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Isn’t it great when the leftist media decides to shed their image as “loving left” to show off their true colors? Chris Matthews decided to go on Ed Schultz’s show (ratings power combo!!!!) and not only ridicule Mitt Romney, but he also disparaged his entire religion in the process and said the GOP was ready to “outsource” the presidency to a Mormon. He then called it a cult, and threw some other insults in there for good manner. How long until all those media watchdog groups come out and start demanding advertisers leave MSNBC? Come on, we’re waiting…

WATCH the video:

The Blaze reports:

When asked by host Ed Schultz whether he thought the region was “going to be rough terrain” for Romney, Matthews argued that Americans are “willing to outsource it [the election] to a Mormon.”

He added:

It seems to me if they can win– it’s almost like calling up India or somewhere in the third world to get your computer fixed, you don’t care whose fixing it, just fix the damn computer. They want to get rid of Obama, so they’re willing to vote for a guy they don’t like and probably wouldn’t trust his religion.

He also made a reference to the “three cultists” — who, for Matthews, are those running — two Catholics and a Mormon.

“America, religious bigotry on display. This guy is a bigot. A total and complete bigot,” Glenn said when he first heard the audio.

Editor’s Tangent: Now, you might be wondering why this isn’t a bigger story. After all, the left is still wrapped up in whatever Rush Limbaugh said over a week ago. Could it be because the MSNBC power line-up of Matthews, Schultz, and Sharpton who all appear in the MSNBC clip couldn’t attract a single viewer? If Chris Matthews bashes an entire religion on MSNBC but no one is there to hear it, did he make a sound….

Despite Chris Matthews’s total lack of cultural and political relevance, Glenn decided to take apart his argument as it isn’t right for such hatred to just be left unchallenged, even if no one was watching MSNBC.

“Listen how he’s taking content of character. ‘I don’t care. I don’t care who’s doing it just fix this. Isn’t that a good thing in American politics.’ Everything he’s saying is wrong,” Glenn said.

“We’re saying we want somebody we believe in that stand by our values. He’ll try to make this they went for Santorum so they didn’t want to outsource. They went to the Catholic, and in the third place was the Catholic,” Glenn said. “You have an amazing story in the south of people being decent, and looking for values, and if they find them in the Mormon. If they find them in the two Catholics. If they find them in the Methodist they’ll vote for him. This is a remarkable story.”

“It goes against everything that the left say we are. They say they’re open‑minded. They say they’re inclusive. Not at all. Not at all,” Pat added.

“I don’t give a flying crap if he was purple. I don’t care. I care about his character, and I care about his policies. That’s what the south just proved,” Glenn added.

Glenn concluded the segment saying, “I have no problem defending my faith with reasonable people who aren’t using lies and smears against me. I have no problem. I’m not trying to convert you. You want to do your church. You want to be atheist whatever I don’t care. I don’t care. This is America. We all stand together, and we defend each other’s right to worship God the way you worship God unless you’re blowing people up. We’re all cool. Just be cool with each other. But the lies that are coming out are absolutely outrageous, and I say this with real indignation.”

The initial reaction to the audio is below: