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Glenn started off radio this morning with some sad, disturbing news from George Soros. Apparently the progressive puppet master is having some girl problems. He’s been wrapped up in a lawsuit with his ex-girlfriend, Adriana Ferreyr, for a while now over a $1.9 million apartment that the billionaire failed to deliver despite promises, so she’s now suing him for $50 million. So sad 🙁

The Daily News reports the suit also “contained claims of emotional torture, harassment and violence — all denied by the twice-divorced Soros.”

Glenn said the $50 million is probably her trying to wash away the pain that comes with sleeping with George Soros.

” I agree with her.  I have no information but I agree with her,” Stu joked.

“She says that they reached out to her and offered her, what is it, $250,000 to make it all go away?  $250,000 to make it go away and she said, no, I don’t think it’s going away for $250,000.  And she said it’s a bribe.  He said, no, no, that was meant to cover her legal fees.  That wasn’t a bribe,” Glenn said.

The Blaze reports that Soros reached out to Ferreyr’s cousin with the offer. The cousin told Soros’s people that he “could not be bought”.

Stu joked, ” So she got offered $250,000 to stay quiet.  Would you, would you take this time right now, Glenn, as the owner of Mercury, Inc. to offer $251,000 for her story of all the behind‑the‑scenes stuff that went on during the relationship?  $251,000 on the table.  What do you say?”

“Find out how much money we can offer her to give her because I would like to hear her side of the story,” Glenn said laughing.