Glenn told his radio audience, “Listen. This network that we are building is going to tell the truth as long as we possibly can. What we are building here and what we do on the radio, what we do on the Internet, what we do on television, we do it because we believe it.”

“The forces, the absolute forces of darkness have been unleashed in this world and we need to stand together. We need to support each other. We need to make sure that when we or others take a risk and step where no one else will step, we have the Nation of Islam already threatening us, we ask only for one thing: Do not let this fall on deaf ears. Please do not let our work go unwatched or unnoticed.”

You can watch the terrifying footage below:

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“I had another conversation today and told you don’t take on the Nation of Islam. You don’t expose them. Now, I don’t know why. You would think has if he believes those things, he wants people to hear it.”

“Have you heard any of those things? He wants people to hear it.”

“However, he also wants chaos. He wants riots in the streets. We are entering a time, the Nation of Islam is responsible Malcolm X’s death. They have never denied that. Louis Farrakhan wears it as a badge of honor. The guys who killed Malcolm X, two of them were just released from prison. Nation of Islam.”

“I ask you, please, to take life seriously and if those around you don’t, that’s fine. Find others who do.”

On Thursday April 12th, GBTV will expose the truth on Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam!