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Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s admission he seeks international permission ahead of Congressional approval shocked a lot of Americans. Glenn talked with General (Ret) Jerry Boykin on radio today about that and the Joseph Kony story, which has caught fire on the internet.

“People in Uganda are upset about this, too,” Boykin said. “You know, this guy has been obscure, at best, since 2006, but if you want to help (Uganda), help with the nongovernment organizations that are actually doing good charitable work here, that are building orphanages and taking care of the people, rather than contributing to something like this for an issue that really has not been a major factor in the last six years.”

“If we were to kill Joseph Kony, does that put an end to the LRA? Is there nobody that picks up the torch for him, where he left off? I mean, is that the end of it?” Pat asked.

“Well, did the killing of Osama bin Laden put an end to Al Qaeda?” Boykin responded.

Boykin continued, “The question is: What’s the U.S. interest in this? And, no. If we wanted to kill Joseph Kony, I can just about assure you that we could kill Joseph Kony. That would be a relatively straightforward operation, in cooperation with the intelligence community.”