Jaw dropping audio from the Secretary of Defense: Will seek “international permission” before Congressional approval

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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has come out and said that the military will seek international permission before, or even if, they consult Congress. While responding to Senator Sessions at an Armed Services Committee meeting, Panetta said that “our goal would be to seek international permission” and “whether or not we would want to get permission from the congress – I think those are issues we would have to discuss as we decide what to do here.” So basically, they are saying they have no intention to follow the Constitution and seek Congress’s approval before taking military action?! Get Glenn’s reaction to this jaw dropping audio in the clip above! It’s just the latest example of The President and his team going around Congress!

Watch the original video below:

  • http://twitter.com/JRealmo Jesse Joseph Realmo

    I am astounded that with all the safe guards in place to prevent corruption in our Government and  still there are subversives trying to undermine Our Constitution and Laws, and these individuals are doing this knowing they are WRONG

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn we have seen it time after time; Obama is a traitor and a usurper of absolute authority; he and his minions see the US as a criminal state needing punishment and dismemberment, along with selling our sovreignty to the UN and other nations despite the will of the people.

    Obama sees us as needing to answer to the larger world, and our Constitution be sent to the depths of Hades itself.

    Obama is a coward, traitor and usurper who needs to be stripped of his office; then he and his minions need to face trial for their crimes.

    • Anonymous

        I so pray, we can win this election, and replace oTrama. Just the thought of it brings me Hope! To think of seeing arrests of these Commies, traitors and thieves-with full prosecution-sends a euphoria into my spirit!

      Due to wicked corruption, a foreigner has been appointed over us.
      (I am tired of this grief and mourning in my soul. The oppression is heavy.)

      I want to plant flowers and smell them…

      I don’t want to worry and stress that my Country is gone. I want to sleep peacefully, knowing rowdy Patriot defenders are doing dangerous things to protect me.

      I want to inhale deeply and smell Freedom!

  • Anonymous

      Avoiding accountability for 100% of their choices, decisions, behaviors, and even overall agenda’s existence is their entire thesis or ideology. They act on a premise that the ‘guards’ chosen and positioned by God in the watchtowers will fail to accurately explain the mutation of evil approaching the wall of free will protecting liberty from extinction. They manufacture anonymity by eliminating accountability for premeditated irresponsibility; then further their agenda and their own self deception by hiding in the darkness. Well they’re wrong about the ‘guards’. Haven’t spiritually slept in over 15 years, not about to start now.

  • General Kota

    It is odd that Obama said that we should not throw the word war around but yet he takes power from congress to have a say in war. Can you see if Bush did this the left would be rioting in the streets but since it their god Obama it ok really left what a bunch of hypocrites? At least Bush was trying to protect us this is just a power grab.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Indeed. Obama carries out one blatant grab for more power after another. He has made sure the Congress is all but irrelevent as of now. The testimony of Panetta more than proves that to the world.

      • General Kota

        That is what it has to be nothing else fits and the left just eat it up like a bunch of lemmings.

    • Anonymous

      General, Bush went straight to Congress seeking Congressional approval before invading Afghanistan and Iraq.  Many in the international arena, in particular the UN, actually stood against Bush there.  For Bush in such affairs, Congress was first on his plate as it should have been.  We certainly can’t say the same for Obama.  Obama makes every attempt he can silencing Congress.  If we aren’t careful, our great American Republic will fall just like the Roman Republic.

      • General Kota

        Maybe he see this as a step to a one world government that the left keep pushing on us and no wonder they said that the constitution is out dated they have to get rid of it so they can push us into a new world order.

        • Anonymous


        • Sandie

          Dead on, GK

        • Anonymous

          Indeed, General, Sir. And we need to be on the front lines to ensure that that simply doesn’t happen. So, on your command, I will follow you into this battle. Let’s go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=761119732 Ralph A. LaPaugh

    International permission!! What a crock! We do what’s best for AMERICA, not the rest of this
    stinking world, most of which hates us!!

  • http://twitter.com/darmyman David Armstrong

    OMG, I dont know where to start. Panetta needs to go, NOW. Have nothing more at this time… I’m speechless…. unfrigging believable.

    • jen

      Bill O’Reilly on the Factor stated that he likes Panetta, that he has been doing a good job, and that he has met him before and thinks highly of this man.  Goes to prove again O’Reilly is not reliable and probably likes Panetta because they are both warmongers.

      • http://www.facebook.com/tom.kiker Tom Kiker

         When I first heard about this (on the Alex Jones Show) I began checking on the Fox News Channel for coverage about it—nothing!
        Jen, I think that the POWERS THAT BE are after Fox and all their commentators, including Bill O’Reilly, not to air anything of this nature. I don’t recall anything that has been reported by Fox News about Sheriff Joe’s investigation of Obama’s birth certificate or anything pertaining to Obama’s eligibility. Fox News, NewsCorp, and Rupert Murdoch are having pressure put on them by somebody!

        • Anonymous

          Tom,  if you saw the O’Reilly show on Thurs. night, then you know he

          can and does go after B.O.  He’s questioning the woman from George-

          town U. about who her ”handlers” might be—for a student in law, she

          seems to have a lot of time to go on a number of ”news shows.”  She

          has been on NBC, he stated, 4-5 times already, on CBS once.*

          As  for the push for green energy, Bill has been all over him about the

          waste of taxpayer dollars B.O. has spent.  Was mentioned on the show

          again tonight.   Can’t comment on his silence re: Sheriff Joe.

          *He intimated this cause celebre seems to have a connection with the

          administration.   Former staffer Anita Dunn has entered the picture now.

          • Anonymous

             Who care about the woman from George Town we are talking about a president having the power of a king on starting wars without the permission of the people

          • Anonymous

            J.L.,  You will note my comments were directed to Tom

            who implied the POWERS were after Fox and their

            commentators.  I told him what O’Reilly had said on his

            last show.  Sorry, you have a problem with that?

            I have no doubt that Bill will come out swinging if he sees

            the military is in jeopardy. He supports them.

          • jen

            However, one area that O’Reilly has been very positive about is Obama’s foreign policy.  Perhaps because republicans have the same exact foreign policy.  As it looks like this is how Obama will win based on foreign policy and of course Romney won’t really challenge Obama on any area, O’Reilly has infact been helping Obama with his re-election.  Helping in terms of touting his foreign policy as a success and criticizing Romney’s rivals but not Romney in order to give Obama what he wants – a weak rival with Romneycare on his record.

          • Anonymous

            Hmmm….isn’t O’Reilly, the ONLY one at FNC to get an interview with President Obama. He’s the only one I can remember, and we all know how he likes celebrities. Guess that’s left over from his days covering entertainment television! Let’s skip right into the one world government, with nearly half of the citizens in America appaulding it, because they think they will get something for free!

          • Anonymous

            if you watched the show last night on bill ,he was really ticked off..thats what i like to see..ticked off to investigate about all this bull crap.sometimes i think hes to soft on certain people but last night i applauded him….

          • Anonymous

             Friday O’Reilly had more to say on the issue. People will say just about anything – rather if its true or not – to make themselves look right, Tom and Jen are both wrong on their supposed facts. They’re simply not telling it like it is. Spin is their biggest asset – truth doesn’t really matter.

      • Anonymous

         Jen, you’re not giving the whole story in your reply to David Armstrong, sure O’Reilly did say “he liked Panetta” – but finds himself bewildered with this latest blunder. I also feel he’s being led by his superiors into making these ridiculous  comments. If this is how Washington is operating now days, there’s no need to vote these traitors out – they need to be thrown onto the street, the same way a bouncer would throw out the bum causing trouble in the pub.

    • Anonymous

      obama needs to go too and all these betraying Democrats Senators and Representatives that back obama and his betraying policy !!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q64VESC4TTIKUIFPKN4EMMKK4I Harry G

      Sickening! And Dempsey,(another military guy) said last week, ‘We believe that the government of Iran are RATIONAL ACTORS’.)! WTF????!!!??!!!

  • Anonymous

    We did that sort of thing in Vietnam, too. Before the troops went on missions or engaged a target, they had to get permission from a dozen or more yahoos from the local village chief to high government flunkies. By the the time permission came through, if it did, the targets were gone. Getting UN approval will be just the same. Any target will get so much advanced warning that they will either move or have dug in so deeply that the cost of the attack will skyrocket. But then what would Panetta care about more dead American soldiers so long as the “world” likes him?

    Of course, that’s not even considering the whole loss of sovereignty issue. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if he said pretty please he would get more governments on board. LOL

    What a weakling he is. If you believe it is in our nations national security, then there should be nothing to ask.

    • jen

      I would like to know how he has 50% support of Americans.  He did the same thing about Libya.  However, Romney is portraying himself so bad that people will still elect Obama.  Nethanyu will also be celebrating along with Obama when he gets re-elected in Nov.

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Obama probably will win. A lot of people in America tend to vote on charisma. There is no reason a freedom loving American would ever vote for that marxist.

        But maybe America wants marxism?

    • jen

      Actually, it is the public that are weak.  GOP is with Obama on whatever they want to do.  But they only go as far as americans allow them to go and Obama knows the electorate is fine with whatever he wants to do and one can only conclude that they are fine with being screwed and taking the brunt.

      • Anonymous

        The public is ignorant. I wouldn’t call them weak.

  • Anonymous

    How does the average citizen go about getting government officials (all the way up to the president) to follow the law?   I feel so helpless…..

    • Anonymous

      It is a little depressing isnt it? Whether we go off the cliff at 2 miles an hour or 200 miles an hour, eventually we still go off that cliff.  The more people who get educated about the government and get involved in any capacity will eventually lead to a change in the right direction. “A single twig is easily snapped, but a bundle of twigs is strong” still holds pretty true today, and that really is the only option we have at this point. Stand together or all fall seperately

    • Anonymous

      It is because whatever party is in power their people in the congress will run cover for their unconstitutional acts. So it will pile up till the end of the republic. So you need to vote for Ron Paul

      Join or Die

  • Debbie C

    He has to be fired! Plan and simple.  If he is re-elected our Country is doomed. Take a stand, don’t settle and get out the vote.  No weapons formed against us shall prosper.

  • Anonymous

    I did not think we had to go to the President for war.  I thought we had to go to Congress,   This next war we go into should be a “DECLARED WAR”  and we well back Isreal as they are the only country that has paid us back.

  • Anonymous

    Listen to these clips, save and share!
    Panetta has directly and willfully bypassed Congress and now answers to the U.N.

    The One World Order marches on…

  • Anonymous

    Well the American taxpayers can fix this problem in real short order.  If they don’t know who they work for and who they answer to, then we need to quit paying them their wages!!!!   I’ll be D*MNED if I will work my butt off to send money to Washington just so these jerks can insult us!!!!

  • Anonymous

    U.N. Agenda 21 answers all your questions to what is happening now. Read it! Then tell me I’m wrong. One world order.

  • Anonymous

    Again Barry bends over and goes to his knees for the middle east. This is outrageous.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn and company simply don’t understand that Panetta is
    first going to get input and direction from people who the White House deems as
    more “enlightened” then perhaps those religious radical Republicans in
    Congress. You simply can’t understand what Dear Leader is doing for America and
    the world and you certainly can’t leave something as important as military
    action up to our Congress especially when you have great thinkers available in
    the UN not to mention Panetta and Dear Leader Obama. Besides, what American
    President has shuffled more troops around the globe without the input of the U.S.
    Congress other than our NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNING PRESIDENT OBAMA? I almost
    fainted while writing this; we are so, so very lucky to have BHO.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the Provost Marshall? The Provost Marshall needs to arrest Panetta [he is advocating making treaties and coming under the authority of another country or foreign organization], and the head of the military if he doesn’t have a valid birth Cert, selective service card, or even a legal SS #. Maj. General Vallely needs to get the Provost Marshall and sign the papers.

  • kingdomwarrior

    Do you ever get the sense that people in leadership positions are behaving like hostages?  This is very strange.

  • Anonymous

    This is typical of this administration.  The UN charter to them is higher than the Constitution.  The President sends troops on the request of the UN without Congressional authority.  Time for a Constitutional Amendment.


    *The United States Constitution is the highest law in this law. It is the governing document expressing the will of the free people of the United States. It shall not be superseded by any state law, any treaty, international organization or international charter. Sovereignty can not be surrendered unless three-fourths of the states vote to dissolve the union under this provision of the Constitution.As for the President’s end runs around Congress, another Amendment.


    *The President shall have the power to immediately respond to a devastating attack involving the use of weapons of mass destruction.

    *The President shall have the authority to respond to any military attack; to any imminent threat to the security of this country by individuals, organizations, or nation-states, and to deter future assaults on the United States and its territories. This authority shall not be without its procedures and limitations.

    *The President has the authority to commit troops to a variety of military operations, other than combat, such as aid, relief, search and rescue, scientific, fact-finding missions.

    *Any mission that puts the armed forces of the United States in harm’s way must have the approval of Congress.

    *Where military action is necessary or unavoidable, the President must inform Congress within forty-eight hours either before or after said action will be or has been executed.

    *Should the military action continue for ninety days, the President must seek a resolution from Congress authorizing the commitment of the armed forces for additional time beyond the ninety days.

    *One year after the introduction of the armed forces into combat, the President must ask Congress for a Declaration of War. Should the President fail to convince Congress to declare war, the President must begin the withdrawal of armed forces immediately, ending said withdrawal within one hundred and twenty days.

    *Congress, at any time, may end military action by the President. However, such a bill, if it passes Congress, and the President vetoes it, Congress must override the veto with a two-thirds vote in both houses to end the American commitment.

    *Any international organization asking the United States for the commitment of the armed forces or military assets will follow the procedure laid down in this amendment.

    *Honoring the terms of treaties with our allied countries will follow laid down in this amendment.

    *The President of the United States for the security and safety of its citizens may authorize the use of harsh interrogation techniques against suspected terrorists. Such action must be reported to Congress. Said techniques shall not be used against United States citizens. Should such techniques ever be employed in this manner against a United States citizen, the President will be subject to a recall election or impeachment on the determination of Congress.

    *On the action of the President and knowledge of Congress, any United States citizen engaged in acts of terrorism and war against the people and government of the United States will be subject to indictment by a grand jury and then be subject to military trial.

    *On the action of the President, any United States citizen engaged in acts of terrorism and war against the people and government of the United States, that the President orders executed without indictment and a military trial, the President shall be subject to a recall election or impeachment on the determination of Congress.

  • http://twitter.com/restamerica restamerica

    HMM Lets look here there is only one Republican Candidate who has spoken out about this.

    Have you heard anything from Newt, Romney or Santorum about this?

    How much of this stuff are you going to take until you realize there is only one presidential candidate who will actually do something to end all of this and has a 30 year record of fighting this?

    You have one chance America

    Obama will crush Romney, Santorum or Gingrich

  • Anonymous

    Personally I’ve given up on O’Reilly.  He is not a conservative.  Not only does Panetta have to go, Obama and his minions have to go.  This is an impeachable offense and Congress needs to be successful in their attempt to impeach him.  We need to stay informed and not allow this President/UN, NATO puppet to destroy this Republic, because he nearly has already.  I pray it’s not too late!  Unfortunately, they (Globalists) saw how corrupt our government already was with the Obamacare debacle.  They saw how easily they could be paid off; they had no scruples.  In a sense, we got what we deserved by being asleep at the wheel, but it’s time to  wake up America.  It’s time to not be self-serving any longer, but rather to display honor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tom.kiker Tom Kiker

     I can’t believe that Sen . Sessions kept asking questions about where a legal basis was to be obtained, rather than outright TELLING Sec. Panetta  and Gen. Dempsey that they were to FIRST get authorization from Congress for any military action rather than later INFORMING Congress of whatever action they were planning to take!
    It is good that Rep. Walter Jones has submitted a Concurrent Resolution in the House of Representatives accusing the president of committing an impeachable offense of a High Crime and Misdemeanor.

  • Anonymous

     I have a conspiracy theory and I’m not sure if this is the article to comment in with it, but here it goes:

    All right class, remember how in the Cold War the Soviet Union sponsored
    communist rebel groups all over the world to overthrow their
    governments and how the United States countered by supporting the
    standing governments or by sponsoring counter-rebel groups? For the most
    part, our country respected sovereign nations and we didn’t get
    involved until it was apparent that either Russia or China was
    sponsoring communist rebel factions.

    Fast forward to recent history. Since Obama took office our government
    has supported “demonstrations” and rebel groups in other nations. ie:
    Arab Spring. These groups tend to be Islamist or socialist in nature, or
    both. We support these groups against their sovereign governments, even
    to the point where we use our military might to decide conflicts in
    favor of the rebel groups. ie: Libya.

    Meanwhile our government has been agreeing to international treaties
    that legally bind our country in the world of international law.
    Remember SOPA and PIPA? Well, ACTA was initiated by our government and
    Japan’s and has now been accepted by most other countries. No elected
    official, no one accountable directly to voters in the U.S. was
    involved, at least in any way that they could be held accountable. Not
    only that, but the wording of the ACTA document has been hidden, not
    only from us, but from members of Congress and the Senate as well (as
    several have petitioned to see the document but have been refused

    Now, consider the NDAA 2012 and the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare.
    Both are very unpopular. The NDAA 2012 has been hidden in the closet for
    now, but the Contraceptive issue is in our faces almost every day.
    Ignore the fact that mandating ANYONE to be required to pay for
    contraceptives for other people is overtly unconstitutional. Our
    government could have easily made the issue go away by agreeing to allow
    a religious exemption, and it would have been a non-issue and they
    could have gone back to fighting for eliminating the religious exemption
    after the November election. But, they didn’t. And it’s almost as if it
    was to poke a stick in the eye of religious people in this country. Add
    to that the simultaneous multiple attacks on religious expression
    happening throughout the country, including the removal of the banner in
    the Rhode Island School.

    In addition to legal measures, every aspect of Christianity and Judaism
    seem to be under attack in the media, by celebrities, pundits, and
    journalists, and while Christians and Jews are typically the victims of
    mocking, verbal abuse, criticism, and scorn we’re the ones being
    vilified. Again, it seems as though we’re being deliberately provoked.

    Add to this the ridiculous OWS movement that destroys our cities while
    taunting us, people being stopped for carrying licensed weapons (even
    soldiers/veterans), the TSA misbehavior, the food police issues, the
    issues with the “education reforms”, the continued bailouts of even
    foreign countries while we’re mired in debt ourselves, the race baiting,
    the potential for mandated vaccinations, the increases to taxes and
    fees for our businesses, what seems to be an almost deliberately
    maintained high unemployment rate, the high gas prices, the
    mind-boggling blockage of the Keystone Pipeline, the debunked climate
    scandals that we’re still contributing taxpayer funding for, the
    increased violence from drug cartels, pro-legalize drugs rhetoric, “gay

    People, I believe we are being deliberately pushed to the point of
    violent rebellion. Why? I believe that because the Secular Progressives
    can’t win a permanent control structure in the United States through our
    votes, they plan to oust our government with international support. I
    believe that just like all of the Arab Spring rebellions international
    support will be lined up to step in and force our government to step
    aside and just as in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood was able to take
    control, I believe that Secular Progressives have a final hand to play
    in this poker game to push an organized political movement to the
    forefront to seize the chaotic opportunity for control.

    I know it’s the very definition of a conspiracy theory… and because
    reality is chaotic and because we do have some people on our side in
    high places this may not come to be… but it just seems to me that this
    is where the “nudges” of Cass Sunstein and company are pushing us to.

    • Anonymous

       You are very astute and have a good feel for reality. The Obama machine will regain the White House. One way or another, the Liberal agenda will march on. This will lead to open rebellion, as you rightly point out, “something that the left wants to happen”, so in every sense, we are damned if we do, or damned if we don’t. At this crucial hour in America, I would much rather go down fighting, then to simply lie down and die.

      I understand why many people do not like to hear what bible prophecy says, for it is not good news for our nation. Many scoff at the idea, and the only thing that will prove them wrong is, the fulfillment of said prophecy. So I understand if you might be reluctant yourself in this matter, but what is written in scripture and soon to happen, tells a dark and frightening story. It portrays an America at war with itself. The “stranger or foreigner among us” will be victorious. The white classes will be trodden down and ruled over by the alien within. How many blacks do not consider themselves as true Americans, due to the ever present race baiting tactics of so many in DC today? How many reside here from our Mexican border porosity, who cannot or do not want to conform to our laws, but yet continue to bleed us from our wealth. How many from the religious/political science of Islam, have filtered in among us, all claiming that US laws are negated when compared to Sharia Law. They are among us, but they are not from us and their intentions mirror Obama, more than say – Abraham Lincoln.

      We frankly, are between a hard place and a rock. The rock (God) is to our backs, because we as a nation, have turned our backs on him and the fundamental changing of America is closing in fast before us and what has transpired in less then four years now, is more frightening to say the least. Continuing with prophecy…this civil conflict will explode into violence never witnessed before in America  – hundreds of millions will meet death and that’s not all, it gets worse. So because of our preoccupation with killing each other…a nation, not friendly to us, takes full advantage of the mayhem and clobbers us with the knockout punch…an unprovoked nuclear attack will stop the fighting, but it will also decimate anything left worth fighting for.

      That is not good news I know, but there is good news when all the dust settles, it will take Jesus Christ himself to stop the onslaught  of a Third World War brought about by the very things you speak of happening behind closed doors in Washington as we speak.

      The good news is – after Christ sets up his kingdom here on earth, to literally police the world – America, will once again rise to be the number one single greatest power the world will ever know. That is what scripture says, nationally, there’s no turning back…its much to late in the process to stop now – but on a personal level, we each can draw closer to God and be sparred from this deadly bloody conflict, a nightmare  we see developing before our very eyes this minute.

      As I said and I’m fully aware, most will not agree with me and will think I’m nuts, or at least slightly off my rocker. But there’s never been a prophecy in all the bible that has ever failed yet. Again, this dire prophecy is beginning to unveil itself before our eyes today even as you yourself have pointed out.

  • Anonymous

    Our Secretary of Defense is just obama yes man in betraying our country ,in seeking internatiional permission,What I want to know how low Democrat in the U.S Senate and House of Representatives will the stoop in betraying U.S citizens and our country by backing obama instead of impeaching him ????? The defense Secretary gave us a look of obama policy to come ,that they will dismiss both Senate and House of  Representative role on in government no longer a representative government accounting to voters and hand over permission to use military force to international group , in U.S interest or  maybe in U.S self defense to me this is treason ! For U.S to give up it soverign right to use it military in self defense!!!  Next obama will give up our rights of constitution  for U.N to enforce their laws on our lands with foreign troops maybe it be Shari-law????  Even little Israel with it back against the wall will not give up soverign right of self defense, and freedom of  it’s citizens at mercy to  a foreign international group!!  Our President setting up U.S for World goverment for Muslim takeover !!!! I say come this election vote all these betraying Democrats out office ,everyone of them they all corrrupted by this progressive BS, from local offices ,to state offices and at the Federal level too.!!!!  Save our country !!!!

    • Anonymous

      corrections 1.)how low will Senators and Representative will (they) stoop in betraying U.S 2.) will dismiss both Senate and House of representatives role in government

  • Anonymous

    Is obama setting the precedent in future if U.S want to use military force in defending our country we will  need to seek permission and approval from international sources first and just dismiss the U.S Senate and House of  Representatives and A President must seek internation approval first in his decision of excutive order to defend U.S and it’s citizens with military force!!!!

  • Anonymous

    panetta, our own little pus_y patsy.

  • Anonymous

    And you people will still not support Ron Paul….. FAKERS!!!!! All of you Republicans and Democrats alike become civil libertarians when your party is not in power. All you fear is that the other party will discriminate against you, you do not care about the civil liberties of all Americans.

    And this is why Republicans will lose because you are frauds just like the dems are but the dems are in power and have the capacity to move the media in their direction because of it in this cycle

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_O26SOISMCHGNT76TTSNOZHIEIU Isaac

    I just hope that more information is presented by our current Republican nominees about the trampling of our Constitution by Obama & Panneta. The more they tell the people of what this President is doing and systematically explain what has been done since he has been in office. The American people need to be told each and every day what this Administration has done and is planning to do. Stop Obama in November..  

  • Seth56

    Do NOT forget this on Election day.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody is going to fire Panetta.  Nobody.  Obama and his minions have his back.  They agree with Panetta all the way.  The Constitution is a thing of the past, after all.  Nothing more than an old, outdated, outmoded, irrelevant document fashioned by old, white men for a bygone era.  The Obamaites are “enlightened” and “fair.”  May God take pity on this nation and give us mercy, which we so desperately need.  Desperately. 

  • Anonymous

    When viewing Panetta and his statement, you can’t help but notice his cowardice;  his blatant discomfort with the news he brought forth.  I can picture Holder saying to him, if you don’t do this, I will inform your wife what happened years ago or something of the sort.   What’s happened to the State Dept.?  

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone challenged obama while he is absent from the white house so much?unless he gives a party??every chanel i turn on..hes on it..even on americas most wanted??now hes got a movie out…how much gasoline is Airforce one using every day??Noone says a word about it..whenever i see his face or that of his wifes   i change chanels…i so wish he would be different…but if he wins,people   hell do what he wants…because he cant get another term….god save our country

  • Anonymous

    Another person i cannot stand is that Eric holder….hes putting the blame on everybody but himself…..hes suing people left and right   what about HIM????hes should have been gone after that black panther thing

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q64VESC4TTIKUIFPKN4EMMKK4I Harry G

       Exactly. And for arming the drug cartels in Mexico. Ever notice that ALL of O-blame-a’s administration are pompous, arrogant pr!cks?

  • Anonymous

    The idea that permission for wars is now a function of UN or NATO is ridiculous breech of our Constitution. Someone espousing these Ideas are in power then Impeachment must be done immediately! 

    • Anonymous

      Impeach? Impeach? If this administration has been vetted for impeachment for all the times it has violated the constitution, and ignored court orders, it would already be gone! But, I remember the speech as if it were yesterday that went…we must tear down the walls between nations, between religions, between governments, etc. It seems they have tested just how far the constitution can be pushed. After all, it’s just a static document to some!

  • Anonymous

    And a little bit more of our freedom dies. This is one monumental thing that will have lasting consequences. There is a reason why our Constitution and Bill of Rights were setup for congress to have the last say. It’s so no one man had absolute power to go to war. These monkeys think they can just circumvent those documents whenever it suits them, they better think again. What does the international community have to do with it? The worst part, I only see one man that would change this back to the way it is supposed to be. It’s really too bad that there are so many people who have let the media/establishment tell them he is a “loon,” “crazy” and every other name in the book. I challenge anyone to show where or how Santorum, Gingrich or Romney will make this right. We already know what Obamao will do.

    Ron Paul 2012

    • Anonymous

      Whats Ron Pauls position on the UN ??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nathan-William-Plunkett/100000077501279 Nathan William Plunkett

    I say cut military spending to almost nothing.

  • Anonymous

    This should tell every American how weak and vulnerable our sworn protectors of the constitution have become. This, a clear message to the world, that the United States has stepped aside and no longer represents a threat to the various nations who wish us harm.

    How easy it is to see, some 70 years on now, since the second world war, all the various blunders and mistakes the Allied Powers made before that globe encompassing conflict, in fact, actually publicly withdrawing from reality, which opened doors for Germany and Japan to simply walk right through in their bloodthirsty quest for dictatorship over the world, To bad we never learn from our past mistakes. We have become the proverbial son, who shortly after peering at his own image in a mirror, quickly forgets  what he looks like. In the same sense, America  has forgotten who she is and what her responsibilities are around the world and why.

    These 21st century political blunders may make the history books, to bad there won’t be anyone left alive to read them.

    • Anonymous

      oh so true.

  • Anonymous

     They want to put the constitution on the same dusty shelf where they have placed the bible. That way no one will ever read it, but its always available for the cameras.These weak minded men who now lead us, would much rather go to war with itself (the conservative right) rather then the real enemy who thirsts for our blood.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Panetta….don’t be a messenger for the darkside!   I can see it in you eyes, your body language; your words.   Step down if you must, but don’t give in and for the sake of our Lord God Almighty, don’t give up!!!

  • Anonymous

    First, we should not involve ourselves in what is going on in Syria.  Second, we are in a fight for our Republic.  Our Constitution has been trampled upon time and time again.  2012 is a very important year ladies and gentlemen.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/jamieleemcfadden Jamie Lee McFadden

    Glen how the hell is this happening and what would you advise as an action? I follow your history lessons because I myself read a lot and I know in my studies I have never heard of a leader of a country betraying his country for a foreign power .

  • http://www.facebook.com/jamieleemcfadden Jamie Lee McFadden

     Sorry about the misspelling of your name Glenn it was a typo.

  • Anonymous

    I keep wondering where is Congress?     What’s going through the minds of Judges Roberts, Thomas, Alito and Scalia?   Their silence is deafening!  

    Is eveyone elected to represent us asleep?    I read some posts asking Glenn why he hasn’t done anything about what’s going on.    A private citizen, really?   What Glenn has done is opened Pandora’s box; now we are all trying to figure out how to stop this steam engine rolling over us.  It feels like being caught in a rip tide pulling you out to sea, with no life raft or lifeguard in sight.

    • Anonymous

       The real work is getting the position in Congress or securing a seat on the Supreme Court, after that its all downhill – literally…by the way, I was snatched up by a rip-tide  (Golf of Mexico) without lifeguards – just the wife and kids waving back at me each time I surfaced for air thinking I was playing around – it wasn’t until I got much further away did they realize the trouble I was in. In the same way, you are very observant and give credit where it is due, that few news media outlets – besides Beck, realized what was going on. …by the way…in case you were wondering….I got out safely and did not drown lol …hope we can say the same for our nation.

  • Anonymous

    How much more evidence is needed to implicate this administration’s questionable adherence to their oath of office—Constitution?  Time and time again, we see a complete disregard for said Constitution and the treasonous activity that is intended to destroy this Nation’s foundation.  It is becoming so obvious that it is difficult to understand why American citizens are not able to see through this facade.  How in the world can any consideration be given to re-electing this man for another 4 years.  In my view that is akin to a suicide mission waiting in the wings for our country.
    Come-on people  wake the heck up and get with the program.

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