Anonymous Declares War

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If Al Qaeda or some other terrorist organization came out and openly called for war against the United States of America, do you think the media would pay attention?

That’s the question Glenn asked this morning after listening to the latest video released by Anonymous, the international group who allegedly hacked the CIA, Syrian government email accounts,, and a U.S. security company whose tear gas had been used against the Egyptian demonstrators, just to name a few.

“We’re not talking about a group that doesn’t have any power,” Glenn said. “We’re talking about a group that does have power, and has demonstrated it.”

Here’s the latest message from Anonymous:

Here is the transcript of the Anonymous message:

We are not calling upon the collective to deface or use a distributed denial of service attack on a United States government agency website or affiliate. We are not calling upon the people to occupy a city or protest in front of a local building. This has not brought on us any legislative change or alternate law. It has only brought us bloodshed and false criticism. For the last 12 years, voting was useless. Corporations and lobbyists are the true leaders of this country and are the ones with the power to control our lives. To rebuild our government, we must first destroy it.

Our time for democracy is here.
Our time for real change is here.
This is America’s time, to have its own revolution.

Therefore, Anonymous has decided to openly declare war on the United States government. This is a call to arms. We call upon the Citizens of the United States to stand beside us in overthrowing this corrupted body and call upon a new era. Our allegiance is to the American people, because they are us, and we are them.

Operation V, engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are Americans.
We never Forgive.
We never Forget.
To the United States government, it’s too late to expect us.


This was released on February 26th, two days ago, yet no one in the media or our government is talking about this—not to the American people, anyway.

“Don’t dismiss these people,” Glenn warned. “Remember, these people have attacked the websites of the CIA. I believe they’ve attacked the NSA. They have attacked Stratfor, and dumped all of the documents.” Glenn continued, “I don’t know who they are, but they are not fools. They are well financed. They are well thought out. And, they are very capable.”

Glenn, who obviously runs an internet business and is very brave in the topics he covers on GBTV, does not dismiss Anonymous. Glenn does not think that everyone in Anonymous has the same intentions. Much like we saw in many of the uprisings in the Arab Spring, he believes there is a split in this organization.

“I believe there are probably those people that are inside Anonymous that are good and decent …and right,” Glenn says, giving the example of the Stop Online Piracy Act, and the legislation that labeled America a battlefield where the government would have the ability to scoop American citizens up and hold them without trial. “These things are wrong,” Glenn said. Adding, “These things are a grave danger to the freedom of mankind and to this country; grave, grave danger. And this technology—we’re not dealing with the revolution of 1776, we’re not even dealing with 1938—the technology that this government has …they can scoop groups of people up in a heartbeat. There is no hiding from this government.”

So, like Glenn said, there are things that Anonymous says that we can agree with, and we should build off of those things, but destruction of the government is not the answer. We are a country of laws, not of men—there has to be some government.

While Glenn may agree with Anonymous on many topics, but method is where there is a clear divide. Glenn compared it to the difference between Thomas Paine and George Washington.

“Both Patriots—one was right, one was wrong—but both Patriots,” Glenn said.

Just like there are probably people inside Anonymous that are good, there are likely those on the far left. “I also believe there are people inside Anonymous that are gravely misguided and are on the wrong side of not just the tactic, but also wish to destroy, because they are on the far left,” Glenn said. Adding, “I would not be surprised if some of this financing and some of this power unbeknownst to many of the people in Anonymous is coming from the left, and coming from George Soros.”

Pat brought up that this is similar to what happened in the 1960’s, when the far left approached John Lenon and The Beatles wanting to know where they stood. Their response was the song, “Revolution:”

“If you’re talking about Chairman Mao you’re not going to make it with anyone anyhow. If you’re talking about overthrowing the constitution, we need to change your head.”

“This is the same kind of thing. There are certain things that need to be change. There are definitely problems with the Obama Administration,” Pat said.

Glenn agreed, saying, “The last twelve years it has been almost useless voting. You look, and you’re seeing the same things from both sides, just a different speed, but you’re seeing the same thing. So they’re right on that one.”

The problems are clear if you are not for a massive government. The challenges really lie within the solutions to the problems. Destruction is easy. There is no challenge in tearing something down. These systems are going to collapse on their own weight. The banks, the big government systems, the debt and the corruption will destroy them without anyone pushing them over the edge. One of the problems with collapse and destruction without solutions is that you won’t know what you are collapsing into. There has to be a foundation to build off of, and a force for good. Otherwise, who do you root for?

Glenn compared this to the time he spent on the streets of Greece a couple of weekends ago. “One of the things I learned about on the ground in Greece is that they can no longer tell the difference. They don’t know who to root for. There’s no good standing up. There is no good. They don’t know. There are the people that are using the fire bombs out on the streets, and then there are the people that are in the banks. And I asked one of the guys, ‘so which is worse?’ The answer was ‘I don’t know. They’re both criminals.’ But, in their heart they stand with the people on the street even though they disagree with their tactics they stand with the people on the street, because they say that the government is corrupt, and the banks are corrupt. You don’t change it this way. You’ve got to go in and change it.” Glenn explained.

Glenn went on the explain that we all share the fears that anonymous has, and some of the fears the Occupy Wall Street people have, and that Libertarians have. “But, please read history. Please look at what’s happening over in the Middle East,” Glenn said.

Anonymous is going after many of the people that are going to collapse under their own corruption, but where are the attacks on the people who are getting rich off of the collapse, and helping to cause the collapse? “Where are the attacks on people like Soros? Where is the information on the people who are setting up what you will collapse, what hands it will fall into? Are you part of that?” Glenn asked.

That is the big question. Is Anonymous part of that? Have they looked down the road far enough to see whose hands they are going to fall into? Instead of destroying what is already in the process of self-destruction, wouldn’t it be better to strengthen the American people? Glenn pointed out that it is important to point out the corruption, but then what?

Anonymous has been a voice of anger and revenge, ending their videos with “We will not forgive. We will not forget,” but like Glenn said, “you say you are against bloodshed.”

“We must forgive. We must never forget,” Glenn explains. “We must—we’re commanded to forgive. We’re not commanded to forget.”

Glenn made a call out to the media to step up and realize what they are helping to build in their silence. “I beg the people in the media to wake up. I beg the people in the media to give your children and your grandchildren a reason to be proud of you. The times are growing darker and the time is growing short. I am begging the people in the media to wake up and see what you’re against. To see what you are helping build in the government through your silence,” Glenn said.

“I believe this government only needs one more election. They only need the press one more time. Look at how they are beating you across the head now. Do you think that’s going to get better?” Glenn asked.
Unless Americans take a stand with peace and love in their hearts we won’t be able to win the battle for man’s freedom. But, that’s the key.

“Pray for peace,” Glenn said. “Fill your heart with love, and do not be indifferent on things. Ask yourself ‘does it matter?’ The answer should always be ‘yes.’ When to stand? Now, now is the time to stand.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Yes it still matters – the group of Anonymous most likely is funded and controlled by groups or governments of China, Russia, Iran and their terror allies, Obama and Soros. Also there may be a coordinated support for the group by part or all of them.

    The fact is our freedom and liberties still matter.
    Life still matters.
    Choice still matters.
    Honor still matters.
    Integrity still matters.


    The SYSTEM is broken and needs restoration; NOT complete destruction such as this band of cyber terrorists plan to have happen. Not like Obama and Soros along with the radical groups have happen…

    What willl save or destroy the nation completely will be each of us; how we chose to respond and deal with the truth that matters. How we deal and handle what truly is of value and thus worth fighting for and holding onto.

    In the end ask yourself these questions:

    Is what you believe in worth fighting for?
    If so, is it worth dying for?

    For me my cause is first for God and Christ; from whom we are entrusted with our freedoms and rights in the nation and emboddied in the Constitution.

    So America is worth fighting for; and worth dying for if He demands such from me.

    Answer those two questions in relation to all you hold precious; and see what you can honestly answer from your heart. You shall learn real fast what truly matters.

    2012 WE take America Back
    2013 WE restore America.

    • matt myers

      anonymous isn’t some organized superpower. anonymous is just a group of people with similar goals in mind.

      • Jordan Edwards

        On the contrary, Anonymous is actually pretty well organized at it’s core, and is what you might call a super power.  There are hundreds of thousands of people in Anonymous and most likely the majority of them have joined by allowing the group as a whole to use their computer in a botnet. The organized, upper class you could say, portion of Anonymous is very powerful and from what i’v seen them do, I would say that they are very organized.

        • Jason Cannon

          There is no “core” of anonymous. Saying that is to show a lack of understanding about being anonymous. There are no leaders. Anyone can start an op. There is no difference in Anonymous, there is only equality. There are no screen names used. No secret codes. There is no upper class. It is someone who comes up with an idea, and gets people to follow it. That’s it. No one infects their own computer with a bot net virus. That is retarded and will get them caught. They infect other people with their viruses. People who do not know anything about hacking or Anonymous need to stop trying to talk like they know. You don’t.

          • syntaxToy


          • DeAuthThis

             Your an idiot… If you were anywhere near what was going on you’d know that many have purposely infected themselves to run a botnet attack.. Yes some people had their own net.. and no…. most did not get caught because there is no way to tell who was infected and who joined themselves…

          • Daniel Morris

            You need to go to this channel this we are telling you and everyone that the problems with anonymous is far worse than you may even have imaged!!! And we are offering a solution that can fix all corruption in the US Government and even bring about world peace! This plan is 30 years in the making and will 100% work! We have openly declared war on anonymous not with guns but with commonsense and the truth! you need to learn the truth and you need to learn it now!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • David Bousum

        How do you know for sure?   I would rather look at it as a threat than through it a side and regret it later.

        • syntaxToy

          Stick your head in the sand – it’s twice as effective as denial above ground.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Matt – Anonymous is not a super power; what I am specifying is that it could be a alliance of many distinct groups and nations (especially as China and Russia have demonstrated many advanced cyber warfare abilities). The similiar goal is this – damage America.

        They have, with Obama at the helm, the best opportunity in generations to knock us back more than a few notches.

        • Michelle Antoinetta

           I think you hit the nail on the head. Russia, China and Iran all involved

          • William Riley-Land

             What do you think they even need funding for?  Posting videos to YouTube is practically free.  Talking anonymously on the internet is practically free.  Organizing protests is practically free.  A lot of 12 year olds could hack into the CIA, NSA, DHS webpages.  It’s not hard, you just have to be stupid enough to kick the hornets’ nest.

          • Willis

             Anonymous is completely against the governments of Russia and China, as they already limit internet freedom. The organization is not just against America…

        • USAhasNoPresidentClick4Proof

          Everything “anonymous” is completely made up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media for Psy-ops following the coup and cover up.

      • Alexander David Montgomery

         I wish you were right I have look at the code these guys have generated, these guys make Bill Gates look dumb and poor these guys cant be taken down, are grass roots, cant be tracked, and can hack servers built be some of the most brilliant guys in the world don’t shrug these guys off they are dangerous!

        • William Riley-Land

          You do not know what you’re talking about. 

      • Daniel Morris

        You need to go to this channel this we are telling you and everyone that the problems with anonymous is far worse than you may even have imaged!!! And we are offering a solution that can fix all corruption in the US Government and even bring about world peace! This plan is 30 years in the making and will 100% work! We have openly declared war on anonymous not with guns but with commonsense and the truth! you need to learn the truth and you need to learn it now!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brenden Nathaniel Sousa

      Like Matt says, they aren’t some superpowered, terrorist organization.  They are a bunch of pathetic, bottom feeding, basement dwelling hackers that have more time than most to put towards hacking into these high security systems.  If they put their talents toward something that would actually do SOMETHING then they could make some serious change.  But going after the causes they do, has little to no positive affects on anyone.  Generally these “wars” just bring upon inconvenience to everyone.

      • Robert

         Go ahead and keep believing that, and I’ll look to see where you are when the dust settles

      • Justin Tierney

        and what exactly are you DOING about it Brenden?

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Brenden – one classical example of warfare I use occured twice in the second world war; everyone said it was impossible for German armored forces to cross the Ardens…yet they did – 1941 invasion of France; and the Battle of the Bulge.

        Right now these ‘wars’ may be inconvenience; yet these also open the door to a full scale damaging attack. Just consider this example; what would be the social effect on a city such as New York if the water supply got cut for a few hours due to a cyber attack succeding?

        • Jason Cannon

          My father just did computer work at a Nuke Power plant. There is no hacking into secured networks for vital sources like that. Not by Anonymous. The hacking required there is far superior to anything the Anonymous people do. They don’t really “hack” at all. They employ exploits against the servers. Serious networks like power and water have people who all they do is solve exploits. All Anonymous can do is shut down networks from overloading them, and sometimes get documents if someone is dumb enough to keep their document server connected to the internet.

          • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

            Jason I have relatives who engage in cyber security for the military of our nation; based on the testimony of what they can talk about and declassified military studies and reports, especially from the Strategic Studies Institute – WE ARE vulnerable.

            THEY have been able to infiltrate the operation systems of key infrastructure units, water, power and so forth – based on the collective weight of evidence we are vulnerable.

            These places can be taken down, even briefly, the social impact by a brief disruption will become immense.

      • syntaxToy

        Gosh.  You just couldn’t be any more wrong about so many things you lack an informed opinion about.  You don’t even manage to make a point – seeing that all your speculation is baseless and without factual foundation in reality.
        DDOS is NOT HACKING.
        DDOS Is Flooding a server with requests.

        But then you knew that didn’t you?  

        The truth about the state of the world and documented proof of criminal activities of governments must really offend a turncoat like yourself.

        Like it or not WIKILEAKS and ANONYMOUS are doing the world a great service by exposing corruption and leaking documents that in no plain way
        site several occasions of criminal elements at the corporate/gov/mil/banks levels.

        • Anonymous

          Cyber anarchists like yourself are morons. The only thing you accomplish is to strengthen the resolve of those that are determined to crush you.

          Get a job. Get a family. Get a life. Get in touch with God. Far more worthwhile pursuits than your current “cause”.

    • Jason Cannon

      While they are a strong force of hackers. They are not funded at all. They are a bunch of individual hackers. There is no “funding” process. There is no “leadership”. Everyone there is anonymous, even amongst themselves. They would have no way of proving if I was really the leader or not, as they are all “anon”. You can’t use IP tracing to figure it out, as only an idiot would post there and not run through a few proxies. Soros, Obama, Europe, Russia, China. They have nothing to do with it. Anon is a very broad collection of hackers with no real goal in mind. There are some within Anon that fight corrupt governments, but that is only a small portion. The majority do it “for the lulz”

      • Irina Krasnyuk

        Onk lava

    • syntaxToy

      Here’s news for you.  YOU ARE taking to many shots in the dark.  Your boogie man always has to come from tried and true boogie man sources.  China, Russia, Soros?
      There is no “funding”.  I for one don’t need money from Russia or China or Soros to do what needs to be done and I am certain that there are millions of people who share my sentiment or rather should be waiting for their checks in the mail from said boogeymen.
      : P….. 

      You are a clueless sideline sitting parrot.  YOU won’t be of any help to people who are standing up now…yes…you will rest on your arse til 2013 and you will be sitting in the same clueless boat you’re in now unless you inform yourself to the facts about WHAT Anonymous or similiar movements are really all about.  

      It would only take you a few minutes of your precious time to actually inform yourself 
      properly. Go Look….explore …I’ll wait.

      By the way, GOD called, he’s wondering why you’ve waited for it to come to this and why you still are satisfied doing NOTHING.

      Obama = Terrorist (UNCONSTITUTIONAL WARS)
      Bush = Terrorist (UNCONSTITUTIONAL WARS)
      Elected Official in washington = 99% Terrorist. (UNCONSTITUTIONAL WARS)
      Bank Cartels = Terrorist (UNCONSTITUTIONAL WARS)
      WallStreet = Terrorist
      IRS = Terrorist
      Central Banks = Terrorist

      ANYONE WHO UNDERMINES THE ABOVE? = Thought Criminal / Terrorists.

      Well …. finally it’s the terrorists vs the terrorists. 

      • Jax Wilson

        did you notice the V and then the 1 domino being picked up at the end? VI=6  the domino effect…..6 is the highest number on a domino…ok random..carry on

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Syntax – normally I do not respond to trolls or troublemakers, you however are so far into the clueless zone that I have to say this much, GET REAL.

        • Robert Jensen

           You’re going to talk about him being into the clueless zone?  The one that with no evidence what so ever claimed anonymous is backed by china, russia, iran, etc.? Get real yourself. You hide behind your computer screen and claim we should put our faith in god and he’ll sort it out while you yourself do nothing but sit on your butt and hope someone else does it for you. The fact is while the U.S. government declares anonymous to be a top terror threat and claims they’re trying to drop the power grid (yeah real useful, since all they do is based on the power and internet being on) while they’re out there risking their freedom to fight for what they and millions of others believe in. Go ahead and call this a troll all you want, but i’m not here to troll. I rather believe uneducated fear mongers such as yourself are part of the problem here in america. You spout your gibberish without a single lick of evidence and claim you know what you’re talking about. You act like anyone that differs from your opinion is absolutely insane and that everyone else agrees with you. You hide behind your god and claim that he’s on your side and everything will be alright if you put your faith in him. If you want clueless re-read your original post, cause you don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.And yes, my posting picture is the anonymous logo, because I believe in what they’re fighting for.

      • Anonymous

        Uhm, hate to break it to you, but Bush’s wars were NOT unconstitutional.  They were backed by Congress.  Since they were backed by Congress, they were 100% Constitutional.

      • w. Parker

        Your discontent is quite obvious.  Is there anyone in america/washington that you trust?  What about the servicemen/women who served in one of your so called unconstitutional wars and would do it again tomorrow and considered it a just cause?  are they terrorist too?  Is it anyone who happens to disagree with you a terrorist or a “thought criminal”?  Perhaps it is others who look at you as an irrational individual.  What is your remedy – destroy them all??

        • Anonymous

          sorry we went to war for one person n never caught him untill almost 8 years later… the service men alot of them go n join the army because they have no choice they do it for the money and for our freedom but they are not really fighting for freedom because they lied to them we killed many innocent ppl and alot of soldiers died for what???are we safer nope because security here in the united states is worst then ever and they have no choice but to do what they say or be thrown into jail for treason… alot of servicemen will tell you that this war is wrong…so speak for yourself

    • Johna Peterson

      Anonymous may be ‘cyber terrorists’ because they choose to operate anonymously and attack people via the internet, but they aren’t funded by anyone but red-blooded Americans. It’s probably one of the only organizations left on this earth without any ties to political organizations. It’s hilarious you actually think China or Obama and Soros could fund them, it just shows how jacked up America has become. It’s difficult to imagine a group of Americans that are Americans without the jacked-up political motives. There are people out there, lots of them, unaffiliated with the sense of entitlement the 3% of the individuals that control this society have. I bet you can’t imagine people that just want to live out their lives and not be bothered, it’s not all about power and control. I love both anonymous and the founders of Wikileaks. Our government IS corrupt, it’s run by power-hungry, selfish, over privileged, lying, corrupt bastards. It’s all about who can bullsh!t the people better, and pay them more. We’re greedy. America isn’t America anymore, and groups like Anonymous and Wikileaks will be the ones to wake up America, not the corrupt media who are just as guilty as the government for not reporting the news and falling prey to the same bastards that run our government. I want my rights back, I want to actually OWN the property I paid $200,000 for. I want my guns, I want my police force clean and not shooting 15 year old unarmed kids and woodcarvers to death with no repercussions. We live in a society run by the government, not the people and it’s time to scrap what we have going here, because it does not lead in a good direction. All governments eventually fall, due to corruption and the drive to harbor too much control over people. Ours is headed this direction, how long will we stand by and take it? The 3% of the corrupt entitled fall when the other 97% wake up and smell the coffee. I think we should divide the United States in thirds. Liberals in one third, Conservatives in another one third and Libertarians in the other one third. I don’t want to live with people that don’t share my values, and I’m tired of having their beliefs and their bills, and their jacked up agendas shoved down my throat and ruining my kids, our society and our future. On the other hand, it sucks for the other 2/3 that don’t share my beliefs and are tired of having mine shoved down their throat. Nothing we do will ever be fair, except to give people freedom of choice.

    • Anonymous

      2012 WERE still losing America
      2013 Were going to LOSE America

    • Anonymous

      Get you head out of your but, and realize that this web-site is indicative of the Right wing conspiracy of propaganda that is the most vicious threat to America in 200 years.  Get over the blame game, wake up, and stop blaming the wrong people for all our ills: STOP believing LIES and mis-information subsidized by Right wing, big-business funding of “Beck-Like” mouthpieces. (Oh forget it…you haven’t got enough sense to see through this right-wing propaganda, you leming.)

    • Daniel Morris

      You need to go to this channel this we are telling you and everyone that the problems with anonymous is far worse than you may even have imaged!!! And we are offering a solution that can fix all corruption in the US Government and even bring about world peace! This plan is 30 years in the making and will 100% work! We have openly declared war on anonymous not with guns but with commonsense and the truth! you need to learn the truth and you need to learn it now!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • blue

      I’m sorry but you have no idea what Anon is actually trying to accomplish and you’re just out right ignorant if you believe that other countries are funding Anon. Anon doesn’t need funding anyway. What do they do that even requires money? Sitting on a computer for a few hours? Posting videos on youtube?

      Also, many of the founding fathers were atheists. Why do you think they wanted separation between church and state? Bringing Christ into a discussion about politics just shows your ignorance and the founding fathers would agree with me.

  • Wayne

    I challenge Glenn Beck to re-read the Declaration of Independence which is specifically stated in the second sentence, we ARE A NATION OF MEN and what their responsibility’s are which sounds very similar to the objective of “anonymous”…

     “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
    that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
    that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. —
    That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men,
    deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That
    whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is
    the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new
    Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its
    powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their
    Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments
    long established should not be changed for light and transient causes;
    and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed
    to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by
    abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train
    of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a
    design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it
    is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards
    for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of
    these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to
    alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present
    King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations,
    all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny
    over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid
    world.”–Declaration of Indepence”

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately  Obama is such a socialist. He probably wipes his ass with the DOI.

      • Arik Chadima

        I don’t think he even gives it that much respect.  It’s time to destroy the cancer inherent in the system.

      • Tony Anzalone

        I think you need to look up the word socialist

        • Anonymous

          A supporter or advocate of socialism or any party promoting socialism. I believe what you meant to say is look up the word socialism. So here is a definition straight out of the dictionary. an economic theory or system in which the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned by the community collectively, usually through the state. It is characterized by production for use rather than profit, by equality of individual wealth, by the absence of competitive economic activity, and, usually, by government determination of investment, prices, and production levels.

          • Anonymous

             Shhhh. The truth doesn’t matter. Didn’t you know that?

    • David Bousum

       First off, we still have laws, and this can be done with in the laws.  Second, they offer no idea on establishing anything afterwards, no back up plan, third, as it says they are endowed by their Creator, there is no talk of Creator or God, only mention of we are Legion.  Now Legion means many, we are many, but the only way I have ever seen this term used is in movies about possession, and in real life instances, Glenn points out that the problems of what is going on today we agree with but when this group comes out and hides their identity and uses terms that we do not forgive, and Legion, I am sorry but I can not help but to think this is evil.

      • Wayne

         First off, the “laws” that are being created currently are removing our “rights”  Therefore are to be revolted against by any means necessary.  This is what our founders and troops fought and died for.  Second, as quoted by the Declaration ” it is
        the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new
        Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its
        powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their
        Safety and Happiness”   Last….not sure where you made up this legion business but it is clearly not stated anywhere in the post of the declaration.

        • Anonymous

           How clueless can you get? You don’t even know who you’re supporting here do you?

          Anonymous’ creed: We never forgive. We never forget. We are Legion. Expect us.

          Ever heard of it?

    • syntaxToy

      The best post so far IMHO.

    • Anonymous

       Yeah? Sounds a lot like Anonymous? I didn’t see anything in there about: “We never forgive. We never forget. We are legion. Expect us.”
      Wait. Let me check…

      Nope. Nothing in the Declaration of Independence like that.

      Obvious cyber anarchist trolls are obvious.


  • MrLawless Antipc

    Glenn, a large part of Anonymous is the government.  Anonymous isnt real., its created by the government.  So they can have a boogie man to use to clamp down on the internet.

  • Shahzad

    They are not funded by ANYBODY.  Hackers don’t need money or big resources to pull off what they do.  A 14 year old in his pajamas at 2 am could do any of the things that you’ve seen them do.  Glenn these people are not declaring war on the *legitimate* US government, they are declaring war the the constitutional destroying cancer that has taken it over.  Of all people, you should appreciate that passionately.

    • Christopher Mountain

      A 14 year old who hacked the CIA and has not bin caught that’s impressive. 

      • Jason Cannon

        Its real life. Hackers make runs on government machines all the time. Also, its not them alone, it’s the bot net armies they employ, and the premade methods they use. Anyone can learn to hack. Shoot, I used to do it for fun (on legal hacking playgrounds) Shahzad is right, Anonymous has no funding. Furthermore, not all of anonymous has declared war on America. Just this one “op”. Hell, I can start an op called “OP Anon” and declare war against Anonymous. Doesn’t make it an official declaration of war.

  • Neil Jepson

    Since when did the good, the righteous hide behind a mask? Only evil hides behind a mask! The time honored strategies to get people to commit atrocities is to dehumanize the victims, and to de-individualize/depersonalize those committing the acts. WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE TO YOU?

    • Wayne

       It looks like they are playing by the same rules as the government does.  Did you hear the government come out and promote they are taking away your rights with The Patriot Act, NDAA, TSA, Homeland Security, SOPA, PIPA?  NO the government does this in secrecy in the dark without the people knowing and requires the media or informed public to get this information.  Why would “anonymous” come out in the open only to allow every powerful aspect of the federal government to destroy them?  Unlike the Obama administration, anonymous is not revealing to the enemy it’s war strategy….

      • David Weisenthal

        We live in a battle of the establishment versus the people.  The Establishment wants to create a partition of states that allow them to live in safety away from the massive crowds of idiots they presume us to be.  But this is a country for the people not for those who control the wealth.  Once the populace sees the injustice, it will be torrential downpour of anger and malcontent.  The Wealthy don’t want that at all.

    • Steven Michael

       because our government is run by criminally insane people and if they know who you are and you speak out against them in this nazi style america you will be killed or put in prison .. just look at kenedy .. so it would be foolish to not where the v mask for that would be the end of revolution ..

      • David Weisenthal

         The Guy Fawkes mask is actually a bad move.  It gives authority a symbol to attach to anonymous.  Basically saying “Arrest any of the V mask wearing weirdos”.  Anonymity is the goal.

        • syntaxToy

          Often worn while working behind a computer for extra protection.  lol

      • David Bousum

         if it is worth dying for, then why have the mask, and if that was to happen then people would rally around that thus truly having the revolution

        • James Bourne

          See “V for Vendetta” for more information on the concept.

    • Anonymous

       You’re committing the fallacy of , “we ain’t never done nuthun that way before”.  I think these fellas are up to something, probably good too.  If you can’t see what they are saying, then you’re probably still asleep…keep dreaming.

    • James Bourne

      Batman wears a mask….

      • syntaxToy

        from the superheroes entry at wikipedia 
        Secret identity

        …the rigid convention of giving super-heroes a secret identity … is part of their psychological defence mechanism. Each super-hero chooses in the beginning of his career a disguise and a battle name. … He dons a mask and in doing so reaches back to the age-old custom of exorcising demons and evil spirits by frightening them with a terrifying disguise. Today the villain stands in place of evil spirits. The super-hero’s disguise has therefore become a mythical element. … The super-hero divides himself into two component parts, each part playing its role: the alter ego and the secret identity. The dream half (alter ego) expresses all that the author or designer — and with him the reader — would like to be; the other half, rooted in reality, is a symbol of the ordinary everyday man following the behaviour pattern ordained by society. It is a division of life into dream and reality … and serves to strengthen the individual’s self-confidence and to justify his personal way of thinking.

    • syntaxToy

      At the present, Yes, Good wears a mask. Quit relying on OLD ARCHETYPES TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND.

      Here’s something that will REALLY creep you out.  You are surrounded by Anonymous’
      without masks.

      Now ask yourself your silly little questions.

  • Anonymous
  • Brett Allen

    They may as well have announced themselves, “We are anonymous. Prepare to be assimilated.”

  • Endelbert Switbershits

    None of you understand what the hell you’re talking about, ESPECIALLY in respect to what Anonymous is and why it exists, because you’re either incredibly pedantic pricks, or under-educated shitheads. Lurk moar.

  • Christopher G. Page

    The “great” and “noble” Anonymous are also attacking people trying to stop illegal pornography;   
    That’s really classy of them

    Here’s the link to read up on their upstanding endeavor: 

    • James Bourne

      While child porn is an abomination, the link you posted sounds like a made up story from an anti-porn activist group. Odd huh? Perhaps “convenient”? She didn’t think to record video or take images of the atrocity with her phone? 

      Lol at the “violent” porn description in the video…. 2 Asian girls whipping each other. Lol. Most Asians in porn look really young, it’s nothing new. Lol at the “exploit” of women in porn. What about the men who have to have sex with all those ugly women in pornos? Aren’t they exploiting men for profit too? Or people in general?

      This is just an alternate point of view. I may be right, or I may be wrong.

  • Chris Mac

    Can anyone say…paranoid much? America needs some anti-anxiety medication and maybe a few benzos. 

  • Yankster

    The only change needed is for term limits AND tax reform.  Term limits would keep creepers from solidifying a handhold in the government and using that to their advantage via quid pro quo agreements.  Additionally, a flat tax with the only deduction being a poverty rate deduction on individual income and NO deductions for corporations would end the lobbying for special “incentives”, tax credits, tax breaks, etc.  Our government would be transformed overnight by these two changes.

  • General Kota

    The terrorist are at it again!

  • Mary Stanley

    these guys are nuts.wowwee!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    If the system is broken you don’t destroy the entire government. You vote in the person to change it. This is terrorism. We need to take it seriously. They are willing to hurt all of us and don’t care one bit. Anyone who can’t forgive, will not care if someone is hurt by what they are doing. They obviously have no feelings to the rest of us. I doubt they feel at all. These are sick callous people.
    They may be right about what is wrong in this country – but they are wrong by doing what they are doing. This is not the answer. They should use ideas and find other ways to change the situation. We should never resort to this type of thinking. It is so destructive. It is so evil. It concerns me that their ideals are very much evil. Satan would tell you not to forgive and to give in to your inner most feelings to hurt others. There is another way. I hope they will be guided by the light and learn another way to change it.

    • Wayne

       Please re-read the Declaration of Independence, as you are wrong in your assertion.  Scroll to the bottom of the comments as I have it posted for you to read…..

      • Anonymous

        So it says you should harm other innocent people for the sake of changing the government? It says that you change the government through the rule of law ­ by voting. Only when the government is so corrupt and unchangeable do you then have a right to use force. They haven’t even tried to change by rule of law yet. There are steps that must be taken carefully. Maybe it is you that do not understand the Declaration of Independence. Mob rule is not a republic. These people are anarchists and criminals.

        • Wayne

           Every year we vote and remove the person yet the government continues it’s tyranny with either party in charge…therefore as you describe it IS SO CORRUPT AND UNCHANGEABLE….therefore a revolution is in the works   As far as your claim of harming innocent people is EXACTLY what the government is doing daily!  It’s not “mob rule” it is the “responsibility” of WE THE PEOPLE, as the founders described.

          • Anonymous

            And so you are saying anonymous is the way to changing the system? I don’t think so. These people or group will not do what you have laid out. This is just terrorism against our country and its people. It will not solve anything. It will cause pain to many for no purpose other than evil.

          • Wayne

             You do know the “oath” of office includes “enemies foreign and DOMESTIC” for a reason right…..

          • Anonymous

            Ok Wayne, you obviously don’t understand what is going on here. You and others like you are being used to cause the crisis that is needed to create the One World Order. It is the progressives on both sides that have created situations to make people uneasy to the point of doing something stupid. Sit back and think about what you are saying. Have you heard anything Glenn has been informing us about? He has the vital information that shows their plan. Not only that he has told how it has happened in the past many times. History repeats itself. It is easy to get carried away with emotions and do something you might regret.

            Furthermore, The Tea Party is an example of a peaceful way to change what you don’t like in the government. They informed the public and because of that we changed the congress with our votes. Now, that is not enough to make total change because the president still has more power and the senate is not changed either. But it is a start. Wouldn’t it be better to continue on that path of change that assures eventually that our children will be safe? This won’t happen over night.

            But if we take your path, we risk the government using that crisis they are waiting for and then they will use their forces to take everything away from us. They already have detainment centers prepared for this crisis. Look it up. Home land security detainments were created when Obama became president. They even have the containers for the bodies they plan to kill. This is all in place waiting for someone like you to decide they had enough and it is
            time to have a revolution. They are pushing our buttons hoping for that day.
            This is why Glenn has told all of us to stay calm and not react.

            I suggest you look in to some of what I have said. Read some of the books
            Glenn has written. He has taken a lot of time and effort to bring this vital
            information to all of us.

          • Wayne

             @walkintruth:disquslast post:  See this is what you don’t understand, I was one of Glenn’s biggest fans, I own his books up to the last two when I came to the conclusion that Glenn was a fake and I too was just as you thinking everything Glenn says comes from his integrity and he knows the way to “sunshine and lollipop” land.

            Then I started actually doing as Glenn states “do your own research” and discovered Glenn has flip flopped on more issues than Mitt Romney and John Kerry put together.  Example 1. Glenn was vehemently for Ron Paul’s foreign policy before he was against it, as shown here>>>  Example 2. Glenn states that these times are too bad to live in the middle ground with the Constitution, as stated at the 4:40 mark here >>>  and the list goes on and on.  As far as your remarks about changing the system.  The Tea Party was created in 07 do to the Ron Paul campaign yet has now been co-opted by Glenn Beck to promote himself and has mainly been co-opted now by Congress to do as they want as you may or may not know.

            In the last 6 months here is a just a short list of what “Tea Party” people are “actively against” yet could not have been signed into law without their support.  Debt ceiling increase twice, Re-affirming the Patriot Act (repealing the 4th amendment), Signing into law the NDAA,(repealing the 6th amendment),  Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 (which repeals part of the 1st amendment, which passed 2 days ago), Trillions more in deficit spending, just to name a few.

            Finally, the Arizona debate summed it up in a nutshell, as far as you and Glenn’s thinking that buy electing new people to Congress is the answer I just proved that wrong in the last paragraph but when Rick stated “It was against my principals, but I took one for the team and politics is a team sport folks”  Just emphasizes what faith you shouldn’t have in that belief, yet does answer to me why Glenn’s strong support for him now.  Because what people do not realize about this upcoming election is we don’t need a compromiser in the White House we need a Veto’er in the White House for any bill that spends money we don’t have, takes away civil liberty’s, and is unconstitutional…..THAT WILL CHANGE AMERICA!  That is the purpose of a revolution, the power will then be transferred transparently back to the people where it belongs.  This belief that getting more bills passed just with an R or D attached to it will fix the problem is the biggest fraud ever to the blinded public

          • Anonymous

            You could be a great advocate for this country with your knowledge. The power of your voice and others will do more than any violent act. Why don’t you run for office. It is people like you that can make a difference. Our country needs change but it also needs people to direct it in the proper way.
            I do think you are a little harsh on Glenn. He is a good man and I haven’t seen anyone stick their neck out like he has.

          • Wayne

             That all “sounds” all good in well, but like I previously stated no one person in the “lower” office can change the system as it is now, as they will be corrupted into joining the system, this is my main reason for supporting Ron Paul, which like GB and many others ignored him in 08 because the media told me to, but after researching him now and seeing he has stood alone for over 30 years is incorruptable.  Which is why the media want you to ignore him as he is a real threat to their system.  Only the President can do this, which I will never have that desire, and as stated the President can do this ONLY in the opposite way that people who support other candidates think.  It’s not by passing legislation, but by vetoing legislation.  This is the only process that will physically force 1 of 2 options.  1.  The bill keeps getting sent back to Congress and changed until it falls within our founding principals or 2. America decides it doesn’t want those foundations any longer and removes that President.  If #1 prevails it will show the demand from the people that all previous intrusive legislation should be brought up for repeal, as not doing so would threaten their career in office.

            As far as being harsh towards Beck, In my opinion I’m not harsh enough.  I hope to have him one day explain examples listed previously and others why he has switched his positions so many times as anyone with “true” integrity would explain.  Because until them the only thing I can see from buying his books and following him so closely has accomplished was allowing him to profit off of a being a fraud.  See to me the only thing different between Beck and Bernie Madoff is Beck is still profiting of peoples false beliefs.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know how you can compare Beck to Madoff but ok. Seems like you might be a little confused. Anyway, good luck with your beliefs.

  • Anonymous

    “While Glenn may agree with Anonymous on many topics, but method is where there is a clear divide. Glenn compared it to the difference between Thomas Paine and George Washington.
    “Both Patriots—one was right, one was wrong—but both Patriots,” Glenn said.”

    So if it worked why did the Whiskey Rebellion arise as the first horrid law was passed?
    Washington had a real bad habit of listening to and agreeing with that slime Hamilton who represented the class that really ran the country. No, if Washington worked we would not be in such dire straights now.

  • Anonymous

    Hey if any Anonymous members are reading this right now, first off, how do i join??? Haha just kidding, i couldn’t hack my way out of a Big Mac box.  But really, no one is going to listen to you or even give you any kind of credit until you do something that toally blows people’s minds!  Anyone can post a video on youtube, but not everyone hack (say a tv broadcast of a Presidential speech or just a main news channel durring a primary or debate)  Do THAT Anonymous!! I challenge you guys to hack a TV broadcast so the world knows your name and knows that you are serious.  I believe in the American People too

    • David Weisenthal

      You don’t join, you become Anonymous.  You shed your personal Identity and work as a collective to further your goals.  There is not a set “Agenda” for Anonymous, it is a bee-hive of ideas and projects ranging from Iranian Regime overthrow to Clean water projects in other nations.  You don’t have to be a hacker, just try to change something that pisses you off.

      • syntaxToy


  • David Weisenthal

    Anonymous is not a Collective of super-nerds in basements across the globe.  It is a manifestation of our civil duty of protest.  Anonymous has one Goal- Promoting the spread of free information and free speech.  Anonymous doesn’t have a leader or a group of leaders.  It is a title for those who wish to change the world without promoting their personal identity.  They Are Anonymous, should you hinder their progress you will fall to the street side.  In the style of Washington and Adams, authority must be questioned and held accountable of its crimes against the governed.

    You had your chance, you failed to listen.
    We are running out of time and you fight the resistance of the corporate elite.
    You are a fake, Glenn Beck and your words will fall on deaf ears once the revolution begins.
    They do not forgive Intolerance
    They do not forget Injustice
    Expect Them.

    • Al Jonas

       It’s goal is the takeover of the American culture and the injection of Marxism.  Fascist to the core.  It represents a miniscule fraction of radical far left citizens.

      • David Weisenthal

         Do you understand the term Fascism?  You obviously don’t as America is among the most fascist nations on the planet.  Fascism is the forcing of an idea among a certain populace.  Like Hitler’s Nazism, he forced it into the minds of the people to accept it and obey.  That is precisely whats happening here.  You are incompetent if you can’t see that.

  • Whats

     I hear no terrorist rhetoric here. Instead, I hear the voice of the American people. You brought this on yourselves and now you must reap what you sow. This country has been ruined by the theocratic right-wing nut-jobs as well as the pseudo communist left-wing pansies. You people forget where you came from. This country was built on revolution.

    • Al Jonas

       Anonymous is in league with the KKK, American Nazi Party, CPUSA, OWS, David Duke, etc.  They are Fascist to the core and represent a small fraction of radical communists.  I believe you when you say you are hearing voices.

      • David Weisenthal

        You need to open your mind.  I hope you don’t have children to scream your intolerance into.

      • Wayne

        According to you our founders must have been fascists as they specifically stated for this to be done in the second sentence of the Declaration of Independence…

      • Brian Alexander Freedman

        Is this guy for real? You’re comparing Anonymous to the KKK and Nazis? You take analogy lessons from Hank Williams Jr.?

      • syntaxToy

        Serving bullshit cafeteria style are we? 

    • syntaxToy

      It’s the right thing to do.

    • w. Parker

      I wouldn’t advertise your disgusting filth.  It could be people as you that are in their sights

  • Iria Zeoth

    Calling this group ‘THE GROUP KNOWN AS ANONYMOUS’ really obscures the fact that this is not an organization, the messages you see were an old Internet joke (expect us, etc) that is now being used by loose hacker groups…and ANYONE who just says they happen to be involved with the group. The only real stuff you could credit is ‘lulsec’ which is a group who DDOS attacks sites. But certainly none of this breaking into the Pentagon science fiction. Listen, go after people who commit attacks, Glen. But going after this ‘Group’ will result in nothing, because it isn’t a group I assure you.

  • Anonymous

    anonymous is not an organized group. we are a hivemind. This seems to be the concept that escapesmany of you.  just because some claiming to speak for anon have issued a message does not mean it will catch on. an individual cannot speak for the group. The message could have been posted by anyone for any reason. I am anonymous, I do not support the fake operation. The hivemind will decide what to support, some will follow ideas and some will not. we are not evil. we are everywhere. we are growing.  just remember;
    we are anonymous
    we are legion
    we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    expect us

  • Wayne

     I would like to point out that Glenn Beck’s own “media outlet” The Blaze currently has NO mention to this story….Is this another case of “do as I say not as I do”…..

    “This was released on February 26th, two days ago, yet no one in the
    media or our government is talking about this—not to the American
    people, anyway.”–Glenn Beck quoted from above

  • Lee

    I think the CIA especially needs to move all the important stuff onto LAN servers, then just work on tracking where these guys are at. Find were they’re at, and then blow up their house: gotta send a message…    I believe that the government has always tried to remember our best interests (at-least most of the time), and that by attacking the very people that protect us and have no gripe or mission against the people, might as well be attacking the American people themselves and should be dealt with severely… at this point they’re traitors in my book. And by the way… Power my butt; nukes are power!!

    • Wayne

       You sound like Obama now….who cares if they may be U.S. citizens, we the government deem them a threat….SCREW their rights to a trail or any other rights under the Constitution, just kill them!…..As far as “in my book” fortunately the founders specifically prevented people like yourself from making that decision!

    • Anonymous

      Nice sentiment.  But, the government keeps it’s best interest in mind.  At best, it keeps what it “thinks” is our best interest in mind.  Having someone else decide what is in your best interest, without consulting you, or even knowing who you are, is worse than Tyranny.  It is oppression cloaked within the moral high ground, and good intentions. 

      It is easy to identify and oppose those which directly and openly seek to take your liberty, life or property.  It is much more insidious when it is all “in your best interests.”

      However, I have supported some of Anonymous’ actions, and been among those victimized by them as well (Stratfor subscriber).  I believe Anonymous has both Black Hat & White Hat elements.  Those involved in the active overthrow of the US should be hunted down and prosecuted.  Those involved in attacks of government websites are different.  Those are swarms of users continually pinging the website, which can cause a website to become unresponsive, typically destroys nothing, and can be seen as a form of protest.  I personally have no problem with this.  Anything that can aid the US people to demonstrate their disapproval of government actions is good. 

      The CIA, NSA, DoD, DoJ, etc. have separate computer systems, that do not connect to their websites, where all their internal and sensitive information resides.  Attacking these systems would be different.

  • Doran

    I guess they decided doing something worth while like hacking the drug cartels was too hard..

    • syntaxToy

      Chin up.  Enjoy the show.  The Cartels are going to suffer defeat from their own people.

  • Steven Michael

    but tell me.. what are peaceful unarmed americans gonna do against blue army’s with mililtarry style weapons … ? im all for putting 90 percent of our leaders behind bars cuz god knows they deserve much worse and god knows i would be doing life or put to death for far less … but they are lawless this will just be an excuse to put down marshal law and to cut off the internet for good.. what we need is a revolution of consciousness the sacred fires are now available to us when we call..these people will not be allowed into the next dimension … raise your consciousness and spread love for we create our worlds more today then ever..our minds alone can create a better reality .. 😉

  • Anonymous

    As I have postulated in the past about Anonymous they are a Soro’s backed/funded organization.  The same with Wiki-Leaks.  They are all aimed at killing the American style of Gov’t because it is an impediment to George Soros’ plan to rule the world through financial terrorism.  Soros is the same as his mentor Adolf Hitler was with military overthrow of the world’s gov’ts.  He is a minor player that uses lies and subterfuge to win at all costs. 

    The Open Society/Communist Movement has been found lacking since WWII those country’s that have tried it are now failing faster than the US, matter of facts they turn to the US to bail them out because Free Market Capitalism no matter how corrupt some Capitalists are it still produced the greater financial growth compared to the Socialist Economy’s.

    The US funds the IMF and other International Financial institutions more than other countries fund their own economies.  It has been “Rich” Americans that have given more to the global economy by being able to fly around the world and purchase items and bring them back to the US.

    But if Anonymous is so hell bent on destroying the American Gov’t will it have the financial ability to pay for the suffering of the people they so jealously fight for.  Will they fund food banks when the financial system fails and the Greatest Global Depression comes?  They have claimed that they are the smartest group of Computer Hacktivists but who is funding this effort since they will need new equipment to hide the IP/MAC id’s of the hardware they use from Security Agencies and Gov’ts around the world some body in the movement will slip up and bring down their house of Cards.

  • Anonymous

    It’s an Occupy WS thing. 

  • Anonymous
  • Rafael Lafuente

    Most of the hackers i knew were kids, none from the far left because leftists are stupid and hackers are not, but still they were kids, most of them libertarians or from center or the right wind.

    I have to say US gov, is declaring war on our freedom, and the chosen battelfield is internet now, and that is disgusting i saw internet grow from the nothing 30+ back, first the government stuck his nose with escuses like child pornography or terrorism, “to protect us” ¿how in the hell chasing the mailman and reading all the letters is going to protect us? 
    few years later they go beyond that and started regulating and making shit of the internet, with the escuse of copyrights, Now acta sopa and pipa, pushing bills to make content providers their private and free police of the internet, that’s unnaceptable 

    i could imagine laws like that being pushed in countries like china or iran; but USA?! the flagship of the freedom, omg..

  • Ken Brody

    Well, Glenn, having named the Soros demon, your followers now see his work everywhere, even in a hacker’s collective like Anonymous.

    Maybe you can find some connection between Sergei Brin and the CIA to make it easier for the Government to spy on us through Google (they do!).  In any event there are more demons than just Soros, guys.

    Even those of us who don’t want to go into the chaos zone are worried about the war the government is making on us, and what will happen after the next election.

  • David Bousum

     Two wrongs do not make a right

  • David Owens

    Die hard 4.

  • David Bousum

     Batman is a movie and is fake

  • David Bousum

     Batman is a movie and his fake

    • James Bourne

      No, Batman is a comic that was made into MOVIES. English is a language and his butchered by you.


  • Anonymous

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” story at 11

  • David Owens

    “You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end.”

    • syntaxToy

      : ) 

  • Wayne

    Could it be “anonymous” comes out with this statement just as our government passed this bill in the secret of darkness…….THIS IS WHY A REVOLUTION IS BREWING!   <<<GOODBYE FIRST AMENDMENT!

  • Alexander David Montgomery

    I agree with them to a point in between voter fraud, lobbyist, and crappy leadership, however I think that we can still fix the system revolting will only cause blood shed, and hackers can’t kill with computers directly we cant just go click and blow up a random computer, we would have to come up military power, and military would have an incentive more than likely that would be claiming the US or just nuking us to kingdom come. We need CHANGE not the change that Obama promised but change in the day light, where all people can see it and agree that this is in the best interest in the country

    ‘ To all members of Anonymous before attack think about what we will lose think about the implications PLEASE I BEG OF YOU!

  • Anonymous

    Funny-obvious Glenn: “I’m with Anonymous when they agree with me, but I’m against Anonymous if they don’t”. So much for the neocon hero who knows who’s who and what’s what. Glenn says “Don’t dismiss these people”. Oh, really. Thank heavens for Beck, if not for him we would have never thought Anonymous were serious. When it comes to Anonymous Glenn is as clueless as the rest of us.

  • Anonymous

    thank you, glenn, for your prospective.  i was thinking that, at the very least, there are bho operatives in anonymous for purposes of tracking, but now you suggest soros is funding it.  i just don’t understand why soros would work against bho through anonymous’ rhetoric.  many of the things they say are bho-anti.  perhaps i am naive in thinking that soros wouldn’t work against bho’s re-election in this way but i suppose it’s quite possible soros would take down anyone in his path.  of course, when there is chaos bho will use it to steal an election; to prolong the outcome of an election and to protest against an unfavorable election result.

  • Anonymous

    How hard would it have been to get the lyrics to REVOLUTION correct?

    You say you’ll change the constitution

    Well you know

    We’d all love to change your head

    You tell me it’s the institution

    Well you know

    You better free your mind instead

    But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao

    You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow

  • Lea-Anne Joy Morrison

    Shephen is that you?

  • Dylan Painter

    Our government is corrupt through and through. Everything anonymous has said is true. And I agree revolution IS necessary. The government has taken it upon themselves to systematically kill the constitution, the NDAA is a prime example of this.  Thomas Jefferson had it right when he said, “The two enemies of the people are criminals and the government, so let us tie down the second with the chains of the Constitution so that the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” Unfortunately that has already come to be.  So it is our duty as citizens of the United States of America to do as the Declaration of Independence says,  That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of
    these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute
    new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its
    powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety
    and Happiness.”

  • Gayle Neudorff

    The government is the ones who are terrorizing.

  • Jake Bonnett

    Yeah…this is another fake video from Ant-internet legislators that came up with SOPA/PIPA. They make these videos all the time, which is one reason why SOPA was so close to passing.

  • Jake Bonnett

    PS. There is not hundreds of thousands of people in Anonymous, if you think there is you have no idea what hackers are and you should not make statements of what they can do. They can do something like take down the Playstation Network that was based on 20 year old Apache servers with no security on them in a matter of seconds, why? Because there are thousands of people? No. Hackers are geniuses, a group of 5 could take down Google’s whole network…or at least they could if Google didn’t have hackers employed to help them with their own security. Look at YTCracker, single hacker who took over Yahoo about 15 years ago, entirely by himself. It doesn’t take much to see a hole and widen it enough to exploit a website’s awful security.

    • syntaxToy

      Sony’s troubles were not from Anon. FACT.
      Hackers = genius?  OR curious clever autodidactic individualistic yet hive minded and a force to be reckoned with?
      America needs to stop locking up it’s hackers. 


  • Chad Coulter

    Anonymous does not want to destroy america.  It wants to be the new patriots.  Its a new battleground and the elite do not understand it.  They do not like it.  And they want to contain it.  I wish that I saw any other way but I do not.  America has become what the rest of the world thinks we were.  

    • syntaxToy


  • Gina Sofia Albright

    Pray for Jerusalem and Israel. America is going down. The money and the inflation is gonna go up about at least 50%.  100% inflation that will last three or so years. No one not rich will have anything. Obama will tax the rich now, but he is moving on to the middle class. Thats you people in the Unions who have been suckered into supporting him. Boy are you gonna be surprised if you dont listen. They will take your savings and your pension and your retirement cause the government is broke. the people will be broke. 

    • Karen

      America is going down. The Great Daughter of Babylon will fall when we turn our back from Israel when they need us most. MARK MY WORDS!!!

  • Edward Krastof

    I feel it in my bones that Anonymous is right. I don’t like what I see as far as the government is concerned and we desperately need great change. I don’t see how this change will come about without involving the military and many unarmed citizens becoming either incarcerated, injured, or killed. Even the local police , I feel, may perhaps side with Anonymous but will continue to do their jobs as the orders come from superiors that are posted away from the battle lines. It may just turn into a war in the streets.  Who will be prepared when it does?

    • Anonymous

      Edward, Edward, isn’t that what was wanted in ’08?   Change?  And you are saying:

      ”—we desperately need great change.”   Tsk, tsk.  Didn’t get the change last time?

      So, what do you think this Prez plans to do so he won’t be defeated and ”the change”

      can continue?   Be careful for what you ask.   Not all were happy with the last ”change.”

  • Anonymous

    They are just a bunch of idiot 20 somethings who are mad that they can’t get out of their mother’s basement. So what do they do, hack easy targets and ruin things for other people. They are not a serious threat at all. Although I still would like to see them tried for treason to this country.

  • Anonymous

    Is this a Soros funded group or is this an underground patriot group? Is this a message from a Timothy McVeigh or a Paul Revere?

    Are these the guys in the Guy Fawkes masks?

    Before I buy what they are selling or condemn their outspoken rhetoric, I want to know exactly who they are.

    Then we can talk.

    Then I’ll tell you where I stand.

  • jane poirier

     prepare for the government to start taking people away with out a warrant, people will go missing and never heard from again, THEY NOW HAVE THE LAW ON THEIR SIDE- They can take you away for no reason and hold you for as long as they want. WE NEED TO VOTE IN A NEW GOVERNMENT

  • jane poirier

    I am a Libertarian and I support Anonymous.  We need to start speaking up and stop our Military ran Government with Big Business backers from turning us into a SLAVE NATION.

  • Evan Duarte

    lol, why do people think Anonymous is some big world power? I used to be in Anonymous. Believe me, they are nothing more than a bunch of 15 year old’s who sit back and wait for someone to hack something just so that they can take credit for it. Anyone who actually knows what they are talking about knows that I’m right. Anonymous is just a cancer. 

    Oh, and they called this little mission of theirs, “Operation: V” because “V For Vendetta” is their favorite movie. They aren’t original, they aren’t powerful, they aren’t even funny anymore. 

  • Anonymous

    If anonymous is in America it should be noted that it is also in the U.K. The author of the anon release concerning a nuke at the 2012 Olympics is definitely a Brit.

    IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Tubal Cain IS NOT, REPEAT NOT the secret word of a 3rd Degree Master Mason…not even close.

    I am a 32nd Degree Mason. The 33rd Degree is purely honorary, and selected by his peers of Scottish Rite Masons.

    Robert Icke is an idiot. If he would just obtain a petition to become a Mason he would see that all his claims of WORLD DOMINATION, yadda yadda, ARE IN DIRECT CONTRAST TO A PETITIONER’S entrance to Masonry. You may not be convicted of a felony, belong to, or plan to overthrow the Government, and a Petitioner must believe in GOD!

    In 2001 the ever so non-knowledgable Icke GUARANTEED ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL that the world would live under a NAZI(like) government controlled by those villainous Masons no later than 2009-2010.

    During the NAZI Regime, to be a Mason carried a sentence of DEATH. Yep, that’s how we roll, all right.

    …and, have you really listened to the rhetoric of anonymous? They do seem to be truly Anti-Semitic. I am a Christian, and like Glenn Beck, “I STAND WITH THE JEWS!”

    Believe this hogwash if you want, but I tell you true, IT IS HOGWASH. Don’t be taken in by this crap.

  • Anonymous

     News came out today (Tues.) that some of the Anonymous people were rounded up and

    arrested in several So. American countries and in Spain.  Not much information given, so don’t

    know if any were the ring leaders or all are just part of the troops.

  • Anonymous

    forgiveness doesnt mean you arent entitled to vent your pain and it doesnt mean be stupid enough to trust again. 

  • Ntexas

    Glenn…. I have to LOLOL at your expression on the first clip.  Looks like you are gunna SPEEEEEW.  Love ya man!

  • w. Parker

    It’s a train, NO   It’s a plane, NO,  It”s “Anonymous”!  Faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap from tall buildings.  As an old Mayan shaman once warned: it’s 2012 – get ready for the ride of your life

  • Douglas Nelson

    Could Anonymous be the cyber terrorist threat the administration would use to
    justify the “internet kill-switch?”Why pass SOPA when an executive order would
    work rather nicely.

  • Anonymous

    First, OBL did, in fact, declare war on the USA in 1993. 

    Second, BeckenLittle is assuming nobody is taking anonymous seriously.  In fact, Interpol reported 25 arrests of anonymous members just yesterday, all of them men between the ages of 17 and 40.  From Dec 2010 to July 2011, approximately 60 arrests were made, worldwide, of suspected members of anonymous, mostly men between the ages of 15 and 25.  In 2011 in the United States, the FBI issued 40 search warrants, but made no arrests.

    Anonymous is a loosely formed group of computer hackers with no leadership.  They do not even know each other.  They communicate through the internet, and when one member has an idea, he shares it with others.  If enough agree with the operation, then it happens.

  • Eod Enaj

    “Without the pen of the author of ‘Common Sense,’ the sword of Washington would have been raised in vain.”  -John Adams.
    “Civil disobedience is the assertion of a right which law should give but which
    it denies.” 
    -Mohandas Gandhi
    To say that Thomas Paine was wrong for advocating civil disobediance in ignorant and unpatriotic.  To claim civil diobediance is somehow an invalid method of protesting spits in the face of everything great men like Ghandi stood for.  While he is entitled to an opinion, the fact that it disagrees with the lessons of great men who came before him is reprehensible to me as an American and as a human being.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous isn’t funded by anyone except itself.  What it is, is something that is unique to a society that is just starting down a new technological frontier.  I genuinely believe what Glenn has commented on about this group: that there are just and good people in Anonymous, just like there are ones who are more inclined towards anarchy.  As was previously stated, Anonymous has no hierarchy; each individual is as autonomous as they like to be, as collaborative as they’d like to be.  Its the first organization that parades under a banner of consensus and individuality intertwined, and it is a reflection of human duality.  I honestly think that there is a better way to go about bringing reform, but there is the idea I have that a majority of Anonymous feel deconstruction of the current government is necessary to reconstruct it into something uncorrupt.  This idea is neither inherently good or evil, but is up to individual interpretation, which can cause some serious problems..  That’s what I believe this one Anon intends: making a threat/promise.  He/she doesn’t speak for all of Anonymous, but at the same time, speaks for enough of it to pose a problem. 

    Don’t write these guys off, keep an eye on them.  Almost every time, its just them voicing dissent, because they can.  But keep an eye on them.

  • Anonymous
  • Thomas Harvey

    I’m glad you reported on this Glenn, people should keep in mind that the Internet is very important and how the government is wanting to control not only our lives, but the Internet as well.

    I was listening to the central theme from Anonymous – “We never Forgive.
    We never Forge”, that actually comes from the 2003 movie, The Matrix.  Would it be fair to say that they actually copied it from the movie since Anonymous basically uses the same message?You can watch the movie to see it your self,  it’s under the first 8 minutes from the movie.  I’m glad you are pointed out Glenn, about who is funding this random group of people that no one knows anything about.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the government’s fault that the government is bad.  WE the People exercised our right to vote, repeatedly responding blindly to demagoguery, and created this tarnished landscape we call our government.  I ignore party lines and look at the arcing swing of history we are currently creating.  If you count in Soros, Anonymous, and OWS, there is enough lobbying here to put Obama back onto his Socialist pulpit in November.  That’s the party of the future if we don’t stand up to it.  
    So this is what the left and Anonymous agree on, this thing WE created must not be our own faults, we weren’t a part of it, someone else was.  This scapegoat would be the GOP.  (Anonymous loathes the whole system apparently). I am a conservative but I’m bitter that the Bush administration fabricated the yellow cake uranium shipment from Nigeria to Iraq (which he then claimed were smuggled to Syria, sorry but with what’s going on there now, that stuff would have been well utilized). WMD was his only way to rally the American people to take out Saddam (he WAS really evil though).  Now wake up Left, this was clearly an overreach of powers by Bush back then and it outraged you (rightfully so) but…
    What about President Obama and his Obamacare which clearly violates the 10th Amendment and it’s measures to protect state sovereignty in regards to legislation.  And the contraception thing which isn’t about contraception but blatant disregard for freedom of religion and conscience (1st Amendment).  THE GOVERNMENT WILL BE RENDERED COMPLETELY DYSFUNCTIONAL IF YOU IGNORE THE CONSTITUTION ON WHICH IT WAS FOUNDED SO…PRESIDENT OBAMA  KNOCK IT OFF!
    Even if Obama will disingenuously claim the Democratic party’s ticket in November and fail to claim it as the Socialist ticket, which is clearly what he is promoting, blatantly and to the denial of his sheep…we must not forget history like Glenn said.  Fidel, Raul, and Che took over the Cuban countryside in 1959 and they didn’t call themselves “Communists” openly until 1965.  So why expect any commie to let their intentions known prior to gaining power?
    If Obama wins in 2012, he will try to usurp the Constitution and eliminate the term limit on the presidency and in 2016, if he succeeds in this, the United States government will be a one party system under his sole jurisdiction. 
    I hope this is the rational fear that Anonymous is clinging to.

  • Toni Giaquinto

    now is the time

  • w. Parker

    Did anyone see the secret documents/photo’s hacked by Anonymous from NASA?  Photo’s of a race of giants as their bones are examined by NASA scientist, crashed space ships. a large station on the Moon, etc etc… I remember Reagan’s jet was harrassed by a UFO while taking a trip in CA.  Reagan even announced in a speech to the UN assembly in front of all diplomats that it is possible “they” walk among us and sought a pact with Russia if earth was invaded by aliens.  Also, since earthquakes in 2010 till present, the earth’s axis has tilted and each quake took place approx 180 days apart.  The next quake expected this month w/a map of areas at risk – – looks like the west coast is suspect.  Maybe they’re keeping it a secret so as not to cause widespread panic

  • Timothy Bell

    Go figure. The single most hated man on the internet is actually trying to speak sense to the rest of the world.

    Also, I notice that we can’t post comments to this anonymously. It will be interesting to see which anons are willing to discard their greatest weapon in order to prove a point (or more dumbly, to get some lulz)

  • Mark

    I think what they are saying …is: “We will not forgive”….like your children need to be punished after bad miss-behaveing! You still love them/forgive them..but must punish them! If, some of the things I have read our Gummerment is guilty of doing..then there is just “NO WAY” they can be given a pass, “forgiveness”..lets just move on kind of thing! That is my opinion of what they are speaking of!

  • Anonymous

    I have no doubt that anonymous is a diverse set of hackers. Do we know who or what is really behind them? I do know one thing for sure, no system is impervious, if your connected to the internet you are able to be attacked.

  • nutt

    “If Al Qaeda or some other terrorist organization came out and openly called for war against the United States of America, do you think the media would pay attention?”
    Probably. But as this piece goes on to show, Anonymous haven’t done this.

  • Corrine

    cause chaos, smokin mirrors, watch the other hand, so many sheep and the shepherd is sleeping, a wolf in sheeps clothes

    i find it “unbelievable” that this comes anonymously, no ones knows who is behind this.  if the CIA was hacked by this group, perhaps this group is the CIA. 

    divide and conquor, speak softly and carry a big stick, perhaps this is a trojen horse, it’s the government saying it is time to overthrow the government, just to get everyone to pick a side. 

    anonymous has many views that you Glenn agree with, and i’m sure that 1/2 your viewers can’t forgive and this anonymous molds 1/2 your audience.  you will become irrelevant which is what Soros would love….. 

    • w. Parker

      Aren’t you looking a bit too intently between the lines?  Many of these “sect” members have already been arrested in S. America/Europe, yet you turn on our own CIA looking for a conspiracy.  You live in america, not Russia or China…You’ve been watching too much MSNBC

  • Wendy

    “We are a country of laws, not of men—there has to be some government.”

    Wrong!  Laws are meant to keep criminals in check, not to hamper the people’s rights.  And the government was designed to protect us from the criminal element of other countries who would take our freedoms.   Where does your allegiance lie– with our country, or our government?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    This could be the US Goverment attacking itself, to then use the staged attacks as the reason they take away Internet freedom.  The internet is the only way remaining in our country for people to organize and fight back…think about it.

    • Anonymous

      Did you really just say, “The internet is the only way remaining in our country for people to organize and fight back…think about it.”??? Ummm… There wasn’t an internet in the 1960’s but people still organized and fought back then 😛 I’m sorry but i have to disagree with you.  This “group” Anonymous, isn’t the US Goverment.  I don’t know who they are (possibly China or Russia or even 15 year old hackers) but they certainly aren’t the US Government.

      • Anonymous

        The internet WAS around in the 60’s and was utilized by the military. The people still organized and fought back? In this context, what fighting back are you talking about? 

        • Anonymous

          Oh i didn’t know that the internet was around in the 60’s. Thanks for the info on that :)  But what i’m talking about was the public access internet we have today, that wasn’t around then i’m sure. 
          The people organizing and fighting back i’m refering to in the 60’s was the Civil Rights Movement. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. 
          The statement that was said, “The internet is the only way remaining in our country for people to organize and fight back…” That statment is wrong. We can just as easily go back to calling eachother or maybe even walking to our neighbor’s house to have a face to face talk.  There are many more ways people can organize even without the internet.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is taken from the movie V for Vendetta.

  • Jordan Bell

    Alright, so from what I am seeing from all these posts, there are a lot of people who do not quite understand the concept of Anonymous very well. They, as it is a group of people, not an organization, are considered completely equal, and no single person is able to completely represent their views. Say someone involved in Anonymous comes up with an idea. That idea is spread around via social networking and chat rooms, and, should the idea require some kind of action, everyone who wishes to may go to a site, where, if they have enough people, they can complete this action. They are most certainly NOT funded by any group or organization, for all funds they possess com directly from group members.

    • Anonymous

       And those group members fund themselves from unicorn farts. Nope. Nothing to see here people. Just a little harmless cyber anarchy.

      • w. Parker

        Now that we have the “signature of approval” from the Guru of Glenn’s site, that we can now all turn our heads, giggle and forget the whole thing – chalk it up to a bunch of crazed but harmless “jerks” as you proclaim…I would hardly say these are harmless jerks, who are capable of hacking into the CIA, FBI, NSA, NASA, etc etc sites and who are operating globally.   The implications are enormous.  Anything is possible – an attempt to falsify a nuclear attack, military implications of all kinds, computerized radar interference, i.e. causing a passanger plane to collide with another, as the sky is the limit.  It is the new wave of terrorism and even China see’s it’s hacking capabilities as a way to take down entire countries…Glenn’s definately not laughing either

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous – A bunch of jerks with computers and too much time on their hands, the majority of which have been recruited (initially) through the website 4chan. Now they are all over the place constantly looking for new suckers… I mean, recruits.

    A lot of them are clueless as to how agendas are pushed forward. Many think that they are independent and participating in some great cause. Others claim it is a “hive mind”. There are a few that have organized agendas and motives. The rest are useful idiots, just like the majority of knuckleheads in OWS.

    It’s like a kindergarten class that has figured out how to use the P.A. system for the school. They are all determined to oust all the teachers and principles, but only a handful have any clue as to what the results will be if they’re successful, and this handful takes directions from a walkie talkie. Who is on the other end? They don’t even know. All they know is that the pay is good.


    If a group wants to go to war with our tyrannical government I say more power to them, they did not state a war against its citizens. 

    • w. Parker

      We have a “tyrannical” leader and some followers in government.  Not a complete tylrannical government as of yet.  Bin Laden declared war on our tyrannical government too, and it was 3,000 innocent citizens who paid.  It is america’s fight and we will use our “weapons” as “votes” in the upcoming election

  • Dan Spalla

    Glenn and a lot of you posting in the comments obviously doesn’t understand Anonymous or the internet at all for that matter. There are HUNDREDS of Anonymous sects out there(AnonOps being the most famous/biggest). It’s a very decentralized “organization”. It is NOT funded by anybody. Anonymous is just Whitehat and Blackhat hackers with some script kiddies thrown in. This notion that Anonymous is a huge terrorist organization that is threatening the sovereignty of the United States is just ridiculous!! QUIT THE WAR PROPAGANDA! People need to understand what the internet actually is and what it encompasses. I love to see older folk speculate what Anonymous “actually is” when they don’t even know the difference between the most popular operating systems or how to restart a router. Makes me chuckle. Learn a programming language or two before you start spouting off about things you cannot even comprehend.
    I used to love Glenn Beck but it seems he is starting to spread war propaganda and I can’t say I’m fond of that. 

  • Anonymous

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”

    Ron Paul 2012

    • w. Parker

      Propaganda?  They’ve declared “war” on america…Tell your story to the governments/businesses the Chinese have hacked, including some of our own, as well as some of our most sensitive security agencies in america that Anonymous has hacked.  It took less than 10 people to change our country forever on 9/11.  The next “invasion” from a foreign power might very well be from computers.  You and no one will know if they are/aren’t secretly funded by a rogue nation.  I say, common sense trumps anything you know about computers and the fact they have declared war on america.  IF – if that are nothing but punks, then let them think about it behind a cell door before they go hacking into our sensitive govt. systems and spute declarations of war against us

  • w. Parker

    What’s disheartening is to see how many posts align themselves with or sympathize with a bunch of revolutionist…I don’t intend this to be a “sermon”, but as a war vet for 4 years and have seen things most could not comprehend, in the name of america’s freedom and greatness, and who visit’s this site not because Glenn’s 100% right all the time, but does have good intentions, and hear such discontent that many are willing to assist those who would tear down what so many have done to create.  All these soldiers coming home from the middle east and have seen their good friends suffer and suffered themselves are wondering what in the hell for, when they see this type of mentality.  If someone is so discontent, volunteer for something good; be constructive somehow by giving older people who can”t drive a ride to vote or those disabled the same.  Become involved in your community to better it.  Take off a Saturday and go door to door issuing political material to further your cause.  But to underestimate or side with radicals who have declared “war” and want nothing but revolution is the easy way out in an attempt to overturn what you feel should be changed.  If there was a mandate for all males to enter 2 years of military after HS, our country would be a better place and would appreciate our country more.  Kids would become “men”.  I love our country’s founders and their cause, but it is not yet the time for revolution, yet.  Remember to Vote!

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree with mandatory military service for what it involves on a few different levels; not trying to say it is evil or full of bad people or anything like that though. First and foremost I couldn’t kill if that was asked of me and I don’t want to be changed into someone who could. Once again I’m not saying that it is evil or wrong but it isn’t me; I know if it came down to protecting people I love sure I would but that’s different than military service.  Now I like what some countries have where you can do military service or other service.

  • Anonymous

    Is this a false flag operation by the government. They need boogeymen

  • Anonymous

    If they would have said Republic, instead of Democracy, I might get behind them….but given it is either the government working to create an internal American enemy so they can come down on our freedoms harder, or a bunch of progressives, I see it as something to be suspect of 

  • Anonymous

    V for vendetta, a must see movie.  Then you should buy your own annonymous mask.  The moral to this story, is the moral to annonymous, we the people as a collective unit can save this nation.  If we continue to allow the gov. to steal our freedoms incrementally and ignore it when it doesn’t seem to effect ourselves, we risk being like the Jews with no one to protect them…
    As individuals we need to prepare for what’s coming.  Then as a collective of individuals we can and must fight back. (the moral to the story)  God, guns n grub.

  • Adam Moreira

    Al-Qaida has a track record of harming America. As for Anonymous, they’re a relative question mark. It remains to be seen.

  • Anonymous

    anonymous= borg

  • fissi0n

    Glenn, they have said themselves, “We are Legion” Where else have we seen that? Mark 5:9

    They are violently pro-choice, and anti God.

    I do not think they are quite as organised as you expect. They often seem to disagree internally, and quite violently sometimes. They are very loosley connected, and most are completely unknown to each other.

    As far as being financed by Soros, I doubt it, nost of them and their fanboi’s are idealists, and their pseudo-anonimity is giving them the courage to freely vent their sin nature without the fear of being held accountable.

    They rally around the mask of Guy Fawkes. Remember, Guy Fawkes was a Catholic mercenary that spent many years killing Dutch Christians before returning to his native England to try to kill King James (Yes the King that commissioned the translation of the Bible in the early 1600s).

    Anonymous is inseperable from the Occupy movement, and is often found facilitating marches, and then publishing personal details (like: chidrens names and photos and school) of the police officers that they see in the forces that are sent it to clean up the occupy squallor camps.

    Are they patriotic? Not in any way you would recognise. They dont care about America, it is highly likely that most of them are not American. To whom do they give their allegance? Well, who is the father of lies? Who is the most subtil creature? Who is the master of “Legion”? Who never forgives? Who acuses the saints?

    • Anonymous

      The mask was taken because of V from Vendetta. The thing I think most people miss about Anonymous is that anyone can call themselves Anonymous or a representative of “the group” sure there is a moment (with a million factions) that go by this title but it all started from trolls with anonymity on message boards. Is there a threat, sure. I have seen Anonymous messages for all different viewpoints and politicians, destruction of the government etc. The truth about anonymous is there is no one anonymous. It is the internet hate machine on one side and lolcats on the other. People who “hack” people’s various accounts to spread nude pictures across the internet on one side and others who use their talents to track down and reveal pedophiles on the other. It is anonymity and the freedom  that gives for both good and bad without expecting consequences for their own actions.

      • fissi0n

        Yeah, I agree, however its not long ago that the people today wearing the Anon masks were wearing Che’ T-Shirts, and calling him the hero.

        V for Vendetta was a movie glorifying Guy Fawkes and his revolution/attitude. However, Guy like Che was a murderer. Lets remember that making up stories that repaint history, dont make it so.

        True, not everyone in Anonymous is evil, and not everyone in the establishment is good. However Anonymous has become the posterchild for what happens when people behave as they really are inside.

  • Shirley Harmon

    Just pray for peace…Everything is in Gods hands.

  • Anonymous

    I do not believe that Russia, China, and Iran are invlolved, why would they bother messing with American people. Our money is worthless, our people will eradicate themselves from over indulging food, and our children are turning into autistic and mental ill cases by the thousands on a daily basis. So what would they have any part in that when we are doing a good job on our ownn?

  • mdkrause

    I think it’s funny that 25 of these guys were just arrested by interpol. You won’t find us   hahaha  Oh Yea   

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glen for that eye opening article !!!  George Soros is not the only one to profit from the down fall of OUR USA goverment. The Radical Muslum Countries have also bought some unworthy Politians and are setting up laws to take away many RIGHTS from the American people. They do not want the Citzens of the USA to beable to protect, defend themselves and their family with guns. As the people of our country forget why the USA form, we lose God’s Blessing and purpose. At least God/ Jesus still Loves the people of our country !!!!!

  • Mary Stanley

    All i can say is,whats next?and yes the media had better wake up,cause were going to hell in a hand basket!!!

  • Ariel Shaul

    This proves the point I have been trying to make since 9/12/2001:  the people who try to destroy Israel will also attack the United States, and vice-verse.  Letting anti-Israel activists serve in high positions, even in the Department of Defense and the Department of State, was and still is a bad idea:  those that hate Israel will ultimately hate the US government.  To those who think this alliance is undesireable, I say it is inevitable:  our mutual enemies will attack us both.  Even if some of the fronts look different, it is the same war, the war to destroy the United States and Israel.

  • Robert Campbell II

    If Anonymous is suppose to support us, the people, then why are they bringing down websites? I thought that they were helping us?  Also, could it be possible that there are some people within Anon that know each other?  If there is, which I think isn’t out of the question, then those people can’t be Anonymous because if they are, they are violating their own rules which is Anon members can’t know who the other person is.  So if a teenager and his 2 friends want to become part of the group, they just can’t because since they know each other, then how would they be able to call themselves Anonymous?

  • Robert Jensen

     Lol, I think some of you missed the joke. Re-read, especially the last line. If you still don’t get it, well I guess sarcasm is just lost on some.

  • DuWayne Bryant

    as a direct decsendant of one of our founding fathers it breaks my heart,and makes me mad as hell to see what washington has become,I wish something could be done like what my 4time great grandfather and the rest of our first national congress did when there were members that voted against our independance,they broke up the congress got rid of those against and formed our second national congress of which my grandfather was also part of,and went on to sign his name on the most precious our country,with what congress has and continues to do is in my opionion is worse than what those in the first congress had done.they were prob. scared and scepteble what they have done and continue to do to me is almost treason. get em out replace them , get it back to where WE THE PEOPLE !!! have people in washington that care about WE THE PEOPLE.OF ,BY, AND FOR THE PEOPLE

  • Tamara Heater

    It really bothers me to see Glenn Bek praying on emotions then turning and using black hat marketing techniques on his sites… from the Utah ring…  intrusinve, popups popunders, pop outs are a NO NO… give me a break.  Dispicible, and do not under any circumstances try to sit there and say you did not know.  I have checked out all of Glenns adverts, they ask for $9.95 just so you can find out “what’s in it”… sound familiar??  Then we have the …. just fill out this long and detailed application to “be considered” for our marketplace…

    There are standards in the White hat community… that are not being met here!  You are getting very bad advice Glenn!  most of the online marketing communities will not even accept you if you have evn ONE pop-up ad!  That is right! 

    Clean up your act Glenn!

  • Tamara Heater

    It really bothers me to see Glenn Bek praying on emotions then turning and using black hat marketing techniques on his sites… from the Utah ring…  intrusinve, popups popunders, pop outs are a NO NO… give me a break.  Dispicible, and do not under any circumstances try to sit there and say you did not know.  I have checked out all of Glenns adverts, they ask for $9.95 just so you can find out “what’s in it”… sound familiar??  Then we have the …. just fill out this long and detailed application to “be considered” for our marketplace…

    There are standards in the White hat community… that are not being met here!  You are getting very bad advice Glenn!  most of the online marketing communities will not even accept you if you have evn ONE pop-up ad!  That is right! 

    Clean up your act Glenn!

  • zac manns

    we are anonymous
    we are legion
    we do not forgive
    we do not forget
    ……you should have expected us

  • Daniel Morris

    You need to go to this channel this we are telling you and everyone that the problems with anonymous is far worse than you may even have imaged!!! And we are offering a solution that can fix all corruption in the US Government and even bring about world peace! This plan is 30 years in the making and will 100% work! We have openly declared war on anonymous not with guns but with commonsense and the truth! you need to learn the truth and you need to learn it now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow glenn beck u said anonymous is a threat to america yet the people who want to overthrow us government are americans. the war is not on americas citizen its on the government certain ppl not the citizen dont listen to this glen beck all he does is lie for the ppl on top.. ANONYMOUS IS WATCHING

  • Anonymous

    how we gonna change without fighting when they beat our ppl n kill us thats not right

  • blue

    Ya know, after looking at all of the posts here I’m sorry I even joined this discussion. Most of you are bible thumping idiots that have this ridiculous idea that being a Christian some how entitles you in some way. It’s a good god damn thing the founding fathers didn’t share your religious zealotry.

    Until you can have a serious political discussion about the state of our nation without A) bringing your religion into the discussion, and B) throwing around useless titles like “evil” or “far right”, you will never accomplish any sort of resolution or solution. Hopefully you guys use your brain at some point instead of the bible or fox news. 

  • rod karolys

    I, Rodrigo Nicholás Karolys Pilagonia, stand by Anonymous in declaring war against the United States. I join them in making my own personal declaration of war against the world’s police state. The US is my enemy, and I will do anything in my power to assist the good citizens of Anonymous in overthrowing that Orwellian regime.

  • Lucas Conrad

    THE world watches, as we destroy our own society.Look to history,a history book and a lesson learned. Does no one in power,read and learn from book’s?History?

  • Lucas Conrad

    power players,will be praised or vilified,in history. barack has little chance. Weak uninformed monkey. dancing to a tune.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: Virus Videos- How It is Done

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