Gas prices soar…and that’s OK?

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According to the media and The President, soaring gas prices are just fine. They are so good, in fact, that the media and politicians are bending over backwards to talk about how great skyrocketing prices can be! Yes, the same people that once derided President Bush for high oil prices are now saying how great this could be for Obama. Geez…

“The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States is now $3.53. The average price of a gallon of gasoline is higher than $3.70 in Connecticut, Washington D.C., and New York. In mid‑January 2009 the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was $1.85, $1.85. The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States has risen 25 cents since January of this year. Never before in U.S. history has the price of gasoline been this high so early in the year,” Glenn said.

“The Oil Price Information Service projects that the price of gas could reach an average of $4.25 a gallon by the end of April.”

“But that’s not the only thing that you’re being hit with now. If you want to get into your car and drive your car all over the country, our politicians are putting up tollbooths. Most of the time these tollbooths are going up on roads that have already been paid for. So now you’re paying an outrageous sum of money for gasoline and you’re putting up tollbooths and being asked to pay for tolls on roads that have already been paid for,” he continued.

There’s a new bill in Congress that wants to allow even more highways to be made into toll roads.

“It’s almost as if somebody is trying to force us to stop driving our car,” Glenn observed.

“So what is the good news? Well, the good news is, is that sources are saying an economic collapse will help the price of oil and gasoline. Because that’s what happened in 2008. Remember? Gas was up to $141 a barrel and then crashed down? Because we didn’t have any money. There’s your good news,” Glenn said.

“The president, however, says that, no, no, it’s because the world is booming now. The good news is that the price of gasoline is a good sign,” he said.

But is that true? Glenn played audio from the last election when people didn’t seem to agree.

“What we are seeing is, you know, a government run for the oil company,” Democrat Barbara Boxer said just a few years ago when oil prices were high.

“Drivers are paying a heavy price in the Bush administration’s failure to enact a comprehensive energy strategy. This Congress, under the Democratic leadership, is working to make up for years of inaction, taking America in a new direction that helps bring down the cost of gas,” Pelosi said.

“Gas prices have more than doubled since George Bush became our president,” Hillary Clinton said.

And what about President Obama? “I understand how desperate folks are. I met a guy who couldn’t go on a job search, had lost his job, couldn’t go on a job search because of the high price of gas. Just couldn’t fill up his tank. I met a teacher in South Dakota who loved her job as a teacher on an Indian reservation. They had to quit because the drive was too far. She ‑‑ it was taking up too much of her paycheck. I know how bad people are hurting. ”

The President has also said that gas prices are rising due to the surging economy…really? Really?

And what are people in the media saying are the benefits of high gas?

More jobs! (where?)
It encourages us to look for alternative fuel sources! (Yay?)
2,220 people have already been saved over the past year because of reduction in driving has led to less particle pollution in the air. (Really?)

Get more in the clip at the top of the page to hear the astonishing audio.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Saudi Arabia announced the other day they were cutting production of oil due to lack of demand, which directly counters Obama’s statement; now when Bush was in office, he got savaged due to gas rates going up, now the hypocrisy of the left is on full display as the media uses its propaganda to claim the rise is due to prosperity under Obama.

    Recall – Obama has lost more jobs than any created (if any at all)
    Recall – Obama has the books on unemployment cooked across the board
    Recall – Obama claimed the unemployment rate would be less than 8%; now its over 11% not counting those underemployed and who have given up.
    Recall – Obama has increased the debt of the nation by almost 5 Trillion dollars
    Recall – Obama has increased regulations on business to the point of strangulation

    Recall – “Under my economic policies energy rates will of necessity skyrocket” HIS words!!!

    Obama is a delusional, narcissistic, god-complex, messianic-complex, meglomaniac and compulsive liar who views himself as a dictator and admits to doing no wrong. He is a complete failure save for his plans to destroy the country.

    • Anonymous

      ………………………….Ok, ok Snowleopard …go ahead and tell us what you REALLY think.
      (Heheh! sorry, …sometimes it’s de-stressing to make light of having a terrifying and out-of-control President, aided by an out-of-touch and out-of-control Democrat party, an out-of-touch and out-of-testosterone Republican party, and buoyed by an idiotic and sycophantic out-of-control media! …Well, at least it’s better than trying to find any more hair to pull out.)

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        No problem, I understand about the need to de-stress; I have two (there were three) progressive commies here where I live at who constantly toy on with the ‘rightness of communist theology and ideology’ – talk about clueless idiocy.

        Let me give you an example of how fired up I can get on occasion; when the Blaze first was up and running one poster got my blood to boiling – I went on about a five hundred word tirade describing the process of him generating hot air from his lungs – got a good reply; they declared (exact words: “Now that’s an insult.”)

        • Anonymous

          Snow, about 3 months ago I vented exactly the same way. I didn’t realize posting etiquette, so was solid block of text teaching a poster Capitalism in our Republic…

          The poster afterwards was very nice, stated he learned a lot, and we both learned something that day….

          He, how the real world actually functions, and myself in how to de-stress…..LOL

  • General Kota

    Thank Obama once again you screw the people lives up and including screwing our chance of true recovery thank ahole.

  • A A

    It’s funny how the article claims that the President says soaring gas prices are just fine, yet then goes on to have a total of zero quotes from Obama where he says that. But some salient points are also brought up, yet instead of following the obvious logic train that is started from the statements made, he chooses to attack Obama, no matter how specious the connection.

    The real issue that everyone is afraid to bring up is the fact that we’re treating oil like an infinite resource, growing more and more dependent on it despite the environmental costs; we have reached peak oil, and are headed for an energy crisis. Hence the focus on the middle east, the last oasis of cheap oil quickly drying up. But eventually oil will run out, and if we do not prepare now and transition to a new renewable fuel source on our own terms, then the transition will be nasty, to say the least.

    • Washington76

      Barack Obama Admits: Energy Prices Will Skyrocket Under Cap And Trade

    • Jayce Davis

      Really though, the article is about the hypocrisy of mainstream media, and there are several quotes to that point.

    • Anonymous

      Uhm, what makes you so sure we have even reached peak oil?  According to actual experts in oil, Canada actually has enough oil in its tarsands to keep the ENTIRE Western Hemisphere going for at least another 500 years.  According to those same oil experts, there is more oil in the Rocky Mountains than the ENTIRE Mideast combined. Canada and the US have enough oil together to keep the ENTIRE planet going for at least another couple hundred years, including the booming growth of China and India.  The problem is all the government regulations put in place by both Canada and the US keeping all that oil in the ground.  The world has NOT reached peak oil production and won’t actually reach peak oil production for at least 100 to 200 years.  This is just according to actual oil experts who actually work with oil though.  You don’t have to believe them.  You can simply take the words of liberal liars if you want.  That, however, simply won’t really change the facts.

  • Washington76

    Barack Obama Admits: Energy Prices Will Skyrocket Under Cap And Trade

  • Anonymous

    As our economy *improves*, China and Mid East oil producers will *Boom*.

    Memories, 1972.
    We topped off our gas tanks on our way to work in fear that the stations would be closed or out of gas, on our way home.

    2012 We may be topping off our gas tanks on our way to work in fear that gas prices will increase before we drive home.  Overnight, not much we can do.

    40 years ago, some folks were pushing for more oil drilling.
    Others said it would take ten years to see any.

    30 years ago, some folks were pushing for more oil drilling.
    Others said it would take ten years to see any.

    20 years ago, some folks were pushing for more oil drilling.
    Others said it would take ten years to see any.

    10 years ago, some folks were pushing for more oil drilling.
    Others said it would take ten years to see any.

    Here we are 40, 30, 20, 10 years later.

    My daughter works for a big one.  They have just discoverd *huge* pools of oil in the least expected areas of US.  No drilling…yet.

    • Anonymous

      i remember ’72 & ’73, and the fuel shortages. As bad as that was, i don’t believe the shortages were as “real” as they are today, or the consequences of preventing our development of our own oil resources as dire.
      We need a Churchill, and we’re stuck with a Chamberlain.
      We need a Wyatt, and we’ve got a Wesley Mouch.

      • Anonymous

        We need someone with cojones!  I’d be happy with a Reardon.

  • Anonymous

    bo knows how bad people are hurting as he jets off to hollywood,hawaii,the vineyard,etc. right.

    • Anonymous

      Those Obamas certainly love ”their”jets, bd.   Has anyone figured out the number of

      trips the family has taken, courtesy of the taxpayer, as compared to G.W.’s families

      8 years in office?   Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s more in B.O.’s 3+ years.

      • J.w. Appling

        It’s not their jets it our jets we pay for that.

        • Anonymous

          Think I pointed that out in my post, J.w.—”courtesy of the taxpayers”.   You may have

          seen some pics of B.O. (rec’d some recently via e-mail) with his ”hooves” perched all

          over WH furniture—in the office and other rooms.   After all, it’s ”his home”, isn’t it?

          He is the Prez and ALL is his, right?   That must be the way he sees it.  Do you think the

          WH will need to be disinfected when he leaves?   (Sure hope he doesn’t leave any ”little

          surprises” when he bids us goodbye.)

          • J.w. Appling

              The Clintons vandalized every keyboard there prying off all the W keys I can only imagine what that petty thin skinned P.O.S. Obozo will  do.

          • Anonymous

            Well, actually, I was thinking of something of a more

            personal nature, J.w.   If you get my drift.  Gross, oh

            yeah!    Sorta like how he felt about the US.

          • J.w. Appling

            In reply to bjv.
            Well Clinton already ejaculated all over the oval office and they somehow managed to sanitized that so I don’t think it will be an issue. What he’s going to do to the country to screw up the next prez is what I worry about. It will be scorched earth.

      • Anonymous

        GW’s vacations consisted of him going to his ranch in Crawford.

        • Anonymous

          Rufree,  the rationale for Bush going to his ranch and not taking any

          ”exotic” vacation a la B.O., was because the US was at war in the

          Middle East.   Who knew the war ended in ’09?   Did this Prez know

           about something of which the nation was uninformed?   Or was this just

          another thumbing of the nose and a middle finger gesture to the US

           taxpayers?    After all, he’s the first black man (OK, half black) to be

          elected as the POTUS but he, also, was given the Nobel Peace Prize!

          He’s special and he deserves everything he’s given!   Don’t forget it.


    • Anonymous

      16 freaking vacations in three years.  Glenn figured it out last night-I think he said each American would have gotten $16,000.00.  He is not a wealthy man-where did the money come from?    They are laughing-well let’s wipe the smiles off their faces;  let’s send them packing.

  • Ryan

    Here is a link that explains a lot about Obama and the way he makes his chioces.

    We could depend on ourselves instead of the Middle East for oil. What is going to happen when war breaks out between Islam and the west? Alternative Fuel? Didn’t we just cut funding in that department too? Makes you wonder what Obama’s plan is. We know Michelle is having fun on all her vactions that the tax payers are funding. Maybe skiing will be our alterative fuel source.

    • Anonymous

      Only in winter, Ryan.  Guess we have to bring out the bikes, or if one still has them, the

      roller skates.   Sure gonna cut done on my shopping!  Wonder if any of the grandkids

      still have a wagon I can borrow?

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Personally I can’t stand hearing or watching Obama speak.  He literally nauseates me to the core with all the lies, hypocracy, class warfare, bitterness, narcissism, and envy he spews.  To be perfectly honest, I don’t think he knows what honest-to-goodness truth is anymore.  He continues to be so deceitful that that has become his new truth.  He even believes his own lies which is most frustrating.  And when confronted by his own words while he was a Senator, he poo-poos them away.  And since the lamestream media is bed with this guy, they will never have the balls to hold him accountable but they relentlessly came after Bush time and time again for the same “crimes” they’re giving Oblamo passes on.  Good grief. 

    NOBAMA 2012!!!  Let’s let that become our new truth!

    • Ryan

      NOBAMA 2012!!!!! Think we can get that on the ballad this November? Better be careful he will mistake it for someone actually voting for him. Most people that are as vain as he is believe all their own lies. Obama needs to step down before his feelings get hurt because when it comes to debate this year, the rep. are going to tear him up, but I’m sure they will just start a slander campain like always.

    • Anonymous

      His eyes are like the eyes of a Polar bear or a White shark. …They convey no feeling …no emotion.

      • Anonymous

        The eyes are the windows to the the soul.

    • Anonymous

      Oh boy!  I’m with you Jayne!  When watching news and B.O. comes on I practically run

      screaming from the room!  Then, guess what?   They go on to another subject which

      also includes B.O. talking and I get another chance to sprint out of the room or dash for

      the mute button on the TV.   Guess I will have to hold the remote in my hand so I can

      more quickly hit the mute.  Bless his heart!   At least, he helps to keep the reactions

      sharp!  : )

    • J.w. Appling

        I can’t listen to him speak his arrogance bothers me. He is just smug. I have to change the channel when he’s on to keep from doing an Elvis and shooting my T.V.

      • Anonymous

        J.W., ROLFLMAO……been there, did just that…LOL

  • Anonymous

    This is why the Mainstream Media is such a joke. They think we are so stupid that we will believe anything they tell us. They also think we have no memory about anything.

  • Anonymous

    My God, this administration is the Queen of “newspeak” and every bad thing that happens to us has a silver lining of some kind made up by the purveyors of misinformation.  How long will this go on before someone in the “media” wakes up and finds out that they are in a long line of humans going over the cliff with the rest of the lemmings expecting “change they can believe in” such as 1) a dysfunctional bankiing system, 2) poorer and more expensive health care, 3) higher food and fuel prices, 4) non-sustainable benefits for the “enslaved” class of people living off the government and taxpayer dollars, 5) higher taxes, 6) inflation, 7) devaluation of the dollar and 8) just plain old lies from our “community organizer in chief”.  Our current president isn’t no Abraham Lincoln or for that matter, not much of anything other than a crook from Chicago.

    • Anonymous

      i’m pretty sure they don’t have cameras and microphones in my home yet, but not so sure that i openly speak about where my food and firearms are stored.

  • James

    Yaaa, we live in crazy world. Media, government, Obama, Democrats, Republicans, Iran, Russian, China, and many more things and events makes our life worst and worst. It is impossible to bring evils to their senses. 
    I’m wondering, what kind of world the next generation will get from us? 

    • Anonymous

      A one word answer to your question, James—dismal.

    • Anonymous

      You have to remember… a whole bunch of those hippie Bill Ayers types from the late 60’s are the ones holding positions of power nowdays.  Whether that be government or universities….it doesn’t matter.  Is it any wonder WHY we’re in the predicament we’re in?  And this next generation coming into their own (from the likes of the OWS crowd) is a prime example of what the liberal/socialist agenda has been working so hard to produce…and they’ve succeeded brilliantly.  I hate to say that, but it’s true.  And to see all the American Citizens of this great nation divided, with all this finger pointing (all in the wrong directions mind you) is heart breaking.  Yes, people are waking up, but it’s too little too late I’m afraid.  I hope and pray I’m wrong.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard. Gas prices go up because the economy is getting better.  How can anyone believe this. When things were really booming in this country, the price of gas remained at an affordable price, and in all reality our economy is NOT getting any better. The extra money people(who are working) get in their paychecks (by robbing S.S.) will only go in the gas tank to go to the job that maybe they can keep in in this really declining economy.

  • Dave

    I remember Obama saying ” The cost of energy has to go up”, “and it will go up to support this green economy.”.. The “Green economy” had yet to be concieved, at least, on a scale viable here in the USA.

    Obama saying now to: “Drill baby Drill!”.. His drilling moritoriam is still in place.

           ” Expand domestic sources of energy!”.. More resources being closed to exploration. More Public lands being closed to the public for mere recreational use.

            ” Investing in the green economy will create more jobs than our current energy philosiphy!”…”Real” unemployment now exceeds  that of the Great Depression.

    Stalin Devistated Russia. Obama is being another Stalin. Stop him  now or face the consequences….. We can restore the Constitutional Republic, or, be forced into Radical Sharian Tyranny.

    Obama is setting US up for Failure.

  • Jenni Zupp Milne


  • Anonymous

    This just sets my BS meter off. This is just what Obama wants to hear and the media is complicit in the lie.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of the hypocrisy, the very same people who applaud these gas prices( so we won’t pollute anymore) hop in their planes(obama,pelosi) limos, etc., while the many struggling to feed and house their families(who cannot afford to go buy a more efficient vehicle)must still drive to earn an income. I’m gonna go find me a horse.

    • Anonymous

      In your list of hypocrites, Tom, you forgot the ”king of green”—Algore.  He has his own

      big jet, doesn’t he?   And has two large homes?   One in TN (is it?) and one in CA.

      Looks like it’s a case of: Do as I say, not as I do.

    • J.w. Appling

       Till they start regulating the horses methane emissions then you’ll get hit with a green tax.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in the SF Bay area of CA, price of regular

    gas is getting close to $5.

  • J.w. Appling

     The big problem now is China is buying up all the worlds Oil if we drill
    more here the oil company’s would just sell it to china because they
    pay more. Our consumption is way down but prices are going up. We should
    have a surplus but we don’t. Why?because they are selling it to china.
    As long as China is raping our economy by devaluing their currency then
    spending all their gains to buy up the world oil we are going to be
    screwed. Most people do not realize they are at war with us and economic
    terrorism is their weapon. Trump is right they are laughing at us
    because they know they will defeat us with out firing a shot And its the
    American companies waging their war for them. Next time you can’t
    afford to fill up you car thank all those companies that produce their
    crap in China so they can sell it here cheaply. Thanks Walmart, Thanks
    Steve Jobs, and all you other jerks who put profits over principals.

  • Anonymous

    What is worse? The liar? The lie? Those who promote the lie? Those who believe the lie? Those who deny the lie?

    • Anonymous

      Is there an choice for A, C, and D?

  • Je Yoon

    Every time I see Hussein on tv i just want to throw up all over my tv. He is just like all the other  lying two faced liberals out there who have no idea what the hell they are talking about. if president Hussein is elected again this country is going to be on the fast track straight to hell. God is going to be watching.

  • BlueCollarTodd
  • Skyler Sneathen

    Bush was Satan and Obama is the new Christ, that’s why the media won’t knock him on gas prices. Because Obama does no wrong and can do no worng, he’s just perfect.

  • Anonymous

    How many of you are willing to pound the pavement and get the word out?  How many of you will speak to the person behind you, while waitng on line?   
    I have these trillion dollar bills that I hand out with John 3:16 on the back that I give out or stick on car windshields.  
    Make up you own flyers listing Obama’s dismal job performance.   Will you make friends that way?    Are friends what you are looking?   NO!
    Speak up for Gods sake;  because if you don’t, you only have yourselves to blame.   As for me, I am doing what is within my power to get the word out.    We all agree he is not getting our votes, but remember, if your guy doesn’t get the nomination, will you still vote?    You better.   A non-voter in essence, is a vote for Obama!

  • Anonymous

    Joseph Goebbels would be proud!!

  • p3driver

    Buy a packet of those yellow stickies.   When you fill up, peel one off and write “how’s that hope and change thing working for you?”

  • Anonymous

    Obamao said it “under his plan, energy prices would skyrocket.” Did anyone not take him at his word? He was telling the truth, for once. This guy needs to be tried  for treason.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

      Gasoline prices are high because we are selling gasoline to the other countries, primarily China; they are willing to pay a premium for it.  As of now, the US is currently exporting more gasoline than we ever have, thus causing less fuel for the US consumer, and therefore diving up prices.  This is the simple business practice of supply and demand.  Using high gas prices as a means of encouraging more domestic drilling is the wrong move, and a fallacy driven by the pro-drill movement.  Drilling for more in the US will only mean more gasoline will be sold outside the US, and not a lowering of domestic prices.  The US currently has oil reserves that should last for about seventy years, so more oil production is not the answer.  Maybe we should encourage the refiners to sell just a bit less overseas, and more here, or figure out better ways to live without the use of fossil fuels.

  • Anonymous

    so where is the Democratic Leadership now ??? i thought they will “fight” those pesky high Gasprices !!!!!!!!!!! shows how much they will spin if it suits their agenda

  • laura from clinton twp.

    NOBAMA 2012

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