Beck to WSJ: “We are on the edge of something that is bigger than Industrial Revolution”

Today’s Wall Street Journal features a profile of Glenn and GBTV and it’s hard to deny the success of a network that is still only six months old! Glenn spoke about GBTV and where it could be heading in the future.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“We’re taking on the big guys,” Mr. Beck said in a recent interview at the Manhattan production studio of GBTV in the basement of a skyscraper. The conservative talk-show host had just flown in from Dallas, where he now lives—”away from the suits,” as he put it.

Driving Mr. Beck’s subscription-based network is a belief that television is going through an existential crisis, with the rise of online video outlets like Netflix Inc. and Google Inc.’s YouTube threatening to lure away viewers.

“The political and pop culture personalities going directly to their public is definitely a phenomenon that is starting to break,” said Michael Hirschorn, the former head of programming at VH1 who co-founded the entertainment company IconicTV, which is creating three channels for YouTube. But that notion of stars going straight to their fans online is still mostly uncharted. “We have yet to prove the business model out, but it feels inevitable” Mr. Hirschorn said.

Mr. Beck is intent on keeping his Fox fans while also capturing the younger Internet-surfing generation. “When the audience of 65 and over dies off,” he said, “then TV is in trouble if they haven’t found a new way to connect with the next vibrant and mobile generation.”

In contrast to traditional TV, which depends on people buying big bundles of channels, GBTV is available as an individual channel and must be watched on Internet-connected devices.

“We are on the edge of something that is bigger than industrial revolution,” Mr. Beck said of the industry changes. “How do you survive? What will people want?”

You can read the full article HERE

Since leaving FOX News, Glenn has attracted more than 300,000 subscribers to GBTV. These numbers dwarf cable news networks which have been on TV for years, such as CNBC “which drew an average of 189,000 viewers over the course of the total day in February, according to Nielsen.”

What do these 300,000+ subscribers get with GBTV that they aren’t getting anywhere else? After all, viewers are going outside the traditional mainstream media in order to seek out this programming – it must be something.

Not only does GBTV offer Glenn’s primetime daily show, it has a slate of original programming as well. Taking a cue from successful premium networks like HBO, the network does not focus on a single genre of television but instead has a mix of news, comedy, reality, and children’s programming. The model is different than traditional cable news, but it offers a way from fans of Glenn to find entertaining shows that share a similar set of values all based around the network’s model “The Truth Lives Here”.

GBTV is also more mobile and accesible that traditional cable news networks. Outside of being available on TV via a Roku, the full network can be accessed on iPhones, iPads, Boxee, the web, and more. Such availability makes it possible to access GBTV from anywhere, not just the confines of ones own home.

The Wall Street Journal profile ends with a question of whether or not he would ever return to traditional cable television.

But asked if he would ever return to cable, Mr. Beck said he wouldn’t rule out working with a network as a supplier—just not as an employee. “I am a content provider,” he said. “I’ll provide content to anybody.””



  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The truth of the American Dream is once again being made reality; Glenn envisioned a way to make things happen – on the internet and via the new media systems, and has laid the path for others to follow.

    Many scoffed at him, as people did with the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, and so many others of the “thats impossible” and ‘you cannot do that it will never work’ statements. So it is that the world has changed once again; the future is being made now.

    It is the spirit of entrepenuership and innovation, of individuality and striving for success that the progressives want to crush out of us once and for all. In the sundering of success, of achievement, of the ability to dream, we will become nothing more than serfs stuck under the iron fisted grip and iron heels of a totalitarian dictatorship of Obama.

    When one can no longer dream, then comes the death of hope, followed by the death of the spirit and a life of misery and darkness.

    I will never surrender to the night. Never.

    • Anonymous

      Great post snowleopard. You are enlightened with the ruth!

      • jen

        Yikes, then enlightenment is freaky.

    • Huss Family

      …love it!  Reminds me of the Dylan Thomas line…”do not go gentle into that good night; rage, rage against the dying of the light.”  That’s what Glenn is doing – and what all of us who love the light must do.

    • 4joachim

       Right On!!

  • Ken Watson

    Like Limbaugh, politics aside, Beck has saddled a beast no one else could ride. He was driven into the wilderness and made it habitable. Hopefully he will make it thrive. Glenn’s story is only now beginning. Congratulations. Time to stand on the gas even if it is $5.

    • Lisa Roy

      Love the first sentence; it is so picturesque and so accurate. I was an early responder to both.

  • Ken Watson

    And unlike the lefty-sites you have wide open comments. What does THAT tell ya?

  • ObamaIsntPresidentClick4Proof

    Bigger than the industrial revolution? Is Glenn talking about the potential civil war after the coup and cover up?

  • Anonymous

    300,000 subscribers times the number of people  in that houshold. Thats a bunch of eyeballs for such a new network

    • Wayne

       Or $3 million per month for content from other media sources that are free….

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        free is what it is worth too…GBTV give you what they’re not covering…

        • Keith Jonas

          “…give you what they’re not covering…”, yes.  And thats worth everything.  The liberal established media HAD a monopoly.  But now, with the internet venue (the bulging crack in the damn), their monopoly has flipped over and become a giant doorway of opportunity through which Truth, and the American way has just walked through.  Thank You ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc…….

        • Jay Schreiber

          You are so very correct. I was taught by my Father many years ago. Free advise or information is worth exactly what you pay for it. Simple, Ya get what ya pay for. 

      • philmon cluebattingcage

        If he didn’t add value, people wouldn’t pay for it.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God for Glenn and GBTV (Mercury)!  Change the media-Change the Country.  Sponsored by…Me :)

  • Kyla

    I miss Glenn on Fox. I am out of work so could not afford to go to GBTV. But I give him kudos for showing that he could make it on his own. Just too bad he couldn’t have done both Fox News Channel and his own network.

    • Bill Abel

      Sorry to hear that Kyla.  Beck really gets what is going on these days.  I think it is unfortunate some people are unable to hear the truth because of our current President’s failed economic policy.  I’d like to pay for your subscription while you are out of work if that would be ok with you.  

  • landofaahs

    The future.  The battle of Athens,  Tn, 1946.  

  • Anonymous

    Do I have to have a roku to get GBTV on my computer? Can I subscribe without Roku? Help

    • Anonymous

      No Charlotte…You can get it on your computer… and get a free trial…Promise, you’ll love it!

    • Sue DeLisle

      You don’t need roku if you have a PC to view it on.

  • WI Native

    I’m going to have to check GBTV out.  I went to all Internet TV last year and I love it.  No commercials ever.  Watching commercials at friends’ houses now feels like torture.  It’s amazing how much on regular TV we watch that we don’t want to see, or is fed to us.  However I do feel disconnected from pop culture, but that has been more of a benefit than a negative.  What does a Kardashian look like?  I seriously don’t know.  

    • Harry G

      Better off not knowing. 

  • Lisa Roy

    Sorry scoffers….if you would open your narrow minds and see a segment or two; you would realize that everything GBTV promotes is deeply researched and well-documented. The truth has no agenda; and it is absolutely refreshing to have depth to the stories that Amy Holmes and others at The Blaze bring to mind.  I am so tired of hearing about Demi and Lilo and Brangelina and their over-examined lives, and learning what is really happening in Israel and in the American government is essential.  Like it or not, Jerusalem is the epicenter of all faiths; for all time, and what is happening there is equally exciting and terrifying; and it affects every human life; whatever their system of belief or non-belief. Thank God for Glenn and the others who have the courage to stand.

  • General Kota

    Way to go Glenn and most likely you are still beating msnbc but to be fair a bear dancing in a dress all day can beat them.

  • Anonymous

    I love GBTV and watch all of the shows.  It’s great to hear the truth even though it may scare the pants off of you!  It has certainly helped me to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Thank you Glenn for all you do, I pray for you, your family and your staff every day.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with you, I cannot stand commercials anymore and it’s a real relief especially since the airways will soon be flooded with mud-slinging political ads, if it isn’t already.

  • Anonymous

    well having glenn beck at the forefront of the transition will guarantee it will be just as banal and useless as television

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a Roku yet but do plan on getting one.  Love Glenn Beck!

    • Anonymous

      There are three different models.  Invest on the better one;  here’s the case for you get what you pay for.

  • Anonymous

    The ROKU we have SUCKS THE BIG GREEN ONE! It is ALWAYS stalling out and
    getting stuck on “Loading”. I am about THIS CLOSE to stomping it into
    the ground. I do NOT watch GBTV nearly as much because of it. I’m not
    kidding, at times it hangs up as much as every few minutes ie every 2 to
    5 minutes. When it does THAT, I am gone! It ALSO hangs up but then self
    resumes very very often. But, it’s always a toss up as to whether it
    will self resume or have to manually be resumed or restarted. IT IS A

    • Anonymous

      Could it be the wiring?  We’ve had ours awhile with no problems.

    • Terri Winterbottom

       I have 3 Roku’s never a bit of problem.  Unless the internet goes out or is slow.  It is usually the net.  Check your bandwidth.  You can also watch on your computer and other devices….

  • Anonymous

    I  only wish the very best to you, your family and GBTV.   A fan since your birth at Fox.  Take care buddy-stay safe.

  • Jay Schreiber

    Glenn has made a path for what he called a while back. The Counter Revolution. Peaceful, Caring and Giving. But with the TRUTH. No Spin. Facts. Thank you Mr. Beck for opening the eyes of many. Let Freedom Ring!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations, Glenn!!!  And to your awesome staff!!!  Obviously there are more like me that are seriously thirsting for truth and light.  God bless!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve just spent a year studying the life and times of Nikola Tesla, the seminal genius of the Victorian era. He is best known for developing AC electricity into an industrial scale utility. Look at Nasa’s Earthlights photos from the space shuttle and you will see light around the world. That is the result of Tesla’s work. But that was not his only development. Almost everything we use in our daily lives today was envisioned or enhanced by that one man from 1890 to 1930. He died broke and discredited in 1943. Not by his own actions but by the actions of others. Most notably the minions of GE who had enormous investments in maintaining the status quo and suppressing Tesla’s knowledge.

    Glenn Beck is a truly brave man to do what he is doing knowing the forces that are arrayed against him and you can be certain that he is aware of the threat. Those who work for him no doubt face the same threats.

    It is incumbent upon each of us to not only support Beck, but to also fight those who wish to control the internet. You can be sure that if any government organization is allowed to take over the internet, Glenn Beck will be one of the first targets.

    Please support Beck but remember that if there is no freedom on the internet there will be no GBTV.

  • 7

    The trend that America will again be able to duplicate, is leading with innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, no matter how many shackles are placed upon us. That trend will get much stronger in the near future, Glenn has recognized that again.  Glenn’s ventures since 08 have been examples of filling a void where competitors are getting it wrong. His message to get right with God & one’s self (in order to play in the entrepreneurial arena) are essential. Great to see him getting positive press as an innovator, not the usual dreck they print about him

  • Richard Benjamin

    I turn to GBTV nightly for news, entertainment and thought provoking discussions. It reminds me of the TV times of Huntley and Brinkley and the best of entertainment’s stars. Fresh, live and personal.

    • Anonymous

      Nice post….I feel the same about GBTV, but you forgot truthful.  I think of all the things you’ve listed although good, nothing is more important than the truth.   I find whenever I do breeze through MSMBC, just to for a laugh I might add, I’ll tune in.  It’s very short lived though…..same goes for several others.

  • Betty Forrester

    They are finally beginning to GET IT!   Glenn is a genius and His success is because of his truth, his friends trust him, and know that He is a God Send!  Thank you Glenn for finding the way to stay in touch with your friends.  Ruth

  • mossman67

    God Bless Glenn Beck. We need to pray a ring of protection around him and his family and our network and keep our yearly memberships up to date.

  • Anonymous

    it so important to get what glenn is saying out there.  i get the TRUTH from only a few news sources but NO ONE DOES IT BETTER THAN GLENN.

  • davees

    What do people want?  They just want the damn TRUTH.  By their deeds you will know them the Great Book tells me…so that is why I have turned to Dr Paul.  His deeds have lived truth…it is in the Congressional Record.  Look it up for yourselves.

  • Anonymous

    The internet is an interesting place but it is also a fragile place.  A few well-placed EMPs and the World Wide Web goes away.  We used to live without the internet.  How many have graduated from college without the internet?  How many have graduated from high school without the internet? How many have celebrated their first birthday without the internet?

    Addiction can sneak up and whisk one away before anyone knew they were enslaved.

    There will be a day when no one alive will remember a life without the internet.

    At the rate were are going there will eventually be a time when the internet goes away, suddenly.

    Withdrawal can be very painful.  All those people looking towards the Government to fix “the problem”.

    Provide something real and of Truth.  Something that does not require an impossibly complex combination of “1” and “0”.  The internet is here but it is not real and it is filled with Lies.

  • Anonymous

    There are rumors that msnbc and others “manage the News”.  Whether msnbc is any
    worse than any other station is up for grabs, but Glenn Beck seems to offer in a more
    than open way that viewers check out for themselves anything and everything he says,and anyway they want to. Of course, the problem is: How can you do that?

    • Anonymous


  • julian cincioni

    This was taken from a 1934 Chicago Tribune news paper.  The sign painter is
    painting. Plan of Action for USA. Spend,spend,spend under the Guise of recovery.
    Bust the Government. Blame the Capitalists for the Failure. Junk the Constitution.
    Declare a Dictatorship. The Patriot Act paves the road for this. Terrorism Promotes
    the Totalitarian Agenda.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch much TV anymore.  There is not enough time to discuss
    subjects that they are editorializing and you walk away feeling uninformed.
    It is nice to glean information and to listen to what people are talking about,
    albeit some of it could be construed as nastiness,
    I can only do E-mail


  • Anonymous

    Glen Beck for President????

  • Anonymous

    You deserve so much credit for what you have accomplished, Glenn.  Bravo to you!!!
    It apparently seems that your the only one in the media who has seen that  which has been so obvious -Obama  is a Muslim, favours their countries couldn’t care less about the U.S. and is deliberately making it weaker in readiness for his  dictatorship.
    He’s so obvious in wanting control of all aspects of the gov’t yet you hear nothing about this from the Republican candidates in a forceful and focused manner that might awaken more voters. 
    The critical comments of Obama they relate are so weak and feeble  it’s pathetic. considering they have a socialist/marxist running the country being advised by his handpicked socialist/marxist pals.
    God help the U.S.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with all but one part of your comment: “It apparently seems that your the only one in the media who has seen that  which has been so obvious -Obama  is a Muslim….” In all of my listening to Glenn, he is of the opposite opinion. He does not believe President Obama is a Muslim. He has said that time and time again—to the point of “ranting” about it.

      • Anonymous

        Appreciate deedeemack’s reply to my reference of Obama being a Muslim. Having read the  two books he wrote before being elected the one titled “Audacity of Hope” where he stated “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” certainly seem to show where his sympathy lies and his actions towards the Muslim leaders plus being part of their celebrations in the U.S. e.g. having a party at the white house for them while refusing Franklin Graham ‘s participation in the Christian’s world day of prayer and so many more of his actions seemt to   reflect his statement. Jerome Cosi ‘s book “The Obama Nation” which came out before the election should have been read by every U.S. citizen yet he wasn’t even vetted before running for office of president. Dothan

        From: Disqus
        Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2012 7:20:18 AM
        Subject: [glennbeck] Re: Beck to WSJ: “We are on the edge of something that is bigger than Industrial Revolution”
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        deedeemack wrote, in response to dothan:
        I agree with all but one part of your comment: “It apparently seems that your the only one in the media who has seen that  which has been so obvious -Obama  is a Muslim….” In all of my listening to Glenn, he is of the opposite opinion. He does not believe President Obama is a Muslim. He has said that time and time again—to the point of “ranting” about it. Link to comment

  • Alfred Grunwell

    God bless the endeavors of Glen Beck in his efforts to persuade the American electorate to reject the Socialist concept of “the land of the free(bies)” and return to the individual responsibility model that made us the land of Freedom.

  • Harold Brown

    I can tell you that  when I watch a Glenn Beck show I am not yelling at the TV personality like I do with other news organizations. I love the guests that appear on the show and that have even subbed for Glenn. Great thinkers and not the usual glob of crap you get elsewhere. Even when I don’t agree at least I have heard someone speak the truth of what they think and not a message filled with half truths to try to persuaded me to the dark side! Someone who just says what he thinks and not a talking point from a political group.

  • Anonymous

    You need a sports genre

  • Joe Kasen

    I imagine the rise of alternate media, first the blogs, and now premium internet programming, scares the living daylights out of the people who have become so used to a virtual monopoly on entertainment and news, most of which tends to back the left.

    The internet will be targeted, mark my words. It already has been by countries like China, but that is only the start. Any powerful group or individual who wishes to impose thought control will attempt at restricting or transforming the internet into something that controls people, rather than an outlit for free expression as it is today.

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