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This morning on radio actor Kirk Cameron  joined Glenn on radio to discuss his upcoming documentary, Monumental, which will air in 500 theaters nationwide as a live one time only event on March 27th.

“This is A) a great movie to see. B) a great movie to bring your kids to, and teach them about the history of our country, and C) it is important, because we need to start supporting people that are doing things like this,” Glenn said about the movie.

Glenn also told his radio audience that if Monumental is a success it will lead to even more from the filmmaker. “Kirk has huge plans from here,” Glenn said. “This has to be a success, and there’s reason for this to be successful.”

Monumental describes Kirk’s year and a half long journey to figure out what is really going on in our country, where we have gone astray, and how we, as individuals, play an important role in getting America headed back in the right direction.

Kirk’s interest in politics began when, as a father concerned for his children’s future, he became deeply concerned about the direction the country was taking.

“I’m trying to figure out what I can do. While news is filled with people who are blaming one another for the problems, I’m looking for a solution that will really work. I figured, maybe you go and talk to the men and women who built this place. Maybe our forefathers would have something to say about what we’re doing wrong, and what we need to do to fix it. So I went on this journey to retrace the escape route of the pilgrims out of England,” Kirk explained.

Kirk traced the Pilgrims from England to Holland, where they stayed under the care of their pastor, John Robinson, and learned the nation-building principals. They brought those principals to America on The Mayflower, laying the foundation for what came to be the freest, strongest, and most secure nation in the world.

So what were the principles that the pilgrims used to create the foundation of the greatest country the world has ever seen?

“It is immortalized in 180 tons of granite, sitting on a hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and I want to reveal it to all of you by taking you on the same journey I went on,” Kirk explained.

Kirk describes the monument by saying, “It lays out the strategy of a free and just society, so that if we ever lose our way we can find our way back by coming to this giant monstrous piece of granite. And hardly anyone knows it’s there.”

“You could look here, and restart it all,” Glenn said.

Both Glenn and Kirk agree that the only way to get America headed back in the right direction is to by fixing ourselves, our families, and our communities.

“Long lasting change for the good is not going to start in the Oval Office, it’s got to start at the kitchen table,” Kirk said. “It’s not something that can be turned around in four years. It took a lot longer to get this way. It’s like turning around a giant barge in the ocean. It’s going to take a while. But, if we start now I think we can do it. And pray, because I don’t think that people have the willpower and the stamina, and the courage, the virtue, and the character to make it happen over the course of the next couple of generations without the power of God working in their hearts.”

Go to to find out where Monumental will be playing in your area on March 27th.

  • General Kota

    I wish I could see it but I don’t have the money and the closet one is two hours away.

    • Carol Morgan

       Glenn sponsored Corrie Ten Boom and Anne Frank, maybe he will sponsor this if enough people ask. i for one will ask and explain why it would be good. i am not much of a theater-goer, and the only way we can afford movies is to wait til it comes out at a dollar then it will most likely be too late.

      • General Kota

        Sounds like a good idea.

        • Anonymous

          And who knows.  Maybe Kirk Cameron will give us a DVD release date, General.  I would definitely like to watch the film myself as the Kirk Cameron fan I am.  Hollywood doesn’t have many people of Kirk’s ideals.

          • General Kota

            I hope so the guy is a great Christian man and great American if more Hollywood stars where like him we would truly have none of this Charlie Sheen stupidity or Lohan to bad the bigots control Hollywood.

          • Anonymous

            Too bad is right. There just aren’t enough born again Christians in Hollywood these days. Kirk Cameron is a rare one indeed. I think he should get back into making more movies myself. I mean, he’s not really that bad an actor and still has his old comedic touch from his Growing Pains days. Have you seen his characters in Fireproof and the Left Behind films, at all? I thought he did a fantastic job in all of them. I actually have them all myself, you know.

          • General Kota

            I loved the movie Fireproof and I was a little disappointed that he was not in Courageous a great movie by the way. What is sad is that Hollywood will never take him in for what he believes even if he is a good actor. That shows me that he is a good Christian not caving into the pressure of Hollywood.

          • Anonymous

            Indeed. Haven’t gotten around to watching Courageous, but I do hope to some day. Looks like a great film. Fireproof was a christian film based around firemen. Courageous was based around cops. I hope they can continue that trend with other public service workers. Keep it interesting, and all. Kirk has been pretty much blacklisted from Hollywood because of his born again Christian belief. It’s a reason you don’t really see Stephen Baldwin that much either, or many other born again Christian believers in Hollywood. I mean Jon Voight is one of the few notable Christian exceptions in Hollywood, but that’s because unlike the likes of Kirk and Stephen Baldwin and others, Voight made more of an attempt to fit in. Hasn’t really affected Voight at all, though, which is a good thing. He’s still as conservative as ever. Plus, he’s a rather big name. That helped his case as well, lol. Other than Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron isn’t really known for much else. Only people who remember him these days are probably his fans and the atheists he managed to tick off over the years. You should see what some atheists say about him over at IMDB. They certainly aren’t kind words, to say the least, and they have proven to be totally irrational and 100% illogical. Nuts, really. Got in my own fight with them to show them the light, and they kept sending me message after message. Had to change my IMDB account so the email notifications would eventually stop. Very stupid if you ask me. I advise against it. Some of the IMDB atheists can be quite vile. It’s absolutely sickening.

          • General Kota

            You should watch Courageous it is the best one they did so far and is life changing. It has a real sad story to it but a very powerful message. See atheist don’t want to believe in anything why because they think that science is more power full or a Christian wronged them or they just was never told when younger. I find the three is most likely things that drive them to it. They are the biggest bigots I ever talked to. When I was one I could care less what others believe because I didn’t really see the harm in them worshiping a God that was not real but these so called tolerant atheist attack people left and right for their beliefs. You should see this one attack. This guy’s friend died the same time as Andrew Breitbart and wrote a great article on both but what does the atheists do? They use it to make fun of people who believe in God. They are nothing but a bunch of sick hypocrites they want us to treat them with respect but you almost never see respect from one of them. I did the one time here but that was it.

          • Anonymous

            Indeed. About 99% of all the atheists I’ve ever met have been sick and vile. They make fun of Christians and other religious organizations for being anti-science, yet those said religious organizations, in particular Christianity and Judaism, have been more pro science than most atheists. I mean, atheists have a tendency to warp science to fit their own agenda, which makes it pseudo science. Look at their preposterous theory on Anthropomorphic Global Warming. Or even some of their crazy alien ideas. Or even some of their ideas on Darwinian evolution, which actually goes so far against the scientific method that it’s flat out ridiculous to even call it science. Now, I have actually met a few decent atheists in my time who haven’t been illogical idiots. However, most I’ve met are of the idiot Dawkins variety, and that kind of atheist is just a pseudo-intellectual who thinks he’s more intelligent than he really is. I mean, they hold Dawkins with high regard and for what? Dawkins has literally done nothing that is all that impressive. All Dawkins and others of his ilk have done is denounce religious people as preposterous simply because they cannot disprove those religious people. I mean, can they disprove the existence of God? No they cannot. So what do they do? They claim he doesn’t exist, which happens to be a 100% illogical and irrational conclusion. You cannot base your conclusion on a false assumption and still be considered rational or logical. That right there is the problem with most atheists.

          • Anonymous

            Also, regarding such vile atheists, with all their talk of being pro-science and intellectual, they have next to no understanding on actual deep thought and intellect whatsoever. They only look on the surface. They don’t considering the deeper workings or connections of anything. To them, if it’s not on the surface, they won’t even consider it. In other words, they are shallow individuals who can never really consider anything beyond their own self and won’t even bother to search deeply enough to find any real truth whatsoever. Now, Einstein was no Christian by any definition of the term, but like a good scientist, Einstein NEVER once denied the possibility of the existence of God. Einstein, like ALL good scientists kept an open mind on the possibility of God’s existence up to even his own death. That’s the open mindedness many mainstream scientists today lack, and it’s flat out ridiculous. If you outright say God does not exist and fail to offer proof of his nonexistence, which atheist scientists do today, you are NOT a good scientist. Heck, you aren’t even a scientist because scientists are supposed to keep their minds open to ALL possibilities no matter how preposterous they may believe them to be. A closed mind does not make for a scientific one.

  • Huss Family

    Kirk Cameron is a patriot and a hero.  We will definitely see the movie. 

  • Anonymous

    All of you who don’t go out for movies will see it online or on DVD soon enough.

  • Anonymous

    Kirk Cameron is a very active mormon bigot.But I guess he’ll take any misguided soul’s money. 

    • Goo Gwaba

      Kirk Cameron isn’t a Mormon, and he’s no bigot.

      Saying that homosexuality is wrong doesn’t equate to racism or bigotry, you moron.

    • General Kota

      Dude moron you have no idea who he is do you?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for doing this film!

  • Anonymous

    Be ProActive not Reactive!

  • Anonymous

    oh, he has it absolutely right — he’s great!  i’ll be there!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Attended the March 27 event of Monumental.  Best line…..”change won’t happen in the White House, change will happen in your house.” 

    I especially like the idea that bickering is changing nothing.  Returning to principles by the people will bring change.  We must stop the blame game and focus on the truth….we have abandoned the principles that have made this country great.  Returning to those principles will strengthen the nation once again.  When we point a finger at something….three fingers point back at us.  We have no control over other peoples actions, but we can control our own.  We can do a better job at being better ourselves.

  • Reva Wheeler

    Naysayers wish to avoid the message of self-responsibility, which IS what made this nation the greatest on earth.  Without the ability to control oneself without harming others, it is obvious to see what happens to even a great nation, just look around.  If Christianity gives one an ability to act honestly, work hard, persevere and not accept failure, why wouldn’t all atheists everywhere WANT others to be Christian, it would only benefit them even if they themselves aren’t believers.  Instead, we can see the results of the spread of the atheist’s belief that self is the most important thing.  Yes, love of self is necessary to love others, but unhealthy narcissism is the harvest of not believing in a higher designer. Without belief in a higher authority to answer to, government is forced to become our master.  This is the opposite of the freedom that comes from being able to trust citizens to do the right thing for themselves.  Charity (love) truly starts at home.

  • Linda

    anyone listening to this crap must be isolated.

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