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This morning on radio actor Kirk Cameron  joined Glenn on radio to discuss his upcoming documentary, Monumental, which will air in 500 theaters nationwide as a live one time only event on March 27th.

“This is A) a great movie to see. B) a great movie to bring your kids to, and teach them about the history of our country, and C) it is important, because we need to start supporting people that are doing things like this,” Glenn said about the movie.

Glenn also told his radio audience that if Monumental is a success it will lead to even more from the filmmaker. “Kirk has huge plans from here,” Glenn said. “This has to be a success, and there’s reason for this to be successful.”

Monumental describes Kirk’s year and a half long journey to figure out what is really going on in our country, where we have gone astray, and how we, as individuals, play an important role in getting America headed back in the right direction.

Kirk’s interest in politics began when, as a father concerned for his children’s future, he became deeply concerned about the direction the country was taking.

“I’m trying to figure out what I can do. While news is filled with people who are blaming one another for the problems, I’m looking for a solution that will really work. I figured, maybe you go and talk to the men and women who built this place. Maybe our forefathers would have something to say about what we’re doing wrong, and what we need to do to fix it. So I went on this journey to retrace the escape route of the pilgrims out of England,” Kirk explained.

Kirk traced the Pilgrims from England to Holland, where they stayed under the care of their pastor, John Robinson, and learned the nation-building principals. They brought those principals to America on The Mayflower, laying the foundation for what came to be the freest, strongest, and most secure nation in the world.

So what were the principles that the pilgrims used to create the foundation of the greatest country the world has ever seen?

“It is immortalized in 180 tons of granite, sitting on a hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and I want to reveal it to all of you by taking you on the same journey I went on,” Kirk explained.

Kirk describes the monument by saying, “It lays out the strategy of a free and just society, so that if we ever lose our way we can find our way back by coming to this giant monstrous piece of granite. And hardly anyone knows it’s there.”

“You could look here, and restart it all,” Glenn said.

Both Glenn and Kirk agree that the only way to get America headed back in the right direction is to by fixing ourselves, our families, and our communities.

“Long lasting change for the good is not going to start in the Oval Office, it’s got to start at the kitchen table,” Kirk said. “It’s not something that can be turned around in four years. It took a lot longer to get this way. It’s like turning around a giant barge in the ocean. It’s going to take a while. But, if we start now I think we can do it. And pray, because I don’t think that people have the willpower and the stamina, and the courage, the virtue, and the character to make it happen over the course of the next couple of generations without the power of God working in their hearts.”

Go to to find out where Monumental will be playing in your area on March 27th.