Romney gaining momentum in Ohio

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In yet another bizarre twist to the 2012 GOP Primary race, Rick Santorum’s lead in Ohio has all but evaporated. What once was a double digit lead is now down to 2 points. Mitt Romney is making a late surge for the ever important electoral state of Ohio – but will it be enough to overcome Santorum? Why is Romney surging anyway? Could it be the bizarre interview of Santorum Glenn played a portion of?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    While personally I would prefer having Santorum in the White House the thing that matters most is having the next one of the Republicans, and who is willing to do the hard choices come what may for the saving of this country.

    This of course assumes Obama does not declare the elections null and void, or usurps the authority over them completely via executive fiat. I figure now less than a 1 in 100 chance the elections will acutally happen…he is too set on holding onto power.

    • sisterhoodofangels

       Do you really believe the Republicans will do anything if they think there might be a negative impact at all.  Look at current Republican leadership.  They are mice and only worried about their positions.  Romney, based on his past, will not do anything different from Obama.  He is a big government progressive with liberal social tendencies.  Why would we vote for him just because he has an R behind his name.  They are counting on us falling into line.

      There are two classes in this country the political elite (both parties) and the citizens. 

  • General Kota

    These are ten questions that the left women should answer.

  • Right Fielder

    It’s time we focus ALL of our attention on getting Obama out of our house. Romney continues to maintain a “critical mass” of voters while the others waffle. Romney is not my first choice (nor is Santorum), but let’s face it, most of us will not get our first choice. Let’s deal with it and realize that our country’s life is on the line. Seriously, the longer we wait, the weaker our chance of removing Obama.

    • sisterhoodofangels

       Obama and Romney there is almost no difference in them.  I would be a hypocrite to say Obama is terrible and then vote for Romney in the general.

      • Right Fielder


      • jen

        You are right, but Romney supporters or those who say he is a bit better than the other candidates are indeed hypocrites and are in denial of being hypocrites than most politicians.  They thrash Santorum, Newt, Perry, etc.. and don’t touch Romney – that just tells you they really want Romney.

        • Anonymous

          He *is* better than the other candidates.  But then again we all have different wish lists for president.  Not everyone here is a Christian Coalition Conservative.  For people who want to destroy america, or receive payola without regard to what it does to america, Obama is the best candidate.

          My best candidate left the race a long time ago (Gary Johnson), and my second representative (Ron Paul) has a horrific foreign policy outlook, on top of not being electable.  While Bachman had energy, she became my next choice, but she couldn’t sustain.  So the ‘best’ and ‘most electable’ candidate title has fallen to Mitt Romney.  In my opinion.

          But I value the long term health of the country as a capitalist entity much more than I care about issues such as *federal* interference in abortion or marriage.  Not that they are unrelated, but I won’t throw out the chicken just because it wasn’t cooked my way.

          • Nick Bagnall

            This whole race has come to “Anyone But Obama”. There was a race, not too long ago, where there was an Anyone-But situation… and they came to the same conclusion. That conclusion was John Kerry.

      • Right Fielder

        Been thinking about your post, because I have shared your dilemma in the past. The problem you have (and I had) is dealing with the fact that there is a difference in the two. You even admit it; “almost no difference.”

        Since you know there is a difference you will either ignore reality and withhold a vote for Romney, thereby increasing Obama’s chance to win –even if only by a vote. He (and your apathy or complacency) would finish off America.

        Or, you will face the fact that you must cast that vote, because to do so means a difference between the two does matter. It would be irresponsible to ignore the margin.

        You will be forced to live with the decision either way.

        • Nick Bagnall

          Nothing can help or hurt a candidate’s chances for the nomination greater than the candidates themselves. 

          • Right Fielder

            Refocusing on your use of the word “greater” –for the most part I agree, in spite of my original comment.

            Let’s say tomorrow a very outspoken, well-known evangelical Christian preacher is found to be a drug using, drug dealing, adulterous leech. Do you believe that will have any impact on Santorum’s campaign?

      • Anonymous

        Sister…maybe you just have to admit that you really don’t mind Obama so much?  Obama & Romney are not alike at all.

      • Anonymous

        Jumping in here blind… But there is a monstrous difference between Romney and Obama.

        Frist, Romney would definitely not want gas to go to 10 dollars a gallon so that the green companies have a chance.  He would allow more oil drilling and exploration, and perhaps a pipeline to be built here and there.  I’m sure he wouldn’t have a problem with natural gas.  I’m sure he wouldn’t kill the barred owl to save the spotted owl.

        Second, I’m sure he wouldn’t allow Mexican’s and those in Mexico to kill our agents, or to have our weapons that will later kill our agents to prove a point about gun shows.  I’m sure he wouldn’t have a problem enforcing deportation of illegals that we do catch.  I’m sure he wouldn’t tell individual states like arizona how they have to not enforce their own borders.

        Third, I’m sure he wouldn’t keep billions of dollars of unspent bailout and tarp money as a slush fund for payouts to communists and others who hate america and capitalism, or who are just corrupt friends of the democrat machine.  I’m sure he wouldn’t bailout companies that have both political and union clout, or for that matter bailout the unions.

        Fourth, I’m sure he wouldn’t attack religion in general, and especially through government agencies.  Especially not through mandates to private sector companies.  Here I would like to point out that he had the backing of none other than the heritage foundation for his solution for Massachusetts.

        Fifth, I’m sure he wouldn’t choose someone like Elena Kagan as a supreme court justice, or perhaps anyone who would sit in on the 9th Circus court of appeals.  Or pass recess appointments when there is no recess.

        Sixth, I’m sure he wouldn’t use the tax code to redistribute wealth from those who work to those who don’t.  Nor allow 50 percent of the population to get away without contributing a single dime.

        Seventh, I’m sure he wouldn’t destroy the military by thousands of little cuts here and there.  He wouldn’t cut programs for veterans without a very solid replacement.  He wouldn’t target 80% of budget cuts towards the military even though they represent 20% of our budget.  He wouldn’t have our troops and resources being used in Libya for a side that is just as anti-american as what was being replaced.  He wouldn’t throw our allies (Mubarak) under the bus while also not having a plan for the minority Christian population in Egypt.

        Anyway, if you think Obama and Romney are the same, then you have not been paying attention to what Obama has been doing.  In which case, what is getting you all riled up?


        • sisterhoodofangels

           Those are all things you wouldn’t do.  Not sure what you base your opinion of Romney on.  He took all kinds of money from the federal government.  He was for the Tarp.  He was for a Federal program which did allow more freedom for states but required everyone to have insurance.  See his 2008 campaign and his stop free riders.  Everyone had to have insurance under his federal plan.  If Obama did that we might call it a mandate and consider it unconstitutional.  He personally over rode the HHS in Mass and declared that Religious hospitals had to provide the morning after pill etc..  He said it was the right thing to do.  He did not stand up and fight for religious freedom.  He only decided to “take on” the immigration issue in his state as he was leaving the office and starting to ramp up for Presidential election where the issue was big.  Non of these guys are going to do much on the immigration issue.
          Actually take a look at his plan for the tax code.  He intends to cut everyone by 20% which will take more people out of paying taxes.  He will get rid of tax deductions for higher earners so they will have their 20% negated.  I agree he more than likely will not harm the military.

          • Anonymous

            Hmm. The disqus link is broken, and I don’t know if I received your whole response.

            But with respect to the rape victims and the morning after pill, there was a still active law that said that Religious institutions can opt out. I don’t know if that is part of his argument… However, I take your point that he might not be on the same page as Conservatives on everything. But can you really compare having a hospital (who may not have been given a choice) be forced to give a treatment at the request of a rape victim who may not have been given a choice about which hospital she was taken to, in a liberal state where the legislature just overrid your veto.. to Obama forcing all insurance companies to pay for contraception?

            And I still have absolutely no doubt that he would be much better on Immigration — while he may not make it his top priority, he wouldn’t sabotage the effort as obama is doing.


    • Carl Stull

       I’m voting 3rd party. I’d be willing to bet that everyone who said, “it doesn’t matter who gets in, Romney or Obama, their both the same”… would vote 3rd party, their would probably be a good chance that neither of them would be in and somebody worthwhile would.

      I’m also voting 3rd party, b/c I’m tired of the way these elections are played out, they’re the biggest fukin fraud ever, it’s like a damn WWF match. This country keeps reducing the choices of the people, while they create an illusion that you have a choice.

      Let me break it down… 2 political partys, big media companies 5, oil companies 3, newspapers in the city 1 or 2 and they also own the radio station…… but JELLY BEANS 32 DIFFERENT FLAVORS

      • Right Fielder

        I understand your frustration completely, Carl.  I voted third party, once. Perot lost and Clinton flooded the Federal Register with a bunch of EOs, just like Obama. We got Janet Reno and a bunch of other socialist clowns. Some are still working to weaken America to the point of insignificance. They are winning.

        • Carl Stull

           Yeah well, the so called “Republicans” out there obviously don’t want to win the election. Ron Paul beats Obama nationally in the latest poll, he’s also the one that will steal the youth vote, and the independent vote, and I know the establishment republicans will never let him, why, b/c he’s not a “team player” and he actually wants to change things. Well, if that’s the case, I refuse to vote for anyone else, due to the ignorance of the establishment. No offense, but Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum will not be able to beat Obama, the voter turnout will be wayyy too low. I predict Obama will be president for another 4 years, and in 2016, people will be sick and tired of being broke, they will be sick and tired of another 4 years of war, and the republican party platform will change to the way it use to be.

          The reason I’m frustrated is b/c it’s my generation that’s going to hurt the worst as a result from this, and people don’t give a shit. I’m tired of seeing my friends die, come back with mental issues, or even worse commit suicide, from this never ending, ongoing war that’s being fought for old rich people that don’t give a damn. And the whole time this is happening our country is rotting, financially, from the inside out.

          • Right Fielder

            I think you’re right about Ron Paul (especially the youth vote), but you are wrong about the turnout and Romney’s chances to win. Being perfectly candid, I have gone back and forth on the issue.

            Most likely, we’ll end up agreeing to disagree.

      • Dennis Whitaker

        You are nuts and people such as you will make sure Obama will be re-elected. There is a lot of difference between Obama Governor Romney, do your homework. Maybe you should move to another country where you might find somebody you like.

    • Nick Bagnall

      I don’t call 40% of Registered Republicans, “critical mass”.

      • Right Fielder

        It’s a critical mass in a three or four way race. Good grief, do the simple math.

    • Anonymous

      Romney.  If he’s such a capable challenger to Obama,  then why does the liberal media like him so much.  They treat him, and his spokespersons with respect.  They treat all of the other candidates with taunts,  and name calling.  Mitt Romney is  the liberal’s choice for a republican candidate.  We finally have the opportunity to vote for decisive individuals who are passionate about saving our country.  Let’s not treat this like a horse race.  Mitt Romney is loved by the liberal media,  but he isn’t going to do anything with his office.  The liberal media can see this.  He’s a safe bet  for them.  Even if he wins he not going to undo the damage that Obama has caused.  He’s a yes man to everyone.  He’s yes to pro lifers,  He’s yes to pro choicers. He’s yes to big government.  He’s yes to small government.  In the end a yes man always finds the easiest person or group to please and pleases them.  That will mean no change in the economy or any other arena.  Our momentum of decline needs to stop.  Put your money on this horse,  no pay win or lose.

  • Anonymous

    If Romney is the candidate, I will vote for him.  He is not
    my first choice.  At least he has both business and
    Governorship experience.
    God Bless

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Oh, so your saying ,Romney doesn’t speak with Truth & God because he stutters!  Well, Moses was slow of speach, & He was one of Gods mouth peices!!   The scriptures tell us we should be Quick to listen, & slow to speak! He Thinks before he speaks, that he may not fall into the traps that are set by the Left, only to trip you up & cause confusion!   Santorum has been quick to critize & point fingers at Mitt, ( although he supported him in 08, with a standing ovation) from the 1st debates.  When 3 fingers were pointing back at him!  Now , now the 3 fingers are pointing at him!  We don’t need a man in the Whitehouse ,that is to quick to make speak , & slow to listen. Is your friend 1 day & gone tomorrow!   Romney, has been steady all the way!  We let Huckabbe use the religion card in o8 , which is just as bad as the race card!.  Lets don’t fall for other tricks of the left & Loose our chance again , to have , a conservative in the the Whitehouse, again. One that knows persecution,  believes all of us are Gods childrern, even though our faiths may have some differences, but God is no respector af persons,& everyones opinion, should have voice!  Romney, is the Man for the JOb!   lGod bless us that we get it right this time!  May we all not lean on our on understanding, & make a choice , then Go to our Heavenly Father & ask if it be right in the Name Of His Son Jesus Christ! Amen!

    • jen

      His ‘bus exp’ is something you do not understand and he never explained.  His bus exp and gov in MA led to Romneycare working with liberal advisors – that is what you like about both Obama and Romney.  Admit it – you have long fallen for Obama and want him to take you where he wants to go.

      • Tom Barnes

        Never explained his business experience? Jen,where the H have you been living.

    • carol morgan

      once and for all, you can throw a fit and not  vote, or you can vote for whomever wins the  gop nomination and help push obama out. if you quibble and let the craziness distract you, obama will win and america will lose, pulling you and i and everyone else down with him. You know what we will get with obama, with any other candidate we at  least have a chance!

    • Anonymous

      He’s had to be responsible for running a state, running a business and working with people of varying opinions. These things make him a good candidate. Far better than anything Obama had to offer. And arguably a lot more practical experience than Santorum, Gingrinch, or Paul. If we simply think of choosing a candidate, like we would hiring for the position, Romney is at the top of the short list. The other candidates might not even get an interview.

  • Anonymous

    We claim to be a Christian nation, therefore a logical thinking person would think Rick Santorum would be the best possible presidential candidate. Not the case at all. For mentioning his personal feelings about this birth control issue, he is being portraid  as some sort of religious nut job. When did responsible behavior fall on the backs of the working man, in the form of higher tax’s  – to pay for somebody else’s bedroom activity? Have condoms suddenly been outlawed? Why not tell these young people, who obviously are having a rough time  keeping it in their pants, to pay for sexual protection themselves, or maybe even change their behavior. But when (in this instance) Santorum speaks his mind (and he’s right) he’s ostracized.

    Again, we claim to be a Christian nation, therefore, a logical thinking person would assume that because most of our members among us, would believe in Good – Bad – God and the Devil, but that’s not the case at all. In an opinion poll conducted a few years back, a startling 59% of those polled said, they “strongly or somewhat agree, that “Satan is not a living ‘being’ but only a symbol of evil” another 17% were not really sure what to think. Wow – and we consider ourselves a Christian nation, that’s amazing.

    Obviously many of us, claiming a religious affiliation, haven’t been opening our  bibles lately, notice the following verses for a small glimpse of what can be found in that book, if we as a nation would look into it for ourselves – Paul (the Apostle) said, “We humans have been walking ‘according to the course of this world’, according to the ‘prince of the power of the air’ (meaning the devil) the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience” – sorta like those college kids who now want others to pay for their lude behavior. The Apostle Peter warned us, saying, “Your adversary the devil, who prowls around seeking out those who he can destroy” – (spiritually) 

    Not that long ago, Santorum spoke to an audience at a  catholic university in Florida, basically saying, that Satan has his eyes set on America – soon the press swooped in – even both sides of the political isle – and with no hesitation, called him everything from “zany extremist”, to “Mulla Rick” and everything in between.

    And we call ourselves  a God fearing Christian nation…hummm?

    Jesus taught us when we pray, to add the following thought along with our prayers – “and deliver us from the evil one” – meaning Satan the devil – the father of lies – and a murderer. Now tell me, how are we to be delivered from “this evil one”  – if over half of our religious community refuses to believe he exists? And how will we as a nation, ever get out of the trouble we’re in if the vast majority of us, do not know  whats in our own bible?

    We need someone like Rick to stand up for the tried and true American values, you know, the ones this nation once adhered to, but lately, mentioning God or religion, will get you run outta town in no time flat.- Why?.

    Are we seriously looking for the best political candidate to lead this once proud nation back to where she should be – or simply the one who continues cruising down the current road of our own destruction – we’ll find out soon enough this fall won’t we…..

    (above verses – Eph. 2:2;1Pet. 5:8; Matt. 6:13)

    • Jenn Fluck Sanders

      I think Santorum should be our guy, too.  I’m not Christian and I’m pro-choice and still I think he’s the best option!  I voted for him in our (MI) primary.  I refused to vote for Romney no matter what.  I truly hope he doesn’t win the nomination, if he does I will vote for him for no other reason than to get Obama the heck out of there but I’m really hoping for Santorum to be the one!

  • Stephen Politte

    I am completely stunned by the conversation I am hearing here.  I am sick and tired of people who keep berating and underminding Rick Santorum for his beliefs.  I never thought I would hear this kind of thing from Glen Beck and his co-host.  Like most faith expressions, the Cathoic Church is a church of broken people, people who are sinners, who make mistakes and fail, people who say they are Catholic but do not adhere to all of the teachings.  So why then Mr. Beck and company are you singling them out as your source of Catholic information?  I have just lost some respect for you all.  I don’t hear what Mitt Romney is saying about his faith expression teaching.  Sorry for you all.  God bless.

    • Anonymous

      Thats what happens when religion is brought into politics, it should not be there, Santorum made a mistake, especially since his voting record and some of the things he has done show him to be a hypocrit.  Romney lives his faith, he doesn’t mouth it.

    • Anonymous

      Got to remember, Glen Beck is a Mormon. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Mormans have no use for Catholics because they (Catholics) hold the Truth!!

      Peace Be With You,


      • Sunshine Kid

        No one religion holds the truth.  Simple as that.  Mankind interprets the Bible and creates a religion based on said interpretation.  Only God knows who is right, and fighting among ourselves will only determine who is left.

        • Anonymous

          Obviously with an attitude like that  (no ones religion holds the truth) is exactly the stubborn  thinking, that keeps most from finding the real truth  – God does not leave in the dark concerning, who He is, or where he can be found – but its up to each individual to seek Him out and prove Him at his word. It can be done – God clearly tell us  He can be found, not only can it be done, it must be done.

    • Anonymous

      I must have missed something, I didn’t hear  Glenn critizing Santorum. Ithought he was making fun of people like the host’s wife for being upset with what her fellow Catholic, on the Catholic belief, saying if she had a problem with how Santorum believed, she needed, to take up the issue with their leader!   As for as Romney, he gave a speech in the 08 races, telling about his religous beliefs, & how it would or would not effect his Presidency.   We, all need to quite falling ,for the ploys of the great &abominal Church( the Govt), that is pitting  churches of different faiths, against one another! ” We the People” or” people or different faiths” came across the great water to get away for the Govt . to have freedom of religion, or beliefs.
       From the Greek, Ecciesia,meaning for church, Is an assembly called together.”   We came to escape the govt. of England, & Then in the early 60″s(don’t recall the exact date)the united Nations was formed!! The Govt. of the world!! Biggest church In the world!! U.N. is where they all congragate!   This is who we should be fighting , not the other faiths of the world.  We, had better pick the right man for the job, not be cause of what his faith is,or maybe.  If he believes in America,  If he believes in “the privilege, of worshiping,Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, & allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where or what they may.”   This is the 11th article of faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. They know what it is like to have the Govt, to run you out of your homes, take possesion of you properties, to murder & rape  your men, women & children. They know what it is to have the govt. issue an exterminating order, against you,& to have a Law passed to confiscate your property & imprison your men, practicing thier religious beliefs, When men in the congress themselves, had more than 1 wife, & concubines, or lovers, by stirring up the people against the Mormons.  That is what they are doing now! They have continued to use the race card to pit blacks & whites against one another, now the Mexicns against the whites, muslims against Americans.  When they want to take over all countries, & will not stop till they do.   We continue to fall for all there continious,ploys!!! Stop it!  They are all good men, with weaknesses.  We ‘ve got to pick the one that best fits the needs of America now!  If He will stop Obama Care( which is not Romney Care) that will allow freedom of religion,  create jobs, Lower taxes, driill in America, fix medicare, social security , help small buisness, get rid of special interest! ect. America will work out their own differences!  God bless all us, that we will be wise in our decisions! & Vote for  the best of all the peoples! 

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the problems with Santorum. He realizes what the media is doing but keeps falling for it. Other than that, I don’t have a problem with what he said.

    • Anonymous

      Falling for what, speaking his mind, or is freedom of speech somehow out of style for Rep. Presidential Candidates? Last night on Gretta – she run a piece with Hilary Clinton speaking in two different locations (overseas) who are now trying out their own form of Democracy – caught on camera, she spoke to her political counterparts saying, (not a quote) “this is how you do it (speaking about campaigning) tell them what they want to hear, but when elected – do whatever you want” – Is this attitude the alternate from a Rick Santorum?

      Myself,  I’d rather know who the candidates are before we put them in office – Does Obama ring a bell, its going on four years now and he still hasn’t been properly vetted.

      • Anonymous

        Santorum said it himself in the audio clip. They are distracting him from talking about the real issues. This is a fake issue, but he lets himself get dragged right back in to talking about it again. He has already answered the questions many times before, there is no need to discuss it anymore. He keeps falling for the media’s trap.

        You can complain all you want about it but its not going to change anything. The media is what it is, a spin machine for the Democrat Party. Santorum is showing that he can’t play the game very well and will continue to be on the ropes the entire election.

        • Anonymous

          Point made…although there’s a bias  even among the republicans and catholic community, who seem to tear into Santorum more then normal. As far as learning how to get off the ropes and throw a few counter punches himself, would be the best medicine for a faltering campaign.

          • Anonymous

             I agree with you. The reason it feels like he is getting attacked more than usual is because he is the current front runner and is being vetted for the first time. They have all gone through it. It will either break him or make him a stronger candidate. Time will tell.

          • Anonymous

            That’s a fair assumption. Hey thought I saw a post where you like Newt, I think if Santorum slips any further  Gingrich needs to put it in over-drive! He’s really the guy with all the tools necessary to take on the Obama machine – great debater and has a decent foreign policy…thoughts?

          • Anonymous

             I am a Newt supporter, I put a long post about it over in the Stu Has A Conspiracy Theory forum, with some links to some interesting articles. It’s some food for thought.

          • Anonymous

             Thanks I’ll check it out…Z

        • Jan Conroy

          I tend to analyze this another way, more from a counter-propagandist’s point of view.  

          We know that the MSM is in the Democrats’ corner, correct?  

          We know that the Dems came out in droves in Michigan to vote for Santorum, correct?  

          We know that the Obama campaign has been targeting Romney, but not Santorum, correct?  So, it would appear that the Dems would rather run against Santorum than Romney in the general election, based on their and their allies’ actions, correct?

          So, how does the Left maneuver the Right into coming to the aid of Santorum and making him their nominee?

          Attack Santorum on the “abortion, birth control drugs and sexual promiscuity” issue, correct?

          That would certainly get the Right’s, and especially the Religious Right’s, panties in a bunch like no other issue, correct?

          And, since Evangelicals are overly represented in the Republican Party and are particularly wary of Mormons, in general, and Romney, in particular, almost to the point of bigotry, how does the Left get the Evangelicals’ “protective juices flowing” so that they flock en masse to the aid of Catholic Santorum?

          Attack Santorum on the “abortion, birth control drugs and sexual promiscuity” issue as a “freedom of religion” issue, correct? 

          Are you all starting to feel like you are being played like a fiddle, yet?

          No?  Then let me continue on with my analysis of what the Left plans to use as their coup de gras for winning back the House of Representatives and keeping the White House safely in Democrats’ hands.  (And, no, it won’t be the same “abortion, birth control drugs and sexual promiscuity/religious freedom” issue they used to get Santorum nominated in the first place).

          The Left will bring up a “real” issue, for a change.  An issue that will turn off the independents both parties need in order to win in November.  The issue I would use if I were playing for the “Dark Side” would be the infamous “K Street Project” scandal — Republican Party corruption and influence peddling — in which Senator Santorum was a key player.

          Public corruption and influence peddling doesn’t go over very well with independent voters (or honest Republicans).  The whole tawdry “K Street Project” scandal will remind voters of the shenanigans the Republicans pulled when they had control of the White House and the Congress.  Jack Abramhoff and the “K Street Project” sunk the re-election hopes of many a Republican, including Santorum, and led to the loss of the Republicans’ congressional majority in 2006. 

          Why do you think the MSM hasn’t asked Santorum any questions about his participation in this lobbyist influence peddling scandal yet?  Could it be that they see Santorum’s nomination as a guarantor of four more years of BO and a possible return of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House?

          I certainly do.

          • Anonymous

             Your post gives everyone who reads it, something to consider…well spoken…either way you look at it…this nation is in a fight for her life.

          • Adriane Peterson

             Jan, you hit the nail on the head!

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

             My analysis is based on what is happening right now. The media is controlling the subject matter and Santorum keeps allowing it. It shows his weakness as a candidate at this point in time. Example; Look how Newt handled the press at the debates when they tried this crap on him. He literally bitch slapped them and rose above it.

            No offense(you might be right) but your dealing in pure speculation. Using your counter propaganda methods you can come up with a hundred different scenarios on each candidate. Until further evidence is presented it is what it is speculation.

            I don’t understand how I am being played like a fiddle since I am not a Santorum supporter to begin with. If Newt does not become the nominee I will support him but not for the reasons you stated. I will support him because I think Romney is the worst out of the three and I can back that up with one word, RomneyCare.

            From your statements I gather you are a Romney supporter. If you want to have a battle about who is the better choice, we can go there. If I read you wrong I apologize.

          • Jan Conroy

            Newt may give you a shiver up up our leg, taking on the MSM the way he does, but shivers up your leg aren’t always a good thing — just look at Chris Matthews and his shiver-inducer.  How’d that work out for the rest of us?  Newt cannot win for so many reasons I haven’t the time to list them all.  We certainly don’t need a William Jefferson Gingrich in the White House — Gingrich and Clinton have a lot in common and not just the BJ’s.

             Personally, I like Jeff Sessions, but he isn’t running.  So, I am left with four choices, none of them excellent.  However, the goal of this exercise is beating Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat Party machine — then saving the country from wreck and ruin.  So, how do we do that?

            This election will be won or lost by the votes of the independents, third party crossovers and party partisans who aren’t happy with their party’s choice.  With the Dems and Repubs each having a hard-core base of about 30% of the electorate, they have to get out their base plus 20%+ from the other pool of voters.  You don’t get that extra 20%+ with either of the two corrupt, influence-peddling DC insiders — Santorum or Gingrich.

            That leaves the Virginia primary contestants, Paul and Romney.  I suppose that if we are engaged in a new and very unpopular war while the economy is in total free-fall from Federal Reserve mismanagement and the stars line up just right and you hold your tongue just so, well, maybe Paul could pull it out, but I don’t think Hell will be freezing over come November (even with our freaky weather).  So, who do we have left?  

            This all reminds me of one of those old Three Stooges shorts where brother Shemp makes an appearance.  You have Larry (Santorum), Curly (Gingrich), Moe (Paul) and the more normal of the bunch, Shemp (Romney).  At least Shemp got roles in feature films while the others were, well, just Stooges, for the most part.  This seems to be the metaphor that best describes the Republican Party presidential field.

            “What would Ronald Reagan do?” asks the old Reaganite (since 1966), rhetorically.  I’ll go with Shemp.

            And, before you try to play the “Romneycare” card, just remember your Constitution — paying particular attention to the oft forgotten 10th Amendment.  The legislature in Mass. was about 90% Democrat.  For some reason, the citizens of that state like it that way.  Governor Romney, like most other governors around the country, was faced with an unfunded federal mandate called EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act).  EMTALA is an early form of socialized medicine that requires hospitals to basically treat anyone presenting at the ER without consideration of payment.  As I recall, Newt Gingrich voted for EMTALA.  

            Hospital ER’s soon became “free” clinics for those who did not have insurance and weren’t covered by one of the Federal programs for the poor and/or elderly.  In many of the larger cities around the country, the illegal aliens started using these services like they were some form of tribute being paid to the invaders.  Instead of having the baby in Mexico for $200 you could have the baby in Boston for free — plus, the baby gets US citizenship, Medicaid, food stamps, Section 8 housing, etc.

            Hospitals became overwhelmed by the costs of this unfunded mandate, forcing up prices for the rest of the healthcare consumers (the paying kind) and with these rising prices came rising insurance rates.  What the legislature of Mass, tried to do was get ahead of the problem by mandating that everyone carry some form of medical insurance.  Not a great idea, but an understandable one.  Since the Democrats were going to pass a bill that could not be vetoed, it only made sense for Governor Romney to get the best bill he possibly could, under the circumstances.  Part 2 of solving the problem was Romney’s crack down on illegal aliens through the 287g program.

            Faulting Romney for having to clean up after a federal mess your guy Gingrich voted for strikes me as just a tad hypocritical, don’t you think?  In Los Angeles, EMTALA wiped out an ER and Trauma System that was once the envy of the country.  I’d bet that more people have died as a result of EMTALA gutting the ER and Trauma centers around the country, than lives have been saved by the Act.  When an illegal alien t-bones you at an intersection and the EMT’s can’t find an ER open to take you to (in time), well, remember to thank Newt Gingrich for his homage to this form of socialized medicine with your dying breath.

            Right now, Gingrich is bombarding California with sleazy commercials targeting the only guy who has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning California’s independents in a contest against BO.  And our primary isn’t even until June!  So, why all the attack ads now?  Gingrich knows he cannot win here, so he is making sure that no Republican can win our 50+ electoral votes come November — by poisoning the well.  Gingrich is playing the part of the dog in the manger.  Do you seriously think that kind of disordered personality type is presidential material?  Ronald Reagan most certainly would not!


  • Anonymous

    Why aren’t there lawsto  the throw the CBS reporters in Jail, for fixing an election, election tampering, or tampering with the Repulican primary.

    • Anonymous

      If you do that and you would have to include, Rush L, Savage, Mark Levin Palin, fox news and even glen beck, they too influence elections.

      • Sunshine Kid

        I think it would be good for their souls to spend some time in jail contemplating the fact that they are no longer reporting facts, only opinions.  Maybe then we’ll have news that doesn’t start out “Good evening” (or whatever) and then proclaim why it isn’t.

  • Anonymous


    • Sunshine Kid

      bressler, I love your sarcasm.  I don’t need a date, I have a fine lady, but put in a good word for me about the money donation, OK?

  • Anonymous

    How can you call Santorum a “principled” man?  After the dirty tricks of getting Democrats to vote for him… Same level as  Michael Moore …..Winning at any cost?  Having Democrats determine the GOP candidate in Mass?  

    The issue of contraception will not go away….You can bet they will march out the video of the Duggar family with their twenty children endorsing Santorum and make a total mockery of Republicans.  Unfortunately, few people really look into a person’s policies….It’s all about “visual impressions” in the end.
    Romney represents all that is good about capitalism, the family, AND values!  
    Do Your Own Homework as Glenn suggests…(Maybe Glenn’s staff needs to do the same!)Read Romney’s book and go to: and see why Romney is our best choice!!!

  • Anonymous

    Excuse me Glenn. Mormons are not like Catholics in picking and choosing. Something like 90% of Catholic women use contraception which is in direct violation of Catholic doctrine.
    I had a Mormon friend who worked at a Catholic charity whose purpose was to help teen-age and unwed mothers through their pregnancies and places their babies with adoptive families. That’s good and noble, right? However when my married Mormon friend got pregnant, her Catholic work associates expected and encouraged her to abort the baby in order to continue moving forward in her career. (She was stunned.)
    I would venture to say that you will NEVER find such a scenario within LDS charitable and adoptive services.
    You don’t need to pretend that our church is filled with hypocrites just because you find them elsewhere.
    Do we make mistakes and have human weaknesses? Yes. Are there wolves among us? Do we sometimes give into temptation? Absolutely! But there aren’t 90% of members who slough off specific counsel we’re given by church leaders simply because it we think we know better.
    Give me a break!.

  • Wayne

    Santorum openly supported Arlen Spector when he ran for Pres. in 96 when his main platform was on PRO CHOICE candidacy…..didn’t know you supported that Glenn here’s the video…

  • Anonymous

    George Soros recently said that he didn’t care who one between Obama and Romney; because he views them the same.  A better candidate is worth fighting for.  If Ron Paul looked like Romney; people would not refer to him as a “weasel.”  Perhaps we need to put our Constitution  ahead of looks.  Romney has alot of background; none of which is conservative or benefitting the middle class.

    • Anonymous

      You have got to ask yourself why is Soros saying that, he knows that Romney is the strongest candidate and wants to discredit him.  You are very wrong Romney is a conservative.

    • Right Fielder

      He didn’t say it.  Check the facts after reading or hearing anything. Came from a poorly written headline.

      Chrystia Freeland: But isn’t there actually quite a big difference between even a President Obama and a President Romney when it comes to questions of taxation, particularly taxation of the so-called 1 percent, issues like carried interest? Do you see any difference there?

      George Soros: Well, that is the big difference, and that has led my hedge fund community to abandon Obama in favor of any Republican because they don’t like to be taxed. I personally believe that when it comes to policy, you shouldn’t be pursuing self-interest, but the public interest. And I think that the income differentials are too wide and ought to be narrowed.


      • Anonymous

        I saw the interview.  Soros did say that.  The difference between Romney and Obama is that Romney will not be growing laws and regulations to strangle business; and he is a Capitalist.  But, regarding his past performance on policies, conservatism was an afterthought.

        • Right Fielder

          If you saw the interview, and you’re still saying he said they were the same, watch again. He said there isn’t all that much difference. Then for all practical purposes Soros eats his words later in the interview. I’ve provided the source (with video).

  • Anonymous

    To those who responded to my previous comment.
    The reason I did not put Santorums name down is because he
    cannot sustain his campaign.  He was up in 20 points in Ohio
    and now there are only 2 points separating him from Romney.
    He keeps putting his foot in his mouth.  I was raised a Catholic
    and practiced birth control.  I believe people, if they want to,
    should practice birth control but never, never, never abortion.
    I believe that as long as the egg does not meet the sperm
    there is no sin.  Santorum said he did not think anyone should
    practice birth control.  That is what brought him down in the polls.
    I believe he cannot beat Obama.  Especially with women.
    I am an independent voter and have not voted for a Democrat
    in years because they want us in a socialist society.  That
    “ism” does not work.  People stop working as hard because
    they do not want the fruits of their labor to be given to anyone
    who is capable of working but refusing to do so and goes on
    the government dole.  All creativity stops because there are no
    What is happening in America today is a sin.
    I do not care that Romney is a Mormon.  Mormons do believe
    in Jesus.  I do know that Mormons are religious but do not
    push it on others.  They do go door to door to speak to people
    but they do not push you.  Isn’t that what Jesus did?
    Pres. Obama did not have any experience to be elected.
    I want someone who knows about business and government.
    Romney and Ron Paul are the only 2 nominees talking about
    cutting spending and reducing our deficit/debt.  Gingrich always
    says “WE”!  Who is “WE”   I don’t trust Gingrich.  He has always
    been part of the so-called “Establishment”.  He is a member of
    the Council on Foreign Relations.  A group that I “do not admire”.
    I do not belong to any political party of any kind.
    If I have to I will vote for Santorum even though I don’t particularly
    like him.  There is just something about him.
    We do need experienced people to run our government.  Men or
    women who know how to deal with businesses and who know
    the workings of government.
    God Bless all

  • Anonymous

    This comment is for “JEN”
    You might want to do some research on the candidates.  I am a political
    junkie and news junkie.  I am retired and have the time to do research.
    I watch C-span.  Read articles on the candidates.  What do you do except
    spout off about Santorum and call those who do not agree with you
    You might want to do some research yourself.  You might just be surprised
    by what you find out.

  • sisterhoodofangels

    Funny, Beck claims he is not all in for Romney even though there is no way ideologically he could support Romney, but he goes after anyone with a chance against Romney.  I bought it with Newt.  Okay fine, I can see that.  But lately he seems after Santorum who he claims to support.  Makes me lose respect for Beck.  I see little or no difference between Romney and Obama.  I won’t vote for either.

    • Anonymous

      Everybody knows, except you I guess, that Santorum would lose in a landslide against Obama.  Romney is the only one who has a chance against Obama—-Romneys economic plan that he has come out with is pretty good, Larry Kudlow who was an economist with Reagan, likes it, says it is Reaganesque.  I have watched and listened to Kudlow for a number of years, he knows what he is talking about.  That is a terrible thing to say about Romney and Obama, Romney is nothing, nothing like Obama.  Romney has done so many good works in his life, I don’t know where people come up with such tripe.

  • Anonymous

    just get Obama out of office before we lose our country completely.   we are almost there.  wake up people:  A rat is better than Obama & his wife.

  • Anonymous

    Been reading some comments there is no difference between Romney and Obama? Simply put the difference is Romney will balance the budget, end deficit spending, open up energy exploration and production, take out Iran’s nuclear bomb, strengthen the military, stop attacks on religion, end Obama care, ah too many issues to delineate. I am tired of the DNC painting Romney as Gordon Gecko and that he is out of touch with the electorate.  By the time the general roles around Romney will be prepared to take on Obama.  Can’t understand why lobbyists such as Santorum and Gingrich don’t want to get the fact that Romney will end Obama care. I guess they take their directives from Obama and the DNC.

    • Carl Stull

       Romney won’t balance the budget, that’s a total sham, his plan calls for automatic increases, with cuts to baseline it. We’ll still be 16 trillion if not more in debt with him in office, b/c we’re going to bomb Iran, whether it’s Obama or Romney, it will happen, they’ve been preparing for it for years now and then we will have to spend to rebuild their country, like we do every other country, and the war will continue to be focused on someone else. The shit will never end. It’s been going on for the last 50 plus years now.

      The only thing he MIGHT be able to do is stop the whole contraceptive thing…. whoop de fukin doo… so insurance companies don’t have to cover birth control now… Let me tell you, thats a major 4 year change in government

  • Anonymous

    In the “OLD TESTAMENT”, the Jewish Law was that if a man’s brother died and his
    brother was married, the surviving brother was to marry the dead brother’s wife.  I
    believe it was Enod whose brother died and he married his brother’s wife but he did
    not want to have children with her, so he buried his seed upon the ground.  Thank
    God we do not have a  law like that today. 
    I left the Catholic Church after I discussed this with a Catholic Priest.  I also am
    very disgusted with the Catholic Church after hearing about all the abuse of
    young children by the pedophile priests.
    Jesus said in the “NEW TESTAMENT” that his listeners should not be like the
    hypocrites who go to church on the Sabbath and then turn around and disobey
    God’s Commandments.  Jesus advised his followers to go into their closet
    (closet being in whatever location they chose) and pray alone and say
    THE OUR FATHER.  This is in the New Testament. 
    I believe in The Ten Commandments and the New Testament and pray
    silently in my closet.  My prayers have been answered many times by
    God Bless All

  • Anonymous

    To Jan Conroy;

    First of all Romney did not clean up any mess with RomenyCare he made it worse. Second I don’t care if it even is constitutional in Massachusetts, no real republican would ever force a citizen to purchase a product for just being alive. If what Romney did was so great, why haven’t the rest of the states adopted it? For one, if they did it would be the same effect as ObamaCare, Disastrous! It would bankrupt the nation just the same as ObamaCare.Your arguments are a bunch of hot air. The two plans are identical.

    What would Reagan do? He would vote for Newt. Michael Reagan(Ronald Reagan’s son is supporting Newt, Reagan’s own economic team says Newt has the best economic plans) So that’s another myth busted of yours.

    For you to say that Newt would be a William Jefferson Gingrich is such total nonsense. If you can make those baseless claims then I can say if Romney is elected he will bring back Polygamy. He probably has hidden wives all around the country. Do you see how that works?

    “Right now, Gingrich is bombarding California with sleazy commercials”

    Oh, yes Romney is a pure as the wind driven snow. Please! Who started the sleazy negative campaigning? Let me answer that for you, ROMNEY and PAUL! Who has to out spend spend their opposition 6-1 and bombard the public with negative ads and can barely sometime squeak out a win? ROMNEY. He really sounds like a great candidate for the Democrat Party.

    Romney is not a capitalist he is a corporatist. He tries to do the very least possible. Look at his 57 point plan that was a bunch of mumbo jumbo. He finally revises it and it still is no where near as good as Newt’s. Romney also supports raising the minimum wage. Oh yea, that will really help the economy. How about this little doozy where he is not concerned with the poor because the welfare system has it covered. The welfare system is the problem! Romney is so out of touch because he is nothing more than a corporate elitist. Look at Mayor Bloomberg of New York if you want to see what kind president that Romney would make.

    You are living in la la land. You have no real facts to back up your “theories,” only Romney talking points. It is you who is being played like a fiddle. Romney is no conservative not even close. He is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Anonymous

    Here are some classic quotes for the Greates RINO of all time.

    “I was an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan-Bush.” 1992
    “The principles that Ronald Reagan espoused are as true today as they were when he spoke them.” – Romney, May 25, 2010.

    “Well, that’s what we did in Massachusetts, and that is, we put together an exchange, and the president’s copying that idea. I’m glad to hear that.” – Romney in June 24, 2009, speaking about the RomneyCare health insurance mandate.

    “I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose” – Romney, Oct. 29, 2002.

    “We do have tough gun laws in Massachusetts; I support them.” – According to the Boston Globe, Romney supported the Brady Registration Act, mandatory firearms ID cards, the 5-day waiting period, and the federal Feinstein Gun Ban. While governor, Romney signed a state Semi-Automatic Ban.

    “I just signed a piece of legislation extending the ban on certain assault weapons.” – Romney, August 4, 2004.

    “I do not support any new legislation of an assault weapon ban nature.” – Romney, Jan. 24, 2008.

    “I saw my father march with Martin Luther King.” (Romney’s campaign later admitted that they didn’t march on the same day, or in the same city)

    “I purchased a gun when I was a young man. I’ve been a hunter pretty much all my life.” (Romney’s campaign later said he’d been hunting twice, once when he was 15, and once in 2006 at a Republican fundraiser

    “I’m not a big-game hunter. I’ve made that very clear. I’ve always been a rodent and rabbit hunter. Small varmints, if you will.”

    “Hugo Chavez has tried to steal an inspiring phrase ‘Patria o muerte, venceremos.’ It does not belong to him. It belongs to a free Cuba.” –invoking a phrase that translates to “Fatherland or death, we shall overcome,” which Fidel Castro has used to close his speeches for years, and which is associated with Cuban oppression

    “I should tell my story. I’m also unemployed.” —Mitt Romney, speaking in2011 to unemployed people in Florida. Romney’s net worth is over…

  • Debbie Custer Lemmon

    Rick may be nice but we can’t risk putting another over his head, has never lead anything, inexperienced Senator in the WH! Obama is nice too but so what! My dentist is a nice guy but that doesn’t mean I’d let him preform heart surgery! Mitt happens to be a very good man too but the difference is that he’s the leading expert a heart surgery for turn around’s! Many of those who know Mitt personally say he’s the nicest guy they’ve ever met but that’s beside the point. Mitt saved the Olympics when people said it would be impossible to do so, saved hundreds of struggling companies for decades (many don’t know Bain actually had a higher percentage of companies that succeeded under Mitt’s lead than any other private equity firm), he turned a $3 billion deficit into a $2 billion rainy day fund, etc, etc! If the Nikola Tesla of turn around’s say’s he wants to help, let him! If we are silly enough to elect Santorum in our ridiculous search for perfection (especially when we already have the expert american heart surgeon), we can be nicely assured Obama will have a another comfortable 4 years to destroy our country with more debt increases and wimpy foreign policies that risk our country. And to those Republicans who do, I say thank you for chocking up our country once again to an inexperienced, has never lead anything Senator, Rick Santorum and an inexperienced, has never lead anything, Barack Obama.

  • Vinny

    Ron Paul To Israel “It Doesn’t Make Any Sense To Attack A Country That’s No Threat To ANYONE!”  He also plans on bringing the troops home.  Whats not to like?  He EASILY has my vote.  Paul was in second place, but since it wasn’t Santorum, the media doesn’t even mention who made 2nd, LOL.

    • SoThere

      The Jew Hater speaks.

    • SoThere

      Who cares what a OWS hatemonger and anti-Simitec Jew hater  has to say here strtlk?

      Take your bigotry and hate back over to Media Matters Phony Soldier.

    • Anonymous

      Iran is not a threat to anybody? This proves how delusional Ron Paul and Vinny really are. Oh wait, that’s right, it’s our fault to begin with. I guess we should just nuke ourselves so the rest of the world can live in peace and harmony.

      Oh, I know, maybe we should just give Iran a nuclear bomb as a present. Then Iran would love us for sure. Look at it this way, it would be pretty darn rude of them to attack us with the present we gave them. Wouldn’t it?

      Ron Paul and his supporters think that if we retreat from world affairs the rest of the world will play nice. This narrow mindedness does not take into effect that communism and totalitarian regimes will spread like wildfire until they become so massive that they have the power and strength to overwhelm and crush us.

      The world is a chessboard and if we don’t play, we lose the future.

  • Right Fielder

    Cantor endorses Romney.

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what it’s going to take to win this election and I see no other candidate with the skill to do it. Notice how Newt does not mince words or gets tangled in the weeds. Newt is a skilled fighter and that is who we need now more than ever. Plus he has the best economic package and knows both foreign and domestic policy like no other.

    Forget what Glenn Beck has told you. To put it frankly, the guy is full of $h!t. Just look what he has done to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe.

    Mr. Gingrich’s personal past has nothing to do with how he will govern. There is no such thing as a perfect candidate and if you do believe there is, you will be disappointed every time.

    Ronald Reagan said it best; Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.

    Please take a first or second look at Newt Gingrich’s policies and decide for yourself. It is not to late.

    • Right Fielder

      Very few (if any) people can articulate a point better than Newt, and I really enjoy listening to him talk.  Would be fine with me if Newt garnered the nomination. But… Newt is cash starved, and nothing is going to change that, because the cash he must raise in order to compete — even in the primary — is beyond his fundraising abilities.  Sad fact.

      • Anonymous

         Unfortunately that is the system that both right and left establishments have helped design. The rich elitists are the only ones that can afford to buy the election and all else need not apply. If that is the attitude of voters than our country is lost.

        I for one am not willing to accept that. It may be fact that our system has been totally corrupted in favor of the elitists, but it is wrong and I will fight it to my dying day. I am not going to vote for the person that I think is going to win,  I am going to vote for who needs to win despite the odds.

        The reason it is a sad fact is because people have allowed it to become a sad fact. That sad fact can change very easily if voters will pay attention to policy instead of how many commercials a candidate can pump out.

        Your post tells me that you have accepted that Romney is going to be the candidate because he is rich and has the backing of Wall Street. Well, he may get the nomination but Obama has more money and the media on his side. I guess Barrack Obama will win in November.

        I know what you are saying and that it is probably the way it’s going turn out. If I sound harsh it’s because I cannot stand that elitists have corrupted our elections and the voters have allowed it. It maybe beyond Newts ability to raise enough cash but it is not beyond the American citizens to vote wisely for our countries future.

      • Anonymous

        he’s also been quite adept at impersonating a toddler throwing a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way – that’s WHY his numbers tanked. (we already have one in the WH.)

        • Right Fielder

          That, too, of course. His passion gets the best of him at times.

    • Anonymous

      It does matter about a persons past, the past is what has made that person, good or bad.  Newt has also shown that he does not govern well, his stint as Speaker has shown him not to be a good leader, give it up bub.

      • Anonymous

         Wrong as usual moron!

  • Anonymous

    If Newt Gingrich is the nominee, Pres. Obama will
    crucify him with all the stuff he pulled while Speaker
    of the House.
    Do not take my word for it.  Do some research on all
    of the things that Newt voted for while Speaker.
    He was for Hillary’s Health Care Plan.  This is just
    one example of what he did.  Do research.  I have
    not once heard Newt say he would repeal Obama-

    • Anonymous

       Please tell us all the stuff Newt did as Speaker that is so damaging. If you haven’t heard Newt say he would repeal Obamacare it’s because your not listening. You obviously have never gone to his website to see.

      You are just like Nancy Pelosi throwing crap out there with nothing behind it. Like Newt said to Nancy, put up or shut up.

  • Tracy Shamo

    I have tried to stay out of the political arena but I can no longer do it.  I do not know Mitt Romney though I met him once while a fellow student at BYU.  I do know, however, many people who know him well.  It is a lie that Mitt Romney does not connect with real people.  He is down to earth, real, and genuine.  As a leader in his church, Mitt Romney helped many, many people of all nationalities, family backgrounds, and economic classes.  Mitt Romney loved and helped them all.  It is true that he once suspended all the operations of Bain Capital to search for a co-workers daughter who had gone missing.  He even joined personally in the search.  I suspect he give far more than 14% of his income in helping others.  That is just the percentage he reports on his taxes.  Maybe you think he isn’t conservative enough–but my guess it he is too much Mormon for many people. I am one of those Mormons.  We believe in following Jesus Christ.  If that doesn’t qualify us for being Christian, then there are no Christians left in America.  Please look at Mitt Romney more carefully.  Maybe he doesn’t always say things right, but who does?  Let’s not cast stones when we are guilty of the same.

    • Anonymous

      “Maybe he doesn’t always say things right, but who does?”  Nobody.  At least Santorum is willing to publicly admit when he makes a mistake, which is something I have NEVER seen another politician do.  I also share the opinion that Romney “isn’t conservative enough”…and that has NOTHING to do with his religion.  I had never voted in a primary election until I voted for Santorum.  I trust him—and I don’t ususally use ‘trust’ and ‘politician’ in the same sentence…

  • Anonymous

    Why should I do your research for you.  It is the moral obligation
    of every single voter to do research on the candidates.  Listening
    to the media pundits will only distort the real facts.  If New
    Gingrich is the nominee, Barack Obama will crucify him with the
    facts.  The only reason you have not heard a lot about Newt Gingrich
    when he was Speaker of the House is because he is behind in
    the polls.
    Go look through the Congressional Records during New Gingrich’s
    term in the House of Representatives.  He was the establishment
    making deals with Clinton and the Dems which we are feeling now
    the after effects of those decisions.  He is also a member of the
    Council on Foreign Relations.  Look up the listing of all those
    who are members of that Council.  You can also go to the
    C-Span archives and look through their records.  Until you do
    this don’t put others down who took the time to do the
    I do not trust Mr. Gingrich.  We need a President who will do
    what he says during the nomination process.  Why do you
    not believe all the people out there who are not voting for him.
    They know!
    Please do some research.  You may change your mind.
    God Bless you in your search.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting how you can’t put a photo of Romney’s entire face on your lead in. Sad for you he leads Santorum Everywhere. I have supported Romney since 2007 and I don’t care what his religion is, what I care about is that he is a terrific business man and has created thousands of jobs, and has a great plan to bring this country back to it’s fundamentals and it’s economic prominence.

  • Anonymous

    The reason Newt is having trouble getting contributions is because too
    many people know how he was as Speaker of the House.  His past
    will always follow him.
    The only one giving him money is the owner of the Venetian Hotel and
    Casino in Las Vegas, NV.; in incremints of Five Million dollars.
    God Bless

    • Anonymous

      Again you have not listed any reasons. You are proving nothing except that you don’t know what your talking about. If so many people know, why can’t you list anything?

      You want to talk about donators? How about most of Romney’s money comes from Crony capitalist Wall Street. How about Romney’s #1 contributor is Goldman Sachs.

      Here educate yourself before you throw out baseless claims

  • Anonymous

    T0 NO BONES,
    People need to do their own homework.  I won’t do yours
    for you.
    Stop sending me notes asking me to do it for you.
    Have a great day

    • Anonymous

      I’ve done my homework!

      “I have not once heard Newt say he would repeal Obama-care.” by 33300

      That is either your ignorance or a flat out lie. Which one is it 33300? Who hasn’t done there homework? It is you that hasn’t. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

      Are you Nancy Pelosi? Because you act just like her.Your pathetic tactics are disgraceful. You people can not win on the merit so you resort to lying and expecting nobody to actually do the homework. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

      More than likely you are just ignorant, so I apologize for calling you a liar.

      “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” Mark Twain

      • Anonymous

        Luv the Twain quote.

  • Marc Martineau

    It’s not a bizzarre twist.  Hopefully it’s folks actually looking at Romney’s record instead of listening to the baseless sound bites of the media.  I’m still awed at the Beck team’s love affair with Santorum after he “took one for the team” and voted against his principles and encouraged democrats in Minn to vote for him because Romney was against the auto industry bailout.

  • Anonymous

    While it is important to focus on the presidency, we really need to begin mobilizing actual conservative candidates for the congress in washington and where we live.  This train hurtling toward oblivion will still go over the edge unless it is stopped and thrown in reverse.  The entire globe is poised to move in the direction of social justice, economic equality, and all the other progressive codewords for socialism. Even with a santorum or a paul in office we would still eventually reach the point of no return.  The next president can’t do it alone, but with a good congress there might just be a chance.

  • Anonymous

    I have only read a handful of these posts, but I must say that for the most part, all of you people whether or not in agreement with one another, have behaved beautifully. Thanks for a pleasant experience about a rather unpleasant subject. I sure do hope that Sheriff Joe fullfills his aim to resolve the BIRTHER SITUATION and that it can give the whole country something different to talk about after the end of this week. I’d hate to have to go through this situation every day going forward from now until early November.
    Thanks again.

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