In typical leftist fashion, liberal caller Bobby got a little upset …okay, extremely upset, and totally lost it on Pat and Stu on the radio program this morning.

Bobby clearly didn’t agree with Pat and Stu’s stance on the Obamacare mandate on the Catholic Church, abortion …and probably any other opinion Pat and Stu have. But, instead of having a real debate on the issues, Bobby decide to yell, name call, and threaten.

It was fairly obvious the call wasn’t going to be a friendly one when the first real comment out of Bobby’s mouth was “I’d like to speak to the offensiveness of the ridiculous argument that you’re making to trivialize such an important issue for all of mankind and to women! You have mothers, I’m sure…”

To which Pat responded, “we do.”

But the caller wasn’t done yet, “and you should be ashamed of yourselves! All you’re doing is revealing all of the ugliness that is part of your side. You pull back the curtain and Fascism is there staring at us all!”

Wow. Okay, if only the caller knew what fascism was, and that no one who wants a limited government fits the definition of a fascist, he may have been able to try and make a point.

Which Pat pointed out saying, “We’re talking about the least government by the people possible. You, on the other hand, want the most government possible. You can’t achieve Fascism when you’re talking about a small government. They’re not capable of Fascism when the government is small, Bobby. Maybe you should learn and understand what you’re talking about before you call and start saying ridiculous things that…”

But he was quickly cut off by Bobby, who clearly lost whatever argument he was trying to make, and was ready to try a new tactic—name calling.

Caller: “You are parasites on the country!”

Now, Bobby could have picked any word in the English dictionary to throw at Pat and Stu, and he chose “parasites,” which set him up for another wake-up call up facts.

Stu and Pat, who are for limited government, personal responsibility, less government spending, are clearly not parasites on the country. Stu tried to inform if of this by letting him know, “We’re the ones paying the taxes.”

Which Pat followed up with, “We’re the ones who pay far more taxes than the people, 50% of this country that you support, that you want supported, that you favor being supported. Those are the parasites.”

Well, that didn’t work either, so Bobby moved on from illogical naming calling to illogical threats.

Caller: Do you know what, you people live in a bubble. You live in a bubble. Once you get outside that bubble, you’ll… you don’t stand a chance. Once you step outside of your safe zone, it’s over, buddy…”
That’s when Pat cut him off and said “Wait. Hey, hold on, Bobby. I know you’re on a rant and you’re raving and you’re all fired up. We’re trying to understand what you’re saying. Once we step outside our safe zone, first of all, where is that? And what is the safe zone we step outside of and how is it over? Are you– are you threatening violence, Bobby? Is that what you’re doing?”

…and then Bobby hung up.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the left always expose themselves. The people who are always calling conservatives “intolerant,” somehow never seem to be able to show tolerance towards any conservative opinion. Stu and Pat gave this caller national airtime to make his case and he ranted and yelled at them.

Stu points out, “I think that’s the sort of tolerance the left has for conservative opinion and, yet again, it’s been shown to be the truth.”