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Around Thanksgiving of last year, Glenn gave a warning to his family and to GBTV viewers. “The world is changing” he told them. Today, just a few months later, that change is happening faster and faster. How? Glenn explained on GBTV tonight.

“We have crossed over into new territory,” Glenn said. “Our system has been fundamentally transformed and the progressives they you cannot turn it around.”

“They may be right,” he added. “Most Americans are not even paying attention.”

Glenn said that the progressives are dismantling the key parts of society: security, transportation, shelter, energy, faith and work.

With an audience of young conservatives in attendance, he went through several of America’s institutions to look how progressives have corrupted or dismantled them.

You can see the institutions on the left of the photo below, with the method of dismantling on the right:

Glenn went to the audience to go over some of the examples and to explain how it all ties together:

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“If you’re looking for a hundred year plan, I think it’s pretty much done,” he said. “All they need now is a crisis.”

“The progressives, I believe, have realized their dream. They have taken those baby steps,” Glenn said. “It is time to stop studying progressives.”

Instead, Glenn said it was now time to pay much more attention to the tactics of communists and communism.

“That is going to be the new angle on this program.”