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On radio today, Glenn discussed the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed African American teen who was shot and killed by neighborhood watch member George Zimmerman. As more and more evidence emerges, it appears that Zimmerman may have been motivated by race to pursue Martin, yet he remains free in Florida under a “stand your ground” law.

“It appears to be that he was shot by a racist,” Glenn said, “Things are coming out now and phone recordings, et cetera, et cetera, and the guy looks like he just killed this kid, maybe because he’s a racist.”

Glenn noted that no evidence that he has seen points to Martin as having been the agressor.

But while Glenn says justice needs to be served, he sees progressive organizations using this to push their agenda.

“It looks like this kid was killed in cold blood. So, justice needs to be done, but now we have this extremist African-American militia group that says they’re just going to come in and handle it. You’re got Al Sharpton winding everybody up. You’ve got Color For Change winding everybody up. You’ve got it already in the Occupy movement,” Glenn said.

“This guy is going to be the poster child for police brutality and racism, even though their charge on the police is that they did a sloppy job,” Glenn explained.

While the police in Florida are coming under scrutiny for not arresting Zimmerman, they were in no way involved with the killing of Martin. Zimmerman was not a police officer.

“They don’t care about the facts. All they care about is can I use it to further my own agenda.” Glenn said.

“If their goal is actually justice, there’s no need to wind people up. We’re all with you on that. Everybody on the right is standing with you,” Stu explained.

“We’re with you,” Glenn added.

Glenn then took a call from Floridian Brett, who said that the left will use this to squash “Stand your ground” laws. According to the AP, “Florida is among 21 states with a ‘Stand Your Ground Law,’ which gives people wide latitude to use deadly force rather than retreat during a fight. The self-defense law helps explain why a neighborhood watch captain has not been arrested in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager.”

“It doesn’t apply.  You can’t just go follow somebody down the street and claim the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law,” Glenn said.

“With everything that is going on right now, the last thing you want is to have people disempower you anymore.  You have to have a rate to stand your ground.  You have to have a right to say this is my property.  You are in violation.  Not to be able to shoot people but to protect yourself and that doesn’t include going down the street and following the guy a block.  That’s not what you do,” Glenn said.