ESPN yanks ad; cites ‘religious’ overtones, despite nothing religious in ad

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In a bizarre story, NASCAR driver Blake Koch (pronounced ‘cook’) was trying to run an advertisement encouraging NASCAR fans to register to vote. That’s it. So why was the ad denied? Because of ‘political and religious overtones’ in the ad and on Blake’s website. Check out the ad and Glenn’s response on radio in the clip above – does ESPN have some explaining to do?

Watch the ad below:

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is just one more example of the ESPN leadership going completely out of control over anything they see as a threat to their business, internal or external.

    So what can they be upset about in a ‘religious matter’?


    This is being pulled due to one factor alone I can see; due to the fact he is not telling people to ‘rise up and vote for Obama’ or to ‘rise up for the occupy/radicals/other PC idiocy’ they have pulled it. Otherwise it would have been left alone.

    • Soulphoenix

      Yes, and how very sad that is. We have, as a society, become so afraid of truth that we hardly recognize it anymore.

      But truth WILL prevail in the end, and we will help with that.

    • BarbaraS

      snowleopard:  You are correct and due to the fact that MOST Nascar fans will vote Republican and that is the “threat”. Plain & simple

  • landofaahs

    Sounds no different than a dumocrat get out the vote ad.  But sports is as crooked as any crony-capitalist venture these days.  Winners are determined by what is good for the “Game”.  Of course it, like crooked wallstreet, is controled by eastern interests.  I’ll bet if they were killing Christians with lions in the arena as in the days of Roman blood lust, ESPN would eat it up.  Pardon the pun.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Actually they would eat it up, and no problems with the pun as that literally would be the case. I would not be suprised in the least if that happens again under Kaiser Obama.

      • landofaahs

        No doubt. I was not saying it in jest. Look at what passes for entertainment these days. You must push the envelope further and further to keep the same high.

  • General Kota

    I guess ESPN is getting on the Obama propaganda band wagon cult. What a shocker that a bunch of leftards don’t want people to vote because the disagree with them but it ok that civil war vets vote as long as it is for Obama.

    • Anonymous

      Aw, G.K., are the Revolutionary vets ineligible?   But, I guess we know who they would

      vote for—maybe that’s why they aren’t allowed to vote!

      • Anonymous

        Don’t think so.  How ’bout those War of 1812 vets, though, lol?

        • Anonymous

          my cat should get a vote considering Micky mouse gets to vote

          • Anonymous

            Your cat is likely better than Obama, you know. Maybe you should throw his name in the hat, lol.

        • Anonymous

          Thought about that one, O.M.A., but more folks are probably familiar

          with the Revolutionary War than the War of 18l2.   Hell, I’m not that

          familiar with it expect for who we fought, Dolley Madison removing the

          pic of GW from the WH and the poem/song that came out of it.   That

          pretty much sums up my knowledge of that war.  Now, I really feel as

          ignorant as a doorpost!

  • Anonymous

    ESPN wants to “shoot the messenger”.

    Mr. Koch is an outspoken “faith-based” man and certain people are uncomfortable with that in a sort of a “Tebow” way.

    ESPN is owned by ABC is owned by Disney.

    The Blackwashing of America continues.

  • Anonymous

    What wrong with the ad?  Anyone who finds it too religious is really stupid.  I suggest that anyone who believes that we should vote should avoid ESPN.

  • Anonymous

    Sick, maybe if he had said he was a muslim wanting people to vote for the liberal bunch there would be no problem.

    • Anonymous

      w.c.,  He would probably have to say (if he claimed to be Muslim) that they have to

      declare jihad on any winning conservative.   Maybe that would be acceptable?

  • Gmack

    I stopped watching espn a few years back , to PC for me , just another bunch of progressive libs doing sports 

    • Anonymous

      Same here Gmack. ESPN was a pompous network in the beginning and nothing has changed. I refuse to watch them ever again. Now, I want to see their explanation on a video to show us where the religious overtone was in the Rise Up message.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not at all surprised either. Some of ya’ll may remember in the late nineties when Major Applewhite, U of Texas quarterback, was on fire and leading UT to win after win…he was interviewed by ESPN at the time. Major talked openly about his Christian faith etc…he said they (espn) would’ve had to do a serious editing job to get his 2 hr. interview to the print edition b/c he referenced The Lord Jesus Christ repeatedly and not one word showed up in print or on their sportscast…!

    • Anonymous

      This makes no sense

    • Anonymous

      I stopped when they ousted Rush.   Oh, he certainly was hated there.

  • Huss Family

    Can’t have anymore of those middle American slopeheads out to vote Republican.  Heck they even have their own ID.  Can you say voter suppression, anyone??

  • Tom

    Many ad companies have been hurt financially becaused they left Rush, now I Hope ESPN gets hurt in the bottom line….Big HIt, Yes!  I won’t be going to Disneyland/world,  anymore either..Their’s more to life than watching sports on ESPN….Like, working, prepping, shooting, fishing, etc.

  • Ed Román

    It’s time NASCAR to yank out of espn. i am sure that speed, fox, owners of speed and TNT could handle it. espn is over rated. we need something new and more diversified that espn Getty should have never sold out to ABC / ESPN.

  • Anonymous

    espn would rather rock the boat with peediddy jerkoffs then 1st class patriotic Americans! maybe we should boycott them???

  • Anonymous

    I remember a lot of ads from the previous election cycle telling people to vote.  What’s different this time around.  There was nothing religious or political about this ad at all!  No negative overtones and no mention of a single political issue.  ESPN’s got big problems!

  • Steve Chapman

    at some  pt in time    it will be very necessary for every conservative to vote with their dollars as well as there remote control.  If you watch abc, disney or espn you are feeding your enemy. the media is truly for the communist party (dem)   so    DO NOT WATCH those channels or purchase their products.

  • Anonymous

    I heard this story on fox news and I assumed their were religious overtones. This is the first time Ive heard the ad. WHAT! It at least would make sense knowing ESPN if there were something christian in it. How can they even come up with a reason for pulling that. I dont recognize my country anymore.

  • Bowler Farms

    I see nothing religious in the ad, ESPN must be filled with morons.

    • Anonymous

      its spelled progressive

  • Ozzie Robinson

    There is nothing political about this ad. I think that NASCAR followers tend to be conservative, however, encouraging people to vote should not have a label and i consider myself a moderate to liberal.

  • Anonymous


  • John Williams

    If you don’t know that ESPN is just another one of the progressive ‘slut’ media then you haven’t been paying attention.  Didn’t one of the airheads get up and start mocking Christians a few years back and for that she missed a show or two (probably was paid for it anyway).  Face it folks, all the big media, whether it be news, sports, financial or other entertainment are all on their knees for the progressive religion.

  • John Williams

    I just watched the ad and I will be damned (uh oh, a religious connotation) if I can see anything that can be connected with any religion (unless ‘rise up’ is somehow related to religion, and if you think that, I would invite you to lay off the crack cocaine because your brain is obviously suffering from drug induced damage)

    • Anonymous

      OK, John.  You just spotted the religious connection.  I already posted it.  Is it still OK to

      say ”Sunday”, do you think?  What about ”saved”?     We could keep going until they

      would have to either use sign language or tweets.   (Can they say ”sign”?)

    • Anonymous

      The problem is that he’s talkin to bible thumpin pistle packin red neck right wingers like me.    I wouldn’t vote D  because I can barely vote R ……Clean out the closet   errrrrhhh    I mean congress…..a bunch of career blood suckin Bastards.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that they pulled it because of that reason, is religious descrimination.  grounds for a law.  I think its time for the liberals to pay up.  I promise you, if we conservatives start pushing back and aim for the pocket book, this foolishness will stop all around.  I promise.  The problem is the conservatives don’t want to get their hands dirty in this fight, but if they don’t get over it, they might as well flush the country down the toilet.  That’s the point where we are at.  We can’t keep trying to take the high road.  People like the liberals don’t understand that. You have to get in the gutter with them, beat them at their own game, and still keep your dignity.  I know.  I’ve had to do this most of my adult life.  And because of it, I’m now living a more stress free and peaceful, happy life.

  • Anonymous

    God and the churches must have been hiding in the stands and I just wasn’t looking hard enough to spot them. Or perhaps if you went to the web-site you would be brainwashed into believing that there is a God or something. Their argument is really weak! I can’t even LOL over this one.

  • Anonymous

    Well, of course it has religious overtones!   Rise up?   Isn’t that connected to the Resurrection?

    Wow!   Those ”reverends” at ESPN have to keep a sharp lookout on stuff like this!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this the same outfit that kicked Hank Jr off Monday Night Football, for a comment that he made on some talk show?

    • Anonymous


  • Sherry Chew

    So I get a chance to win a cool car if I register to vote?  I regret that I’m already signed up.  Maybe ESPAN didn’t want him to tie a gambling gimmick to registering to vote?  That would be counter to the Good Word anyway so I don’t see a religious connection there either.

  • Carol Morgan

    yes, but let them know it and why you are avoiding it…maybe hitting them in the wallet will make an impact. stranger things have happened! maybe with all of these groups, let them know that if they hinder peoples  freedom of speech you will not do business with or support them in any way, maybe they would knock off this nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the visual references to the Flag, or the capitalized “RISE UP” when issued by a christian show ESPN religous overtones — would not happen if it were an ad for Viagra.
    Viagra, good. Voting, bad.

  • Anonymous

    Well of course it is faith based.  Couldn’t you see it?  The young man was polite, smiled and offered a wonderful suggestion – VOTE.  That is something the left winged people don’t won’t.  They are in hopes no one goes out to vote and Obama will be put back in office.  Kill them with kindness to a point and now we do have to rise up and take our country back and be heard.  VOTE!!!  God Bless America – God bless us!!

  • Anonymous

    ESPN has the right to refuse any person, cause, company, etc…from advertising on their network.
     I didn’t see anything wrong with the ad personally, but it is not my job to choose who can advertise at their station. 
    The biggest mistake ESPN made was the fact that they gave a reason for not airing the ads.

    • SoThere

      No you idiot, I’m among those who think you’re a sick little weenie with no honor or respect here.
      You threatened me twice.
      You lied about your Military Service (proven with your own words).
      You insulted those who really did serve in the military.
      You insulted the Marine Corps.
      You insulted the women on this site.
      You insulted my wife.
      You insulted young girls who you said you were going to service in your double wide.
      You insult the owner of this site with disrespectful lies and libelous statements and garbage.
      And lastly you insult yourself because you’re not intelligent enough to realize that everyone here sees you for the idiot that you truly are.
      You’re a Phony Soldier (Sailor) who lied about your military service and you disrespect those who have kept this country free.
      Yes, I’m among the most stable people here, not to say that others are not just as stable as I am. You’re the idiot and fool without honor here.

    • Men_In_Black

      Actually they can’t discriminate in their advertising.

    • Anonymous

      If it walks and talks like a duck it must be a donkey. I mean an asspirin

    • Anonymous

      CNN and ABC advertise on FOX. Would a solid, good company turn away business ($$$$) by denying them airtime just because…? No one here is buying that one. Guess the white house made a phone call…ya think?

  • Anonymous

    Simple reason for this ad being pulled on ESPN. They don’t want any freaking Conservatives to go out and vote! They think NASCAR fans are a bunch of red necks! Censorhip at it’s best!

    • Anonymous

      we are and proud

  • Anonymous

    I just want to add my two cents worth. That ad was one of the greatest ads for
    incentive to get people out to vote. What is wrong with that message.
    They are very sick and we need to show them we can watch other stations
    and get even better coverage.

  • Anonymous

    What? Do they think that he is talking about Easter and the Resurrection when he says, “Let’s all rise up for our country and vote”? Dimwits no matter what.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t the ad paid for by NASCAR?    How can espn decide not to play a paid ad?

    • Adam Moreira

      NASCAR has to approve the ads too.

  • Anonymous

    If you buy Cable TV service you are funding ESPN to the tone of $4.69 per month weather you like it or not!

  • Anonymous

    Err man they aint gonna let Old Koch talk about vottin! We need to come together and vote out this muslAM preznit soon, this guy was just tryin to be good and love jesus, and he aint no more on ESPN. ESPN BAD. I boycott that dang show now! DANG!

  • Anita Gray

    What about disenfranchised!!!!!  I thought that was not allowed in the Dem. party.  Koch just got disenfranchised. OH that’s OK the Republicans aren’t allowed.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I get it – ESPN has decided to employ that Egyptian cleric who stated that Chevys ought to be banned from Egypt because the logo resembles a cross – the Chevy logo popped up at the end of the ad!  Maybe the multiple US flag shots were offensive to them.

    Seriously, how anyone could make that ad out to be religious is a blithering idiot.

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking that pretty soon Tim Tebow will be banned from endorsing ANY product on TV EVER.  This ad being banned under an absolutely false pretense, well ESPN, Disney Inc., you are headed into a downward spiral.  This upsets me because ESPN is the only channel I watch more than Fox News.

  • Liz Cobble

    They just want conservatives to vote,

  • Anonymous

    I have made an effort not to watch ANY sporting events on ESPEEN for about the last year.  ESPEEN is concerned with ONLY one thing MONEY, not the TRUTH, not the real story, but MONEY. 

  • Anonymous

    I have been avoiding ESPN for years, even before Rush was kicked off of his short stint there.  Of course, I avoid it for the same reasons that Glenn does…I really don’t care about sports that much.  I know what they are, and I know that they’re there, buuuut I really don’t care.  Got more important things to watch, do, think, read and most importantly, love.

    And, yeah, the ad saying “Rise Up” is the closest it get to having any kind of religious anything!
    But, doesn’t the OWS crowd say stuff like that?  And don’t “Rev.” Jackson and “Rev.” Sharpton say the same thing? 
    Ohhh, I forgot.  WE aren’t ALLOWED to say it.
    My bad.


    News flash- ESPN is owned and controlled bt ABC yes the same socialists that want you to believe all that the Obama-nistas want you to believe.  

  • David Daffron

    Nothing,, but if you are a liberal, you sure don’t want us Conservative Nascar folks showing up at the poles.. Especially if you are one of them “Black Panther” boys who think they can “Intimidate” us at the Polls.. sorry I got Pole postion confused with Polling stations..

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