Bill O’Reilly: “Who is running Sandra Fluke?”

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Last night on the O’Reilly Factor Bill O’Reilly made the subject of his Talking Points Memo “who is running Sandra Fluke?” 

“The Factor believes the Sandra Fluke contraception controversy was manufactured to divert attention away from the Obama administration’s disastrous decision to force Catholic nonprofit organizations to provide insurance coverage for birth control and the morning‑after pill. That might very well be unconstitutional,” Bill explained. “Anyway, we’re having trouble tracking down just who is sending Sandra around to the media. It’s very strange.”

Bill went on to explain that Sandra Fluke has appeared on eight national news programs, none of which challenged her. The Factor apparently tried to invite Ms. Fluke onto the show last week, but their call was never returned. The strange part is that there is no public contact for Sandra Fluke outside of her cell phone. Apparently a man named “Mike” has booked her on a few programs, but The Factor couldn’t even get his last name.

Apparently late yesterday The Factor was able to discover that Ms. Fluke is being represented by the progressive PR agency SKDKnickerbocker. Guess who the managing editor is of SKDKnickerbocker? None other than former Obama communications director, Anita Dunn. You know, the White House staffer who said that Mother Teresa and Moa are her two favorite political philosophers.

“So this whole deal comes back to the White House,” Bill says.

“Bill O’Reilly, thank you,” Glenn said.

“Some good work,” Pat added

Glenn, who was hardly surprised that there was a White House connection hidden in this story pointing out that this is the way the left works. “It’s the same people. Different names, different front groups, different companies. It’s all a front group. Media Matters is a front group. That’s it. Study communism. That’s what they do.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Most of us already suspected that this was a diversionary tactic by the administration; they have to get the attention of the American public away from the war on the Constitution and on the economy plus our very existence as a free, self governing people.

    They need to make this about petty issues and the mass propaganda media of the left will go to no end of means in supporting the radical extremists of Obama and cronies. This will become more and more common as the elections draw closer in Nov, in addition to the long expected offensive of the Unions (via strikes and violence), the Occupy bands (violence and riots for economic intimidation and disruption), plus bold and blind grabs for power on the local levels up through Obama going for broke and a total dictatorship.

    This mess has been so well planned out by the radical left and the progressives they still fail to understand there is one thing that will eventually stop them, with the blessings of God Himself – WE THE PEOPLE.

    • billy2

      It doesn’t take much intel to see thru this scum!!!

    • Anonymous

      I hope so Snow. I sincerely hope that enough people can stop this freight train of evil progressive garbage, before we get totally derailed as a nation. If that happens the world may never again see real freedom.

      • Anonymous

        Sadly, I have to agree with your post, ”Angel.”

  • Anonymous

    This an old bit isn’t it?  I mean they had the little kids beg for health care, the made up doctors/news conference, the lady with breast cancer who couldn’t get help and was being helped.  It’s all lies and made up facts with this administration, it’s all they know.  Glad to see O’Reilly actually looked in to some of this.  Glenn can’t do all the heavy lifting. 

    • Armando Santos

       Its amazing that a conservative insults a women and you guys support him

      • Edward Robertson

        How is your posting anywhere relevant to what Lasereyes said, or even what the article was about?

      • Kevin E

        Did you say the same thing when the liberal Bill Maher called Sarah Palin nasty names? I bet you didn’t.

        • catgal

          You know that’s right!  Didn’t hear even a whisper when nastey Bill Maher spewed his filth and foul and you won’t because it only applies to the other’s….not the libtards.

          • Anonymous

            bill maher reminds me of the little girlie-boy who didn’ t fit in at school and was chased home every day.

        • Anonymous

          Did you see Sarah Palin insert herself in the media to “beg” the american taxpayer to pay for her sex life? NO!! She’s a conservative woman that ran for VP , that has more experience governing in her little finger than BO has period! She did absolutely nothing ….NOTHING…. to deserve what that sad excuse of a human being called her!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        its amazing how the left works and the things they call conservatives and YOU guys support them…laura ingarham is no slut but a lib. t v host called her one….

      • Anonymous

        Nobody anywhere insulted this woman, not on this page, or on Glenn’s show. Even Rush can’t be said to have “insulted” her, he just called it like it is. If she’s willing to go on TV and tell the world how she’s having so much sex she can’t afford contraception, what the h3!! should she expect? That people will think she’s an angel of virtue? I think most of us saw right through it within minutes, if not seconds. She was not “insulted”. She accomplished what she got paid for and set out to do. To get the focus off of Obozo’s dismal record as President, and his unbelievable chutzpah at thinking he can trample all over religious freedom. That’s why Rush and Glen have my support in this, and this morning when I checked, I’m still a woman. I hate to state the obvious, but just because we’re women doesn’t mean we all think the same way.

        • catgal

          AMEN DixieAngel!  If it get’s on national tv, whinning about how it has so much sex that it can’t afford birth control, then that old saying goes “if it quaks like a duck, and walks like a duck, then it is surely a duck, and in this case,  hmmmmmm it must be an easy cheap, low down, trashy, lacking in upbringing, HO! 

        • randalland

          If you think that’s what she said then you either never watched it or you have serious ADD issues.

      • Anonymous

        Armando..  first of all, it’s woman (singular) not women (plural)…  with that said, no one was insulting this woman.  What conservatives have done is call-out the LIE that she is, and that she’s chosen to become involved in.  She is a pay-for-hire liar, plain and simple.  The TRUE insult has been toward the American people who have been stuck with a White House administration the likes of Al Capone and the KGB….  and the only INSULT upon miss Fluke, has come from her own mouth and her own low-life participation with trying to deceive the American people.

      • Crybe Bryant is an idiot

        The fact that this college student is demanding contraception, and the WH administration is behind it isn’t insulting to you?  What do you stand for, Armando?  

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    not that simplistic …actually

  • Anonymous

    This Sandra Fluke affair is all distraction.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The position that Catholic Church took against having to provide insurance coverage which included birth control is the issue.  The Obama regime was severely criticized for it. No compromise was made between the Church and the Administration.  However, this state-church argument has been superseded by the Fluke affair, which Rush Limbugh stepped into.  It is now the president as a protector of women’s rights.  Good going, Rush. 

    This state-church confrontation MUST be revisited.  However, the Republican nominee will have someone like Palin, or another high-powered Republcan address this issue.  It may be an excellent issue with Marco Rubio.  Considering the the vast majority of Hispanics are practicing Catholics, this argument, if advanced by the right person, may force Obama to address the real issue once again, minus the Fluke theatrics.

  • General Kota

    Bill it is about time you came to the dark side with us. See this commie and chief does this all the time. When will this end hopefully 2012 but we have to get people out there to vote. Your friends, family members we have to get him out.

    • Anonymous

      Type your reply…

  • Anonymous

    When are we going to do something about this take over?? Our Nation/Country is headed towards hell and we are sitting back laughing and kidding around like it will all go away when 

    • Anonymous

      Ditto, how can this Administration get away with tearing this great nation apart.  Someone in Washington DC better figure it out or we will…..

      • Anonymous

        it is so sad.  obama never was liked.  his mother…father (?)…grandparents…nobody wanted him.  we don’t want him as  president.  

    • Anonymous

      LeeMan73, I totally agree I keep blogging the same thing  everywhere and NO one ever responds
      I’ve already concuded my own conlusion that Americans are NOT going to do anything but moan and groan about it!

      Also the trouble is this country is so diverified that I don’t know how many Americans  are left…….

      • Anonymous

        Well, ”3dogs”, sad to say, but when you’re getting free handouts from the gov’t

        (thank you, taxpayers), why wouldn’t you want to keep the same man in the

        WH?   Sigh.

        • Anonymous

          yeah, sad….

    • Anonymous

      so agree with you. it’s scary how far down the path the country is. how and when do we turn it around?

  • Wayne

    Oh the wascally wabbit Bill, he can figure out who is behind Sandra Fluke, yet not smart enough to figure out the cause of high gas prices…..them damn speculators lol

  • Anonymous

    The plan to fluke Americans even worse has succeeded to a point.  Millions of us have seen through this fraud long ago.

  • Anonymous

    Just boogles my mind that the DOJ of this great country gets his information for newspapers then he feels he’s able to judge the NYPD
    Give me a freakin break!!
    Guns, boarders, killings…Need anymore to through him out??

  • billy2

    And we’re surprised the crumbs led back to the jackal!!! lmao 

  • Anonymous

    oh i’m shocked. as irv homer used to always say, follow the money…

  • Li'l Willey

    All you have to do is follow obama’s bucket and shovel boy (jay carney), he cleans up the only “shovel ready” jobs that he has. I believe that I am going to invest in a shovel factory so when obama gets out of office (that is after he has voted himself back in), because all these shovel ready jobs he is leaving until after election(keystone pipeline among various others) will need a lot of shovels to bury people and put all the freeloaders to work, because someone is going to have to all the shoveling and sledgehammer swinging after everybody else get a college degree because they will all be too smart to do any manual labor..(my english teacher would really get onto me for this run-on sentence—huh?

  • Li'l Willey

    I went this morning and switched parties, I have been registered democrat all my life and have voted republican for the last 25 years,reason being I worked twenty years under union labor and look what they have bought and paid for with my union dues!!!

    • Anonymous

      Welcome to the party, willy.   But vote wisely—can’t always trust those who call them-

      selves Republican because they could be a RINO—Republican In Name Only.   Check

      out the candidate before voting—don’t always depend on what you read or hear.  The

      media often has their own agenda.  We can see that now—living in the WH.

  • Anonymous

    What saddens me and hurts my heart deeply is the deaths and destruction of the hurricanes and I HAVEN’T SEE THIS PRESIDENT HELP OR EVEN TALK ABOUT IT….

    Better wake up America……

    I think we need to clean house THE WHOLE HOUSE and tear it down rebuild a 3 bedroom house THERE IS NO reason to have that huge ugly bad luck WH especially when no one does anything in it!!  TEAR IT DOWN, REBUILD…..

    We can’t afford to run it by the small amount of people paying taxes and surely can NOT afford the new $ 50.00 light bulbs….YES I SAID $ 50.00 LIGHT BULBS

  • Anonymous


  • RobertS

    When will someone finally start the impeachment process of this COMMUNIST President?

  • mudslide

    it’s amazing what one can find when they refuse to be glossed over….

  • Anonymous

    This whole situation is like a cookie cutter.

    In place of contraceptives, one could have used: alcohol, AA batteries, cable TV, internet connection, electric bill or any other consuming/recurring expense.


    I am not rich.

    I need to have “x”.

    Paying for “x” creates hardship, mental distress and has health implications.

    Help me.

    Please make someone else pay for “x” for me.

    If you do not make someone else pay for “x” you are a hater.

  • Anonymous

    it’s Mao not Moa

    • Bill Tilghman

       You say Potato… :)

  • Arnold Fulmer

    i agree with glen beck but beeing the average joe i am what can we do that will help the downward turn of our great county

  • Li'l Willey

    You are so right my friend, odummy will start pulling rabbits out of the hat about sept or october, like the oilfields he has shut down and the keystone pipeline among a lot of other industries and after he okays and lets a lot of this started back up so gas prices will drop and the economy will pick back up, then he will break his arm patting himself on the back and say “look what I have done”. But if I live to be a hundred I will never fordget what he has done to this country much less vote for him, and a bunch of these deadheads and dummys will vote for him..all the smart ones that he has “given” free college educations to..

    • Anonymous

      loosely interpreted “polititian” means…poly= many and titian means = lies.  from the greek

  • Anonymous

    I agree “he” can’t do a thing NOW after what he has done to us!  I will never ever forget the families that are living in their old vans coming in to McDonalds in the early mornings for the kids to get ready for school, carrying their big black trash bag of clothes to change into! Not even having breakfast just to wash up!….the deaths of our soldiers and hiding it, the grabbing of our God given rights, ignoring our constitution as if it doesn’t exist, bringing in all his radical corrupt people into the white house and our courts, tore us so far apart that now he can run under racisism and get re elected by that, the suffering and deaths  from the hurricanes and him not saying a word about them, the suffering and cries of so many Americans, created so many more hungry, jobless, homeless Americans, to have jobs ready to go and he turns them down, How can anyone forget?? How can anyone re elect????

    He waits for his benefit of re election to start doing something but, whether you are one of the suffers or not there’s just no way you can find anything “Presidental” in this man to re elect him.

    Please talk to your children, family, friends, neighbors, anyone you see stop them, talk to them, tell them, show them, enough is enough we have to help ourselves can’t we see that?

    There isn’t and hasn’t been anyone in that WH for years that has done anything for the American people except spend, and vote themselves raises, can we all not see this, can we not feel this, our daily lives are and were so effected by this and we turned the other cheek thinking and saying, WE DON’T TALK POLITICS….

    Now we all better talk politics and we all better get others to listen to us or we will all get to know each other when were on our knee’s in a camp somewhere in the world……..

    I’m standing up…..are you????

  • Anonymous

    Hey Glenn,  do you think Bill is starting to see the bigger picture?    Bet he isn’t laughing now!

  • Anonymous

    I whole heartidly aggree with O’riley /  Beck    they are the ONLY ONES tell the truth to America

  • Referee

    If we got one-tenth of what was promised to us in these acceptance speeches there wouldn’t be any inducement to go to heaven.  ~ Will Rogers 

  • Anonymous

    The Anointed One?

  • Gani M. Bautista

    Thank God we have Bill who pursues this issue. Truth shall prevail. Thanks Glenn and Mr. O’Reilly.

  • Edward Robertson

    If memory serves, Ms. Fluke’s testimony was about another young lady who was prescribed contraceptives for ovarian cysts.  Now, if the doctor prescribed another medication that covers that, it may have been covered.  Is it possible that the doctor in question prescribed what he did like a former doctor of mine that prescribed that I take hyqluronic acid for the pain in my knees?  Not because there was no medication that could be covered by my insurance, but to save my insurance money.  Not because I wasn’t covered, but because my insurance is Tricare (I am retired military).  Here are some questions that are not being asked:
    So, why was not the lady in question before congress? 
    Is it possible that the lady in question does not exsist?
    Why is the doctor in question not called before congress?
    Is it possible that the situation is not real?
    I knew a lady that had ovarian cysts, and she had a prescribed medication that she picked up from a pharmicy, so the claim that only contraceptives can be used to treat ovarian cysts is also a farce.  Why is this fact not called into question as well?

  • Anonymous

    In the end, it is Washington itself that is so corrupt with power that no matter who wins, the same BS will likely continue. This is a clear sign that the American government is NOT run by decent people from any party. You had a republican president for eight years before 2008! Ask yourselves if he had done anything to clean up the progressive mess left behind by the former democrat president. The answer is a resounding NO, NO, NO! The leaders are ones with too much money to start with and their only purpose is to stay on top for at least two terms so they can bleed the system as much as they can, leaving with their pockets overfilled with mega bucks. Washington is not elected by the people for the people, but by blind dummies who believe propaganda instead of the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Follow the money…all roads lead to Chicago and the WH. Time to close those roads and take the highway!

  • mdkrause

    This is a no brainer, of course she is being sent around, She must have been having sex before Obama came out with his next major bill the condon push of 2012.  I wonder what her parents think of there precious daughter on capital hill, saying I’m having so much sex daddy I can’t pay for it all.  Oh poor me I want to have sex with the basketball team and I want people to pay for it.  Next week it must be the football team.  $3000 She must be extremely popular.  And she is going to be a lawyer, I wonder how she will get paid,  money or just being really popular. 

    I could see Obama trying to use this in an election.  She will be on stage, telling women how she couldn’t have all the sex until Mr. President came and fought for her to have all the sex she wants.  YEA  OBAMA OBAMA  

    And she isn’t even that good looking.   They must have really looked in the bottom of the barrel for someone  this stupid to do this.

  • Anonymous

    In today’s “Social Liberalist” America, isn’t “Slut” an accolade?

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love Bill,  its good to know some people in news will call the left out on their garbage. I’d like to see Fox more actively pursue a debunking of the nonsense that comes out of the white house and out of the other news outlets though, they could go for days and not run out of material

  • Anonymous

    Sandra Fluke was not qualified to speak to the issue.  Conservatives should have ignored her completely.  Then maybe she would have just faded away.

  • Anonymous

    Again…Nothing is surprising here.
    O’Reilly is a sexist scumbag who had to pay millions for sexually harassing one of his own employees with disturbingly perverse calls and conversations.  Of course he can’t wait to jump on rush’s sexist band wagon and tear apart this innocent woman.
    Well done by glenn beck of course.  glenn was all about the attacks until his dad jumped in and called Fluke a slut.  Then glenn put his head in the sand and didn’t say a word knowing that he couldn’t lose more women subscribers but also knowing that he can’t say anything against his evil daddy, rush.

    • SoThere


    • SoThere


  • Anonymous

    Saw the program Glenn was talking about.  O’Reilly continued on the ”Fluke Saga” on  today’s

    show (Fri.)   Good expose.

  • Anonymous

    If people have to be told that this Fluke person is a shill, then gullibility is running rampant among society. Which is also proven by some of the interviews and polls of recent date.

  • brucepmajors

    IThis sums it up nicely:

  • Gatekeeper

    I believe she is  agent provocateur is the word.

    see Yuri Bezmenov ex  KGB explains subversion.

  • pam leitermann

    Good job Bill and staff I predicted it when I first heard it! Unbelievable what this administration can come up with… 

  • Anonymous

    Some people are saying that it’s immoral to not provide free birth control pills to women. That statement is debatable.. However, what is immoral, is for single, unmarried women having sex before marriage. The Bible says at Ephesians 5:5, that fornicators will not inherit God’s Kingdom. That applies to men and women who have sex outside the bounds of matrimony.

  • Anonymous

    Rush Limbaugh was slammed by the media for calling  Ms Fluke a slut. Bill Maher has referred to Sarah Palin with the C–t word and made fun of her Down Syndrome child. Has the media asked for an apology from Maher? Has any of the women organizations such as NOW asked Maher to apologize?

  • Anonymous

    . How ironic that the name Fluke,[Flook] is pronounced Fluck, when it is about a story regarding birth control pills, which is to prevent conception from the activity of flucking!

  • fjo

    I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me why any woman who can afford to pay $200,000 for an education cannot afford birth control pills that she could probably get for free at her local Free Public Health Clinic or from Planned Parenthood?  In fact I did a quick search and found Planned Parenthood offers the following Free BC options in my local area.  I’m sure they offer a great deal on the pill as well. 

    Price ranges for our birth control methods are:
    condom – FREE CONDOMS
    female condom – FREE

    But, maybe going to one of these places is beneath her. And, if it is beneath her, then why not have the boyfriend(ssss) pay for her birth control pills to offset the free sex he/they are getting. 

    When I went to school, I worked my ass off to pay my own tuition and own book fees, I ate a lot Ramon noodles, I wore the same jeans for days at a time, and I still managed to have enough money to buy my own condoms.  AND, I didn’t get anyone pregnant!!! 


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, a law school dunderhead makes stupid comments at a Congressional hearing, Rush overreacts in his own adorable way, and immediately the left-wing media machine is in full swing. Almost makes you wonder if Rush was in cahoots. 

  • Anonymous

    There is a name for anyone who hadn’t already figured out that Sandra Fluke was a Whithe House or Dimocrat Party plant: SHEEPLE!

  • Anonymous

    O’Rielly is a self-promoting hack! On Thursday he exposes a link between Fluck, and all day Friday capitalizes on it … on Friday evening he completely IGNORES IT!!! Did Bill get a call from the WH???? Hummm…. “We’re looking out for you” my.a$$… he’s only concern is looking out for his ratings!

  • Anonymous

    The Double Standard by the Left is becoming like an Orwellian Play.

    SInce ardent democrat Gloria Allred is insisting on Prosecuting Rush , Going after Rush’s Sponsers (without Any Aknowlegement that Rush Apologized) , and putting words in Rush’s Mouth that he never said (according to other news sites) , Can Rush SUE DNC Lawyer Gloria Allred for Defamation of Charater, as she is planning on Suing Rush or putting him in Jail ?

    ” Political Bigot and Democrat Millionaire Gloria Allred , is Going After ANY High Profiled GOP That Disagree With the New Democrat Statist Party or so it seems (like Herman Cain, Mrs. Whitman, etc.)….
    Leftist Gloria Allred is Asking for a Prosecution of Rush with the district attorney and Demonizing Sponsers to Rush (and Other Non democrats) and did NOT Aknowledge (At All) The Fact that Rush Limbaugh APOLOGIZED Several Times…
    Democrat Leftist Gloria Allred has NEVER Went After SEXISTs Like David Letterman (he harassed a female co-worker) , Bill Maher (too many sexist rants to list) , Countless number TV Personalities and DNC Law Makers Because they were hard core Democrat supporters . Gloria Allred Should NEVER Be Considered a Women Rights Activist BUT a Democrat Party Collectivist that Always gives the Leftist Line… “

  • bill q

    funny how glenn talks about free speech but is too afraid to report on the story of qualified, experienced, and dedicated forensic document examiners and experts in computer imagery stating flatly that obamas presented birth certificate is a fraud…..weird huh?

  • Debra Prisk

    We all need to go to all the advertisers who pulled their Ads on Rush and post this link and show everyone with half a brain that this is all a set up. Lets flood them with the proof!
    Sandra Fluke is a Obama plant.

  • Ardis Dolezal

    Limbaugh stated a FACT!!!!!!!!! This idiot woman wants someone else to pay her to have sex, what is the difference between what she does and what the definition of what a prostitute does??????????  Also, when I learned English if there is a vowel in a word that ends in an “e”, the vowel is pronounced in it’s “long” form. So it would seem  that Fluke should rhyme with rebuke which is what we need to do to this woman’s ridiculous statements!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Bill can talk smack against Fluke, but can’t talk about obama’s fake identification. What a wimp, just like Glenn Beck. Bill and Beck are nothing but stooges for obama!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nobody on here should buy from Glenn’s advertisers, so Glenn the fraud will know we don’t like people who don’t practice what they preach! What happened to the truth Glenn, and why are you leaving Joe hanging like that? You’re some piece of work Glenn. Piece of something else too. So much for caring for law enforcement. No wonder America is disintegrating, the media, including Beck, won’t cover the most important story in American history!  

  • Steve Crawford

    I’m impressed – up untill now Bill has pretty much fed off of Glenn and his staff, but he apparently has come to realize getting to the root of an issue by putting on a tinfoil hat is where the truth and real story are. Keep up the good work Bill ! 

  • Anonymous

    Good work Mr. O’Reilly.  It’s nice to have a truly bold, fresh individual such as yourself to ferret out these bottom dwellers in their latest attempts to pull the proverbial wool over  the eyes of the unsuspecting sheeple, too many of whom, populate this seriously decaying nation.  It would be even nicer if this same group of clueless Americans who either can’t or won’t acknowledge these communist tactics to propagandize our media would just, for once, consider that it is they, who voted for and still support Chairman Obama, who are enabling the continued disintegration of our free press — Fox of course, excepted.  George Soros is certainly getting his money’s worth from all the media freaks on his payroll.  With regard to the HHS mandates to the Catholc church demanding it pay for birth control,  where are all the Libertarians?  Why aren’t they coming to the defense of the Church whose constitutional right to practice its faith free of government interference is being trampled on by these despicable mandates?  The issue is truly NOT birth control, like it or not, the issue is religious liberty and the blatant violation of the separation clause designed to protect churches from just this type of government gone wild.   How do you spell  – hypocrisy????

  • Anonymous

    If Obama is going to wait 5 years to buy a Volt, GM and the USA will be broke. So Mr. Obama, buy one now, because this will keep someone working. And since you say the fat cats are not paying their fair share while counting your millions at night and getting your million from comedians; pray for inspiration! Oh! I got it: Buy a Volt now and give it to one of the less fortunate Vets that need a car! Put your money where your mouth is and get a rebate too and buy a few more like, 10.

  • Anonymous

    Mercury one should offer T-shirts with the “Constitution’ printed one one side and the ‘Declaration of Independence’ on the other side. I would buy that one !..
    Keep Up Your Good Work Glenn..Thanks

  • bill q

    My question to billy would be “who is running you sir, given your refusal to interview the lead investigator on arpaios team that has flatly stated obamas birth certificate and selective service records are both frauds?”
    Becks and oreillys attitude and behavior concerning this matter only serve to embarrass them.

    We WILL find the truth and expose this gay muslim communist illegally occupying the Peoples house, in spite of both of you attempting to mock and ignore us.

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