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In the coming months, I’ll be launching a small business Marketplace on that will give us all a unique opportunity to support and interact with passionate small businesses and entrepreneurs in towns across the nation. And since small businesses make up 65% of new jobs, we all need to join together to ensure their part in the economic recovery. The Markdown Marketplace will be a different kind of Marketplace — one where you’ll get to know the business owners, families, towns and inspirational stories behind these extraordinary companies. I’d like you to be a part of this small business revival. Buying from the Markdown Marketplace will allow you to feel good about the businesses you support, a place where you can “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is.”

If you own a small business and want to be part of this revival, apply now.

If you know of a great small business that would be a perfect fit for the Markdown Marketplace, recommend that company today.

Help me change the way we support small businesses. Help me create a Marketplace where you can “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is.”

This letter originally appeared in March 2012