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Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton will be on GBTV tongiht at 5pm ET in his first one on one interview since his relapse. The interview will be conducted by his pastor, Dr. James Robison, as Glenn is out on a “special assignment” until Monday morning.

“I’m so moved by the Josh Hamilton story in the first place because it is a story of redemption,” Glenn said on radio this morning.

Glenn, notoriously clueless when it comes to sports, admitted, “is the one sports story I can talk about with some credibility. Well, I don’t know about credibility but I mean, I can talk about it.”

Pat described the story, how Hamilton was one of the biggest baseball prospects to come along in a while but drugs and alcohol ruined his life, and he was out of baseball completely for a while.

“And then he got his act together. I think that’s when he met his wife and really put his life back together. And obviously became a huge star in the major leagues and in ’05 he had his first relapse,” Pat explained.

In the past week Hamilton had his third relapse.

“He lives in my general neighborhood and everybody that I know down in Texas just says he and the family are just, he and his wife are just amazing people, just amazing people. And Tania and I were so hurt to hear that he was struggling with alcoholism and, you know, the relapse,” Glenn said.

Being that Hamilton had his relapse in Dallas, the radio crew wondered why someone would serve him.

“Nobody else is responsible for that drink. However, I do have to question the sanity or the humanity of the guy, the bartender and the people at the bar,” Glenn said.

“You know, we’ve talked about this over the past couple of days a few times and I’d say it’s about 50/50 split. There’s a lot of people who take that sort of, I guess I would describe it as libertarian bet of saying, look, it’s his responsibility whether he’s going to drink or not. I’m not going to refuse him alcohol. He’s not being dangerous to other patrons or anything else; maybe I should just serve him. But to me it’s like you you’re a member of this community. I mean, I can’t imagine people inDallas are happy with this bar for serving him. It’s like you’re ruining potentially just selfishly you’re ruining the team’s year. This is a team that’s gone to the World Series twice, two years in a row,” Stu said.

Nevertheless Glenn, also a recovering alcoholic, sympathized with Hamilton.

“Alcoholism is the hardest thing to kick. It is. It’s with you for your whole life,” Glenn said.

Glenn shared his own struggle admitting that there have been times recently when he has feared falling back into old, bad habits.

“I haven’t talked about this at all but this has been the hardest two months of my entire recovery, the last two months. Just been very difficult. I’ve asked you to pray for us, pray for the family,” Glenn said.

On Wednesday night, James Robison will be filling in for Glenn while he goes to work on a special project that he will reveal on Monday. Robison joined Glenn on radio to discuss some of Hamilton’s struggles and what the two will discuss Wednesday on GBTV.

Watch below: