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If there was any doubt remaining to the validity of Glenn’s assertion that leftist radicals were working together – including radical Islam, communists and socialists – it is gone after today. That’s because Frances Fox Piven opened the pie hole again, explaining that yeah, they are working hand in hand with the communists.

Listen to the shocking audio below:

Piven told an audience Left Forum 2012, “There is room for all of us. Religious leftists, people who think peace is the answer, those who think that wholesome food is what we really need, ecologists and old-fashioned Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Socialists and Communists.”

“I said there’s going to come a time when they’re just going to say it. They’re going to say it out loud, We’re communist,” Glenn said in response to the audio.

Glenn warned that the left was organizing, and people needed to recognize and start preparing for what could be a difficult spring as the machine ramps up.