Dear Glenn: A fashion intervention…

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Dear Glenn,

We’ve known each other for a long time, and in that time you’ve made a lot of changes. You moved from New York to Dallas. You jumped from cable news to your own GBTV. Your company has grown from a scrappy start-up to a burgeoning media empire. You’ve written more books than can be counted and done hours ( and hours and hours and hours and hours) of broadcasts on radio, TV, and on stage. I think at this point I can call you a friend. And as a friend, we need to talk. You have a problem. A fashion problem.

Is it the jeans and the untucked Oxfords? No, that’s rebellious, perfect for someone who left the mainstream media. Is it the the occasional Mr. Rogers sweater? Not at all. And it’s certainly not the suits, although we don’t see those quite as often as we used to…

Remember the good times? The merit badge purple sweaters?

Or the smart meets casual button down,sports coat, and jeans?

How about the “Death to Tyranny” cardigans?

Look how happy you were. It’s almost like it was yesterday…

So no, it’s none of the above. It’s not even the shirt, tie, vest, wool jacket that you’re wearing right now on GBTV…although that’s a lot of layers and might explain why you get uncomfortably hot during the show.

It’s the bow ties:

Other days, it’s the vest:

But most of all, it’s the suspenders:

Seriously, Glenn, what is with the suspenders?

Does this have anything to do with the fact that you’ve got LJ running the merchandise/fashion department? I mean, he looks even worse. He even wears a weird costume to work some days:

He’s wearing tights! Tights! What grown man would allow himself to be photographed in such a state?

Now, you say it’s inspired by the Depression Era. We say it’s just getting to be depressing….

Sincerely (Please don’t fire me), Editor

P.S. Seriously Glenn, this is a joke. Please do not fire me!

  • Ann Rozoznovsky

    I so agree. I used to love the way you dressed to talk to us, Glenn.  When it was really serious you wore a beautiful well-tailored suit.  When it was more fun, you wore “business casual.”
    Now (&I can say this because I became a Texan 53 years before you did!) you are NOT dressing like a Texan  You seem to be dressing like someone who is confused as to what to wear each day. Some days it must be freezing in that big neat studio cause you have more clothes on than a Green Bay Packer fan at a January night game.  And yes, some days there are those distracting (and unattractive) suspenders.  Please either dress Texan, that means tailored Western shirt, pressed jeans with a crease and boots, or just go back to the Real Glenn attire that was so easy on the eyes.  Right now we spend more time trying to make sense of what you have on that we lose track of the very important things you’re telling us.

    • LuAnn Herkstroeter

       What a perfect summation, go, Miss Ann!

    • Ginny

      Seriously Glenn, listen to Ann. I do have one more suggestion though, it is acceptable for you to wear a bolo tie just not a bow tie.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Sustainability is the key to success. Glenn, sustain the same attire threwout a week. Less laundry.

    • Anonymous

      Just as long as he changes his underwear regularly, Irina.   : )

  • Anonymous

    Bob Beckel wears suspenders…

  • Caree Severson

    Wear camo. That’s what I do. That way noone can see you to judge you :)  Personal liberty is a bitch but someone has to fight for it!

  • Caree Severson

    Wear camo. That’s what I do. That way noone can see you to judge you :)  Personal liberty is a bitch but someone has to fight for it!

  • General Kota

    Wear something that ticks off the left. That way it is more fun.

  • General Kota

    Wear something that ticks off the left. That way it is more fun.

  • Barbara Morris

    I don’t care what Glenn wears, I just wish he’d shave that mess off of his chin. It looks dirty and liberal.

    • Tim Portalatin

      Are you serious? It “looks” liberal? I didn’t know that Republicans were communist?

      • Anonymous

        what exactly do you know about communist

    • Doran Barton

       I just assumed he’s gearing up for a Colonel Sanders look.

    • Caryn

       LOl Yeah Glenn ya dirty hippie!

      • Anonymous

        yeeeah !!!!

    • Margie Ryan

      Gotta agree, lose the weird beard!  I usually like facial hair on men, but because he has the transparent white hair it doesn’t look so great.

      • Richard Benjamin

        I am one of the most conservative people on earth. But cutting my beard seems like a waste of energy. Do I cut the beard or browse for like minded individuals? OK, once a month or two I give in and cut it.

      • Anonymous

        Can’t help myself—-there you go, Margie, using the ”t” word—transparent.

        In any case, Glenn is being more ”transparent” than the man in the WH who

        promised he would have a transparent administration.   How did that work out?

    • Laura Thompson

       Or at least let it grow out and let it be a real go-tee! The half-shaved stubble go-tee is ug-ly!!!!

    • Henry Dickhous

       Hey, some kids think I am Santa Claus and I am so far right that Ann Coulter looks like a left wing extremist.

  • Barbara Morris

    I don’t care what Glenn wears, I just wish he’d shave that mess off of his chin. It looks dirty and liberal.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  I was thinking that Glenn was sending a subtle message that made me feel ill at ease. When you  layer with so many duds, it appears that you are unsure of your presence.  Glad for the intervention. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  I was thinking that Glenn was sending a subtle message that made me feel ill at ease. When you  layer with so many duds, it appears that you are unsure of your presence.  Glad for the intervention. Thanks.

  • leann ruggles

    As long as he’s decently covered who cares what he’s wearing? Just keep the TRUTH coming out and on the move

    • Harry G

      I am usually so busy listening to Glenn’s message that I usually do not even notice what he is wearing. 

  • leann ruggles

    As long as he’s decently covered who cares what he’s wearing? Just keep the TRUTH coming out and on the move

  • Anonymous

    I think he is ecclectically interesting in his dressing habits.  I do wish he would rock the goatee a bit more – it needs to fill in a little Glenn…..

    • LuAnn Herkstroeter

       Eclectic furniture is good.  In clothing, it’s called living on the street, or unfortunately, old-timers disease.

  • Anonymous

    I think he is ecclectically interesting in his dressing habits.  I do wish he would rock the goatee a bit more – it needs to fill in a little Glenn…..

  • Bryan Eddy

    If thats all people wanna do ,EF them GB.Power On.
    Its just as in judging  music ..what would Stevie Wonder think?

  • Pauly Ricci

    He’s right on Glen.  I try to get my husband to watch and the first thing he says is “how trite is this, untucked shirt, intentionally ripped jeans cmon, what a phony”  PLEASE dress like a real person…like you used to

  • LeslieZ

    Suspenders and bowtie – You look alot like the guy that played Dr Haslett on Murder She Wrote. lol

  • Chris King

    Dang Glenn,ya look like a rodeo clown….Man, I miss those days!

  • Eric Balatincz

    Freedom to wear what you want live it up Glenn my moto you dont like it dont look at me very simple i personally love the Leeterhosen you wore on FOX bring it back… God Bless you Glenn keep up the good fight

  • Anonymous

    ROFLOL! Good one Editor!

  • Doris Carman

    Why does it matter what he wears?

  • Aine

    Actually, Glenn, I really love the white shirt, vest, and watch fob.  Casual but smart-looking. Kinda sexy, too.

  • Anonymous

    “Somehow,we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” ~ Steven Chu, Energy Secretary 

  • Caryn

    What’s wrong with bowties and suspenders? Isn’t that what Doctor Who wears? 

    • Anonymous

      I love the Doctor but seriously, in the words of Amy “Bow-tie. Get rid!”

  • Candice Heilman

    Mr. Beck You look good in anything you or your wife picks out for the day! Its America! Who cares! You have an awesome job and do it well,you can wear anything that you choose. By the way are you hiring? My telemarketing job just closed! Thanks Candice Heilman-Green Springs,Ohio

  • Victoria O’Neill

    I think he’s secretly a Dr. Who fan. Just sayin’ ^_^

  • Caryn

    No, no… let’s talk some more about Rush calling some chick a slut…

    (This was a reply to wheelz51 that somehow didn’t post right!)

  • Anonymous

    Hey Beck!  Remember Irving R Levine & his neck-tie – NBC correspondent.  Go for it buddy! =)

  • Anonymous

    Not everyone is going to agree on another person’s dress code. I like Glenn’s choice because it casual, most of the time smart and he’s not dressing to please others. Which means, he is wearing what is comfortable and appropriate for that day’s work. If he was a slob that is one thing but he is not.  I don’t care for his faded jeans but it that is comfortable for him, then let it be. We don’t tune in to see what he wears, we tune in because we like what he says and know that it can be trusted.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE SUSPENDERS!!!!…been wearing them for over 30 years……and sometimes I wear braces, too…..

  • Jane Wagman

    I think the suspenders look smashing!

  • Marie Nachman

    Funny but irrelevant. I work in my jammies, from home, no webcam required, thank goodness! Suspenders are often recommended by doctors for men who are cutting their bowels in two with belts they used to wear in high school. It is the only way they can function! So stay out of his way and let he man wear what he wants. Or find something ugly of your own to put on and scare him straight – like those nasty shoes with 10 distinct toes! Lots of young ones wearing those and I keep my mouth shut.

  • Aunt Barbara

    I think Glenn looks great anytime, any way, any day.  But, I hope he doesn’t wear a belt with the suspenders.  If he does, then we’re in trouble.  A sure sign of insecurity.

  • Miranda Mulligan

    This was hilarious!  I have to agree- I absolutely love the smart meets casual look…jeans & sports coats totally do it for me- I might even be willing to say I find that look quite attractive, but the suspenders just don’t work, they have to go.  It is quite possible that the bow tie isn’t working either.  Regardless of your poor taste in accessories I love your ideas, your ability to give back, your passion for getting America back to what it was and should be, and your humor.  I appreciate that you opened my eyes and helped me realize that I need to do more, for myself and my four beautiful little boys and our future.

  • Anonymous

    For me, it’s the tennies.

  • Anonymous

    Haha! This is funny :) Everything you said is true Stu. Glenn does wear a ton of layers and the suspenders, vests, and bow ties are weird. He kinda does look like willy wonks! lol

  • Dano of PC

    The message is good…the look, well I have both teenage and post college sons.  While they tell me that I dress as an old man, I have seen a lot of crazy fashion from them that my grandfather would never approve of…fashion? No big deal.  Message? Search and report the truth!

  • Brooke Longobardi

    You dress like a regular guy, your not a fashion model. Your and entertaining news man. And, your on the radio who cares what you wear. I don’t! I like you the way you are.

  • Sandra Henderson

    I love the way ya dress Glenn. Only a self confident man could pull this look off. You ROCK! :)

  • Matthew V. Cooper

    Glenn, I think your fashion look has real “eclecstasy”! I mean – it’s YOU, man! Eclectic and happy with yourself. Long as you’re truthin’ – and decently covered – I think you’re grand, man! :)

  • Margaret Hensley

    Seriously, Glenn, I think you’re a total babe and all, but…the suspenders kind of ruin the total effect. Just sayin’…:)

  • Michele Pfaff

    Love it!!!!  Glenn, your wife must LOVE you!

  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU, STU for opening this to disqus!!  I do not Tweet and as of yet, have not found a way to reach Glenn personally-but have been just dying to have the chance to let him know that his recent fashion choices have been nothing short of tragic!!  I LOVE YOU GLENN!  Your like family and my Hero!!  I like the suspenders and was much impressed by your ability to tie that silly bow-tie AND have it come out looking great (for a bow-tie) BUT, its about the crazy leather Pirate belt your wore on the Program last week along with those pants ?? …OMG!!  Sweetie, honey…I can only think “His wife lets him leave the house like this?”  ALSO, the chain thing-y you’ve taken to wearing with the vest is, well, distracting and prematurely aging.  I know, you really appreciate relics-but you’re just too beautiful a man to LOOK like one :)  My husband and I have been thinking of a way to get to TX and would LOVE to work with you and your movement and I think I have found a real need for me on your staff as your wardrobe consultant :)  I have been dressing my own husband for 16 years now and am known to have excellent taste in fashion- Seriously!  Look me up :) :)

  • Anonymous

    I think Glenn  dresses just fine and very cultured, he has some class, not like most of the young and older men alike today, no dress codes in most jobs, very distasteful, and further more be who you are and for you people who don’t like the way he dresses, give him the cash, but if you do I must warn you he may come back with new suspenders and bow ties, I know I would, keep it real Glenn

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry Glenn after you reach a certain age you’ll be wearing English tweeds with the bow tie and it won’t look out of place…. Nice key board by the way Steampunk I believe…….

  • Anonymous

    Well now, for some of us belts don’t really work well. The pants roll over and down a bit, and we look bad. Suspenders keep everything neat. You go, Beck!

  • Margie Ryan

    I thought maybe he was just dressing in solidarity with the Amish.

  • cecilie Gamst Berg

    Lose the goatee! And also: Jeans with prefabricated holes? No, no, no and no. BUT I of course watch the show religiously every day!

  • Anonymous

    Totally cute!   I love the way your editor loves you, Glenn.  I think this is indicator you are a good leader.  Good leaders who appreciate their people understand their value and respect them and have good working relationships. 

    I enjoyed the “fashion show.”  I appreciate what you do enlightening the rest of us who are too busy doing all the other things in life.  We listen.


  • sandy bee

    Maybe we could get Sandra Fluke a pair of suspenders and save her over $3000!

  • Donna Cormier

    Less is more Glenn, that’s all…Coco Chanel had it just shows real class when you’re not wearing “clutter…” Simplify your look but don’t wear anything sloppy or noisy in the name of being “casual..”…I personally love you just the way you are especially with the blue shirt and checkeredd sleeves rolled up with that long sleeve gray t-shirt hanging out on top of that, and of course the matching, coordinated gray suspenders!

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha, the comments are great!  Okay, my vote (which counts as much as they do on Whose Line Is It Anyway?) is for DRESSIN LIKE A TEXAN.  Hell, Glenn, you moved there, now dress like y’ar one!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely the suspenders. Makes you look a bit like Beckel. People might think you are leaning to the left.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t care if he wore a paper bag and an umbrella hat. We love him!

  • Ann Bruce de Avila

    At least Bob Beckel wears matching suspenders and ties with a white shirt and looks rather fashionable.  As to Glenn, for all your adoring female fans,  how about a little more GQ  and less Salvation Army

  • Anonymous

    No more jeans with knee holes, please.  If you are trying to appeal to the younger crowd, it’s not working.

    • Anonymous

      Besides, wac, on older people, it looks a bit tacky.  Don’t really find it attractive at all.

  • Kelly High

    I like the suspenders and especially the sweater vests- those are now very conservative chic (just ask Santorum)!

  • Corey C. Jordan

    I own several vests… Modern reproductions made by Skully of commonly worn vests in the middle to late 19th century. They’re great! Added warmth, and they add a touch of dignity to any workday outfit. Better yet, I can wear a traditional pocket watch. Suspenders… Not many modern pants work well with suspenders. I really dislike the clip-on elastic types. It’s better to invest in a pair of vintage reproduction pants, that don’t allow a belt but have suspender buttons front and back. Again, late 1800s style is very “cool”. What Glenn needs a good hat. A Fedora would work, or a variation of the “outback” style. Again, a certain dignity is implied. Every man should own a good hat and a good pocket knife. Neither will let you down.

    • Anonymous

      Corey—Hats!   Yes!   I’m all for hats—for both men and women.  Wearing one has

      become something of a lost art.   Like the wearing of gloves for the women too—some-

      thing lady-like about that.   And a great way to attract some fella—drop a glove.  What

      else could she drop?  Surely, not her purse?  Never her cell phone!  And not many use

      handkerchiefs anymore, if any are still used.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn looks great with whatever he wears – he even looks professional with the “suspenders” even though we were surprised to see them !!!!!!!!

    Hey, can’t wait to hear your speech at the NRA meeting in St. Louis in April – you were magnificient last year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    You are soooo demanding and have complete control of the audience !!!!!!       

  • Caitlin Nicholas


  • Laura Pidcoe Chastain

    Glenn, I hate to say it, but he’s right – When I saw the bow tie today I thought, It’s a grown up Ralphie! He’s going to be asking for a Red Rider BB Gun! Please Glenn, NO MORE BOW TIES!!!

  • Jennifer Prewitt

    Glen seriously coming from a good looking lady ” I love the hair on your face” Don’t listen to other people “You are really handsome no matter what you have on”. I just love you to pieces.

  • Mary Theresa Del Buono

    I don’t care what you wear…but one thing I am thankful for…you don’t wear shorts (heehee)…thank you Glenn for being on our computer screens…miss you when you are  not on … keep up the good works…like your truth…it is mine too…ps…thanks Stu & Pat too…

  • Anonymous

    Love Glenn Beck.  Love his looks.  Love his mind.  Love his suspenders.  Period.

  • w. Parker

    A Bob Beckel copy cat…Who really cares?  Aren’t there more important issues to be discussing?

    • Anonymous

      I think Bob wears them because….well they don’t make belts that fit him. 

  • Maddy Nupp McDonald

    I think Glenn dresses very cute. I like his fashion sense.

  • Ginny Auldridge

    bow ties, suspenders and fez hats are cool, just ask Doctor Who

  • Laura Thompson

    I”ve often wondered now that Glenn has moved to Dallas, how can he stand to wear all those layers and some of them made of wool.  I live in Texas and today it was in the mid  70’s!  You MUST learn how to dress for Texas, Glenn.  There is no cold in Texas, and it is a rare day in the winter that you need a jacket, much less, a t-shirt, under a shirt, then a sweater and then a tie (or bow tie), and then a wool blazer!  Have you lost your human thermostat?

  • w. Parker

    Kinda stuck on yourself, huh, Glenn?  73 comments so far on this boring subject? Gas up, people slaughtered in the middle east, Putin takin over, we’re about to go to war, Isreal about to go to war, it’ 2012 and the world’s ending, etc etc and you want to talk about your stupid clothes?

  • Brooke Lorren

    I would agree on the suspender thing.  It is a little weird.  But I don’t watch you for your fashion sense…

  • Anonymous

    This is off topic—I’ve been waiting to hear from Glenn re: the comments he made on his show

    regarding his viewers/listeners and the seemingly insults toward them.*  Here it is Tues. and not

    a peep.  Maybe he (or someone) is still reading the posts.  Just saw it—over 1000!  Have never

    seen that many on one topic yet.   (If there were others with so many, then, I’ve forgotten.)

    *This was on the thread about Sheriff Joe A.       Will Glenn address this issue, do you think?

    • Anonymous

      bjv, what is all the hullibaloo about?

      • Anonymous

        O.P.,  Go back to last Fri. (3/2) post on the topic of Sheriff Joe A. (not sure of

        the spelling of his last name, but you’ll see it) and his looking into the validity of

        B.O.’s birth certificate.  Glenn and Co. were whooping in up and poo-pooing the

        whole idea of doubting the authenticity of the b/c B.O. had produced last year.

        Joe A. and his investigators looked long and hard and found out it was a fake,

        a forgery.  Many who posted had come to that conclusion on their own some

        time ago.    Go and check it out.  Please come back and report your thoughts

        on this matter.   Good luck in getting through all the posts.  When last I saw it,

        there were 500+—-now it’s about doubled!   It literally took me more than 3 hrs.

        to wade through all the posts.


        • Anonymous

          Thanks BJV, just showing Nobones around TFC. I’ll get to it!

          Bye sweetie.

  • Anonymous


    I am surprised to see how many folks are looking at what you are dressed in.  the numberr one issue is you are dressed, that is a plus.  As far as the goatee, well, it is ok and I am sure it will grow in someday!

    I enjoyed the humorous comments from your editor…please don’t fire him!

    Glenn, for me, it is what you have to say each evening that far out weighs what “interesting attire” you have chosen to wear.  I guess once the economy hits the skids we will all be dressing a bit differently than we normally do.  I do appreciate the fact that you are willing to experiment with the wardrobe you have at your disposal and will watch no matter what your decision is on clothing choices. 

    Deb In NH

  • Anonymous

    I am not a fan of the bow tie but love the way Glenn dresses most days. Please don’t lose the facial hair though Glenn! I think it looks great!

    • Caitlin Nicholas

      I like the facial hair too and then when I go look at GBTV this morning, IT’S GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The suspenders were kind of the tipping point for me too – especially the day he dropped them off the shoulders.  I’m now waiting for the baggy pants down to the knees look.  Somedays it is a little bit of a distraction wondering what new fashion statement Glenn will have.  I think the vests must be Glenn’s silent support for Rick Santorum.  ButI really miss the converse sneakers. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Im from Texas, 30 years.  There is one thing I learned in that time and that is wear whatever the heck you want.  This isnt some liberal state, this isnt some Nanny state nor some hold yer hand until your tucked in at night.  We will help if you are in trouble, we will tell you if you stuck you foot in a cow patty, but if you want to look like some yankee that just got off the bus, you are more than welcome!

  • Anonymous

    “Gee Editor I didn’t know you were so concerned about how Glenn Beck dressed you must really like/care about him”.  Now I’m able to test an idea to see if it can work on cyberbullying and this is a better joke”.

  • Anonymous

    I do not have a problem with Glen’s wardrobe, we expect  him to be a little unconventional.  He has really never had a clue about style.
     However I do have a problem with the appearance of the men on the Blaze.  They look like the occupy group!  Dirty, uncombed hair, unironed, hanging out shirts!  Scrubby unshaven faces!  Just generally messy.  How can I take them seriously?

    by the way, the girls are lovely!

  • Caitlin Nicholas

    Glenn I think you dress very well most of the time. You look good. Except when you wear the suspenders. They make you look old. They de-handsome-ize you <—Bush word.

  • C.S.

    OH this is GOLD!!

  • Anonymous

     REALLY?Joke or not. The suspenders are fine! Critiquing about “fashion” is subjective.  They don’t put pressure on a bad back,and that’s reason enough to keep them. But I can bet I’ll never have to see his junk because his underwear are exposed(like fashion trending youth). Keep the suspenders Glenn,they are fine! 

  • Anonymous

    I think he looks pretty.

    Although, the part of Glenn’s brain that’s dressing him is probably the
    same area which keenly processes sports for him…like players scoring a
    touchdown when crossing home plate. 

    And Stu, you have room to talk. Saw the tweet pic of you shoveling
    mini-hot pocketish hors d’oeuvres into your canyon mouth, keep that action up and your wardrobe will consist of cutting head and arms holes in 39-gallon trash bags. I think Glenn
    keeps you around just so he can look svelte.

    Who loves ya’ baby ; )

  • Rhonda

    Glenn, I am a HUGE fan!  :)   Intervention is a MUST here!   It looks like you’re trying to “find” yourself with the different accessories n’ such.  Moving to Texas must have been a big change, but the wardrobe doesn’t have to malfunction in the process. :)  You are a bold, articulate and courageous man.  Texans will appreciate authenticity in your attire, so keep in simple like with your “Smarts meets casual”. (In my humble opinion)….from a fellow Texan. :)

  • Anonymous

    (Rhonda, forgive me but I’m going to high-jack your ‘Glenn fashion intervention’ comment for a moment…)

    TRANSLATION: You’re in T-E-X-A-S. Hello! ‘Urkel’ don’t work here…y’all need to do something..and fast!

  • Angela Brown

    Glenn, my husband is a dear sweet man  who’s heart is huge. He’s conservative and believes in doing the right thing. And he also is not a slave to fashion,,,,,,,,,he doesn’t see the need or feel the time is well invested to fuss with clothes. Therefore  it is not the clothes that makes the man………….it’s the values that make the truly great men.

  • Mildred Jacobs

    Glenn, Please dress nicely.  All the layers and the suspenders just are not attrative.  A suit is not always nessesary and jeans are acceptible if all else is neat!! Let’s not go for the lowest standard.  I love you but I want you to hold high standards — even in dress.   Thank you. 

  • Anonymous

    Have to say that it’s part of why I watch, daily, like whether he’s been to a meeting, just hopped off the bus and got in the door a sec. before screen time, been sittin’ around and reading, or just in from off the farm tractor .  Yep, in more than one way does he keep us guessing.  Bottom line, Beck could wear a black garment bag,be barefooted and a ball cap on backwards, he’s still the best.  God bless you, all!

  • Anonymous

    As an aside, why does the ad for keep sticking on my screen, covering comments?  Two times this week, and today, I just gave up and closed the site.  Nuts!

  • Debi Fuller

    I was just personally thinking tonight as I watched that Glenn is cuddly hot(dare I say). I really like the “weird beard,” Barb and Margie. There is not one whisker that looks “liberal”(Good Lord). I think the suspenders are to support his ailing back, if I am not mistaken, and they too take me back to Grandpa on the Real McCoys and Grandpa Walton– and the cane of Yoda–a wonderful time. Please do not change as much as a hair on your chinny chin chin, Glenn, nor a fiber on the checked/plaid shirts. I actually want to seek out the orange plaid number you had on tonight in earnest. I consider myself fashion forward, but would not change a thing.
    Sorry guys, quit the fashion policing. He is adorable as is!

  • Anonymous

    Being that I’m stuck in the house with a three year old most of the day, I suppose I’m not on the top ten mosted wanted list by the fashion police. I would imagine that the current administration would find a way to make my attire illegal too.  I want my old America back!

  • Anonymous

    I dunno. I think he’s cute no matter what he wears.

  • Jimmy Hale

    I absolutely love Glenn’s fashion sense … especially, the depression look!!!! I want to imulate him in many ways, but “the fat, untidy” look is my dream!!!! We were created in the same image, Glenn and you are my HERO!!!! I suggest more holes in your jeans and shoes, though. The studio is hot and you need full-body AC to “keep cool.” And, I will loan you my Irish Football Shirt if you need a change-of-pace. Keep up the good work!!

    Your fan,

    Jimmy in Austin

  • Jimmy Hale

    I wouldn’t kiss him either, Laura!!!!!

  • Jimmy Hale

    And, they’re both FAT, too!!!!

  • Jimmy Hale

    Very creative, Sandy!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Funny stuff…..but when it’s your show,   anything goes.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have any idea why I can’t log in to Disqus on any site but this one? Sorry for the off-topic post, but I’ve contacted Disqus about this several times to no avail. This just started happening last Friday.

  • Mike Mallard Sr

     A young entrepreneur has started American Bow Tie Company to fight his jobless problem.

  • Amanda

    I personally find the sweaters and vests very appealing.

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