On Wednesday’s episode of “The Glenn Beck Program” on GBTV, Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton opened up about his most recent relapse to Dr. James Robison who was filling in for Glenn. Hamilton discussed his personal demons, struggles, and faith on the show in his first one-on-one interview since the incident.

About two weeks ago, Hamilton had an alcohol related relapse while in Dallas, TX. While the interview with Robison did not discuss specifics of the relapse, he did say that he was already looking to take steps to ensure that such an incident does not happen again.

“This time it’s not just, ‘OK, it happened, we’ll move past it and maybe it won’t happen again,'” Hamilton told Robison.

“We’re taking this as a serious issue,” he emphasized.

Hamilton said that he and his family are looking at why he relapsed and what the trigger is that has caused him to slip for a second time. He is looking at his home life, events from his past, his childhood and more to see why this happened. Hamilton had previously relapsed in 2009.

“It’s going to be a process,” Hamilton said. “I’m not fixed. I’m doing things right a day at a time. I want people to know that I love them and to keep praying for me.”

Hamilton stressed the importance of faith and loved ones in getting through this difficult time with his family. He said that Robison, Hamilton’s pastor, had spent time with he and his wife and did not pass judgment for his actions, but rather offered love and support.

“I do have an accountability partner,” Hamilton added. “I was watching a special on Billy Graham and he always had at least one person with him, most times it was four or five. They’re not babysitters. They’re somebody that love you, want the best for you and want to see you succeed and put you in the best position to do that.”

“I’m not afraid of my mistakes. I do feel shame about my mistakes but I can get past that,” Hamilton said. “But at the same time I learn from my mistakes. I’m learning from my mistakes.”

Robison thanked Hamilton for coming on to the show to discuss his struggle and how his faith and the love of fans and the community was helping him recover from his mistakes. Robison ended the interview with a prayer.