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Earlier in the program, Glenn shared the list that David Barton published, which made the case that President Obama is the most Biblically hostile President of all time. Adding to David Barton’s list, Glenn played audio of President Obama’s spiritual advisor, Jim Wallis, speaking earlier this week.
What did the SPIRITUAL advisor to the President have to say earlier this week? You know, that America is not and never has been a Christian nation. Unfortunately, it gets worse, here is what else Jim Wallis had to say…
“We set this up so it would not be a Christian nation. Where in the Bible is there a special place for America?”
Wallis continued down that path by claiming that it’s “just bad theology” to believe that America’s founding was in Christianity, and that “We are accountable to God’s purposes and God’s principles but there’s no special covenant with America here.  It doesn’t exist and to say so is really, well, it’s a heresy. America exceptionalism, theologically, is a heresy.”
Glenn, who obviously has a much different view of the founding of America—one based in historical documents and facts—didn’t have a hard time completely dismantling Wallis’ statement. In fact, the man known for twenty minute opening monologues took less than one minute to set the record straight.
Here is what Glenn had to say…
“Give me about a minute to dismantle this man. Here it is. American exceptionalism, what is it that made America exceptional? Tocqueville tried to find it. He found it in our churches. He said America is great because America is good. We’re exceptional because we follow the Judeo-Christian values taught in the Bible. We listen to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and obey him. The reason why we have fallen off the exceptional bandwagon is because we no longer listen to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Now, if that’s unbiblical, if that’s heresy, so be it, Jim. Take your cute little certificate and move on. Next.”