Lin ‘controversy’ gets worse

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Yesterday several journalists came under intense and bizarre scrutiny for using the pun ‘chink in the armor’ in connection with news stories about NBA phenom Jeremy Lin. One of the writers in question is actually married to an asian woman, the other is a devout Christian who really respects Lin for his faith and demeanor. So why did they get reprimanded and fired? Political correctness and special interest groups have media corporations like ABC caving to every little complaint they have. Glenn explains why they do it on radio today.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is more than just political correctness – this is the deliberate and willing compliance with the radical ideology of the White House and the Progressives; how long until anything we say can be declared as ‘racism’ and ‘hate speech’ – even saying ‘hello’.

    The point is that in this mess of PC garbage the left and the progressives want to batter all into the same mold, same image, same conformity and mind controlled mentality of government knows best that they wind up insulting everyone.

    How long will it be before we here in America, wind up being so repressed and bound in a straight jacket, someone decides to immolate themselves in a final protest – as set off the Arab Spring in Tunisia…how long?

    How long until someone feels the govenrment has crushed all out of them to where only the method of their own death is the only freedom they have left?

    If it gets to that point here, then how long until the nation will boil in blood and burn in fire?

  • General Kota

    This is just moronic but their leftists there are not big on brain power.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      They don’t necessarily have to be, they just need to be good enough at what they do.

  • Givengi

    Just as the darkness rises, so do the Good. Although there are some ridiculous things going on, there are great bright spots like Lin, Tebow, and others.

  • justamom

    I saw the funniest comedian ever a few years ago on t.v.  He used every single racial group slur ever…chink, spic, mackerel snapper, dike, on and on. It was so refreshing and so funny!  What is wrong with us.  Why can’t we laugh at ourselves anymore!!  I don’t care what racial thing you call me….laugh it off!

  • Anonymous

    So two men lose their jobs over a comment that was supposed to be just funny, yet two black men last week on a radio show (the nutty professor -Cornell West and another man) actually said “kill Whitey.”  Have they been thrown off the air?  Hell no. The world has gone completely mad. Every country or group of people have always had jokes made about them and as long as they weren’t hurtful or vicious, people just laughed (i should know, i’ve been called a Limey many times – doesn’t bother me a bit).  What does bother me is hearing on the radio that it’s OK to say “kill Whitey” and not consider that a threat?   Different strokes for different folks thanks to The Clampetts in the White House. And I have nothing against black people, just those that cater to double standards.  Same goes for Whites and any other group because it’s hypocritical.

  • Bobbie DeVille

    In order to refocus on the racial epithet controversy, all news people who are in front of a live mike and working for a news organization, these people need to understand that they must self edit and know the boundaries of what their employer will allow. It is different for subscriber based audiences, if I don’t like Mr. Beck, I cancel my subscription. Disney is over the air and will enforce their standards, the viewers can tune out. If a horse acts erratically a comment can be the horse was spooked….but only if the jockey is not black!   

  • Anonymous

    It’s about intimidation and control. It’s about compliance with an ideology. It’s about liberty and slavery. 

  • Soulphoenix

    So you can’t even innocently use a word that might be construed by somebody in a “protected” class as hurtful without the witch hunters misconstruing everything and ruining your life.

    Nice! Here’s to the American Dream!

  • Anonymous

    Political correct, left wing freedom denying, utopian world, post modernists are at it again. Imposing ideality to change the reality of the real story. Soon the advocates of political correctness will be on an all out mission to intimidate everyone with their culture in all western countries

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if THIS announcer got canned for saying this on ESPN?

  • Lea-Anne Joy Morrison

    In regards to Europe not making sense with lowering min. wages and not lowering taxes in Greece. Europe has not made much sense for a very long time. I wonder why we ever listen to them. Why do we sign so many treaties inside the U.N.? Glenn likes to point out the Ferdinand moment. I would point out WW1 was a war about treaties. The Austro-Hungarians upset about the Duke’s death tried to force it’s will on Serbia, Russia enters because of a treaty with Serbia, Germany enters because of it’s treaty with the Austro-Hungarians, England enters because of some bloody treaty with someone and they all drag their empirers with them. Thanks for that Europe. I think we should be careful about signing treaties. Now we have so many race baiters out there because? You guessed it! Europe! Europe made a fine art out of racial bigotry and riddled with their guilt they have us sign, treaties! Treaties that say you can not even think bad things about anyone that is not white. Of corse they did not think of reverse racism. Why not? Because they are European, white and know what is best for the world. I think what is best for the world is to stop listening to the Europeans and start thinking with common sense in mind.    

  • Anonymous

    Guys they said chink in the armor.  I am married to a chinese gal and that was offensive.

    • Anonymous

      hi johnos2112,
      as you know the phrase came into being to describe a weak spot in the coat of chain link armor where a spear or sword would have a better chance of penetration.  the use of the illustration in the case of jeremy lin was done intentionally to be derogatory or “funny”.  it was a poor choice of words and offensive to many asian americans.  you were offended for your wife and rightly so.  things like this are trivial and funny to most until it’s in reference to them or those they love. 

  • Glenn Palmer

    I guess I should have my feelings hurt and sue everytime someone says “red=headed step child” Dang I could be a millionaire by now………………….

  • Anonymous

    Well, then, it’s a good thing that I don’t watch network news—haven’t for years.  Tried to stop

    the subscription to our local paper, but it still is delivered even though I called twice to tell them

    I am no longer a subscriber.   Maybe, since I had taken the paper for many years, they just

    thought I had forgotten to send in my money?

  • Anonymous

    They should have been fired for a complete lack of originality and stupidity. Since the advent of ESPN and its resulting diminution of sports into home run trots, slam dunks and end zone dances, sports journalism has increasingly and lazily relied on bad puns. This headline was penned after Jeremy Lin had his first “off” game, although he still was a big contributor with assists in that game. The Knicks, surging out of a losing season on the basis of Lin’s creativity and drive, do not even have an armor yet established–they are a team still in the process of defining itself. Jeremy Lin’s game is still too new to have an armor, it to is devleoping. So the whole armor reference also makes no sense.

    Now to the ethnic issue, this headline would never have been penned if the phenom in question was of any other  ethnic group besides Chinese. History has shown us that Chink=nigger=spic=wop=mick; derisive terms coined by those in power to diminsh on the basis of ethnicity alone, the working class of immigrants who performed manual labor for the anglo saxons who emigrated a few generations before them. For African Americans, it was slavery; for the others, it was indentured servitude. It was always a racist term and carried with it all the negative connotations. To read or hear it in 2012, boggles the mind. Even the  NY Daily News headline “Amasian” after one of Lin’s game is pathetic.

    let’s see, did ESPN pen the following headlines?

    “Vlade Divac (Serbian former LA Laker) bombs like Srebenica (site of Serbian led massacre during Bosnian war)”

    “Allen Iverson ( the notorious 76er/Nugget) brings nigga ball to NBA”

    “Molly Mormon Shawn Bradley passes ball, but won’t pass the bottle with new team mates” (devout Mormon former Phila.76ers/ Dallas Mavs)

    I don’t think so. If Glenn’s or his staff think that Chink is not offensive, they are delusional. ABC/ESPN can do what they want with their underperforming employees. It is a private business and their decisions are always driven by potential profits.

    Jeremy Lin, class act that he has heretofore shown himself to be, has moved on.

    • Anonymous

      i’ve got to agree….i heard the comment while driving home and thought it was someones attempt at trying to be “funny”…..i grew up with the comments and hated when they were used toward me, so when i heard it i was offended.  i wrote espn (doug gottlieb) and voiced my concern at the poor choice of words….doug wrote back and agreed that in reference to jeremy lin the illustration could be misconstrued.  i thought originally that doug was the commentator which he correctly denied.
      i’m proud of my heritage as an american of japanese ancestry.  my family was just back in washington dc accepting the congressional gold medal for my dad and 6 uncles who served in ww2.  they volunteered from behind barbed wire to serve the country that had incarcerated them.  so you bet i’m offended when i hear a comment that has racial intonations.

      279bluered has it correct. glenn, you are totally wrong on this one.

      brian e yamamoto dds

      • Anonymous

        Wow–what a great family heritage of service to our country. I remember reading to my Dad ( who had served in the Pacific Theater) in his later years, after his eyesight had failed,  the heroic efforts of the Nisei in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the perceived racism of their Division Commander General Dahlquist  (the Japanese- American soldiers despite their highly decorated service in Italy and France were just “cannon fodder” to him).  Dahlquist famously acted annoyed when only a small number of men could muster following a “rescue” battle (or suicide mission) in the Vosges Mountains. Ignoring the risks of the battle, he felt that they were usurping his authority by being too lazy or tired to muster.The regiment had suffered over 800 casualties in the previous five days. All who were not injured or dead, did muster. The white officers who served under his command in later years were all critical of his disregard for the unit’s lives. There were a lot of heroes in that unit–you must be proud to call them your family.

        I have two adopted children from Korea. They too have been subjected to “Chink” “China Doll” , “hey Asian boy get me some rice”. It bothers them, but it does give them more pride in their heritage and makes them stronger. And ultimately they realize the kid making the comment has a much bigger problem than they do– that kid is ignorant.

        Free speech is a wonderful thing; but it does not mean that ignorant speech gets to go by the boards without opposition.

        • Anonymous

          howdy 279bluered,

          i’ve am familiar with the accounts of dahlquist is several of the books i have on the subject.  my wife and i visited the vosges in 2008 with six of the 442nd veterans who fought there.  we saw the memorials to the units that fought in the area, visited the cemetery at epinal, and saw the area where they rescued the texas “lost battalion”… was a great experience.  we are currently planning a trip to italy to visit the areas where the 100th/442nd fought.

          best wishes with your children.  from what i see, they’ve got a wise father to guide them along.  my wife and i also adopted two special needs kids (we didn’t know it at the time).  

          couldn’t agree with you more about your last statement on free speech.

          best wishes,

          • Anonymous

            forgot to say that you must also be proud of your dad’s service in ww2….the pacific was brutal.  this truly was “the greatest generation”.   i’ve spoken with several of the nisei mis (military intelligence service) vets who were interpreters in the pacific.  their breakthroughs in interrogation of prisoners, deciphering captured intelligence, etc. saved many americans lives and shortened the war in the pacific.

          • Anonymous

            the greatest generation indeed; when I think back on what my Dad, and Mom’s generation grew up with (Depression and the War)  I am more amazed each and every day. Especially when i reflect on the many trivialities of modern life. Sacrifice was a way of life; they had the right stuff.  

            Thanks for your thoughtful comments.  Best wishes and great nom de guerre

    • Anonymous

      Words have meaning.  Lets try the synonym game: replace Chink as used in the statement “Chink in the armor” with another word that makes it offensive and makes sense.

      • Anonymous

        Other than to prove the valid point that words have meaning in context, the synonym game  does not work here . “Chink in the armor” when used in an assessment of a team’s defense, pointing out the weak spots or positions (e.g., the Patriots secondary in the Super Bowl) makes total sense and has no racial connotation. When applied to the first Chinese American of note to make it in the NBA, (Yao Ming was a Chinese citizen) the overall context makes it offensive–whether it was intentional or not. “Flaws in the package” might have been a better choice–after all, everyone, from the fans in the upper deck all the way up to David Stern are seizing on and making Jeremy Lin a marketing sensation.

  • Anonymous

    I watched an interview this morning with Dr. Graham on CNN that was just an extension of the MSNBC interview yesterday where they grilled him about Obama’s faith.  They tried and tried to get him to say he believed Obama was a Christian when he was told he would be on the air to talk about Muslims killing Christians and Jews around the world.  It was an interrogation and this morning was much of the same on CNN.  Why does the Lefty Media want him to Say he believes Obama is a Christian?  Does it somehow qualify him to get Evangelical votes?  Mr. Obama evangelical people vote with their conscience and they use the Bible as their guide.  Do the math!.

    • Anonymous

      I also saw rachel maddow say that “Marco Rubio looks good on paper, but when in debate he cracks like Rick Perry”. Shes clearly delusional and has never actually listens to Marco Rubio talk about issues.  He would wipe the floor with her condescending attitude.

    • Anonymous

       The left is truly conflicted. They desperately want someone with real influence to say their man is a Christian, when by any rational analysis he is not. But they are totally mock any one who truly is – as in West, Cain, Santorum, and others have all been reviled as radicals, fanatics, etc.

      Both Santorum and Odumba have stated as part of their platform that marriage is between one man and one woman – so why is Santorum taking such heat from the media for this? Probably, and I’m just guessing now, its because the media knows he means it and isn’t using the position just to get votes from the feeble middle right who vote on emotion and not issues.

      It pains me that so many “Christians” voted for him in the last election, when he holds views that are totally opposite to Christianity. His theology of universal salvation makes a mockery of the death and atonement of Christ, his several votes for protection of doctors who kill babies who are delivered live in spite of attempted abortions, etc. disqualify him as a candidate for the Christian vote, regardless of the halo the media projects onto him.

      While I do not support Romney, at least he is true to what he claims to believe. That integrity alone makes him a better candidate than odumber, even if his other policies stink.

      I would have theological disagreements with Santorum, but again, his integrity and conservatism make him the best candidate fr my vote. But I still like Newt as well . . . 

  • Anonymous

    Hey, lame stream media…we, the public,  can do several things at once.  While the headlines read one thing, what really needs reporting doesn’t get front page preference.   Jeremy is a Christian and forgiveness is in his DNA;  move on.

    What’s happening in the Middle East?     Why was Solyndra given more money?   Why is Moochele taking another vacation?

  • Gums Monk News

    Anyone notice on last nights show. When Glen was talking about MSNBC and they
    had the politically Lincorrect shot on the screen. Glen
    gave MSNBC a fast and hard middle finger?  Your the man Glen!

  • Ariel Shaul

    Notice that Jews and Catholics are the minorities not protected by Political Correctness.  This is no accident, as Political Correctness was invented by Joseph Stalin and infused into the American left by the KGB and other totalitarian spy agencies.  Most American Marxists are not Communists but are Liberal Fascists:  they love money but hate traditional religions.  Islam is only tolerated as a temporary ally.  As soon as Liberal Fascist Marxists and Islamists take over a country, they turn on each other.  In the case of Egypt, the Islamists won and their former allies, the Liberal Fascist Marxists, are in jail.  Why?  Because Muslims know the Marxists hate all religions and will only use them as temporary allies.

  • Anonymous


  • Danny D

    “CH*NK* is a racial slur. Just like that other one… “N*GGER” …. if you’re using these words, that’s racism and hate.

    You’re teaching children that’s ok to use racial slurs.

    Grow up and knock if off 

    • Anonymous

      You are either uninformed or ignorant.  “Chink” is a perfectly acceptable word depending on the context in which it is used. The expression “chink in armor” has been used for centuries. My grandparents in such expressions as  “filling the chinks between the boards on the barn.”  As you say, “Grow up and knock it off!” and  do a little research before you let your ‘sensitivities’ kick in.

      Chink in the armor : Phrases — Meaning: To have flaw or problem preventing success. Example: This plan about retiring early has just one chink in the armor – we have no money. … Chink is an obscure word meaning a slit, fissure, or weak spot that can leave one vulnerable. Hence Chink in the armor means a weak spot in ones protection or plan.

  • Donald Appleby

    It worked, these stories should not even be stories.  Do  and say anything to not look at the President and Government stealing our tax dollars and getting ready for the first dictator in America.  

  • Donald Appleby

    One other thing.  There is only two places that class and race warfare are.  The Media and The Government.  They try every thing they can to get Americans to hate and fight other Americans so no one will care about the 5 trillion a year they steal from us.  Even the none tax payer is paying in higher prices and having no chance to better yourself and reach the old American dream of being rich.  The new dream is staying in the middle class as long as you can or until all the rich move out of American and then you are the rich.

  • Jeanmarie Humphrey

    I can’t believe I’m just seeing this now, but I just can’t understand how he is DEFENDING Hank Williams Jr……. I mean he likened Obama to Hitler. I get it, you’re right-wing, but really???? I am tired of seeing the polarization of these two parties, each trying to make the other seem a monster. Yes, I can completely agree that Obama doesn’t have it all figured out. I can see why you may not like his position on things or the policies he aims to implement. However, I cannot see how you would compare a difference of opinion to GENOCIDE and EUGENICS. At this point, each side is using fear-tactics to get you on their wings…. I’d rather be on the ground.

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