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She’s back! Your favorite leftist radical, France Fox Piven, has spoken out on what she sees coming with the next wave of the Occupy movement. While admitting Occupy benefitted from favorable press coverage (nooooooo way) she added that the next phase is where OWS moves into the ‘trouble’ phase. Buckle up!

The Blaze reports:

Leftist professor and activist Frances Fox Piven last week predicted the Occupy Wall Street movement is entering the phase where it “makes trouble” and will soon be taking action against banks and other institutions.

“It may well be that the Occupy movement is now in its second phase, in the phase where it makes trouble, in the phase where it threatens to shut down institutions,” Piven said. “The Occupy movement has moved into the neighborhoods of our cities, it has moved into the schools….This spring, we’ll see action against the banks, against the corporations.”

She added, “It is going to be a spring with lots of protests that take different forms and engage lots of people.”

Piven made her comments during a lecture to a group of students at the University of Connecticut last Friday. She touched on the genesis of the Occupy movement, which she said was particularly a result of the financial crisis, which “exposed those in charge of the economy as illegitimate.”

“The people who were sitting on top of the world, the top-tenth of the top 1 percent, were guilty. They were guilty of thievery, of chicanery,” Piven said.

“Does any of this sound familiar: Collapse the system, have it turn into riots, then the top can come down and you’ve got a new utopia. That’s their strategy. She’s instrumental now in Occupy Wall Street,” Glenn said.

“This spring we’ll see action against the banks and against the corporations. It’s coming. We know who’s involved. We know what their plan is. They say it. Are you and your family ready? Do you have a counterstrategy? I do. I do. Will you help us with it? Will you get your church involved? Somebody ‑‑ they’re community organizing. Are you?”

“You have to be not fighting against something but fighting for something. And we’re going to fight for love, we’re going to fight for peace, we’re going to fight for service, we’re going to fight for each other. We’re going to help each other,” Glenn added.