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On radio today, Glenn discussed some unbelievable example of indoctrination going on in schools. First, an elementary school has removed the name St. Patrick’s Day from all of the flyers, posters, etc. and replaced the holiday with O’Green Day – a perfect double whammy of anti-religious and pro-green movement indoctrination. And then there is the #1 movie in the country, “The Lorax”, which is just a big bundle of anti-logging, pro-EPA propaganda. It is capitalists are evil, industrialists are evil, making money is wrong. After all those capitalists want to do is destroy the planet, the trees, the people. Of course they do! How are Stu, Pat, and Glenn doing their part to fight back against the indoctrination? Well, aside from pointing it out to all the parents out there – they also ripped up their Lorax Project certificates which had conveniently been printed out for them.