Will Trayvon Martin case lead to “Bubba Effect”

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On GBTV Tuesday, Glenn examined an idea called “The Bubba Effect” and how the tragedy of Trayvon Martin could lead to chaos as the phenomena takes hold. As he gave the latest on the case – and expressed sympathy for the mother as this all unfolds in the public square – Glenn explained why we need to let the justice system run it’s course rather than turn to vigilante justice as some radical groups propose.

To start, Glenn described that “The Bubba Effect” takes hold when:

1) People feel they’ve been pushed over the edge by an overbearing government or force
2) Someone responds with violence
3) The rest of the people, even though they know the violence was wrong, feel the government is worse so they support the person who lashed out

“From there it just gets worse,” Glenn said.

Glenn used the example of a terrorist attack to illustrate his point. He said a radical Muslim could hijack a plane and blow up a building. In response, there is increased security by the TSA at airports and other invasive policies. But at the same time, the government doesn’t enforce the border, bows to political correctness, and gives a tour of the National Counterterrorism Center to a Hamas operative. All of these are security failures when America is facing a threat.

Glenn said that as people get frustrated, “The Bubba Effect” can take control. In response to the government incompetence and amid rising tension, a guy ends up shooting a Muslim. But when the government arrives, the community stands with the shooter who just committed murder because they think the government is even worse. “The Bubba Effect” has taken hold.

Think it’s impossible? Glenn pointed out that the New Black Panthers were now putting up pictures of George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin’s killer, with a message saying “Wanted Dead or Alive”.

“This is encouraging someone to take matters into their own hands,” Glenn said. “That’s the basic idea of ‘The Bubba Effect’.”

“Now, let me be clear: I am not defending George Zimmerman in any way. Right now I think he’s most likely guilty,” Glenn said.

Glenn said, however, that it’s not unlikely to think something could happen to Zimmerman. He’s one of the most hated people in the national conversation. The New Black Panthers are calling for an “eye for an eye”; Spike Lee is tweeting out his address; and CAIR is calling for “justice” and so is Farrakhan.

Glenn said if these radical groups, like the Black Panthers, get what they want and Zimmerman is killed in retaliation, it could lead to a “Bubba” to commit further violence and kill a Black Panther in response. And when “The Bubba Effect” takes hold, the “Bubba’s” community stand up for the murderer because the government didn’t step in to protect Zimmerman when all these radical group’s called for vigilante justice before he had his day in court. It just creates chaos and gets worse from there.

“Zimmerman should have his day in court. If he’s denied that, if something happens to him, all it does is take America one step closer to more chaos,” Glenn said.

Glenn also expressed sympathy from Martin’s mother, who has trademarked the phrases “I am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon”. Glenn said that he feels like her son is about to be a part of a major movement, as people express their sympathies while others, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are accused by former NAACP President C.L. Bryant of trying to exploit the death to racially divide the country.

“I really feel for his mom. Not only has she lost her son, but she’s got to deal with his death being argued out in the public square like a political hot potato,” Glenn said.

Glenn concluded that while many investigators are calling for the public to let the system run its course, many of the radicals don’t want to wait.

“Most of the extremist elements – The Black Panthers, Farrakhan, etc. – are calling for the exact opposite and don’t want to wait.

“Let’s pray the system takes its course before some lunatic decides to listen to the words of The Black Panthers and try to get an ‘eye for an eye’.”

“That’s not how America works.”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6YJSTUXY3ZBBSRVKQM22BEIYWU Gatekeeper

    No. Glenn you are incorrect and why do you have that very young picture of Treyvon he is 6’4.
    He is a lot bigger than Zimmerman and a troublemaker.
    Attorney General Eric Holder having a bad day. His war on white folks is crumbling.

    A federal judge dismissed the most serious charges Tuesday against
    seven members of a Michigan militia who were rounded up as homegrown
    extremists accused of plotting war against the U.S., saying their
    expressed hatred of law enforcement didn’t amount to conspiracy against
    the government.

    The decision is an embarrassment for the government, which secretly
    planted an informant and an FBI agent inside the Hutaree militia four
    years ago and claimed members were armed for war in rural southern

    Militia members cleared of all charges were Stone’s wife, Tina Stone,
    and his son, David Stone Jr.; Thomas Piatek of Whiting, Ind.; Michael
    Meeks of Manchester, Mich.; and Kris Sickles of Sandusky, Ohio.


  • Anonymous

    What is the deal with all the comments being erased on this subject? Is Glenn Beck turning politically correct now?

  • Anonymous

    “Now, let me be clear: I am not defending George Zimmerman in any way. Right now I think he’s most likely guilty,” Glenn said.

    man… I used to really look up to you. Do us all a favor and take that comment back. As a matter of fact with all the evidence presented he looks not guilty. That trayvon attacked him and he was defending himself.

    With the evidence presented, I figured you of all people, a supported of the 2nd amendment and the National Rifle Association would not jump on the zimmerman looks guilty bandwagon. It honestly sounds like he was just protecting himself with a firearm. You stand for that right?

    If zimmerman was killed (which could have happened, judging by witness accounts) this wouldn’t be on the news, there would be no racial problem and the only people mourning zimmermans death would be his family and friends.

    Glenn go back to being the guy that was fine not being PC. PLEASE

    • Anonymous

      Chaos you beat me to it, Glenn i love you and all but the facts as they have been coming out do indeed make it look like Mr. zimmerman acted well within the law and did what was neccisarry to protect himself from death or greivous bodily harm.

      Assuming the account is correct and Mr. zimmerman returned to his vehicle, essentialy breaking contact, to await police and then was acosted by Mr. martin that makes Mr. martin the instigator/aggressor who allegedly assaulted and attempted to take Mr. zimmermans firearm.

      If the information turns out to be true and Mr. zimmerman is indeed found to be innocent of any charges my only question becomes, how bad will the rioting be this time when the radicals do not get thier way? 

    • landofaahs

      Would the politicians like it if regular citizens could as a mob declare crooked pols guilty and then carry out Street Justice?  Be careful of the standard you street thugs set.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/RKWRNF4QFWD2MWHMHSWGXKBMPM Tina

      @ chaos160, just hope your teenage child don’t get into a fight and is shot dead for throwing a punch. when does a punch deserve a gun shot as a pay back.

      • Anonymous

        Hey Tina, From the witness accounts, trayvon was on top of zimmerman beating him. And from the sound of zimmermans voice on the 911 recording he sounded extremely scared for his life and well being.

        All you need to defend yourself with a firearm in this country is that you have to feel like your life is in danger or that you are going to be seriously harmed. If Trayvon attacked him like the evidence suggests and was beating him on the ground it very well could support the claim of self defense.

        Fact is, let the case play out. This case has been hijacked by jessie jackson and al shaprton to push their own agenda.

        But back to my original post, I’m just extremely disappointed Glenn Beck, a supporter of the 2nd amendment said zimmerman is most likely guilty with the facts he has.

        What is zimmerman most likely guilty of glenn?

      • Anonymous

        I can answer that for you. Anytime you feel like your life is in danger it does. This guy, from eyewitness accounts was pounding the s–t out of Zimmerman, and also from eyewitness accounts, he attacked him from behind as he was walking back to his car. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_62IW5KKDO56PJJTDLJVMDRYCUA Gene

        Earlier this month, two pre-teens got into a fistfight at school and one of them ended up dead from her injuries.  It doesn’t take a firearm to end a life when the fists start flying.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1287867661 David Lanier

       I would think that Glenn is thinking like myself and a lot of other people thinking. Follow my thinking for a minute—why would Zimmerman get close enough to this guy to get attacked ? Zimmerman was advised by the 911 dispatcher not to follow Travon ? Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer and as such had no right to approach, question or detain Trevon. He did what he was supposed to do and that is to report a suspicious person to 911 and let the police handle it. Why not do as advised and just observe from a distance ? What was Travon doing that made him suspicious other than walking and talking on his cell ?? Did the actions of Zimmerman escalate this into an altercation that resulted in death ??? Just wondering ??

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_62IW5KKDO56PJJTDLJVMDRYCUA Gene

        I’ve seen how teenagers younger than Trayvon act on the streets of my city.  Throwing F bombs at each other, disrespecting other people’s property, and getting into fights.  Keep in mind that Zimmerman didn’t know this was a teenager by looking at him.  He didn’t know what Martin had in his hands or his pockets.  It was dark and raining.  A time when most people don’t pay attention to somebody who is breaking the law.  A person he was not familiar with, a stranger, on a cell phone, out in the rain, acting in an odd manner, could have been the person on lookout for thieves or drug dealers.  Guess what, gangs recruit kids younger than Trayvon for this role often.  That’s why he looked suspicious.  Had I seen the same thing while walking my dog in my neighborhood, I’d have been calling 911, too.  My dog barks ferociously at people with their hoods up, too.  Neither myself or my dog are racist, but we do agree that in this circumstance, a person does look suspicious, no matter their race.  

        I’m not a part of any neighborhood watch, but you can bet I call the police department with something is out of place.  Like the time I called them to report strange activity at my neighbor’s house that was for sale.  They didn’t check it out and he returned home to find all of his copper pipe had been stolen.  Can you guess how old the kid those crooks had on “lookout” was?  I couldn’t, but he wasn’t in high school yet.  What if the crooks found out that I had called the police and gave them the description of their truck and the license number?  They certainly knew where my dog and I lived.

    • Anonymous

      Chaos, Slepnir, Glenn is right.  George Zimmerman did shoot and kill Trayvon, and you MUST agree on that,  but he is saying “Was it Murder or Self Defense”?  I myself think it was self defense.

    • Anonymous

      Your misrepresenting the case Chaos, as far as I or anybody else can tell the evidence is conflicting. The majority of reports suggest that the person shouting for help was Trayvon, it was the voice of an adolescent and has been recognised by his family and friends. He was also recorded on his cell phone worried that someone was following him. This was a kid walking down the street in his own neighbourhood posing no threat or ill intention towards anybody else. The gunman, on the other hand, was looking for trouble. This is not a biased opinion, it was in fact his role as a neighbourhood watchman. From evidence we have concerning his previous 911 calls, eagerness to pursue Trayvon despite being advised to the contrary, purported racial slur and recorded anger, it is reasonable to assume he was in a heightened state of fear, anger, aggression and paranoia at the time. Perhaps this is a less than solid case but he is also clearly bigger and stronger than Trayvon, obviously this does not mean anything in and of itself but at a minimum should form an additional basis for further investigation.

      You talk about second amendment rights, but that is another issue. Critically in this case, you have a teenage boy being denied his indisputable right to walk the streets of his own country without being pursued or accosted with a lethal weapon.

      Yes someone walking down the street with a hood up might be upto something, yes there might be cause to be alarmed and call the police, and yes if someone is definitely looking likely to commit a serious crime, citizens have a right to intervene and use force if subsequently threatened physically. Trayvon was, however, not doing anything wrong or suspicious nor was he planning to.

      Take your argument and apply it vice versa. You believe in the right to self defence? Here is a 17 year old boy being accosted/chased/pursued whatever by a, from what the evidence suggests, angry, fearful and determined adult carrying a loaded firearm. He had every right and reason to run or failing that attempt to protect himself. And if Zimmerman, despite what the evidence suggests, really, genuinely found himself in a position where he was losing the battle, grew even more fearful and pulled the trigger, well then that is his fault. He initiated this tragic incident, he had the gun, he had the agression, and Trayvon is now dead. Zimmerman deserves to face the consequences of his actions… the violent death of an innocent boy…and if there are factors which mitigate his guilt, then let that be for a jury to decide on the full evidence.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know where to begin with this one.

        I’ll start with your claim that it was trayvon shouting for help. Don’t listen to me, listen to what so far is the only eye witness.


  • landofaahs

    I could buy your poor mother slant had not his mother quickly moved to trademark his name.  Follow da money.  Chaos creates opportunity for people to make money off of the controversy, including news groups and talkshow hosts.  Elitists use the incident to enrich themselves at the expense of the average Joe and his freedom.

  • Lioness

    This is truly confusing, I heard the info coming out, and it seems that at best there may have been a big misunderstanding leading to a tragic end or at worst Zimmerman was attacked unprovoked. Either way it’s a shame Glenn jumped to conclusions with out all the facts. We all make mistakes and I hope when it’s said and done, Glenn will own up to being part of “The Bubba Effect” by continuing to say Zimmerman is guilty. Not cool.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7DM2DOE4JBKJ2KNH2ALRJ2JNMA Lewis

      It is clearly murder!! Anyway you look at it. The evidence (some) in the 911 call the operator clearly stated do not pursue, and minutes later and unarmed young man was fatally shot. I have one question to ask those that are reading this, would it be murder if it was your son? 

      • Lioness

        “(some)”, I think that says it all. Never take anything out of context, it’s true meaning is always distorted. Where did the injuries to Zimmerman come from? Himself? I’ll wait until all the facts are presented to me before I pass judgment. People are protesting on street corners near my neighborhood, why is this productive? This has been made a race issue and I will have no part of it. We our allowing people to be exploited, over and over again.

        • Anonymous

          The video of Zimmerman arriving at the police station is obvious he had no injuries but people’s biases are obvious if you look.

          • Anonymous

            You can’t even see Zimmmerman’s eyes on the video, how do you expect to see a wound?

          • Anonymous

             It goes to show you what we’re up against, people are going to believe what they feel in their heart, verses what any – silly ol’ facts will prove – I’ve followed your top-notch argument with this blabbering idiot and nothing will budge his prejudices. The Farrakhan’s  of the world know how easily manipulated these morons are and take full advantage.

            What is frightening is when these nut-jobs are told to shoot at the enemy – meaning us – or anyone who makes rational decisions for themselves.

            This is also an indicator, that things will continue to grow much worse before they get any better. This nation is in sorry shape and is in desperate need of true leadership, Obama’s “fundamental change” is fast destroying us.

      • Anonymous

        1.The law holds that killing somebody is always illegal in the united states even when the act is carried out by a law enforcement officer. the mitiagating circumstances however can classify the killing as a justified and neccisary act. which is why even the police have shooting review boards.

        2.911 operators have no legal authority to order you to do anything. they can make suggestions which you can choose or not choose to follow.

        3.according to the information we have Mr. zimmerman in fact DID NOT persue, he observed then returned to his vehicle to await police.

        Please try to have some understadning of the law and released information before making incidiary remarks.  

  • Anonymous

    If this Zimmerman guy apologizes for this. The cops should arrest him immediately for being stupid. 

  • landofaahs

    The man of lawlessness? BHO?

  • Anonymous

    I live not far from Sanford, Florida in a neighborhood that is about 60% Hispanic – 30% Afro-American and 10% White —-  sneaking around houses in a hoodie (no matter what color you are) could get you shot by anyone for any reason. That’s just the way it is down here. While a tragedy for the families and friends of both of these people this whole incident is being blown way out of proportion.

  • Anonymous

    What have we learned from the lynchings (yes, of both races) of the late 19th and early-mid 20th century?

    Not much, apparently.

    • Anonymous

      There is no relationship. The Left is using this unfortunate incident to keep racial conflict alive and active.

  • Anonymous

    i live in california and the vast majority of racism here is against white people. But many black people still cry about racism. Any group that has power will abuse it unless they have a changed heart

  • General Kota

    I don’t know if he is guilty or not but I pray that whatever the truth is that it is reviled.

    • Anonymous

      reviled or revealed?

      • General Kota

        Oops thanks for the catch their dang spell cheecker.

  • Anonymous

    Remember the 1984 Olympics in Atlanta?  a bomb went off one killed more injured. A “security”
    officer helping with the investigation soon became the “Perp” and what happened to he and his family as the vigilantes took to the streets, FBI, local Police and the cry of the people from the streets.  This man is guilty, Justice must be served….NO he was innocent but his life was ruined.  I dont remember if he or his Mother getting an apology…he died an eary death  History does indeed repeat itself.  Lets hope Jesus doesnt come back, he wouldnt make it to sundown. 

  • Anonymous

     We all jump to judge, that is what happens when we don’t know what really happend.  We use emotion and not reason.  Glenn is right hes a good man that is wise.  He looks for the truth.  Truth needs to come be for justice.  A lot of innocent men and womem over the years are dead because of this.  Havent we learned this yet. But by the time the truth comes to light it is to late. Who pays then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Beth-Beach-Mitchell/100001515456810 Beth Beach Mitchell

    Sorry about the spelling, thought a spell checker was active.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it true George Zimmerman is not just Hispanic but also a registered Democrat? It would appear he voted for Obama only a few short years before murdering his son.
    Maybe we should let the hot-headed hate groups snuff this one out and consider it a part of natural selection running it’s course.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re waiting for Spike Lee to learn anything you’re going to wait an awful long time.

  • Anonymous

    Rush says Slut and the Prez jumps in. NBP call for man’s death and Prez compliantly silent. Zimmerman does not look enough like his son?

    • Anonymous

      The NBP isn’t a radio personality like Rush is. And they’re not calling for the death of all men, just one, unlike Rush who pretty much called all women who is on the pill sluts.

  • Anonymous

    oh yes let us feel for the precious mother, who let her son learn to act stupid. Like don’t wonder about neighbor hoods you have no business, where black men have been breaking and entering, (the reason for the neighbor watch) dressed like a gangster in the middle of the night, and attacking people cause you think you’re tough. Instead of being home doing what you should be doing, school work, cleaning, studying, working at something, sleeping etc. The problem with this black mother is she evidently doesn’t have good sense.
    This crummy mother is the one responsible for her son’s death!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, damn that mother. Damn her learning her son how to go to the store to buy snacks for a football game on the tv. Damn her for teaching him to dress properly so he wouldn’t be cold. Damn her for not teaching him that despite his father living in the neighbourhood, he had nothing to do there. Because he was black. And he had to represent aaaaaall black people whenever he walked outside his door. Just like we white people do. Oh wait, no we don’t. We don’t accuse the entire white population for the murder of an innocent boy. Because then we’re all of a sudden individuals.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7RQEAYS63BHVL5L3OR4OG6NAWM Jan

        YOU AND THE PRES MAKING THIS A RACAIL  IS COMPLETELY NUNCALLED FOR. Why?can people not wait until the whole investication is over. shame on you and obma for this action

  • Anonymous

    If I’m on late night watch, protecting my neighborhood, my friends and family from robbery and other attacks and some nut job wearing a hood or a mask attacks me, I’m going to shoot him.
    If he’s not a nut job you would assume he would take off the hood or mask, identifying himself and his purpose for being in this neighborhood in the middle of the night and you would really think that he wouldn’t attack me just for watching him. But from his actions you would have to think this guy was a criminal and up to no good.  I wouldn’t feel bad about shooting him.

  • http://twitter.com/Solexander J.C. Bender

    I am not Martin von Tray–but Breitbart is here.

    Now may be a good time for someone to remind the Brown Panties what M. K. Gandhi said about the _lex talionis_.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7RQEAYS63BHVL5L3OR4OG6NAWM Jan

    The first picure publish of trayon showed a younger man.  he was accutally over 6 ft. and weigh 180 that MADE HIM TAller and as big as Zimmerman. Witness said they saw trayon on top of Zimmer man bettiong the heck out of him.  Zimmerman was treated by first rfesponders and  his head was damaged and they said he had a broken nose.  By the time the video showed a police station  of course there was no blood. Come one people let the investigation go foward.
    Stop this racial B.S. it will destroy this copuntry faster the the potus ion the white house. 
    The Pres. came out right away and made this a racial incident.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7RQEAYS63BHVL5L3OR4OG6NAWM Jan


      • corey williams

        It’s not a racial thing a kid got shot and the lead investigator wanted to charge him with manslaugter and was told not to. He should be arrested and then we should have a trail. That’s the way the system work you get arrested your bail is set and then they set a court date. There has still been no arrest and there was not a proper invetsigation until it was all over the media and the governor of florida steped in and appoit a task force to investigate. Now if that happened to your son and no could give you a straight anwser on how he died and the ,an that shot himn is walking around with no charges. How would you feel remeber you have to be charged with something before you can go to trial, He has not even been charged yet. At the very least he should have been arrested that night and had a bail hearing and a court date set. That is how the system is designed to work to let him leave with no charges and the sanford police had ended there investigation. If the stanford police had did what they where suppose to do there would not be any problems and media coverage. They also had a eyewitness who say Zimmerman was on top of Trayvon. So none of us really know what happened but he was still suppose to be arrested and go to the process. he was let go and not charged. I’m sorry but if that was my child I would not be as calm as Trayvon parents have been. You have to start by thinking about if it was your child.

  • w. Parker

    “Let things run its course”, as you’ve demonstrated in an earlier blog of yours on this subject whereby you thought Zimmerman was a racist??? – – people rushing to judgment as you’ve done?  Blacks slaughter whites daily in every major city and is there one word mentioned, no.  The “facts” are there – – if Zimmerman committed a ‘crime” he’d be arrested long before now.  Anyone who believes otherwise has been watching too much MSM and crazed liberals or suffer from a severe case of white guilt complex.  America is now sitting on a powder keg as a result, just as america sat on the same keg just before O.J.’s verdict and the rodney king case where over 50 innocent people died and a white man was drug from his truck and beat senseless.  Where were some of you liberals who’ve commented on this blog then?  Did you have anything to say about that incident?  Are any of you liberals taking a stand against the black panthers who have put a million dollar bounty on Zimmerman who hasn’t even been arrested for a crime?  Pull the blinders off and face reality

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Experts state voice on 911 tape not Zimmerman’s.

      • Anonymous

        Did they say whose it was?

  • Anonymous

    “Grandma, I’ve Been Shot” Said Girl Hurt In Gang Related Mass Shooting
    There better be a Sharpton/Jackson response to this or their hypocrisy is going to show…

  • Anonymous

    I have been following this case and I was confused at first over what it was all about, but as time has continued I am starting to see very clearly that the goal has been from the beginning for our government to be able to repeal the so-called “controversial” Stand Your Ground law, which is now being dubbed in liberal circles like CNN and on the SPLC website as “the racist law”, supposedly because it allows for these “dangerous loop-holes” whereby “white supremacists could go hunting down black kids” (this is the liberal media spin of course, Glenn. You have handled and answered this spin so very well from the beginning).
    As usual, you are ahead of the curve, by saying: “This Zimmerman guy might be guilty. He certainly looks guilty, but even if it turns out that he is, this has nothing to do with the Stand Your Ground law”. In other words, even if Zimmerman just shot Trayvon Martin in cold blood, that is NOT invoking the Stand Your Ground law. That’s not what the law is for nor about. Since it’s not relevant to endorsing cold-blooded murder, it would not be a factor in this case, if Zimmerman is/was guilty.
    Here is where we stand now, and stood then: WE DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.
    From the backgrounds of both the shooter & the victim, we see trouble brewing on both ends from both involved.
    In 2005, George Zimmerman was arrested for assaulting a police officer.
    In 2006, Zimmerman’s ex-fiance took out a restraining order on him.
    George Zimmerman was also fired from a night-club he worked at for attacking a woman and throwing her to the floor in a fit of rage. In other words, Zimmerman is a loose cannon with an explosive tember, but his father is a retired judge, which may have worked to his favor on some of these occasions when he might have had to do jail time for this temper of his.
    Then there is Trayvon Martin:
    Suspended 3 times from school for drug use. Was shot while out on his 3rd suspension.
    Trayvon was caught at school with jewelry that was not his, and what looked like a tool meant for robbery.
    Trayvon’s tweets are mostly in gang-type slang and he has gold-plated teeth. His cousin sends him a tweet about “you never tell me U swung on a bus driver” also indicating that Trayvon too has a temper problem, and is prone to taking swings at adults.
    This encounter between the teenager and young man was a bottle-keg waiting to erupt, and would have resulted in either a death or at least serious injury no matter what happened.
    On the night of the shooting: the police report states that Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and back of the head. Enhanced video shows the back of the head bleeding at least to be true. But we also have the 911 call from Zimmerman which proves that Zimmerman pursued Trayvon even after he was advised not to, which throws a little monkey wrench into his Stand Your Ground law defense, because he approached Trayvon first.
    Especially after reading the SPLC report, which spent about 10 percent of it’s time trying to convince us that Zimmerman was some white European NeoNazi Skinhead and Trayvon was an innocent angel out buying candy for his brother, then the same report goes on to spend another 90 percent of it’s time trying to convince it’s readers -who are all too easily convinced- that the Stand Your Ground law is some code law for permitting white supremacists to murder innocent black kids in cold blood, so it must be repealed. I realize this has been the goal the whole time: getting that self defense law repealed so we no longer can rely on it for self protection.
    It is a common sense law: if you run into a bear in the woods and the bear attacks you, and you have a loaded gun, would you shoot the bear? Of course you would. It is common sense.
    Here is the angle by which we protect ourselves no matter what Zimmerman’s verdict turns out to be: George Zimmerman is Hispanic, his voting record is Democrat, he very likely voted for Obama and is likely to have never anticipated anything wrong with “hate crimes legislation” up until today; the day it bites him in the butt. I say: he’s not our guy. Let him fry.
    Instead of the rest of us who have had our heads screwed on straight from the beginning, trying to help a “white Hispanic” when a CNN polls shows that most of his own people (Hispanics) think he should get the book thrown at him, why not let their votes play?
    Our goal should be to protect that “controversial” Stand Your Ground law, not the Hispanic Democrat with an over-active temper who fell into the cross-hairs on this. Let his own people, and his own like-minded voters, worry about him.
    If Zimmerman walks away from this unscathed, blacks will be marching in the streets, destroying things and attacking whites in this media-created & spun race war, and then the SPLC will gain the funding they need to repeal the “controversial” Stand Your Ground law, as they have painted it as a racist law that must be repealed. They will point to this case as an example of how it was “mis-used” by their Hispanic, Democrat, “white supremacist” who was out hunting black boys that night.
    I say, let’s put a little pressure on other Hispanic Democrats to fly to Zimmerman’s rescue and straighten out this picture. Let’s not let this come back on us. White Americans everywhere are already suffering the backlash over this, some of them have been attacked and are getting seriously hurt over this, and yet we defend Zimmerman as if it’s his butt we’re trying to save rather than keep the right to defend ourselves should any of the rest of us get attacked (those of us who don’t already have records of violence to account for).
    I would like to see a few more Hispanic Democrats rather wake up and start to figure out that this media spin is bad for THEM. They could be Zimmerman too. It could be them next time trying to defend their neighbors, only to have thei actions spun into a cold-blooded racist hate crime. Maybe they want to step in and ask their own left-wing race-war agitators to finally stop all this nonsense.

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