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Arlen Specter is out making the rounds trying to shop his new book “Life Among Cannibals” which seems to be mostly about naked Senators. His descriptions of Ted Kennedy naked and his evaluation of Senator John Thune’s ‘lanky’ nude body probably aren’t helping sales all that much. The repeated imagery of Specter himself being naked certainly aren’t helping either. ‘Specter’ (aka Pat Gray) read some excerpts from the book on radio today, and it was one of the most disturbing segments of all time.

Some of the most disturbing excerpts from “Life Among Cannibals”?

On Ted Kennedy:

“I was in the whirlpool at the Senate gym in 2008, recovering from Hodgkin’s, when Ted Kennedy came over and climbed into the bath. Kennedy was one of the Senate’s giants, in many ways. It was as though a gigantic walrus had plunged into the sea, causing the level to swell. I’d never seen two men in the whirlpool before, but the tub was big enough for two or more. There was a sign that you had to shower before entering. I hadn’t checked that out with Kennedy, but I had neither an objection nor compunction about his coming into the bath. We chatted.” (page 40)

On Sarah Palin:

“She was a total charmer, very friendly,”

“The few things she said were intelligent.”

“We were sitting virtually knee to knee in the cramped bus”

“She radiated sensuality. Her skirt rode above her knees — not exactly short, but close.” (page 156)

On John Thune:

Working Out With John Thune: “[Sen.] John Thune, who looked like a movie star in or out of clothes, was constantly stretching. His lanky body seemed to have some kinks to iron out.” (page 226)

Very, very, very creepy stuff.

“He seems like he’s writing one of those bad romance novels with Fabio on the cover,” Stu joked.

That, of course, led to a request for some fan pictures of what the cover of his book should look like.

Some favorites: