whitney Houston is one of the most tragic American stories I think I’ve ever heard. As a father, as a human, this story kills me. By all accounts she was raised by great parents. She was raised right, she was raised in a home that took her to church, taught her about the Lord, did everything. She was raised in a family that has all kinds of support in it. She was given incredible talent, acting talent, singing talent, intelligence, beauty. I mean, very few people are given what she was given. Then she finds herself on a national stage. She influences music like nobody else. Nobody else,” he said.

“She had such class. And then she meets Bobby Brown, who is this loser really.”

Glenn said it was clear that Bobby Brown introduced her to drugs and sent her personal – and eventually her professional – life into turmoil.

“She just falls off the face of the Earth. When she reappears, she’s so clearly clouded with drugs. He has some sort of power over her, whether it’s drugs or abuse or both,” Glenn said.

“The power that one individual has, the power of your spouse being the wrong one, the power of drugs, alcohol, the power of abuse. I mean, it’s really one of the most tragic stories I’ve ever heard. What a waste. What a wasted life.”

Glenns said he did not watch The Grammy’s last night but that he would not want to hear many of them suddenly praying for the late Houston.

“I’m sorry but I have no place for all these rappers and all of these people that are dumping poison into our system, all of a sudden they find Jesus? Really?”

“I hope she finds (peace) now and finds the essence of who she always has been, a blessed daughter of God who lost her way in a tragic, tragic way,” Glenn said.