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Frances Fox Piven and Steven Lerner are back! This time they’re leading the totally organic, autonomous Occupy movement by providing the young inexperienced radicals with a very clear road map to follow. Will the useful idiots take the bait? Probably…
What are the six steps? Localize, Occupy foreclosed homes and factories, Recuit Youth, Organize with labor, Occupy Democrats, and Buy Stock.
The Blaze reports:
The six next strategic steps for The Occupy Movement are as follows according to Learner and Piven:
1. LOCALIZE: Move Protest into neighborhoods and schools.

“What people have been figuring out how to do is to move the protest into the neighborhoods, into the workplaces, into the schools.” ~Piven

2. OCCUPY FORECLOSED HOMES AND FACTORIES: Broaden agenda to those most affected by the economic collapse.
“I think, in the end, it may turn out that evicting the occupations was the precipitant of expanding the movement, because the movement’s agenda has broadened, and they’re now experimenting with reoccupying foreclosed homes, for example, with ways of rallying to the defense of workers who are locked out or on strike.”~Piven

3. RECRUIT YOUTH: Use the Universities and Professors as spearheads of Recruitment to broaden movement.
“And with the spring, I think there’s going to be a lot of protest in the universities and the colleges.
Young people are very responsive to the appeals of Occupy, to their cultural style.”~Piven
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“This is what’s coming.  This is what they are planning to do this summer,” Glenn warned.