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Well, the media is at it again. HBO, the same network that airs the classy “Real Time with Bill Maher”, has decided to use their new movie “Game Change” to commit character assassination against for Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. How?

Glenn said that the book “Game Change” attacked everyone, but that version didn’t seem attractive to the HBO executives as they decided to only include (and expand) upon the parts that attack Sarah Palin.

“Is she not invisible enough now? She’s going around, and making speeches and everything, but she’s not running,” Glenn said. Glenn said that they are likely attacking her credibility so she can never run for any kind of office again.

Among the “examples” the movie uses to ridicule Palin? The film claims that she didn’t know that Germany was a primary antagonist during World War II and that she thought Saddam Hussein attacked the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Of course, the victims of this film are not the Palins, but rather McCain and his staff. In the movie, the chief campaign staffers are shown not to have asked her any serious policy questions, and as a result are shocked when she doesn’t have a deep understanding of foreign policy. But does anyone really believe no serious questions were asked? It seems very unlikely.

“This is a payback to McCain,” Stu said. “To change history to him being the nicest guy in the universe who was trying to look out for Sarah Palin. He felt bad. He looks good in every single clip, and Palin looks horrible.”

Who else looks bad in the movie? The conservatives who would later form The Tea Party.

As the film approaches its third act, the Tea Party is portrayed as racist and ignorant – with Palin supporters calling Obama a “Muslim” and calling for him to “go back to Africa”. Of course, this is just reminiscent of the picture that the media was trying to paint of the Tea Party during the election and throughout the early years of Obama’s presidency.